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Chapter 1

"I have a message from Katherine... She said game on." Caroline snarled at Damon and turned to walk away when he grabbed her arm.

"Wait..." He got out just before she pushed him and he flew down the hall. He got up on his elbows and looked at her. Really looked at her. Death suited her.

"You suck." She said then turned to walk away.

"Wait." Damon said to her and she froze and looked over her shoulder. In a flash he was in front of her and she was actually startled by his movement and took a step back. "You're not in transition... You turned." He said as he looked into her eyes.

"I did." She said as clearly as she could muster but she was still so confused.

"That means... I'm your sire." He said to her in disbelief and she arched her eyebrow.

"Sire?" She asked.

"It means my blood turned you." Damon explained suppressing the eye roll he wanted to give her.

"How did this happen?" She asked him, her voice cracking for the first time, her bravado wearing a little thinner. Damon contemplated everything for a minute – he had fucked up a lot recently... maybe if he was a decent sire to Caroline... that would make things up a little.

"Caroline?" He asked her seriously and she was a little surprised at him using her name instead of some stupid nickname.

"What?" She asked in a whisper.

"We need to get out of here." He said to her sincerely and she was surprised yet again by the sincerity he expressed.

"Why?" She asked in a small voice.

"Because you could accidentally kill someone... many people, if I don't get you trained." He said to her and she blinked in surprise.

"You're going to train me?" She asked sceptically.

"You can hate me all you want when you've finished training." He said to her softly. "But I know you don't want to kill people, you can't just do this alone... I'll help you, as your sire." He said to her genuinely. "You don't have to trust me in other aspects of your life but trust me on this one. I'm actually very good at being a vampire. I'll teach you everything I know." He promised and she had to admit – yes, she still hated him – the idea of going it alone frightened her. She felt better that he would help her.

"Okay." She nodded.

"Then let's go." He offered her his hand and she took it. He led her out of the school and into the woods then he started to run. "Come on, Caroline." He smirked at her and she let herself run as he held her hand. They ran so fast she gasped in surprise. Trees blurred by her but she could still see every detail clearly as if she were walking about in the middle of the day, instead of running at a crazy speed in the dark. They arrived back at the boarding house in minutes when he stopped and grinned at her. He was actually surprised that he'd enjoyed running with her like that. "Fun, right?" He asked her and she giggled.

"That was... a major rush." She said and he found himself being glad that she seemed a little happier. She looked really helpless back at the school when he'd started talking to her.

"There's plenty more where that came from." He smiled. "Let's get you inside." He nodded his head to the door and she was surprised that he still hadn't let go of her hand as he led her in the door and through to the couch. "I'm guessing you have a lot of questions." He said to her honestly as he sat down beside her, letting go of her hand.

"Can you tell me how I turned into a vampire?" She asked him candidly.

"After your car accident on founder's day, I gave you blood to heal you because it didn't look like you would survive." He replied. "Vampire blood takes about a day or so to leave your system but I gave you a lot because the injuries were really quite bad so it obviously took a bit longer. We didn't think you would die, safe in a hospital room." Damon explained.

"Who is this Katherine person?" She asked. "Why does she look like Elena?"

"Katherine turned Stefan and me in 1864." Damon said and Caroline's eyes bugged.

"But that makes you over 100 years old!" She exclaimed and Damon chuckled.

"Hey, I look good for my age." He smirked and she laughed despite the situation. "So basically, long story short, we thought Katherine died, Stefan and I were shot while we had vampire blood in our systems and came back as vampires. We transitioned then I found out later that Katherine wasn't dead. Anyway, whatever, she sucks... But so do I, apparently." Damon smirked at her and she rolled her eyes. "Stefan saw Elena and wanted to get to know her because he could be Katherine's identical twin. I moved back here to annoy Stefan and open a tomb I thought Katherine was in. Turns out she was never in it and just didn't love me but whatever." Damon rolled his eyes for saying that and Caroline gasped.

"You waited all that time... and she was out in the world anyway?" Caroline asked in disbelief and he nodded. She hugged him tightly, surprising him. "She's horrible." She said and he chuckled.

"Wish I'd known that when I met her." Damon smirked. "Wait – so Katherine killed you?" Damon asked and Caroline's expression grew grim.

"Yes." She nodded.

"What did she do?" Damon asked cautiously when he saw the mixed fear and hurt on her face.

"Pillow." Was all Caroline said and Damon gaped at her.

