Fandom- Twilight

Title – Who To Trust

Author – beckybrit

Rated – M



There is a serial killer loose in Seattle. Bartender Bella Swan must choose between her friend Jacob Black, and her lover Edward Cullen. Both men accuse the other of committing these awful crimes and when the evidence begins to mount up, she must decide who to trust.

Author's note - Thank you so much to the lovely AJasperForMe for beta'ing this for me. This is an AU ExB story and I plan to add at least one more chapter to it. Rated M.

Disclaimer : SM owns all things Twilight.

Who to Trust

She looked over her shoulder again, positive this time that she'd heard something. Her eyes strained to penetrate the blackness behind her, but all she could see were the shadows of buildings, the light from the streetlamps not reaching very far at all. She listened hard for the footsteps she swore she heard moments before, but there was nothing. Pulling her coat tighter around her shoulders, she turned on her heel and hurried along the path.

She would never normally take this route home, but she'd been late leaving work and hadn't been able to catch a cab. Now, with her mind seemingly playing tricks on her, and scaring her half to death, she wished she'd waited however long it would have taken to get that cab. Her feet were likely thinking the same thing as they started to ache from the stupidly high heels she was wearing. What ever possessed her to think walking home in five inch pumps was a good idea! She huffed a little at her own stupidity.

Up ahead she could see the streetlights of her road, the welcoming light calling out to her to hurry the fuck up and get to the relative safety it provided. She breathed a deep sigh of relief as she rounded the corner, only to have it turn into a muffled scream as a large gloved hand clamped over her mouth and dragged her back into the dark. She struggled, using all her strength to try and get out of his grasp, she knew it was a he from the prominent bulge pressing into her back, but he was just too powerful.

He continued to drag her backwards, finally coming to a stop down a pitch black side alley. He hadn't said a word this whole time. All she could hear was his even breathing close to her ear, and the rapid thump of her heart as it attempted to keep up with the terror flooding her body. He pulled her roughly against him, tilting her head back sharply and exposing her long slender neck. Her last thought as he slid the knife across her throat was of her parents; she hoped her body would be found so they'd at least have something to bury.

His grip on her tightened, as the life slipped out of her and pooled onto the hard stone floor, reveling in the immense feeling of power that he held in his hands for that one moment. That was the whole reason why he did this, to know that he alone had the power to take her life or let her go. He never let them go though, and he never would. He allowed her now lifeless form to drop unceremoniously to the floor. It held no appeal now that she was dead and as he walked swiftly away into the night, he was already thinking about his next kill.


"Oh my God, there's been another one!" Bella exclaimed loudly as she slapped the paper down onto the bar. Serial Killer Strikes Again: Victim No.4 Found. The headline of the Seattle Times stared up at her as she began to read out loud from the article below.

"The body of the fourth victim was discovered early yesterday morning by two garbage collectors. The victim has been identified as twenty two year old Karen Garcia, Seattle. She was found in an alley not two hundred meters from her home. Police are following up several lines of inquiry."

Bella scoffed at the last statement, putting the paper under the bar and out of sight as she began to prep for her shift behind one of the many bars at Club Trinity.

"You know that means they've got nothing, right?" Rosalie asked, sauntering up next to her. They were roommates and had known each other since high school. It was Rosalie who'd gotten Bella this job at the bar when they'd started college together. Both in their final year, they were saving up for a month long holiday after graduation. This was the reason they were both stuck working on a Friday night when the rest of their friends would soon be out partying, most of them probably ending up here.

"I know." Bella replied, wiping down the bar. "My Dad reckons they've got no clue as to where to even start looking for answers." Rose nodded in agreement. Bella's father, Charlie Swan, was the Police Chief in the town of Forks, Washington, where both Bella and Rose had grown up. They were used to hearing Charlie's opinions on the big cases that were always in the news, and more often than not, he was spot on at reading between the lines.

Both girls agreed that it was more than a little frightening for a serial killer to be on the loose in Seattle, and for the police to have no idea of how to catch him. They'd decided weeks ago after the second murder, never to walk anywhere alone after dark, and had stuck to this decision religiously. In fact, they'd managed to persuade all the female staff at Trinity to adopt this procedure. There was even a notice board, in the ladies staff washroom, where you could leave ads for 'walking buddies'. No one left the club on their own, it just wasn't safe anymore.

