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A Proper Vampire

Chapter 1

Sitting behind the receptionists desk in the lobby of Nippon Daishou Mental Hospital Tamamura Yuki calmly types at the keyboard of her computer. Dressed in scrubs Yuki works the overnight shift at the mental hospital five nights a week. The recent University graduate is relatively happy. She'd gotten job almost immediately after graduation and it had been a stroke of luck. Getting a government job working the relatively slow overnight shift she's developed a routine. Sure the job is boring as hell, but with the government benefits and stability that comes with the job she's managed to begin to build a life for herself.

Earlier in the evening two older parents had come in with a younger couple. Looking at them her first impression had been that the young man and woman were the parent's grown children and the three of them were committing the young man. She hadn't been that far off, and it actually came out that the older man and woman were the young man's father and the girl was his cousin. The young man had been babbling, repeating the same words over and over in a monotonous whisper, and wasn't responsive to any outside stimuli. His parents explained that he tried to kill himself, they'd stumbled onto him digging at his wrists trying to cut them and he needed help. They had no idea what caused the sudden shift but said that before this he was always a kind and happy boy who married his high school sweetheart. Since they didn't have his medical records on hand they had no choice but to put him in a straight jacket and lock him in a padded cell. Tomorrow they will get his medical records sent over from his doctor and make sure the boy isn't allergic to any sort of sedatives before administering any. If they were to sedate him and he had an allergic reaction and died, his family could sue the hospital for billions...

And I'd lose my job, and all those fantastic benefits my parents never cease to remind me about when I complain about how boring it is working here overnight...

At the far end of the lobby the automatic doors slide open with a barely audible 'whoosh.' Looking up from her computer screen Yuki's eyebrows rise in surprise. Her dark eyes going wide Yuki takes in the sight of the woman slowly walking toward her, her heeled shoes clacking loudly against the white tile floor.

Long dark hair as black as midnight that hangs down past her shoulders, gently swaying from side to side as she walks, her hips rolling with each step. Her pale skin a shade darker than marble, her eyes are like two obsidian pools, her red lips full and plump, curled in a slight haughty smile. Dressed in a tight, form fitting black dress made of smooth silk the dress' luster giving it an almost ethereal look. She's covered from the neck down, long gloves covering her arms past the elbow her dress' long sleeves feeding into the gloves. Wearing high black stockings with three inch heels the woman is dressed as though she is attending a cocktail party or some other social function. With only a glance Yuki can see that the dress is obviously tailor made, the garment tight against her curves and showing off her slim waist, round hips, C cup bust and long slender legs. On her right forearm the woman has a small matching handbag hanging there, hung on her wrist by the two hand straps. What stands out the most about her however is the choker collar around her neck, attached to it at a ring in the center of her neck is a silver cross the size of a person's palm, a blue sapphire set into the center of the strange object.

Unbeknownst to Yuki the strange woman's name is Sekitan Ria, eldest daughter of the Elder Vampire Shuzen Akashiya Issa. With the Rosario around her neck the several century old vampiress can pass as human to a cursory inspection. However should someone splash undiluted water against her skin they would quickly see the woman fall to her knees in pain.

"Can I help you reijou-san?" Yuki asks politely and Ria smiles at the woman's polite tone, the woman unknowingly speaking to a superior creature.

"Of course." Ria says in her normal sinful purr. "I'm here looking for Aono Tsukune, I was told he'd been recently committed."

Aono Tsukune? Yuki thinks to herself. Isn't that the name of that young man that was brought in earlier?

"And you are?" Yuki responds curtly, and Ria places an arm on the counter atop the desk, leaning against it.

"My name is Sekitan Ria, and I am his sister in law." Ria calmly explains to the woman.

"Well Sekitan-san, our visiting hours don't start until 10 o'clock in the morning. Come back after then and you can arrange for a visit with him." Yuki casually rejects the woman's request to see her brother in law.

Rather than showing displeasure at being sent away, the strange woman simply smiles, the expression one of pity and veiled disgust.