"She smothered you with a pillow?" Damon asked angrily. He didn't know why he gave a crap but that was a horrible death.

"Yes." Caroline said and he could see the tears prick her eyes.

"Listen to me." He said softly. "I won't let her hurt you again, okay?" Damon asked her and she nodded. "So no crying, got it?" He smirked and she chuckled and playfully smacked his arm.

"How did she find out I had vampire blood?" She asked and Damon rolled his eyes.

"You can thank the judgemental witch for that one." Damon muttered. "She was bitching about me thinking it was Elena. Then she never even had the brain power to make sure you didn't get killed." He said and Caroline gaped at him.

"Judgemental witch? Do you mean Bonnie?" She asked confused and Damon nodded.

"This is going to be all my fault – you'll see. She'll try to kill me for you turning." Damon sighed.

"Why?" She asked confused. It wasn't his fault.

"Because I suggested giving you blood. Elena said no, Bonnie said yes, but I did it anyway." Damon admitted. "And she hates vampires with a passion." Damon pointed out.

"Let's forget about Bonnie and Katherine and whoever..." She said. "What are you going to teach me?" She asked curiously and he smirked.

"Well, that depends if you want to stay in Mystic Falls or not." Damon said honestly.

"I don't follow." She said and he nodded.

"We can stay here and do your training or leave and do your training. It's up to you." Damon shrugged.

"Can we stay?" She asked. "Or at least try to stay?"

"If you want." He nodded.

"Oh, by the way, I burn in the sun. How did you get that ring?" She pointed to his hand as she remembered he told her about it once.

"A witch made it for me." He replied. "But..." He smirked. "I have a little collection of them if you want to pick something." He grinned when her face lit up.

"They aren't all huge like that are they?" She cocked her eyebrow and he laughed.

"It's not just rings." He nodded. "I have two necklaces, one bracelet and the rest are rings." He said.

"How do you have so many?" She asked curiously.

"I dated a witch once. She knew I liked to make vampires so she made me an arsenal of them for me one year for my birthday." Damon chuckled.

"Thank you." Caroline said sincerely.

"You're welcome, Blondie." He smirked. "Now, about your diet. Stefan is going to try to pressure you to do the animal blood diet." Damon said. "I will leave that decision up to you though, even if I don't approve." Damon added.

"Can you tell me the pros and cons of both?" She asked and he nodded.

"I will attempt to be objective." He said sceptically. "Human blood keeps you strong, enables your compulsion to work better, it'll help with your control when you're around humans, but the downside, I suppose, is the moral issue. I don't see the big deal, to be honest, because you would be drinking out of stolen blood bags so it's not like you're killing anyone for it. Animal blood keeps you away from the whole morality thing, unless you actually like animals, I guess. Most of the animals Stefan feeds from are rabbits, birds, fox and deer. But because it doesn't do too much for us, he has to drink much more animal blood than he would human blood so he has to kill the animals every time. Surviving on animal blood keeps you week, slow, it makes healing when you're hurt take longer, compulsion barely works and if it does, it's easily worn away. But the most important thing about the animal blood diet is that it does nothing for your control. If Stefan has one mouthful of human blood, because he's been on the animal blood diet for so long, he turns into like a ravenous vampire. Stefan used to be what's known as a ripper. Body after body piled up behind him." Damon explained.

"Would I ever have to feed from a human if I chose the human option?" She asked as she thought over everything he said.

"Yes." Damon nodded. "But I would be there and make sure you didn't kill the person. You would only take a little because every vampire should know how to bite properly, know when to stop if they want to. Just because you're a vampire, doesn't mean you have to make feeding painful for the human." Damon replied and Caroline nodded.

"Can I be honest?" She asked.

"Now is the time to be honest." Damon nodded.

"I think Stefan is being really irresponsible by sticking to animal blood. If he ever has that taste, he could be a major liability to everyone around him." She said and Damon blinked in surprise. He never expected that response.

"So you're choosing human blood?" He asked her surprised.

"Of course." She nodded. "I don't want to kill anyone though, Damon. Will you promise me that you won't let me kill anyone if you're showing me how to feed?" She asked softly.

"I promise." He agreed. "Are you hungry?" He asked her.

"Not really." She shrugged and he cocked an eyebrow at her. "I ate a nurse before I found you." She said and Damon burst out laughing at her choice of words.

"Did you kill her?" Damon asked and Caroline shook her head.

