I am so sorry its been so long since I've updated! I've gone through a lot in the past few years. First, my best friend and I split and so I lost interest in writing for a while. We always wrote together, but this one was my own story. Then my grandmother, who I lived with, got cancer and died last August. I'm going to try to get back into this story. RIGHT NOW. As of RIGHT NOW I'm gonna go update it. :D Thanks everyone! I'll try to answer questions while I'm at it.

Peanut Butter Wolf- OKAY. Wow. Lots of questions. Ben never told them, I guess just cause he didn't feel like sharing. Their parents split is still fresh in mind perhaps. I don't know. I'll update it when I remember. Actually, hold on. I have no idea how these questions relate so I'm going to reread my own story. She's a viral later on. Not in the beginning. I can't tell you why, that's part of the story. SHH

AHA! Better than bunker. Yep. I thought so too.

The trick isn't so much to make him calm, just to make him sit. Basically, you put all your fingers together pointing up, then rotate your wrist closer to you. Hard to explain. The position itself is like "lizard" from "Rock paper scissors lizard spock" but flipped over so the back of the hand is facing down. Make sure they see your hand, can even have a treat in your fingers, then move your hand back so your fingers go from facing upwards to pointing towards your face or so. 90% of the time the dog will see this and sit.

HECK YES I LOVE DESTROYING THINGS! The standing deal right now is once I finish my Algebra book for school e can blow it up. As an incentive for me to finish it.

LadyAnnabethHermioneToriRide - First of all, cool name. Complicated, but cool. I called it a sneak peek cause I didn't want to admit I had writer's block and hadn't done anything. That's basically the chapter.
As far as River/Sheldon, that's kind of my plan ;)
And Sheldon did NOT know about River knowing about them being able to flare. That was a River/Ben secret.

UnofficiallyAllison- Aw, thanks! I try my best :D Means a lot. Thank you.

ChagraceDaya- HI! HAVEN'T TALKED TO YOU IN AGES! And aw :( I hope you find Spirit. I really really really liked that one.

Phew, I think that's all the comments.

Oh yes, I built a 3D interactive interior/exterior plan of the Morris Island Townhomes. Its amazing. I have to find a way to show you guys.

Oh yeah, and would anyone be opposed if I went through and changed/updated some of the chapters? I've changed a lot in my writing style and I see room for improvement. But if you think it would ruin the story I'll just post another version instead.