Luckily for everyone involved, Skeletor returned to his true form and stopped his constant attacks. As evil doers went, he was pretty lazy – choosing occasionally to effect some ill-advised plan of action only to go dormant again for weeks at a time.

Weeks passed and the Royal family enjoyed having Adora in their midst. She finally felt like she was one of the family. Even Duncan learned to let go of his guilt and worked hard at getting to know the Princess he believed he had failed all those years again. Like Adam, Adora was unwilling to allow him to blame himself.

It was with a heavy heart that she told them that it was time for her to return to Etheria. Skeletor's decrease in activity meant she could leave without him thinking that he had chased her away. She promised to come back if needed – Skeletor couldn't be allowed to think that Grayskull's newest defender wasn't readily accessible by the Sorceress of Grayskull.

"I know you have to go," Adam said, breaking the silence that came on the heels of her announcement. "I just don't want you to."

"I promise I'll visit often. I know you can't come to see me. It's too dangerous for Eternia."

"They might not be able to go, but I can. I don't have to do it as myself either."

"Which means I probably won't be going back," Teela said. "So you will have to come here frequently."

"I promise," Adora told her, fighting back her tears. The two young women hugged tightly. It amazed Teela how close she had grown to a woman that had started out as her captor.

"Promise me you'll keep Queens Frosta and Castaspella away from him."

Adora grinned, grateful for Teela's obvious effort at lightening the heavy atmosphere.

"Who are these two women, Adora?"

"Adam's admirers," Teela said. "Queen Castaspella took 'no' for an answer. But – Frosta -"

"Didn't know that 'he' isn't available – she's a brave warrior – and she fought well for the rebellion."

"I know... but … she was so aggressive."

Adam reddened a bit and Randor laughed.

"When are you leaving?"

"As soon as I can. I know... it's not good. But I have to do it."

"And we support you," Randor said, hugging her tightly. "Don't feel badly on our account. We will miss you desperately, but this time we know where you are and can find out how you are doing. If anything happens – you need help, you call us -"

"Thank you, Father," Adora said tearfully.

He-Man and She-Ra stood near the portal to Etheria. The goodbyes were said and it was time to leave.

"Ready for this?"

She-Ra nodded, fighting her misery. She didn't want her parents to suffer believing her to be sad.

"I'll be back soon," he promised his family.

Teela approached him and hugged him hard. She pulled back and they kissed, feeling they could be open in the confines of Grayskull.

"You be safe. Both of you."

"I promise," he said, brushing his hand gently against her cheekbone.

"Don't get into trouble. Just get her settled, and come back home."

She-Ra watched, feeling wistful about her own future. Everything was so unknown. She wished she had what Adam had – someone to love, as well as daily contact with her family, but fate had dictated her life be this way and she knew she could help greatly in the fight against the Horde. For now that was her life, her past was over, and the present and future were wide open. She would fight the sins of her past by making reparations as She-Ra. And one day, Etheria would be free.

- The End