Hey guys! I really enjoyed writing this story, but, sadly, it is ending. I promise this won't be the last you here of me. P.S. I am NOT a doctor. Anything medical in this story is purely from my own imagination of how things work.

Without further ado, here is the Extra Long Hopefully Epic Finale of Growing Up is Never Easy:

Time seemed to slow down as I turned to the horrid seen before me: A strange man smiling maliciously with a bloody knife in his left hand, Sam kneeling on the ground with blood on his hands- and wrapped in Sam was a bloody body.
A wave of nausea passed over me as I recognized the small heap laying on the parking lot ground.
The man laughed. I didn't stay to watch, but I heard the flap of wings as the man- the angel- disappeared.
Sam was holding Ruth in his arms, his jacket around her waist already soaked in blood.
I kneeled next to her and she looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back, though on the inside I was crying. I didn't care how this happened or why. I was focused on Ruth and Ruth only. Sam was too because when I screamed at him to start the car he didn't hear me until I'd said it for the third time. He looked up at me, tears leaving tracks down his dirty face. He nodded, grabbing the keys from the ground where I'd dropped them, slamming the trunk shut as he ran towards the driver seat.
I picked up my little sister and slid into the backseat with her in my arms. Sam passed me his clean shirt (mine was covered in blood) and looked worriedly at Ruth before turning the key in the ignition. We headed to the nearest hospital without sharing any words or directions.
Ruth looked up at me. She opened her mouth to speak. "'m sorry, D'n." I brushed her hair out of her face. "For what?" She glanced down at Sam's blood-soaked shirt. "The bloodstains."
I forced a smile. "It's okay. When you get better you can buy me some new upholstery."
Sam ran a red light and was greeted by a plethora of horns. "'m tired." Ruth whispered.
"I know, but you have to stay awake for me." I was scared. So scared. Scared that we couldn't get to the hospital in time. Scared that they couldn't help us. Scared that if Ruth slept, she wouldn't wake up again.
She nodded, but her eyes started drooping. "Ruth!" I nudged her gently and she opened her eyes again.
"Two more minutes." He answered my unasked question.
"Make it one." The car lurched forward as we gained speed. I sighed. We were going to make it. I looked at Ruth to tell her and my stomach dropped. Ruth was peacefully sleeping. "Ruth. Ruth! RUTH!" She didn't wake up. I nudged her a little more forcefully.
Sam swerved into the ER parking lot and came to a screeching halt. He opened the car door and I handed him Ruth and got out myself. A nurse ran over to Ruth and Sam. "If you let me take her I can help her. But you've got to let me take her." A dazed Sam finally handed over unconscious Ruth.
A gentle hand on my arm guided me to the ER waiting room. The lady smiled sympathetically and pointed at the nurse at the desk in the front of the room.
15 minutes later I had filled out the dozen forms with plenty of fake names and insurance information.
Sam stumbled over tiredly and flopped into the cream colored chair next to me.
I asked Sam where he had been since we arrived.
"I was giving the doctor Ruth's blood type and stuff so he wouldn't take blood samples. You remember what happened last time." I nodded. How could I forget? It seems like we just did this. Last time Ruth was in the hospital they took blood samples and found she was the girl who was kidnapped years ago... she really was our sister though, stupid doctors always getting things wrong.
We sat in silence until Sam muttered something.
"I said déjà vu."
It was painful sitting there for so long. Sam and I had both taken turns going up to the front desk to ask to see Ruth, but we were declined every time. I was way past nervous. I felt like I was going to pass out.
At one point a nurse interrupted our silence to offer Sam a shirt. We were both so sidetracked in the horrors of the past hour neither of us realized Sam was still shirtless with blood smeared all over.
A nurse walked over and cleared her throat to announce her presence. I looked up.
"Are you Dean and Sam Hetfield? Ruth Hetfield's brothers?" I stood up, Sam right next to me.
"How is she?" He asked eagerly.
"Come with me." The nurse hadn't answered the question.
She led us to the Intensive Care Unit. I wasn't surprised Ruth was in the ICU. Upset, but not surprised.
