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The darkness creaped over the shadows. The heavy running breaths took over the silence of the night. The girl checked behind her. No one. She ducked into the familair back yard. Once there she pushed the basement window open. Click. Her long tanned legs slipped onto the dryer and onto the floor. She looked the stairs that held the door to the living room. Turning away from it she husstled to the fridge they kept down here. The light flooded the room from the little bulb. She shifted through the contents of the fridge settling on a much needed Coke. With cold drink in hand the teen made her escape back into the heated desert night. After finding shelter behind a bolder, the girl wove a hand through her light curls. She knew from experience with a mirror that the dirt that covered her face hid her freckles it also told her that the hair on her head was closer to her mother's bright orange hair than her father's blond hair from all the purple dust of the desert and that the ever present sun, kissed her olive skin, tan. She sighed and opened the Coke. It fizzed a little from the running but died down as her tastebuds were filled with the taste. The red watch on her arm, once brushed off, remindered her of much needed sleep. Given she had her midnight snack. She curled into the bolder but her eyes watched movement a few feet away. A flap. The young girl crawled towards it careful to watch her surrondings. The tan tarp appeared to be covering a rock but after scappering under it proved she was not alone. A van in the middle of the desert could only mean one thing. Seekers were searching or humans were present. She wished, hoped, dreamed, needed it to be humans. Footsteps shuffled over the rough terrain waking the sleeping girl.

"Ian get that side" A car door shut and the tarp flew off. Light woke up her senses and she flew to a standing position, only to fall back a little with a head rush. She gained her balance taking in the two men standing in front of her.

"No stay in the car" said the dark haired man said glancing at the back car door opening. The person disobeyed and walked smoothly over to the confused girl.

"Are you human?" the sing song voice asked her ears. The blond haired girl turned to look at the women next to her, smallish figure, perfect golden curls, and that ring, the halo around her eyes. A gasp escaped her mouth.

"We're human" the blond man quickly said. While the soul stepped back, behind the other man. Her green eyes flickered to his and took in the normal color without the ring before staring down the soul.

"What is it doing here than?" The man standing in front of her visibly straightened. While the other back door opened and closed forcefully.

"Look Tinkerbell- Wanda here is a soul yes, but she's more human and innocent then any us, will ever be" said the dark haired girl stomping over to the scared survivor. "Don't forget it" she snarled pointing a figure to the girl's chest.

"Nice greeting Mel… My name is Jared" said the blond man. "This is Melanie" he said gesturing towards the snarling girl. "Err… her caution sign fell off" The dark haired man laughed and shook his head.

"I'm Ian" he shrugged taking the soul's hand and leading her in front of him. "And this is Wanda. She's one of the souls living with us" Wanda smiled a little before asking the girl's name. The answer won a smile on everyone's face.