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Ian flopped down onto the mattress. His thoughts were focused on one thing- that onesie. He knew it was silly, his dream. The fact that he could have a child with Wanda excited him but also terrified him. He knew that she wouldn't understand any of his concerns or fascinations with dealing with a family. Yet they would have some time to figure it all out. He turned to his soul, her golden hair twirling all over the pillow and her eyes were already looking at him. "Hello, love"


Mel stands there completely shocked. Her body feels ridged and cold and she can pin her brain on one thought. Sucking in a strangled breath she speaks in a fairly uneasy tone. "Jared?" He looks up.

"What's this?" his tone sounds much different than hers. It's even and kind. Yet she can't find the energy to change hers.

"An onesie" she whispers extending a hand to take it from him. He handed it to her.

"For a baby?" his voice dropped. She nodded. "Why do you have this?" She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. Air brushed her open mouth. "Mel? Why do you have this?" He was pleading.

"I found it- and I was returning it to Freedom" she quickly said and the air fell silent for a moment.

"I doubt it" he moves toward her and she shy's away from him. "What's wrong?"

"You're going to hate me"

"Am I?" he smiles

"Jared. I'm pregnant" The water moves a little and Melanie focuses on it. She already saw his smile fall.

"I'm going to hate you- why?" He wonders

"You don't want to bring a baby into this world" His face closes off for a moment.

"That's true. It's utterly cruel" Mel sighs, and runs her fingers along the soft fabric. "Yet, something about this feels so right" She looks up shocked at his words.


"Well. I can't say I don't want it, because it's here to stay for the time being" He smiles

"You don't sound like yourself"

"I know." He sighs and runs a hand in his hair. "I'm terrified, and I have no idea what to say"

"I love you"

"I love you too"

Nicole looks up when Jamie finishes his plan. "That is possible?"

"Sure" he shrugs.

"Sounds a little dangerous" she says pulling her lips into a calculating line.

"Everything is dangerous now" He says shifting his weight.

"We could be killed" She whispers

"No- a soul would be inserted" He says rolling his eyes

"Same thing" She cries

"Not exactly" He mutters

"Jamie" She growls

"Tink" He smiles

"It's Nicole" She reminds, crossing her arms.

"Nicole" He continues to smile. This spreads to Nicole's face also.

"Stop making me smile- it's annoying" Her eyes narrow yet her smile is bright and happy.

"I haven't seen it before, I like it" He states taking her hand.

"You're a dork" She snorts laying her head on his chest.

"I know"

Jared paces the hallway. "Jared stop you're giving me a headache"


"What are you doing anyway?"




"Hmm that's nice"

"So what does it feel like?"

"What?" The question throws her off. Making her sit up on their lumpy mattress.

"I meant how does it feel to have something growing inside you?" His eyebrows are knit together.

"It doesn't hurt, if that's what you're wondering" He nods. "I'm not sure what it feels like. I have to throw up a lot but other than that it's my only interaction with the baby."

"Are you scared?" Melanie thinks this over. Is she scared? What is the feeling of being scared? Being captured by the 'spiders', having Wanda inserted, always on the run.

"No" she shrugs and lays back down.


"Jared just because you're scared doesn't mean I have to be too" He huffs.

"Are you sure you're pregnant?" Melanie thinks over his question for a moment.

"Do you remember when Wanda came back from that raid with a box for herself?"


"The box was a pregnancy test for me" Mel swallows. "It was positive"

"You never know with those tests" he grabs Mel's hand and drags her in front of everyone down to Doc. She keeps protesting but soon she's too tired to yell.

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