Nearly two hours later, the club was more than half full, even though it was still relatively early. Bella and Rose worked the back bar together with effortless coordination. It was on the other side of the dance floor, nestled next to the high tables and stools, and as such tended to be a bit quieter than the other three bars that Club Trinity boasted.

Rose elbowed Bella in the side, causing her to look up just as a familiar face came into view.

"Boyfriend number two is here." Rose muttered under her breath as the man in question sat down on his usual stool at the end of the bar on Bella's side. The glare Bella shot over to Rose made her laugh as usual, though she did try to hide it this time with a cough. Jacob Black had been coming to Trinity every Friday night for the past two months. He'd asked Bella out on a date on the first night he was here, but she'd refused. Although he was tall, dark and, some would say, handsome, he wasn't really her type and she had politely told him so. Much to her surprise, he had taken it extremely well and now they were firm friends. Rosalie, however, had strong suspicions that he still harbored thoughts of being more than friends, no matter what he said to the contrary.

"Hey, Jake." Bella greeted him with a smile. "Still on for coffee tomorrow afternoon?"

"Of course, wouldn't miss it," he smiled in return.

The two of them often met up for coffee on Saturday afternoon. Jake owned a garage about three blocks away and only worked until twelve on Saturdays, so they had chosen to meet up in the afternoons for coffee, cake and a chat.

She uncapped his usual beer and slid it across the bar to him. He caught it, took a long drink, tipping his head back slightly before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He sighed contentedly, putting the half empty bottle back down.

"Have you heard there's been another one?" he asked when Bella began to serve the man next to him.

"Yeah, we were just reading about it earlier." she replied, not looking at him as she spoke and he took the opportunity to ogle her without being caught. Although she'd turned him down when he'd asked her out and he was more than happy being her friend, he could still appreciate what a beauty she was, with her big dark eyes and long chestnut hair. With said hair currently being tamed in a high pony tail, he also got to enjoy the sight of her pale and slender neck and shoulders. He sighed quietly, a whole lot of 'what ifs' running through his head.

They continued to chat about the murders, and the apparent lack of progress being made by the police. Jake agreed that it seemed, from the statements released to the press, they were making very little headway with the case.

"Where was Edward on Wednesday night?" he asked nonchalantly.

Bella rolled her eyes at yet another accusation to be thrown at her boyfriend by Jake. She'd been dating Edward Cullen for a little over a month, and it had been the best month of her life. Jake made no secret of the fact that he disliked Edward, and Bella couldn't help but think that he was secretly jealous. Who wouldn't be though? With his movie star good looks, atop broad shoulders and a tall, lean frame, there was plenty to be jealous about. Bella smiled to herself just thinking about him in all his glory.

"Really?" she said, raising a challenging eyebrow at Jake. "We're doing this again? I know you don't like him, but that's no reason to keep accusing him of being a mass murderer!" Her voice had risen in volume by the time she finished speaking, her anger at his constant accusations bubbling to the surface.

"Calm down, I'm not accusing him of anything, B." he said, trying to placate her. He knew all too well how she refused to hear a bad word said against Edward and it pissed him right the fuck off! She'd known him all of a month, for fuck's sake, and apart from college and working at the club, he was nearly always fucking with her.

"Come on though, Bella. What do you really know about him?"

"Well, let's see..." she tapped her fingers on her chin as if deep in thought. "He's smart, funny, incredibly good looking, owns his own business and is the perfect gentleman."

Jake found it difficult not to choke on that last part. He could well imagine the ungentlemanly things that Edward wanted to do to her, because more than likely he'd thought of doing them himself. He looked down at his beer and Rose quickly nudged Bella, mouthing that 'boyfriend number one' had arrived.

"Oh, he also just walked in," she hissed to the top of Jake's lowered head. "So, shut the fuck up about it now, ok?"

Before he could respond, she'd skipped out from behind the bar and was running towards the tall suited man with the mop of unruly bronze hair. He scooped her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing him hard. The familiar buzz she got from being in his presence, flooded through her body, causing her to sigh into his mouth. He kissed her back, giving her ass a small squeeze before pulling away to look at her face.