She had a room all to herself. She was sporting her own little hospital: plenty of tubes and wires and machines.
The doctor entered right after us. "Sit."
I sat as close to Ruth as possible. "How is she?"
The doctor grimaced. "Not too well, I'm afraid. When she lost all that blood after the... kitchen accident, did you say?" Sam nodded. "Well, she lost so much blood her body went into a sort of shock. And then, well, a coma."
Sam made a strange growling noise to my left. "Seriously?" I just about shouted. "How- how long?" Sam choked.
"We don't know. She's stable and we're giving her blood transfusions for the large amount of blood she lost. The amount of time she spends comatose is indefinite."
When doctors used smug words like indefinite it makes me want to punch them. Sam seemed to realize my intentions and shot me a warning look.
"Go on," he says, shakily but politely, always the gentleman.
The doctor cleared his throat. "You have nothing to do so I suggest you go home and I'll look in on her every now and then." He seemed okay with this plan, unlike me.
"Over my dead body!" I snarled. Sam covered for me. "What he means is we would rather stay in here with Ruth until she wakes up."
The doctor shook his head in disapproval. "You boys might be waiting a while." He left the room without even telling us his name.
Day 12 of Ruth's coma. I walked back into Ruth's room at five in the morning with a bagel in one hand and coffee in the other. No alcohol when I need it. It's like the hospital was trying to make me hate it even more.
Sam was asleep with his head on Ruth's bed and his hand on top of hers. He and I hadn't left the hospital for more than a shower, clothes, or food. Even lunch is painful, thinking about how I was eating and Ruth wasn't- hadn't in almost two weeks.
I pulled up another chair, relying on caffeine to keep me conscious, just in case Ruth decided to wake up.
A nurse walked in to check on her. She was young and sweet and married (force of habit), careful not to wake Sam or move their hands.
I thanked her, not sure what for. Checking on Ruth or just thankful in general that at least she was healthy, minus the fact that she had been asleep for 6 days.
For the next hour I pretty much just sat there and stared at Ruth (in a totally non-creepy brotherly way).
Sam woke at one point and I handed him a coffee with no discussion.
"We can't stay here forever. The doctor said it might be some time before she wakes up."
"I don't care a rat's ass what the doctor said! He doesn't know us! She's a Winchester and Winchesters are tough!"
Sam glared at me as the doctor himself entered the room.
"Speak o' the devil." I muttered.
"Did I here you say Winchester, Mr. Hetfield?" He questioned.
This guy didn't realize he was talking to a professional lier. "Yes. She's tough like a Winchester. You know, the gun." I smiled.
"Oh, sorry, Mr. Hetfield. I though you were a Winchester. Those boys are always giving my brothers and sisters trouble."
A clap of thunder and bolt of lightning intruded on the clear sky and for half a second I saw the shadow of wings behind the doctor.
"Harachel, actually. Sent to do all of Michael's dirty work." He eyed Ruth. "Seems I didn't quite get the job done last time."
"No way you're going near her." Sam hissed, stepping in front of Ruth. The angel laughed.
"I'd rather end this the fast way and watch you bleed," he but I have orders not to harm a pretty little hair on his head." Her on the other hand." He gestured towards Ruth. "Harming her is a must." San opened his mouth to protest. "Quiet!" he shouted. With a hand, he slammed us both into the wall and pinned us there. Ruth was laying in bed peacefully, as if nothing was happening. "You have two options: One, I kill her, this all ends now. Two, I wake her up, in exchange for Sam." He grinned. "What's it gonna be?"
"You can have Sam." I decided.
"What?" Even the angel- Harachel, whatever- looked surprised.
"You can have Sam. I don't really care. I like ruth better. She has good fashion sense." I added.
The angel was confused, but agreed. "Give me Sam first."
I rolled my eyes. "Look 'Rachel', I may be insensitive about what you might do to my brother, but I'm not stupid! You give me Ruth first."
The angel seemed to realize that I was too stubborn to even attempt to argue about this (damn straight).