"Oh me oh my, why don't you call the hospital's director?" Ria asks with false politeness. "Tell him who I am and let's see what he has to say."

Contrary to what the human receptionist thinks Ria knows exactly what the asylum's director is going to say when given her name.

"Reijou-san, the Director is a very busy man and it's late. He's undoubtedly asleep and I can't just call him in the middle of the night."

"Call him." Ria insists, giving the receptionist a look that sends a shiver down her spine.

Sitting there something inside of Yuki tells her to listen, some ancient primal instinct that knows what it is to face a predator telling her that there is more to this woman than meets the eye, and if Yuki were to truly anger her Yuki would not live to regret it.

"Very well..." The young woman agrees, reaching for the phone.

Picking up the phone Yuki carefully dials the appropriate number. The Director is an important man and he does maintain a cell phone that is strictly for emergencies. With the dark woman standing at her desk demanding to see a patient that was committed only a scant few hours ago Yuki just wants the woman to go home and come back during the next shift.

Let someone else deal with this...

The phone rings, Yuki waiting as the phone rings four times before it stops ringing, a moment of dead air passing through the line before a tired man's voice wafts through the speaker.

"...Hello...?" The hospital's director mumbles tiredly.

"Director Hasekawa, this is Tamamura Yuki, the night receptionist." Yuki identifies herself.

"What do you want?" Hasekawa asks bluntly, too tired for pleasantries.

"There's a woman here calling herself Sekitan Ria asking to see her brother in law who was recently committed..."

The phone is silent for several long moments, Yuki suddenly not so sure that the Director is even still on the line...

Would he just hang up on me for calling him at this time of night?

"...Did you say Sekitan Ria?" He asks, and Yuki blinks in surprise.

"Yes, she calls herself Sekitan Ria." Yuki confirms for the mental hospital's director, her dark eyes darting up to the woman still leaning on the counter before drifting back down to the phone on the counter in front of her.

"Is she a woman with long dark hair, dark eyes, and she's wearing a silver cross with a blue jewel in the middle of it?" He asks, and Yuki dumbly nods.

"She is..." Yuki agrees, turning her gaze to the smug woman leaning against the counter. "That's her."

For a long heartbeat the line is once again silent, and Yuki doesn't know what to think before the man's voice comes blaring from the speaker.

"Give her whatever she wants!" The Director's voice is suddenly frantic, practically screaming from the speaker.

"Sir?" Yuki asks curiously, and the Director repeats himself, impatience and fear bleeding into his tone.

"I said give her whatever she wants and don't ask questions!" The director demands from her. "Do as I say or I'll see you fired!"

Hearing that Yuki quickly nods.

"Of course sir, as you say." She quickly agrees, on the other end of the line the director nods pleasantly.

"Good. Good night Tamamura-san."

With that the director hangs up, and the line goes dead. A moment later a dial tone blares in Yuki's ear and she quickly sets the phone down on it's cradle.

Still leaning on the counter Ria heard the entire conversation, the Sekitan vampiress unable to help the self satisfied smug expression on her face.

"Well?" Ria asks innocently, the vampiress knowing full well exactly what the human receptionist is going to say.

"I'll call an orderly to show you to his room." Yuki explains to Ria. "Wait just a moment."

Picking up the phone the receptionist goes to work on summoning an orderly. Satisfied that things are moving in the direction she desires Ria pushes herself off the counter, standing up straight before calmly placing her hands on her lap, one on top of the other. The Sekitan vampiress waits for a few moments before one of the double doors on the left side of the room opens, and a man dressed in the white scrubs of a hospital orderly walking through the door into the lobby. Above the door a black sign with white letters reads 'Isolation Ward.'

"Sasataki-san will show you to your brother in law's room." Yuki explains, and Ria smiles at the man.

"Follow me please." He says pleasantly, and Ria nods her agreement.

"Lead the way you delicious morsel you..." Ria purrs, the orderly's cheeks flushing slightly at the offhand remark.

"F-follow me." He stutters, turning on his heel and walking back the way he came.