"Mmm..." he smiled at her. "A man could get used to being greeted like this." He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her nose. She shivered slightly as his cold hands slid up the back of her shirt. She'd long gotten used to his cool touch. At first it had bothered her, and she'd spent hours wondering what was wrong with him. After finally asking him about it, she'd been relieved to find out that he just suffered from poor circulation and nothing life threatening. Although there was a little nagging doubt at the back of her mind that told her it was so much more than poor circulation, she chose to ignore it because, as a boyfriend, Edward Cullen was virtually perfect in every other way.

"That's good then," she replied, kissing him again. "because I could get used to doing it."

He finally released her, allowing her body to slide deliciously down his as he lowered her to the floor. Over her shoulder, he spotted Jacob's all too familiar hulking frame in his usual spot at the bar. Edward's eyes narrowed as they swept over his form, noting his close proximity to Bella's side of the bar. Jacob Black was a nasty little thorn in Edwards side, a constant irritation that he'd like nothing better than to have removed. He kept his thoughts of getting Jake out of the picture to himself however, he was Bella's friend and Edward would never do anything to hurt her. Even if he did suspect that Jacob's interest in Bella was anything but friendly. If only he could read his mind.

Bella, noticing Edward's sudden lack of attention towards her, followed his gaze to see what was so interesting. When realization dawned on her, she poked him in his hard chest, pulling his eyes back to hers.

"Sorry," he said, noting her arched eyebrow and questioning glare. "I see he's here already. Remind me again why you like him?" He returned his stare briefly to Jake, smiling smugly when Jake turned around and saw him with his arms still wrapped around Bella.

"Stop it, he's my friend," she scolded lightly. Edward looked her in the eyes, intense feelings bubbling up in his chest as he saw the truth reflected there. She only saw him as her friend, nothing more, no matter what the mutt might secretly hope for.

"You know you really shouldn't trust him, especially with these murders still going on. I mean, what do you know about him really?"

Oh for fuck's sake! She thought,huffing in annoyance. She'd had enough with Jake flinging wild accusations all over the place, she didn't need Edward doing it too. It was exhausting always being in the middle.

"You know he says the same about you, don't you?" she asked, stepping out of his arms and turning back towards the bar.

Sensing her sudden coolness towards him, he grabbed her hand, swiftly drawing her back towards him for one last heartfelt kiss before she went back to tending bar. He wanted her mind on nothing but him as she returned to where Jacob was seated. To his relief, she allowed him to kiss her, returning it with passion before pushing him away, laughing and shaking her head as she finally made it back behind the bar.

He caught Jacob staring at them and shot him a smug grin. It was good being him.

He watched Bella in action for a few minutes, admiring the way she moved between customers. Her smooth actions as she served drink after drink, never halting her movements or making a mistake. As she reached for a bottle at the far end of the bar, he noticed that he wasn't the only one watching her closely. Jacob's eyes roamed her body, only looking elsewhere when she glanced in his direction. Never gonna happen, Edward thought as he made his over to the unoccupied stool on Jacob's right.

Bella looked up as he sat down, raising an eyebrow at his seating selection. He merely grinned innocently at her, causing her to shake her head as she continued serving her customers. Rosalie sidled over to her and whispered in her ear. She nodded while flashing her eyes over towards Edward and when he caught the smile she tried to hide as she turned away, his grin became even wider.

Jacob and Edward sat together in silence for the next two hours, ignoring each other as they both watched Bella in action behind the bar. The club was now full to capacity and both Bella and Rosalie were slammed with orders. The only time Bella had managed to speak to them was to ask if everything was ok, her gaze darting between the two of them with a concerned expression on her face. They had assured her it was all fine and she'd reluctantly gone back to serving, but kept an eye on them all the time.

As it neared the end of Bella's shift, Jacob shuffled slightly in his chair so that he was partially facing Edward, who was now waiting expectantly for him to speak.

"You taking B home tonight?" He asked, almost through gritted teeth. Edward winced internally at his use of that crude nickname for her. If he'd had his way, she would be called Isabella all the time, but she had quickly shut that down on their very first date.

