Title: It's My Time

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own the WWE or its Superstars

I blink my eyes a few times to make sure I am really awake and that this is really happening. " Um Jess, its kind of cold here on the floor and my knees are starting to hurt. Could you give me an answer any time soon?" Somehow through my tears I am able to tell him yes. He gets up to hug me and we both groan because we are both still sore from our matches. Hunter slips the ring on my finger and we start to kiss. " Hey Hunter do you mind shutting the back of your gown I really don't need a view of your ass besides remember what the doctor said. No hanky panky for you and Jess for two weeks." Hunter and I jump apart when we hear Mark. " I came back to pick you up for tonight Darlin, I guess I am the one that got the surprise though huh?" I run over to Mark and show him my hand. It takes him a second to notice the ring but when he does he gives me a hug and kiss and he shakes Hunters hand. " It's about damn time the two of you decided to get hitched. Oh Hunter you ever hurt her again and I will hurt you even though she is a damn brat."

After saying good-bye to my fiancée, damn that sounds good, Mark and I left for the arena. When we got out of the car we saw that some fans were there hoping to get a few autographs. As I was signing someone's program I heard someone call my real name. I'm so used to hearing the fans call me CJ. I turn around and go over to the girl. " Hi, I'm sure you totally don't remember me but you gave me your autograph on your very first day here." I stare at her for a second then I remember her name. " Of course I remember you Amber, you were the first person to ever ask for my autograph. So tell me did you enjoy last night's match?"

"Oh my god you're match last night was so amazing. I want to train to become a wrestler just like you. You're my absolute favorite diva and wrestler. I know I already have your autograph but can you sign my poster for me?" I look at her poster and see its one of me from a diva shoot we had done. I sign it for her and hand it back. She starts to squeal when she sees what I wrote. She turns to her friend to read it to her. " Do you see what she wrote? To my favorite fan Amber, thank you for believing in me before I was ever a somebody, love Jessica. Can you believe it she signed her real name." Before she runs off with her friends she asks me for a quick picture which I gladly take with her. I give autographs to the rest of her friends and they run off to get inside for the show.

I notice one of the girls has stayed behind. As I look closely at her I remember she is the one that didn't want my autograph the first time she met me because I wasn't a superstar yet. She shyly walks up to me. " Um do you think I could have your autograph? I know I was a total bitch the first time I met you but you've become my favorite wrestler. I understand if you don't want to sign my program for me though." I know what its like to be a fan and I always told myself if I ever became famous I would make sure to be nice to everyone. I take her poster and sign it for her. " Listen its ok that you didn't like me in the beginning. But at least you've seen the light and I'm your favorite now right?" I wink at her and hand her poster back to her. She waves and runs off to find her friends.

I walk off to find Mark and we go inside. Everyone comes up to me to ask how I am doing and how Hunter is doing. I tell them we are both better then expected then I run off to find the girls. I see them standing outside of Stephanie's office. " Hey guy's I got something to show you." When they turn to look at me I show them my hand. We all start to scream at the stay time and I keep shouting that I'm getting married like an idiot. Then I notice Trish and Stephanie pull money out of their pockets. " Guys please tell me you didn't bet on if Hunter and I were going to get married." They bow their heads in shame and hand the money over to Lita. " Hey at least I know never to bet against true love. Besides don't worry Jess we all knew you were going to get married it was just a matter of when Hunter was going to propose and I won." I stare at them for a second. " Hmm now I'm not so sure if I want to ask you guys to be bridesmaids. Stop pouting, you guys are my best friends of course I want you in my wedding." I tell them I will see them later and as they walk down the hallway I hear them making bets on who will catch the bridal bouquet. I shake my head some things will never change.

I go to change into my outfit for the night and Raul tells me he is proud of me for beating Alexia last night. I tell him about me getting engaged and offer to let him be one of my bridesmaids too. He starts to threaten to cut all my hair off so I tell him to forget about it. I find out from him that Alexia took a few weeks off to recover so at least I won't have to see her for a while. When I leave Raul's room I decide I have one more stop to make.

I knock on the locker room and wait to hear its ok to come in. I poke my head in to make sure Chris is fully clothed. He starts to laugh. " Well I'm proud to say thanks to me you have better manners and now know to knock on doors before you go barging in. So are you feeling any better from this morning?" I grab his hand and pull him over to the couch. " I'm feeling better thank you but there is something I wanted to tell you. I didn't want you hearing about it from anyone else. Hunter proposed to me this morning and I've accepted." I put my hand out so he can see the ring. I see the sadness and hurt flash across Chris's eyes but the emotions are gone as fast as they came. " So junior finally decided to pop the question? I'm really happy for the both of you. I hate to admit it but Hunter is a pretty stand up guy and I think he will make you really happy. Of course if he doesn't then I will have to kick his ass. I appreciate you coming to tell me yourself though. I do assume I am invited to the wedding right?"

I look at Chris and see he is smiling. " Of course you're invited. What kind of party would it be without The Highlight of the Night? Well I better get going. My adoring public is waiting for me." We both get up and Chris pulls me into a hug. " Chris I do love you." Chris gives me a kiss on the cheek and lets me go. " I love you too kiddo." I give his hand a squeeze before I leave.

As I walk down to the gorilla position to address the crowd I give Hunter a quick call just to tell him I love him. After he tells me he loves me too I hang up the phone. Right before I go out Vince comes over to hand me my belt; I had forgotten it last night. They cue my music and I walk out to start RAW off. The minute I step out onto the ramp the crowd is on their feet. I walk down to the ring and pose for the crowd. They are still on their feet cheering for me. I stand in the middle of the ring thinking about everything that has happened to get me to this point. Sure there were painful things to deal with but look at what came out of it. I have an amazing group of friends, a perfect fiancée, well ok he isn't perfect but I love him anyway, I'm a WWE Superstar and as of last night I am the Women's champion. As I lift the microphone to my mouth to talk I realize it finally is my time.


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