A/N: The final true fluff chapter before they go on to Grayskull business.

Teela's indrawn hiss of pain tortured stopped Adam in his tracks. He met her gaze and Teela reluctantly nodded at Adam's unspoken question. He lowered her to the bed so she was seated at it's edge knowing that his own muscles would be protesting if he had to carry her indefinitely.

"Teela, The way I see it you have two choices – have this healed, or take painkillers and go to sleep."

"None of the above," she gritted out. "I want it to magically go away, without going to Grayskull."

"I'm sorry – I can't heal you... "

"I hate this," she grumbled. "I was so clumsy and now I've ruined our journey!"

"You aren't clumsy, and accidents happen. You didn't ruin anything."

"We only have another week, Adam, and if I can't make love because of this... how can you say you aren't disappointed?"

"Teela, we don't have another week – we have our lives together. I don't like you hurt, but beyond that... you haven't ruined anything for me."

"I appreciate that," she blushed. "But... I'm not ready for an injury-imposed period of celibacy, so let's go to Grayskull." Her tone was disconsolate. He fought against smiling at her obvious distaste at the idea.

"So you aren't embarrassed to face her," he teased, hoping to make her smile.

"Sure I am. But I want this healed more than I care about what she might be thinking about … what we might be doing here."

"Then let's go!"

Adam moved to gather her up in order to carry her to the portal when Teela grabbed his upper arm arrestingly.

"Promise me something, okay?"


"You should be careful answering me like that!"

"I trust you."

"Oh... that's really sweet," she told him. "Naive... but sweet."

"Teela – what did you want me to promise you?"

"Promise me we'll come back?" Her tone was uncertain.

"Why wouldn't I want to come back?"

"I don't know. I guess I thought if we go to Grayskull, we're returning back to life and duty – and maybe – you miss the excitement."

"Nothing will induce me to cut our journey short, Teela. Not the way we've been spending it. I'm not sure if it's been obvious to you, but I really enjoy what we do. Perhaps you may have thought that I was just enduring for your sake... but I assure you, I am not."

"Adam," she hit him gently. "Stop."

"I just wonder if I haven't expressed myself enough that you would even doubt my wish to return here. Seriously?"

"Adam, you are nothing if not duty-bound. Maybe I worry that I don't rank as high on the scale -"

He sat next to her on the bed and pulled her in for a careful embrace.

"My marital duties are important to me, Teela."


"Well... I did marry you knowing what to expect... "

"You made your bed, you better lie in it?" She grinned at his teasing. "What a brave soul you are."

"Teela – obviously I'll go if needed... but I miss you when I'm away from you. The entire time I was dealing with the situation with Dev, I was missing you."

She smiled and nodded.

"I just feel that my life is now just – you . Whereas you still have so much else. It's hard not to feel insignificant."

"I know it can feel that way, but from my point of view – and our parents, you are no less the warrior you ever were. Your tactical and strategic knowledge will be very important throughout our life together. Don't discount your importance to the kingdom."

"So you married me for my keen intelligence?"

"Absolutely not," he leaned in and kissed her passionately. "I married you because you're incredibly sexy. The brains were an added bonus."

She smiled.

"All right. I'm ready to go."

"Exactly why is my daughter injured, Adam," Duncan's gruff voice nearly made his son-in-law's heart stop as he materialized with Teela into the throne room of Castle Grayskull. Adam, for all his earlier teasing found it very difficult to maintain a steady gaze with either mentor. Fortunately his training as He-Man came to his rescue and his response to Duncan was a friendly grin.

"Father," she gasped seeing Duncan. "You didn't have to come just because I hurt my foot. " Truthfully she was irritated he had done so. She was a full fledged adult and didn't need him looking at her in that stern 'Duncan' way of his.

"I didn't come for you," he said calmly, picking up on her ire.

"You just happened to be here? Without He-Man? Without a crisis?"

"The Sorceress and I have a relationship that extends longer than either of you have even been alive Teela. We're old friends. Is it so unlikely that we might actually have other things to discuss that don't involve you or Grayskull matters?"

Teela felt Adam tense and she knew that he was suppressing laughter. Horrified she began to wonder if they were lovers. She felt heat crawl up her neck and desperately wanted to vanish. Adam's obvious amusement made her even more embarrassed.

"Teela – why don't I heal you so you can return to your trip."

"Stop laughing at me, Adam," she grumbled after they teleported back to their vacation home.

"I'm not – it's just you misunderstood - "

"What? That my father spends alone time with the Sorceress? And that they couldn't wait for us to leave?"

"Neither of them is a child..."

"Okay. It doesn't bug you in the slightest? You're sworn to protect her."

"Not letting her have a life isn't protecting her – it's imprisoning her. She has enough of that with her own sense of obligation. "

"Oh, but... oh -"

"Teela... if they are together, at least you know each of them has chosen the most decent possible of -"

"No! No – I can't think it. Please. Let's not talk about it."'

"All right," he laughed.

"It isn't funny. What if we were talking about your parents?"

"Point taken."

"Anyway, I thought we had other things to do."

"You really do have a one track mind!"