"Yes," he replied curtly. "I will be taking Bella home with me after her shift." He hoped Jake got the subtle message he was trying to send. That Bella would be coming back to his house tonight and staying with him. All night. It would be the first time they'd spent the whole night together and he was ridiculously excited about the possibilities in store for them.

"Are you going to kill her too?" Jacob whispered softly enough that only Edward could hear him.

"Don't be fucking ridiculous, Black!" Edward hissed in return, his eyes turning a menacing black as Jake laughed in his face.

"Oh don't act all innocent with me. I know what you are and what you do."

"Well that makes two of us." Edward leaned in, merely inches away from his face. "Stay the fuck away from her."

"Does she know about you?" he asked, unperturbed by Edward invading his personal space.

"That's none of your fucking business. Anyway, where were you Wednesday night Black?" Edward asked him, all the while keeping a check on Bella to make sure she was far enough away not to be able to hear them.

"Visiting my Dad." he smirked. "You?"

"Away on business." Edward shot back.

Before either of them could comment further, Bella appeared at Edward's side, already dressed in her coat and gloves, effectively putting an end to their somewhat heated discussion.

"Ready?" She asked, looking warily at the two of them, before turning her attention solely to Edward.

"More than ready." he replied, capturing her unsuspecting lips in a quick kiss.

She broke away from him so he could stand and slip an arm around her.

"Night, Jake. See you tomorrow," she said, waving before turning away. Edward couldn't help himself and gave Jacob a wave as well, laughing as he got the finger in return.

Bella paused on her way past the bar to make sure that Rose had someone to go home with. It was her turn to work until closing tonight and Bella wanted to check that she wouldn't be going home alone. Only when Rose informed her that she was getting a lift from Lauren and Jessica and threw in a wink, a smirk and a 'have fun', did Bella allow Edward to escort her out to his waiting car.


The next week passed by without incident. There were thankfully no more murders as of yet, but the police didn't seem to be getting anywhere either. A few people had been brought in for questioning, hiding their faces from the TV crews as they entered the police stations, only to be released without charge hours later.

Bella was seated in Starbucks waiting for Jake to arrive for their usual Saturday afternoon coffee. He and Edward continued to have little digs at each other, but they had both promised her that they'd be civil. A warm feeling spread throughout her chest as she thought of Edward. Things had been getting serious between them after she'd spent the evening at his place, taking their relationship to the next level.

She smiled as she remembered Rose's face the next day when she'd eventually gone home. The minute she'd stepped foot in the door, Rose had been on her like a pit bull, dragging her into the living room and sitting her down on the sofa.

"Oh my God, look at you! He must have been hot as fuck because you are positively glowing, girl!"

Bella couldn't help the huge grin that spread across her face, accompanying the deep pink blush now coloring her cheeks.

"Tell me all about it, now!" Rose squealed, practically vibrating with excitement. "I want details too!"

They'd spent the next few hours discussing and dissecting Bella's night with Edward; the way he'd pushed her up against the door the minute they were inside his apartment, lavishing her body with kisses wherever her skin was bare. Rose sighed as Bella told her of the reverent way he'd treated her, practically worshiping her skin with his hands and his tongue. The girls giggled when Bella explained in graphic detail how he'd dropped to his knees before her, slipping off her shoes, her jeans and finally ripping her panties off with his teeth.

It was the hottest thing Bella had ever experienced, well that was until his mouth covered her pussy and his tongue thrust inside her. She told Rose all about gripping onto his soft, silky hair as he brought her endless pleasure, making her scream out his name when he slipped two of his fingers inside her.

Only when he'd reduced her to a quivering mess, did he stand, scoop her into his arms and carry her into his bedroom. He took the rest of the night to show her exactly what he was capable of as he made love to her, and fucked her senseless, in equal measures. She was so exhausted the next day, she'd had to cancel coffee with Jake, which she thought Edward was secretly pleased about, and spent the day lounging in bed until returning home to the Spanish Inquisition about four in the afternoon.

The door to the coffee shop opened, snapping Bella out of her daydream as she looked up expectantly to see if it was Jake arriving. Sure enough, she was met with his dazzling smile as he sauntered over to her table after ordering and paying for his coffee.