He walked over to Ruth's bed and placed his hand on her forehead, which I would never let an angel do under any other circumstance.
Ruth gasped and began choking on the tube that was supposed to be helping her breath, NOT choking her! The "doctor" un-pinned us from the wall as to not surprise the nurse that rushed in for Ruth. He began to make his way over to Sam but I stepped between them.
"Oh no you don't. Not 'till you, me, Sam and Ruth are alone." The angel glared at me and so did Sam, obviously the College Boy hadn't even discovered my plan yet.
Finally, the nurse left us. Ruth looked really confused, but we could explain later. Yeah, I said we. Believe me, I had no intentions of giving up Sammy.
Harachel pulled Sam towards him and I could only hope my plan worked. Sam was about halfway to Harachel when the angel begin to glow and I saw something protrude from his stomach.
He dropped to his knees as Castiel pulled the stake from his back.
I grinned, Ruth was frozen with her mouth open, and Sam was staring at me.
Once the initial shock of realizing we'd finally killed him was gone, Sam and I both went over to Ruth.
"Do you feel okay?" Sam asked worriedly.
"Um... Yes. Confused, but okay." she answered.
I nodded. "Good. Ruth, it's really good to see you but I gotta ask the nurse if we can take you home." I walked out while Sam stuffed the doc's body in the small closer in the room. As long as they don't find it until after we leave, we're good.
I was only, like, halfway down the hallway when Sam came running up to me.
"You do understand the nurse won't let you take her home today?" Sam asked.
"Yeah, but if they say they just want to see if she's really okay we'll sneak her out."
We walked in silence for minute until Sam said, "You did have a plan right? You knew for a fact that Castiel would come in time?"
I put on my best Apalled face. "Of course! Maybe ninety percent sure..." I added quietly. Sam looked ready to argue, but before he could we came to the nurses station. I kept on walking.
"Dude, where are you going? One of her nurse is over here!" he called before coming to join me.
"I know. But the single one is at the next station."
"Ready?" Ruth nodded, but looked unsure. She threw her hospital gown on the floor and I finally saw my Ruth again.
Bobby had really come through: all of her clothes were bloodstained and he'd brought us new ones. I had snuck down to lower levels of the hospital and retrieved Ruby's knife. She was my little hunter again.
Sam and I had decided not to press her about saying Yes to Michael, but I decided to ask about the day of the stabbing.
We were sitting in a diner somewhere in North Dakota- I wanted to be as far from that town as possible.
"Hey Ruth?" I wondered, taking a bite out of my pie. "What do you remember about... That Day?"
Ruth took a very sudden interest in her plate of fries.
She looked up at us. "I know that all the sudden Michael was taking me- us- to kill Sam when he decided against it for some reason. Instead, he got... Harchel? to come and take me out with an angel proof knife while Michael ditches. Guess he didn't wanna start the apocalypse in a fifteen year old girl."
Sam nodded in agreement. "Come on," he said, slapping down some money. "Get that pie to-go."
We'd been driving for a couple hours and I felt lonely. Sam was in the backseat with Ruth, not next to me. He had refused to sit up front and have Ruth all alone.
I smiled and parked the car on the side of the road. "Rise and shine, Sammy!" I turned and patted Sam to wake him up. "It been six hours already?" He asked groggily.
"Yep, your turn to drive." We traded spots and soon we were on the rode again.
We stopped at the first motel in Ohio. We'd only been in the room for ten minutes when the familiar sounds announced Cass' arrival.
"What're you doing here?" I asked the angel in surprise.
He looked down and murmured something.
"I just wanted to make sure you, Sam, and Ruth were okay."
I grinned. "Awwwe, the angel's got a soft spot for humans. Especially the ones he saved."
If Ruth running up and hugging Cass wasn't such a Hallmark Moment I would of laughed at the look on his face. "Thank you," Ruth mumbled into his trenchcoat. "For saving us."
I could've sworn I saw the angel smile as he stiffly put his arms around her and returned the hug.

I hope you liked this story. I sure did enjoy writing it. Thank you all for your wonderful reviews.