Giggling playfully Ria falls into step behind the average Japanese man. The orderly chivalrously holding the door to the Isolation Ward open for her, his eyes lingering on her as she walks past him, the sealed vampiress favoring the man with a playful smile. His cheeks darkening in embarrassment the man quickly looks away, and Ria taking two steps into the ward before she stops and turns, waiting for the orderly and watching him squirm.

Allowing the door to close the man awkwardly starts walking again, doing his best not to stare at Ria's feminine curves as he walks past her, his arousal clear to her in his scent, that combined with the fact that he is walking awkwardly, as though trying to conceal the fact that there's half a bulge forming in his pants.

All too easy... Ria thinks to herself, following the man deeper into the Isolation Ward until he stops at a door marked '122.'

"This is it." He says awkwardly, motioning toward the door with his left hand.

The door is metal, the walls in the hallway around it made of concrete, the floor covered in the same white tile that was in the lobby. Set at head height in the stainless steel door Ria can see a window with a spiderweb of metal laced through it, the thin metal wires reinforcing the glass and making it harder to break, should a deranged patient try to escape from his cell.

Not that it would stop a vampire... Ria thinks to herself

Inside the cell Ria can see Tsukune sitting against the far left corner. He's dressed in a pair of khaki pants and a straight jacket, the walls and floor of the cell padded to prevent him from hurting himself. Sitting there Tsukune slowly and almost imperceptibly rocks back and forth against the padded wall behind him and to his right. He sits in the fetal position, and seeing him looking like that Ria feels disgust well up inside of her.

He's a vampire, how can he possibly allow himself to be reduced to this? Can he truly be that pathetic? Was I that wrong about him?

When she'd blackmailed Tsukune into a relationship with her just to hurt Moka he'd endured it and even found a way to best her. At first she'd wanted to have sex with him purely because it would make Moka miserable. When she'd first met him she'd resolved to steal him away from Moka just to hurt her. When she'd tried Tsukune had rejected her and compared her to Moka and found Ria to be lacking. She'd been furious with that and did everything she could to try and find some way to hurt him. When he'd been accepted into their family she'd had them followed, and when she'd learned that Tsukune was once human she'd used the knowledge to blackmail him. As their relationship continued however and she got to know him more and more she'd begun to develop a begrudging respect for him along with some other feelings that she doesn't like to think about.

"He hasn't moved from that spot since we put him in there." The orderly informs her in an even tone. "He hasn't said anything other than 'please make it stop' ever since he was admitted."

"I want to talk to him, alone." Ria says absolutely, her words not a request but a command.

Blinking in surprise the orderly quickly shakes his head no in denial.

"I can't do that." The orderly denies her. "He's possibly suicidal and if I allow you in there he could do something to hurt you or himself. The hospital would be held liable and your family could sue us."

Her patience for idiotic humans and their moronic rules wearing thin the Sekitan vampiress turns her dark gaze on the human male, her voice coming out in a seething hiss, her eyes filled with resolve.

"Let me in there or I will have my father personally buy this hovel just for the satisfaction of me personally firing you!" Ria snaps at him with frustration beginning to build inside of her.

She doesn't like being told no by anyone other than her father, especially by a lowly sack of blood human.

Standing there the orderly contemplates her words for just a brief moment. To him, everything about this sequence of events is out of the ordinary. Normally when a visitor comes to see a patient after hours they are turned away and told to come back during normal visiting hours. This is the first time someone has ever been allowed into the Isolation Ward this late to see a patient that was only committed less than three hours before. Normally if someone were to make that threat to him he would laugh at them and suggest that they should consider getting a room here themselves, but with the way she's dressed and the look in her eyes Sasataki Yuji can clearly see that she's completely serious.

If she really does have the influence to get into the Ward at this time of night dressed like that she must have some powerful connections. Do you really want to risk your lively hood when you could just look away? He's in a straight jacket, and it isn't as though she'll be able to take it off of him without the key. No one can just rip one of those apart...