"You're late, mister." she said, laughing softly. This must have been the only time that Bella had been on time for their coffee afternoons.

"I know, sorry about that." his smile didn't quite reach his eyes this time. "I had an errand to run," he added, but didn't elaborate further.

They chatted about nothing in particular for a few minutes, waiting for Jake's coffee to be ready. When they shouted his order, he fetched it and sat back down with purpose, it seemed to Bella. She mentally braced herself for whatever he was about to say.

"So," he paused, his coffee cup suddenly looking all sorts of interesting. "You and Edward seem to be getting serious." He looked up in time to see her bristle slightly at the way he'd said Edward's name.

She sighed as she realized they were going to have this conversation again. With great effort, she explained to Jake in her most pleasant voice that yes, they were getting serious and she was very happy with that fact.

He leaned forward, hands resting on the table.

"I've been doing a little checking up on your Mr. Perfect."

"How dare you!" Bella immediately interrupted him, incensed that he'd had the audacity to pry into her business. Who did he think he was? Her father? For fuck's sake! He raised his hand to stop her, before she could say more.

"I'm only looking out for you as your friend, Bella."

She continued to glare at him, unconvinced by his supposed motives.

"Just listen to me for 10 minutes, ok?" he pleaded with her. She nodded her head slightly, just wanting to get this over with so she could tell him how wrong he was.

"Do you know much about Cullen's business?"

"Not really." she replied curtly. "It's some sort of export company."

"Does he go away on business much?"

"I guess." she sighed heavily. "Just get to the point Jake."

"The police haven't released this information yet, but the killings have all taken place on nights when there is either a new moon or a full moon."

"And?" Bella tried to keep her expression neutral, but she was curious as to where he was heading with this.

"Cullen was away on business on the nights that at least the last two murders took place." he raised his eyebrow at her, daring her to tell him, he'd got it wrong. "The next new moon is this coming Thursday. Is Edward away by any chance?"

Bella didn't say anything, but the answer to his question was written all over her face. Jake smiled at her, knowingly.

"I fucking knew it!"

"That doesn't mean shit, Jake!" Bella hissed at him."He always calls me from his hotel, when he's away. He's there on business, not murdering innocent young women!" She tried in vain to keep her voice down, people were starting to stare.

"If I remember correctly, you were away for the last two murders as well. Does that make you the killer?"

"That's different Bella and you know it. I was visiting my dad at the Reservation."

Neither of them spoke for the next few minutes, the silence stretching out until it started to become uncomfortable.

"I need to get going." Bella said, breaking the tension as she grabbed her bag and pushed her chair back. Jake nodded in resignation, but grabbed for her hand before she left he table.

"Just be careful with Cullen, ok?"

She pulled her hand out of his grasp, turned and left without answering.


It was pitch black as he followed at the edge of the tree line. His night vision was perfect and he had absolutely no trouble seeing in the dark. He made his move and almost sighed in relief as he felt the life force drain away. A movement to his right caused him to finish prematurely, a few drops of blood spilling onto his black leather gloves as he turned to give chase. He scanned the area quickly, but whatever it was that had disturbed him was long gone. With a last look around, he left, disappearing back into the night.


"Hey, Bella?" Rose called from the living room. "Get in here, the police are going to make a statement!"

Just over a week ago, there had been another attack. Although Bella was loathe to admit it, Jake had been right. It had been on the night of the new moon. The papers had caught on to the theory and were printing the Luna cycles, warning people to stay in on specific dates. There was one significant difference with this latest victim though.

She. Had. Survived.

It had been all over the news, about how he must have been disturbed, because somehow she managed to escape and call for help. Several passersby had heard her and called the police and the paramedics. Although she'd gotten away from him, he'd still managed to cut her and she'd lost a lot of blood and had slipped into unconsciousness before help had arrived. Apparently she'd managed to bang her head at some point and had to be sedated overnight to reduce the swelling. It seemed like all of Seattle had been waiting for her to wake up and shed some light on the serial killer terrorizing the city. The police had been allowed in to interview her yesterday but hadn't released any information as yet. Looked like that was about to change.

Bella ran into the room, dressed in her pj's, having just been getting ready for bed. Edward was away on business until Wednesday, so she'd planned on having an early night.

