Title:  It's My Time

Rating: Eventually R

Disclaimer: I don't own the WWF or any of the people that work for it. If I

did I wouldn't be sitting here writing this instead I would be on my yacht

sailing around the world.

Summary: Jessica gets a job with the WWF, it's the story of her trying to

make it big and of course a little romance blooms along the way. This chapter

is just the set up. The good stuff comes later.

Side Note: This is my first WWF Story so feedback is greatly appreciated. I

will try to update at least twice a week. That is of course if anyone even

bothers reading the story.

    " Yes Mom, I know mom, ok I got it. I will talk to you later. Love you

too. Bye" As I hang up the phone I turn to find my best friend Erica laughing

her ass off. " Let me guess Jess, your mom is giving you a lecture on the

do's and don'ts of working for the WWF. She really needs to cut the cord

after all these years." I give her my most intimidating stare and finally

answer. " Well duh of course she is. You would think since I finally landed

my dream job that she would be happy for me but no instead I have to sit

through the lecture of how I am a sweet young girl and those guys that work

there will try to take advantage of that. The part I forgot to tell her is

maybe I hope they do try it and I am not so innocent after all." I give my

room a last once over to make sure I have packed everything I will need. It's

sad to realize most of the things I need fit into three suitcases.

About an hour later I hear Erica calling me from downstairs to let me know

the car is here to pick me up. I look in the mirror to make sure I look all

right. I have black boots on to give me some height since I am only 5'3. I

also have on a pair of black flare jeans and a black tank top that has the

last four buttons unbuttoned so the shirt flares out and shows off my

stomach, it also shows off a little cleavage but not too much. I don't want

to show up my first day and be mistaken for one of the Godfather's hoes.  I

had pulled my long reddish brown hair into a high ponytail on my head. To

complete the look I pull on a pair of black sunglasses so no one can see my

eyes to see how nervous I really am. I turn to walk out of my room and run

down the stairs.

"Ok Erica you can let me go now. It's not like I will never see you again. I

promise to call you every night plus I do have my cell phone. Erica sweetie,

I can't breathe. Loosen up the death grip." I finally manage to wiggle away

from her. She's crying and if she keeps it up I will be crying soon too.

We've been best friends since first grade. The longest we have been apart

were for family vacations. Then when we turned 18 we got an apartment

together. I feel bad leaving her but she knows how much this job means to me.

I wave to her as I walk out to the car; well actually it's a limo. I guess

it's the big time so maybe I should start getting used to stuff like this.

The driver opens the door for me and I slip inside of it. "Very Impressive" I

think to myself. The butterflies are starting to gather in my stomach so I

decide to try and relax and maybe take a little nap.

The next thing I know the car has stopped and the driver is repeatedly

calling my name. I guess I fell asleep, oh well so much for a short nap. I

get out of the car and realize we are at the back entrance to the arena.

People are already showing up in hopes to see their favorite superstar. As I

walk past a group of girls one of them asks me for my autograph. Before I can

even answer, her friend tells her I'm a nobody and for not to waste her time

on me. I stop, turn around and tell her " Your little friend is correct, I

may be a nobody right now but the next time you see me, your friend may live

to regret her words. So would you like my autograph anyway?" The girl smiles

at me and says sure, while her friend stands there rolling her eyes. " So

what's your name?" " It's Amber" I smile at her and hand back the piece of

paper I just signed. " Well Amber I suggest you hold onto this paper because

someday it's going to be worth a lot. I guarantee it." I turn and walk away,

promising myself I will be someone important in the WWF.

  End of the Prologue.