"You do realize if he does something to you than you are responsible?" The orderly asks, and Ria nods exasperatedly.

"Yes, yes, give me your key card." Ria insists, holding out her hand palm up toward the orderly. "When I'm finished with it I will return it to the woman in the lobby."

The man opens his mouth to deny that, but the stern look in the vampiress' eyes causes the words to die in his throat. Remembering her earlier threat to buy the hospital just for the personal satisfaction of terminating him.

"Here." Yuji says, reaching into his pocket and withdrawing the magnetic stripe card and handing it to her.

Taking it Ria hold it in her hand, waving her hand to the orderly dismissively.

"You can go now." She says dismissively, turning her attention to the window and her brother in law in the cell on the opposite side.

"Very well." The orderly agrees, walking around and behind her, his eyes lingering on her butt as he walks behind her.

Standing there Ria can feel his lustful gaze, and the Sekitan vampiress can't help but smile.

Human men are so easy. A tight fitting dress and a few compliments and they're practically begging you to suck their cock...

Turning her attention back to the window Ria puts any thoughts she might have about the orderly out of her mind. Looking at her younger brother and the only male member of her family other than her father the Sekitan vampiress cannot imagine how he came to be in this state. She'd been in the middle of one of her father's parties when her phone rang, and when she saw it was Tsukune's father Taka, she'd answered it to find out they were having Tsukune committed because he tried to kill himself and they couldn't get in contact with Moka. She hadn't even believed it at first, and came here immediately to see for herself if it was true. Standing there observing him Ria cannot help but wonder if he truly does desire to end his own life, or if this is merely a convoluted cry for affection.

Swiping the key card in the electronic lock a green light flashes on the reader, indicating the door is open. Reaching out with her free hand Ria turns the handle and pushes the door open, the Sekitan vampiress stepping into the room like she owns the place. Allowing the door to close behind her Ria watches as her brother in law continues to just sit in the corner, gently swaying back and forth. Now that she's in the room Ria can hear him gently whispering to himself, the words a mantra in his mind, repeating over and over like a broken record.

"...Please make it stop...Please make it stop..." Tsukune says over and over again.

"Tsukune?" Ria asks loudly, and the Aono vampire doesn't respond to the sound of her voice.

"Please make it stop...please make it stop..." Tsukune continues monotone.

Feeling frustration beginning to build inside of her the Sekitan vampiress fights the urge to vomit. Tsukune is a member of their clan and recognized by their father to be worthy of mating one of his children. He should be a proud and strong vampire that should take what he wants and never let anything affect him so.

How far have you fallen Tsukune? Ria thinks in disgust. And why?

Regardless of how she might feel about Tsukune Ria cannot leave her brother in law here. He is a vampire, and once the doctors here thoroughly examine him they will quickly learn that he isn't human. Once that happens the existence of their kind will become known to humanity at large, and they cannot have that.

It's much more fun to live in the shadows, to prowl amongst them while they all feel safe in a false sense of security, unaware that predators walk in their mist...

"TSUKUNE!" Ria growls at him, walking toward him and reaching down, grabbing her brother in law by the collar before roughly hauling him to his feet.

Holding him against the wall Tsukune just stares at her blankly, his expression like a porcelain mask, completely devoid of any emotion at all.

"Please make it stop..." Tsukune continues in that infuriating monotone.

Holding him up with her left hand Ria draws her right hand back, opening her fist and swinging it around, striking it across Tsukune's cheek hard.


The Aono vampire stops talking, pain shooting through his face. Pulling her hand back Ria slaps him again, this time with the back of her hand.

"Tsukune wake up!" The Sekitan vampiress growls at him, her disgust at dealing with his nonsensical mumbling at it's limit.

Blinking the 'light' seems to return to his eyes, and his mouth hangs open momentarily, the Aono vampire looking at her and then at his surroundings.

"R...Ria-san...?" Tsukune whispers, the word a question, the unspoken question being 'Are you real or am I losing my mind?'

"Yes Tsukune, it is me." Ria answers him with relief in her voice.