"What have they said? Has she identified the killer?" Bella asked excitedly.

"Ssshh!" Rose hushed her, turning up the volume.

The detective in charge of the case, cleared his throat and silence spread throughout the waiting crowd.

"Miss Denali has been moved out of intensive care and is making good progress in her recovery. She asked us to thank you all for the flowers and messages of support she has received."

The crowd murmured appreciatively.

"We managed to talk to Miss Denali for a few hours yesterday and again this afternoon. She has provided us with several new avenues of inquiry, which unfortunately, at this point in time, we are not at liberty to discuss."

"You've got to give us something." One of the news reporters shouted.

"Did she give a description of him?" asked another.

The detective put his hand up to silence their questions.

"She wasn't able to get a good look at her attacker, but from what she can remember, he was tall, at least 6ft 2. He didn't speak, so we have no idea where he's from."

"What about his hands, did she see them? Was he white, black?"

"No," he replied, looking across to his Chief to see if he was allowed to divulge this information. The chief nodded in return. "He was wearing dark leather gloves, so she couldn't see any of his skin."

The crowd of reporters and television crew began a barrage of questions, each trying to talk over the other.

"I'm sorry we don't have more for you, but as soon as we do, we'll let you all know." With that the detective turned and disappeared back inside the hospital.

Rosalie turned off the tv with the remote and threw it onto the settee.

"Well, what a load of fucking good that description will do us. Tall and wearing gloves." she scoffed, walking over to the couch and collapsing onto it. "I mean, surely she gave them more than that, don't you think?

"I don't know Rose," Bella replied, resting her elbows on the back, behind Rose's head, "if it was pitch black and she was losing blood, maybe she really didn't see anything. Or maybe the police are keeping some of the information under wraps for the time being."

Rose huffed and picked up one of her text books, settling in to do a bit of revision before bed. Bella stood and stretched before wishing Rose a good night and telling her not to stay up too late.


Friday night came around all too quickly in Bella's opinion. She and Rose had to work again, but Bella had been feeling off all day and the last thing she felt like doing was tending bar all night in a hot and sweaty dance club. Rose had insisted she would be fine on her own, and that she should stay home. If it had been any other night, she would have taken her up on her offer, but Fridays were always the busiest and she just couldn't do that to her friend. She downed a couple of Tylenol and slipped her coat on, following Rose out the door.

It was hard going setting up before opening. Bella found herself having to stop every ten minutes, to quell the dizziness that was threatening to take over. Rose kept a watchful eye on her, but the look on Bella's face warned her not to say anything.

It wasn't too long after opening that Jake turned up. He and Bella hadn't really spoken since their argument in the coffee shop, and she really hoped he wasn't here to start it up all over again.

"Hey." he said, sitting down on his usual stool.

"Hey." she replied a little curtly, while passing a couple of beers to the man next to him. After taking his money, she turned her full attention on Jake.

"No Edward tonight?" he asked, looking around as if searching for him."You know it's a full moon tonight. Is he away on business again?"

Bella rolled her eyes and barely managed not to scream in his face.

"For fuck's sake! Jacob!" she hissed, leaning over the bar towards him. "Drop it. Edward will be in later as a matter of fact, and if you don't stop with this crap then I will be forced to get security to remove you!" She stalked off to the other end of the bar, leaving Jake sitting alone with his mouth hanging open.

She ignored him for the next hour, studiously avoiding his numerous attempts to catch her eye. Eventually, he grew tired of the silent treatment and called her over.


Still nothing.

"Look, I'm sorry, ok." he ran his hands over his forehead, trying not to let his irritation at her childish behavior show. "Can we talk? Please?"

He watched as she paused, sighed deeply and turned towards his end of the bar.

"So, talk."

"I just want to say one thing and then I promise to never talk about Edward Cullen ever again."

She eyed him suspiciously, debating whether it was worth her while to hear him out or not. Finally her more forgiving side won out and she decided to let him get this off his chest. Hopefully then, they could go back to being friends and put all this behind them. He would just have to accept that Edward was in her life, and that was that.