"No, I did that mind thing. I remembered it from when you did it to me." Caroline said and Damon winced. Caroline noticed Damon's wince and that surprised her.

"Since we're obviously going to be around each other a lot, I should really tell you that... I'm sorry for what I did to you. It was wrong." He said sincerely.

"Why did you?" She asked.

"I didn't have my emotions on then... There's no sense of right or wrong. No guilt. No pain." He said. "Don't turn it off." He said to her sharply. "You'll regret it if you do." He warned.

"I won't." She nodded.

"So, you'll need to find an excuse to tell your mother why you're moving in here." Damon said as he thought about it.

"Why do I need to move in here?" She asked surprised.

"You don't want to chomp on your mother, believe me." Damon said to her. Caroline shuddered at the thought.

"Okay, I'll think of something." She nodded.

"Caroline, if this is going to work... You're going to have to listen to me and do as I say when it's important." He said. "A lot of vampires who don't get the proper training die or become rampant." He warned.

"I'll listen to you." She nodded. "I forgot how nice you can be when you want to be." She smiled softly and Damon chuckled.

"Just don't spread it around. I have a reputation you know." Damon pointed out and she laughed. "Right, well, if you're going to be living here I should really show you around this dump." Damon sighed. "C'mon." He nodded his head then stood up. He showed her the basement where the blood was kept and told her how much he wanted her to start off drinking. He would be there with her when she drank for the first few days so that she forced her control. He showed her the rooms around the lower floor then took her up to his room.

"Wow, your room is really nice." She smiled as she scanned it. She watched Damon walk over to a painting then slide it over to reveal a safe.

"Thanks. Don't tell anyone about this." Damon pointed to the safe.

"You can trust me." She said and he was shocked that he actually believed her. He tapped in his code then opened it and retrieved a box and walked over to his bed and put it down. He gestured for her to come over so she plopped herself down on his bed across from him then he opened the box.

"Pick whichever one you want." He said to her and she looked over the beautiful jewellery. "Actually, pick two so you have a back up just in case." He said as he thought it over.

"I really like the bracelet." She said then he picked it up and fastened it on her wrist.

"Bracelets get torn off easily though, so you should take a ring too." Damon said to her and she nodded. She looked over the rings and chose a delicate one and tried it on.

"Thank you for this." She smiled. "I'm glad I can still go out in the sunlight." She grinned and he chuckled.

"I can't imagine having to be stuck indoors all day." He agreed. "So, there are a few more things I should tell you now that you know where the blood is and you have the sunlight situation sorted. If I tell you things that are 'vampire business' you can't repeat them." Damon said and she nodded in understanding. "Since you've decided to live on human blood, obviously I'm going to teach you to fresh feed. That's vampire business." He said.

"Got it." She replied.

"Stefan's room is the only room upstairs but you can pick any of the rooms on this floor to be your bedroom. The one next door to mine is the next biggest one." He pointed through the wall. "There's a bathroom in there too." He explained. "But have a look around and you can decide for yourself. You're going to be here for a while so you can decorate it if you want to and make it your room." He said and she grinned at him.

"Really?" She exclaimed and he chuckled.

"Yes, but don't make it pink..." He smirked and she laughed.

"I'll stick with baby blue." She grinned and he laughed.

"You do that." He nodded.

"Can we go over to my house and get some stuff?" She asked.

"You'll have to tell me where it is and I can get it for you. You haven't been invited in." He explained and she grimaced.

"Yeah, okay." She said. "Do you mind?" She asked him sincerely and he found the more he spoke to her, the more at ease he was with her and she was kind of sweet...

"No, let's go now then and get you settled in." Damon nodded. "We can drive over so you can take anything you want to."

"What should I tell my mom?" She asked and Damon shrugged.

"You're eighteen. Legally free to go." Damon pointed out.

"Good point." Caroline nodded.

"She might be okay with you being here. I hunt vampires for her so she likes me." Damon smirked and Caroline laughed. "I'll tell her that I'll keep an eye on you so it should be okay."

Damon drove her over to her mother's house and was thankful that the Sheriff still wasn't home. Damon jumped her up to the window sill so she could watch what he was doing then he climbed in. She took all of her clothes, jewellery, bed linen, a couple of knick knacks and about half an hour later they were done. Her room looked really bare as she hadn't left much. They went back to the car and Damon stuffed her things in then drove them back to the house. Caroline called her mother and told her she was moving into the boarding house and Liz had been fine with it. She spoke to Damon and he assured Liz that he'd make sure she was okay. Caroline did end up choosing the room right next to his and Damon carried her stuff there. He kept being surprised at just how good company she was. He couldn't actually remember why she'd annoyed him so much when they were 'dating'. Damon was lying on her bed while she unpacked her things, staring at the ceiling.

