"Come on Ally! You'll be late!" Kyra exclaimed as she and I sprinted down my road.

"God Kyra, some people would think that it was you going on a date, not me!" I sighed and ran faster to catch my friend up who was now on the doorstep of my house. We ran up the stairs after dumping our bags and shoes. Kyra set up her make up that she bought and laid the clothes I was going to wear while I had my shower.

"Come on Ally!" I heard Kyra shout through the door as I got changed, "I need to do your make up!"

"Coming!" I stepped out the door in my outfit. New deep blue jeans with a strappy white top that has a silver swirly pattern on it.

"Ok, you're ready." Kyra said as I opened my eyes to look at the make up I grinned.

"Ok. I'm done. Wish me luck!" I said. We both bounded down the stairs.

"Luck!" Kyra and Rowan, (who, Rowan, I noticed had just appeared).

"Ok!" I called over my shoulder as I left, "And tell Dad I've got my phone!" I waved.