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This story is a sequel to Nothing Else Matters. I hope you enjoy. Sorry it's a little short. I wanted to make sure people like it before going all out! (Dean's POV)

This is going to be easy, I thought. It's a simple salt and burn. We'll be out of here by Friday. As I shuffled through the obituaries on the table before me, Ruth walked in, backpack in hand. The fifteen year old was tall, but awkward. "Good timing, kid." I began. "It's just a salt and burn! We'll be out of town by Friday morning. Good riddance, huh? I swear there's not a single good bar in this town…"

"Friday morning?" Ruth repeated. "Are you sure… Are you sure we can't leave Saturday?"

Huh. I wonder what's happening on Friday…"What's so special about Friday?" I teased. "Got a boy comin' over?"

"Not exactly…" Ruth admitted. "There, uh, there's a dance on Friday…"

A WHAT? A dance? Ruth wanted to stay in town for a dance? I voiced my thoughts. "You want to go to a dance? Come on, I mean, you'll just stand in the corner and drink fruit punch all night. Unless you know which bathroom the kids with beer go… But that's a whole different matter and-"

"I won't stand in the corner." Ruth interrupted. "I was asked… By someone… to, you know, go with them." She looked just as nervous as I was to be having this conversation. "His name is Josh." She added.

No way is some boy- who's probably never shot a gun in his life- going to hold my sister captive all night. No way. I won't have that. She's just a kid! "You're just a kid!" I shouted, maybe a little too loud. "I'm fifteen!" she announced. "When did you start dating?" "That's totally different!" I countered. "I'm not average! If I had it my way you wouldn't date 'till you were 30!"

As Ruth opened her mouth to retort Sam walked in the door. He instantly looked at us. "What's goin' on in here?" He asked nervously.

We both opened our mouths to talk. "I'm going first!" We shouted in unison.

Sam sighed and plopped down on the creaking motel mattress. "Okay, Ruth, you start."
"What?" I interjected. "I'm the oldest."

Sam shrugged and motioned for Ruth to begin. "I want to go to the dance on Friday but Dean said were leaving Friday morning and he'd never let me go anyway."

He looked at me with a somewhat disapproving look on his face. "Is this true?" he inquired. I nodded.

"Why can't she go? Come on, man, she's gonna go to one eventually, might as well let her get it over with now."

I sighed. He kind of had a point. She would go, see how stupid those school dances are, come to the motel, and we never speak of it again.

"You can go," I mumbled to my knee. "WHAT?" She squealed with delight. "Yes! I'll need a dress, and shoes, and some jewelry, maybe some makeup…" Never stopping her mental list, she went into the bathroom, probably to call one of the girls she had made friends with the past week at her latest school.

That's when I realized something. "Hold on," I thought out loud. "She's gonna have to go buy stuff?"

"Yeah, dude. Did you think she was going to go in her usual clothes?" He gestured with his head at Ruth's attire as she came back out of the bathroom, beaming. She was wearing skinny jeans, boots, a t-shirt and a leather jacket, and had her hair in a tight pony. Okay, maybe we should get her something a little nicer.

"Okay, yeah. Um, how much money do you think you'll need?" I asked.

"It's okay." She decided. "I won't push my luck. I have some money of my own to use."

Sam cleared his throat loudly. "Where'd you get the money, Ruth?"

Ruth mumbled something incoherently. "What?" I pressed. "I said I sold some stuff."

What could Ruth possibly have to sell? Sam seemed to have the same thought. "Ruth… What'd you sell?"

Ruth grumbled. "Remember that lady who called me adorable at that church that we pretended to go to just to talk to a witness?"


"Well, she gave me a basket of bibles and porcelain angels…"

Sam and I couldn't stop laughing. "Awww…" Sam joked. "You want Cas to come down so you can sell him, too?"

I was able to stop laughing, finally, and turned to find Castiel's face an inch away from mine. He stepped back immediately. "My apologies." He said. He glanced at Ruth and noticed her giant smile. "Your sister seems elated." He announced. "May I ask what caused her to feel so content?"

"She's going to a school dance." I informed.

"If this is the apparel she has chosen to dress in I surmise this is what all juveniles wear to attend a ball." Cas noted.

"It's not a ball, Cas. It's a dance." "Oh," I was about to mention our current case when I realized the angel was already gone. Stupid angel. Never announces his arrival or exit…I was going to have to find a way to watch her at that dance. That shouldn't be hard. All Sam and I ever did was be sly and invisible.

. ….

Thursday night Ruth wouldn't settle down. Sam and I had agreed to let her go shopping with two girls she knew from school as long as she took her knife and gun with her and promised to put her life before her friends. Call me overprotective, but she did have a bunch of demons on her tail just two years ago. Can't say they won't ever try again. Not to mention, when she was at the vending machine getting a soda we called on a favor from Cas.

"Cas, get your feathery self down here." The flutter of wings announcing his arrival, the angel stood in front of the motel room door. "You called?"

"We need a favor." I more demanded than asked. "Ruth's going out with her friends and we need you to watch her. You know, like the whole guardian angel deal, but just for one night."

"If that would satisfy you, I will commence immediately."

"Oh, and Cas?" The angel glanced back. "Stay out of the dressing rooms."

. ….

Late that night, Ruth came back giggling with bags in her hands and a huge smile on her face. I jumped up instantly, feeling the urge to aprove of whatever she had gotten. I put my hand out silently asking for the bags but she pulled them closer to herself, like they were some prized possession she couldn't afford to lose.

"You'll see them on Friday." She said confidently.

"Friday? No. I need to see them now." She shook her head. "You don't get to see it 'till Friday. If I show the dress to you now how do I know you won't force me to take it back after I spent all my hard earned money on it?" "You won't." I explained, chuckling at 'Hard earned.'

"That's the point." She refused, so, shaking my head and muttering to myself about authority, I went to bed defeated.

…. ….

Friday night had come and I was more on edge than Ruth and Sam combined. "Dude," Sam looked at my tapping foot and my shaking hands. "Why are you so nervous?" Sam was sitting on the bed, casually cleaning his gun. "It's just a dance." He attempted to calm me. Not gonna work, Sammy.

Ruth had refused to show us what she'd bought until she'd put it all on Friday night. Now, she'd been in the bathroom for an hour and a half and I was losing patience.

I stood up and held my hand up to knock on the door when it opened in front of me. I couldn't believe it. Neither could Sam. He stood up walked towards us as Ruth walked out of the bathroom.

"Well?" She asked, breaking the silence and twirling a little. "Do you like it?" Her strapless dress came down to her knees, the pale blue surrounding her. Her hair was curly and long, I'd never have noticed seeing as she always had it up and out of the way. To put it simply: My sister looked like a girl.

How am I supposed to keep my sister safe when every guy at that high shcool is gonna want to get laid with her? I mean, seriously. Wear was she going to put her gun, or her knife? There was not one spot to keep anything useful in that outfit!

Sam finally answered, seeing as I couldn't get a single word out. "You look… beautiful."

"Thanks!" She smiled, making her look even prettier, and I hoped that whoever this Josh kid was, he knew who he was messing with.

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