"I know you think you can trust Edward and I'm sure it seems that way on the surface, but I know for a fact that he has been away on business, for all of the murders. I tried checking to see where he went but no one seems to be forthcoming with that information, or they just don't know." He could see she was practically having to bite her tongue to prevent herself from interrupting him, so he hurried to finish his piece.

"For your own peace of mind, please just find out what he does and where he goes on his business trips. Even if he's not the serial killer, he could still be up to no good. If you don't want to ask him about it, then get Charlie to do a background check on him. I'm a little surprised he hasn't yet, he didn't hesitate with your last boyfriend."

Her sheepish expression told him that the reason Charlie hadn't already checked up on Bella's latest boyfriend was because he didn't know about him.

"I see." he said, with a rather smug expression. "You haven't told Charlie about Edward yet. Afraid of what he might find out?"

"No!" she shot back, but Jake could clearly see the small seeds of doubt beginning to take root. He almost rubbed his hands in satisfaction.

"Are you done now?" she asked, still a little coldly. He could handle that though, because he had managed to say everything he'd wanted to. Hopefully she would heed some of his warnings this time.


As the night wore on, Bella felt decidedly worse and reluctantly informed Rose that she needed to go home. Jake, overhearing their conversation, immediately offered his assistance.

"I can give you a lift home if you like."

"No, it's fine. But thanks." Bella politely declined.

"Its no trouble, honest. I was about to head out soon, anyway." he was already searching in his pocket for his keys, when she reached for his arm and stopped him.

"Look, Jake, thanks for the offer, but I already have a lift."

His eyes flicked over to Rosalie, wondering how she could possibly leave the bar unattended to take Bella home. Noticing where his gaze had drifted to, Bella was quick to correct him.

"No, Rosalie's not taking me home,-"

"I am."

Bella jumped a little as Edward's smooth velvet voice interrupted them. He eased onto the stool next to Jacob, looking Bella over with a worried expression on his face. She looked deathly pale, with a slight sheen of sweat covering her forehead. That's a shame, he thought regretfully. He'd had big plans for them tonight.

He nodded an acknowledgment to Jake, slipping his coat off and dropping it on the bar between them. Jake couldn't help but notice the pair of black gloves that were tucked into one of the pockets. With his heightened senses he was able to detect the few drops of blood that had soaked into the leather. Fucking perfect! He thought, almost unable to believe his luck. This was exactly the evidence he needed to get Bella away from fucking Edward Cullen.

"Are you about ready to go, Isabella?" Edward asked, getting up from his bar stool.

"Yes, almost," she replied, choosing to ignore his use of her full name, just this once. She paused to steady herself on the bar as another wave of nausea flowed through her. "I just need to go get my coat from the back room." She turned round slowly, heading for the back of the club, when Edward's cool hand on her wrist stopped her.

"I'll go get it. You sit down and rest, you don't look at all well." he said, stroking a cold thumb tenderly across her cheekbone and she nodded her agreement, struggling to push aside the doubts that Jacob had put in her mind. She watched as he disappeared around the corner, admiring the way his jeans hugged his perfect ass. Jacob was wrong, Edward had been the perfect boyfriend for the whole time they'd been dating. Always opening doors for her, taking her coat and always making sure she was ok. He was like an old fashioned gentleman and she had loved every minute of it. There was no way he could ever do those things.

"Bella?" Jacob's urgent whisper broke her out of her thoughts.

"What?" she snapped, annoyed with him for making her doubt Edward.

"We don't have much time, we need to get you out of here before he comes back. I don't want you going anywhere with him alone."

"Don't be ridiculous, Jacob!" She was getting angry now. "We've been alone plenty of times before now."

"Yes, but that was before I had proof." he replied, gesturing to Edward's coat that he'd left on his stool.

"What the fuck do you mean? Proof?" she asked testily. This was getting beyond ridiculous.

She watched, with a skeptical eye as Jacob reached into the pocket of Edward's coat and pulled out a pair of black leather gloves. He raised a questioning eyebrow at her, as if these were all the proof he needed.

"That proves nothing," she scoffed. "Lots of people have gloves."

Taking the gloves, Jacob hopped over the bar towards the small sink behind it. Turning on the cold tap so it was just a dribble, he quickly wet the gloves and then padded them dry on the white bar towel.

