B/A/N: This Authors Note has a lot of swearing in it. I WAS IN A FUCKING BAD MOOD WHEN I WROTE IT. So I want to say sorry in advance to everyone it DOESN'T concern.

A/N: I just wanted to say this now before I get any more fucking criticism from this story:

Yes, I know that Babydoll is 20, not 16

Yes, I know that Babydoll's sister was killed the night after her mother died

Yes, I know I've made Babydoll a little out of character

Yes, I know that Lennox House and Forks are on opposite sides of the fucking country

Ok? It's my fucking story! If you want to make it accurate to both stories then write your own freaking Sucker Punch and Twilight crossover! We all have our own fucking imagination. God, give me some fucking space! This is how mine played out! So haters be fucking hating it! I don't give a fucking shit if you hate it! If you don't fucking like it, don't fucking read it! Jesus Christ! This was my first fucking fan fiction. So fuck off if you were the one who pointed out my errors! FUCK OFF BACK TO FUCKLAND, FUCKMANIA!

A/A/N: B/A/N means Before Authors Note. A/A/N means After Authors Note