"Stefan is going to be pissed." Damon muttered. He really wasn't looking forward to Stefan coming home – no doubt with Elena in tow.

"Because I'm a vampire?" Caroline asked. "Or because I'm living here?"

"Door number one." Damon replied.

"It's not your fault. It's Katherine and Bonnie's fault." Caroline shrugged. "I'm just really glad that I don't have to go through it alone like you did." She said. "I'm kind of excited about it actually." She confessed and Damon quirked an eyebrow.

"You're alright with being a vampire?" He asked her sceptically.

"Well, I never wanted kids anyway, you can teach me how to fight and I'll be strong and... worth something." She said as she folded a shirt.

"Why would you think you aren't worth something?" Damon asked confused.

"I've always been the second choice." She said softly and Damon's jaw dropped. "Bonnie's second best friend, Elena's second best friend, Matt's second choice, My parent's second choice and as an only child that stings." She muttered.

"I know the feeling." Damon said softly back and she turned to look at him.

"But how is that possible?" She asked confused. "Who are you second to?"

"Stefan." Damon replied.

"But why? You're a lot hotter than him." She pointed out and he laughed.

"I know." Damon smirked. "But he's the sappy, white knight, the good boy. He probably writes sonnets and serenades Elena." Damon quipped and Caroline laughed.

"I'd pick a hot bad boy over a sappy worry wart any day." She winked at him and he gave her a genuine smile.

"You might actually be fun to have around for eternity." He pointed out and she smiled back at him.

"So you're always going to be this nice to me now?" She asked amused and he laughed.

"Let's not push it, Barbie." He said teasing her but there was no malice in his words and she knew that was most likely as close as it would get for him to say he would be nice to her.

"I'm going to take the GED." She said to him changing the subject.

"Why?" He asked curiously.

"Answer me this, am I realistically ever going to need a full high school diploma?" She asked him and he laughed.

"Nope." He smirked. "If you want to go to college later you can just compel your spot." He shrugged. "Or if you really feel like going to high school again like Stefan, you can do that too." Damon said. "He must have about 20 high school diplomas." Damon muttered.

"Do you have any?" She asked curiously.

"From when I was human. I look a little old to be in high school." He smirked and she laughed.

"Did you go to college?" She asked.

"A couple of times." Damon nodded. "The world is your oyster, Blondie. Now, you can do whatever the hell you want." He grinned at her and she smiled widely at the possibilities.

"Then I'll just drop out of school." She replied. "You'll look out for me for a while, right?" She asked a little worried.

"I will." He nodded. "I don't think you should drop out yet, but that's up to you." He said then sighed.

"What's wrong?" She asked at his change of demeanour from playful and relaxed to agitated and prepared for a fight.

"Stefan's home." Damon muttered. "Elena and Bonnie are with him."

"Is it safe for me to be around them?" She asked sceptically.

"I won't let you do anything." Damon promised. "We don't have to go downstairs you know." Damon pointed out. "You could come into my room and watch a movie if you don't want to see them." He assured her and she smiled at the gesture.

"I should probably tell them that I'm a vampire now." She said quietly.

"Let's go then." Damon replied. The two of them walked out of her room then went downstairs side by side until they got into the living room and Stefan, Elena and Bonnie looked at them with confusion and a little bit of disbelief.

"Hey." Caroline smiled at them all.

"I thought you weren't getting out of the hospital until the morning?" Bonnie asked concerned.

"Katherine killed me." Caroline blurted and they gaped at her.

"No." Bonnie gasped.

"I'm a vampire now." Caroline explained. Damon hadn't said anything yet, he just stood by her side to gage the reactions. Moments later he grabbed his head and groaned then crumpled on the floor. Bonnie stood up from the couch and walked over to him.

"This is all your fault." Bonnie exclaimed. "This ends now." Bonnie said then Caroline pushed her out of the way and knelt by Damon. Bonnie was so shocked at Caroline's actions, her powers had stopped the aneurisms from hurting Damon.

"Are you okay?" Caroline asked Damon as she pulled him up by the hand.

"I can't believe you pushed me!" Bonnie exclaimed.

"I can't believe you're blaming Damon for something that was mostly your fault!" Caroline yelled back at her and Bonnie's eyes widened.