"Do lots of people have gloves that are covered in blood?" he asked, thrusting the towel in her face.

She reluctantly lowered her eyes, her blood running cold and her palms becoming sweaty as she noticed smears of red all over the towel.

Nooooooo! It couldn't be. She thought, shaking her head in denial.

"It might not be blood." Her voice barely more than a whisper.

"Do you want to take that chance, Bella? He has no alibi for any of the murders, and funny how he turned up not long after the murders started."

A shadow of doubt passed over her face and he seized his chance, jumping up and grabbing her hand.

"We need to leave now, he'll be back any minute."

"Shouldn't we just call the police?" she asked, thinking of her father.

"I will, but we need to get you out of here before he comes back."

She was confused and allowed Jake to lead her towards the delivery entrance at the side of the club, the opposite way to where Edward had gone. All the while he pulled her down the corridor towards the door, part of her mind screamed at her, that this was wrong. Edward would never hurt her, and he would never hurt all those other girls. But the seeds of doubt and mistrust that Jacob had sewn, were festering, causing her to question everything Edward had said or done especially on those nights.

They reached the heavy double doors and Jacob pushed them open, dragging her roughly through behind him. He shoved her against the wall and rushed back to shut the doors.

"Ow! Jake. What the fuck?" She looked at him with wide eyes, he'd never treated her like that before. She knew they were in a hurry, but he didn't have to manhandle her quite so much.

Her arm ached from where he'd held her too tightly and she rubbed it with her fingers, trying to soothe some of the sting. The shrill sound of protesting metal assaulted her ears and her head snapped in the direction of the sound, just in time to see Jake twist the metal handles on the inside of the doors, snapping them off so that they could no longer be opened from the inside. He forced them shut and turned back to face an opened mouthed and trembling Bella.

"There, that should hold him off for a minute or two." he grinned as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

The shock of what she'd just witnessed was plain on Bella's face, and she struggled to find her voice.

"H... how did you do that? What are you?" she managed to croak out, her voice breaking slightly on the last word.

He sauntered towards her, his smile still in place, but for a minute she thought she saw a sinister edge to it. She shuddered involuntarily and shook her head to clear it.

"Oh Bella. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You see Edward and I exist in a completely different world than you."

She had no idea what he was going on about, maybe he'd had too much to drink. She hadn't been paying too much attention to how many drinks she'd served him tonight. His head snapped towards the door as if he'd heard a noise, but the night was eerily quite outside of the club.

"We don't have long, he'll be coming soon and that door wont keep him from getting out." said Jacob, his eyes fixed on the door.

"Well let's hurry." Bella replied, taking in their surroundings. "Wheres your car, Jake?"

"Oh, he's not coming for you, Bella," he said, fetching a pair of black gloves out of his pocket and pulling them on, all the time edging closer to her.

"What do you mean?" she asked. Alarm bells began to go off like crazy in her head as she backed up until her bottom came in contact with the wall.

"He's coming for me," he whispered, holding up the knife for her to see. "He's been hunting the killer for weeks, only he didn't know it was me until now. You should have trusted your Vampire, Bella, he's one of the good guys. Unlike me," he hissed. She didn't have a chance to process what he'd just told her about Edward as he was now holding her tight and pressing the razor sharp blade to the soft skin of her delicate throat. "He's finally gotten too close and, unfortunately for you, you're going to be my grand finale before I leave this fucking city."

Her breath caught as she realized with startling clarity, what some small part of her had known all along. Edward would never cause her harm, he hadn't touched those other girls and lastly and most importantly, she should have fucking trusted him. He was her lover, yes there were things about him that were different, but deep in her heart she'd known the truth. Now it was too late, she'd allowed Jacob's constant accusations to gradually wear away the trust she'd had in Edward and she was about to face the dire consequences of her actions. She just hoped he could forgive her, even if she never got the chance to tell him.

As Jake drew the blade across her throat, slicing her open and letting her blood seep out, the last thing she heard was Edward frantically calling her name and the unmistakeable sound of the delivery doors being ripped from their hinges.

Jake dropped her quickly and fled the scene. Her mind registered one last thought as she felt cold, strong arms wrap tightly around her, before falling into the blackness.

Edward...I'm sorry...

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