The last thing she wants to have to do is render him unconscious and take him back to the castle a babbling idiot.

"Can you make it stop!" He asks, his voice suddenly desperate, both of his cheeks still stinging from Ria's hand. "PLEASE! Please make it stop! I beg you!"

Hearing the desperation in his voice the Sekitan vampiress can't help the feeling of curiosity rising inside her.

"Make what stop Tsukune?" Ria asks him, still holding up against the wall. "Tell me what has happened to you to make you like this?"

Hearing his question the Aono vampire blinks in surprise, the memory of whatever traumatic event that did this to him coming back to him with crystal clarity.

"Moka...Moka betrayed me..." He stutters, and Ria quirks one eyebrow curiously.

"Oh me oh my, she betrayed you?" Ria asks casually. "Prey tell how did she do that?"

The Sekitan vampiress expects Tsukune to say that Moka went behind his back and bought something she wasn't supposed to or finally took another lover other than him.

His response to her question is quick and low, and absolutely not what Ria had been expecting.

"She's trying to have children with Gin-sempai." He blurts the information out, closing his eyes, trying not to see and hear the sight of Moka on her knees servicing Gin, the sound of her slurping on his flesh the way she has for him so many times or the sight of Gin entering her, Moka unintentionally moaning as Gin thrusts himself all the way to the base of his shaft...

Standing there Ria slowly blinks her dark eyes once, the Sekitan vampiress looking at him carefully.

Did I hear that right? I couldn't have. She couldn't possibly be that stupid, could she?

The thought makes the Sekitan vampiress almost giddy with anticipation. Ever since Moka was born their father has favored her above all others, and while Ria has done everything for him and served him for centuries he has never looked at her the same way he has Moka, he has never treated her with the same love and affection he has for Moka that asks for nothing in return. For that Ria has despised the woman, and gone out of her way to make Moka miserable whenever she can however she can.

"What did you say Tsukune?" Ria asks, her tone deadly serious.

"She's trying to have children with Gin-sempai..." Tsukune repeats himself, muttering the words this time. Just admitting out loud makes his heart feel like it is in a vice.

All he's wanted since she took Gin into her body against his will right in front of him is for that pain to go away, but no matter what he does the pain follows him around like a demon living his chest, thriving off of his suffering and anguish.

"Surely you mean she's just taking him as lover?" Ria suggests, and Tsukune ever so slowly shakes his head no, the Aono vampire's eyes overflowing with pain and sorrow.

"She told him she wanted his children, she wouldn't let me father her children so she sought them from him instead." Tsukune explains in a barely audible whisper. "She told him he could knock her up and then walk away..."

Hearing that Ria feels a burst of unparalleled joy. If that is true and Moka truly is trying to willingly stain her bloodline with a litter of half breed children their father will never accept that. If it is the truth and once he learns of it he will disown Moka and cast her out of the family with no hope of her ever returning.

"Are you sure Tsukune?" Ria asks, her grip on his collar tightening and the Aono brokenly nods his head.

"Yes..." He whispers, his gaze falling to the floor, tears in his eyes. "I just want it to stop. Please Ria-san, please make this stop..."

"You want your pain to stop Tsukune?" Ria asks, and his head snaps up, tears flying from his eyes.

"YES!" The Aono vampire insists desperately. "PLEASE! I don't know what to do! I just want it to go away but no matter how hard I try it never goes away!"

"Is that what you truly want Tsukune, for your pain to go away no matter what?"

"YES!" The Aono insists again, and Ria smiles, a wicked plan forming in her mind.

Not only can I use this situation to shame Moka but I can also bring him around to my way of thinking. He's desperate, so desperate that he would listen to anything I tell him...

"I can help you Tsukune...but you must trust me." Ria begins slowly, and Tsukune nods his head.

"YES! PLEASE! I just want it to stop!"

His hands held to his sides by the straight jacket Ria slowly pulls him away from the wall.

"Stand on your own feet Tsukune." She orders him, the Aono vampire nodding before planting his feet on the floor, Ria releasing his collar to see him remain vertical. "Now...get angry."