"How the hell is it my fault?" Bonnie asked in disbelief.

"Damon gave me blood after my accident, you foolishly told Katherine he did that thinking she was Elena then you didn't even bother to have me watched in case she came after me!" Caroline said and Bonnie gasped at the realisation.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry, Caroline." Bonnie covered her mouth with her hand.

"Everyone just calm down." Damon said and Stefan looked at him surprised.

"It'll be okay, Caroline." Stefan said soothingly. "I'll help you get on the animal blood diet." He said to her softly and she shook her head.

"No thanks." Caroline said and Stefan gaped at her. "Damon's my sire, he'll train me." She said. Damon felt really proud that she stood up for him like that but he still just watched everyone's reactions.

"But Caroline, Damon will force human blood on you." Stefan said to her trying to change her mind.

"Actually, Stefan, you're wrong. Damon gave me the choice, either human or animal and I chose human blood." She said to him and Stefan, Bonnie and Elena gasped in shock.

"Why?" Stefan asked shocked.

"Because I refuse to be weak anymore." Caroline said straight into his eyes.

"What have you done to her?" Elena asked Damon disgusted.

"Don't you dare ask him that." Caroline pointed to Elena as she said it. "Damon's been helping me all night while you three were off having a great time. He got me a sun ring, helped me move my stuff over and he's going to make sure I don't kill anyone. He even spoke to my mom. So keep your judgements to yourself." She snapped and Damon couldn't help grinning at her at that moment.

"How did you get her a sun ring?" Bonnie asked confused.

"That's between my progeny and I." Damon replied curtly enjoying the glare of pure hatred she sent his way. "Oh, Barbie moved in, Stefan. Just so you know." Damon smirked.

"Caroline." Stefan sighed. "I really must insist that you let me train you." He said and Damon rolled his eyes but before he could reply, Caroline did.

"What can you teach me, Stefan?" She asked him.

"What?" He asked confused.

"Well, you obviously want me to choose you over Damon to learn from, so tell me why I should." She said candidly. "Can you teach me human blood?" He asked her and Stefan glared at Damon. Damon was tempted to hug Caroline for everything she said but he refrained. Couldn't have people thinking he was going soft.

"Well, no. But the animal blood diet..." Stefan started before Caroline put a hand up asking him to stop.

"The animal blood diet makes you a liability. I want to be in control. I don't want to kill anyone. And I definitely don't want to kill bunnies." She said and Damon chuckled a little.

"What have you been telling her?" Stefan asked in disbelief.

"The truth." Damon looked into Stefan's eyes and Stefan glared at him. "Don't worry, she knows that it's vampire business. Elena won't find out." Damon said to him just to be a dick.

"I won't find out what?" Elena asked confused.

"Can I take you up on that movie now?" Caroline asked Damon. "This is getting really tedious." She sighed and he laughed.

"Go on up. I'll get dinner." He winked at her and she giggled then sped up the stairs. Damon was grinning like an idiot after she left. This was working out perfectly. He'd considered turning someone to be a vampire companion for him for years and she seemed to just fit the bill. He swaggered out of the room and down to the basement and grabbed two blood bags then went back upstairs. Before he could reach the stairs, Stefan had him pinned to the wall and Damon laughed. He was in such a good mood because of the young blonde vampire that he couldn't even muster up any hatred for Stefan. Damon smacked him out of the way and Stefan flew several feet backwards. "Hands off." Damon smirked.

"What have you done to her?" Stefan asked in disbelief.

"I told her the truth. Maybe you should try it some time." Damon said to him amused.

"I'm not going to let you train her." Stefan warned.

"Stefan, Caroline is mine." Damon said to him seriously. "I am her sire, not you. If you want to train a useless rabbit eating vampire, make your own." Damon warned and Stefan was shocked at the protectiveness he saw there. How had that happened?

"I thought you couldn't stand her?" Stefan asked confused and Damon shrugged.

"Things change." Damon replied then went back upstairs to his room. He found Caroline lying under the covers with her pyjamas on, watching a movie. "I found a straw." Damon smirked then handed her a light blue straw and she giggled.

"That's my favourite colour." She smiled and he smirked.

"I know." He replied. He got under the covers next to her and showed her how to drink slowly. She caught on quickly and found himself being proud of her. Half way through the movie she fell asleep and Damon didn't want to wake her up so he let her sleep in his room. He was getting tired too so he soon fell asleep.