Blinking twice in surprise Tsukune just stares at her stupidly.

"Angry?" He whispers. "Ria-san, why would I be angry?"

Her hand crosses his cheek once more.


His head twisting around the Aono vampire's mouth goes agape in shocked surprise, his chocolate eyes turning back to her so wide they practically bulge out of their sockets.

"Moka threw you away so she could sleep with a lowly dog!" Ria snaps at him. "Do you even understand what that says about how much she values you!" The Sekitan vampiress continues heatedly. "It means that she values a lowly wolf's seed over yours! YOURS!" Ria practically screams the word at him. "YOU are her mate! YOU are the only one she should consider having children with and she throws YOU aside so she can bear a wolf's bastard? How can you NOT be furious with her for treating you like that when you've sacrificed so much for her! You endured me blackmailing you into a relationship, fought and defeated a dragon just to prove your worth to our family, you nearly died on multiple occasions trying to protect her, and she DARES throw you away like a useless piece of filth?"

Standing there Tsukune simply never thought of the situation like that before. Ever since he's always thought of what happened as the result of the argument they'd had. This wasn't about whether or not he was worthy to father her children, it was about whether or he would allow her to raise them solely around her family and keep any human influence out of their lives until they were teenagers. He wanted his children to know his human family growing up and what loving grandparents his human parents would make.

But she's right... A voice whispers in his head. Moka chose Gin-sempai over you, she knew you were standing right there watching the entire time and she still took off her dress right in front of you and asked him to fuck her and get her pregnant. She asked Gin to give her children instead of you, she made you watch while she sucked his dick and then allowed him to enter her, made you watch while they had sex with you standing not five feet away, she tossed you aside like you didn't matter after everything that you've suffered for her. She put you through hell, giving you to Ria like you're some plaything and watching you risk your life for her time and time again. She put you through all of that and this is how she repays your devotion? She should suffer, hurt her like she's hurt you and revel in her tears as her entire life falls apart around her...

The thoughts are oddly comforting to him. Thinking about making Moka suffer the pain in his chest seems to go away, the pain replaced by something else, something dark and unfamiliar...

"Fan the flames of your anger Tsukune!" Ria pleads with him, begging him to embrace his anger and rage. "Let it burn inside you hotter and hotter until it burns away all the pain and suffering! Smother yourself in that rage, let it push you forward and you will never feel like this again, I swear it!" Ria goads him on. "Come with me and I will give you the chance to make her suffer! Trust and listen to me and I assure you that she will never recover; she will be left broken and weeping! She will never dare to look at you again! You will drown her in sorrow and she will suffer for all eternity for what she's done to you! I swear it!"

Looking down at the floor of the cell the thoughts pass through the Aono vampire's mind in an instant. He can feel the anger inside at being so callously discarded, treated like a piece of meat instead of an equal, like he deserves to be treated.

It's like a switch flips in his head. His entire life the Aono vampire has always thought of anger as a negative emotion, that he should never embrace it and to always repress it. There have been times when he's felt the emotion flood over him and he's fought fueled by fury, but that emotion was always hot and burning like an inferno inside of him. This is like a cool flame burning inside of him and filling him with heat, giving him purpose when all he feels otherwise is despair and sorrow.

She did this to me...She tried to hurt me and I'm going to make her pay. I will make her suffer fifty, no...one hundred times as much pain as she's forced upon me. She will spend eternity regretting what she's done, I'm going to make sure of it...

Standing directly in front of him Ria watches as his head ever so slowly rises. Looking into his eyes Ria can see the cold calculating fury in his obsidian orbs, her full red lips curling in a devilish smile at the sight. When he next speaks his words are no longer weak and pleading, but strong and filled with restrained rage.

"What would you have me do?"

Smiling victoriously the Sekitan vampiress fights the urge to throw her head back and laugh. When this is over Tsukune is going to be a vampire to be feared, he is going to accept her as his mate and she is going to get everything she's ever wanted...