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Chapter 10

Damon cracked his eyes open that afternoon and grinned widely when he saw the mop of blonde hair lying on his chest. He missed her terribly when he was gone. He was just realising what a complete dumbass he was. This was usually his favourite part of the day, when he lay in bed with her cuddled into him but that afternoon he couldn't wait for her to wake up so he brushed the hair out of her face gently and she started to stir. She woke up and looked up at him and smiled and he felt like the sun was finally shining.

"You never wake me up." She said confused.

"I couldn't wait today." He replied and she giggled then crawled up him to kiss him. Damon relished her kiss and he noticed she still gave him butterflies.

"So why couldn't you wait?" She asked with a smile as she hovered about two inches above his face.

"Because I love you and I missed talking to you." He replied and she kissed him.

"Do you want to talk about it?" She asked softly and he nodded.

"I freaked out because I thought you would be wasting your life if you married me. It wasn't about me not being ready or not wanting to marry you, because I am completely ready. I did think about leaving you so you could find happiness with someone that deserved you though." He replied softly and she sighed.

"Why would you ever think that you don't deserve me?" She asked as she cupped his cheek.

"I know we never talk about it but I have hurt you before." Damon said and she nodded.

"You have but I don't even see that as you. I don't ever think about it. You make me so happy, Damon. You're who I want in my life. I love you and I trust you. And in case you're wondering... I am never afraid of you. Ever. I don't believe for a second that you'd ever hurt me." She said with conviction.

"I want you to answer something for me." Damon said and she nodded. "If I had left you for real, what would you have done?" He asked. "What would you have done with your future?"

"You want to hear what I should say or what I would actually do?" She asked.

"What should you say?" He asked curiously.

"I should say that I would hate you forever and get an even hotter boyfriend." She smirked and he laughed.

"What would you actually do?" He asked.

"I would have gone to Niagara Falls and dragged you back by the ear." She said and he laughed.

"You really want me?" He asked softly.

"You're my whole world, Damon." She whispered. "Why would you ever think that I could live without you?" Damon felt himself get emotional when she said that and he blinked his eyes to stop tears from forming but one slipped out and Caroline brushed it away. "The reason I took so long to say yes to you was because I couldn't believe that my dream was coming true. I couldn't believe you wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with you. I couldn't contemplate being with someone else." She confessed.

"Neither could I." He replied shakily.

"You might be lethal and brutal and an ass and at times you can be heartless... but in here..." She tapped his chest where his heart was. "In here, you are sweet and fun and kind and you're the one for me." She said then kissed him softly. "And if you try and ditch me for my own good again, I will literally hunt you down and kick your ass." She warned and he laughed then rolled her over so he was pinning her down on the bed.

"I won't leave you again." Damon said softly.

"Good." She replied with a smile.

"Well, except when Stefan and Elle get married and you go all bridezilla again." He said and she laughed loudly. "Then both Stefan and I are taking off." Damon smirked and she grinned at him.

"Good, you boys just get in the way of the planning anyway." She said and he laughed. "What on earth were you doing in Canada?" She asked and he chuckled.

"I have no idea. I just got it into my head that I wanted to go to Niagara Falls. It's really beautiful there at night." He said.

"What did you do while you were there?" She asked cocking an eyebrow and he smirked.

"What are you really asking me Mrs Almost-Salvatore?" He asked her and she laughed.

"Were you... alone... the whole time?" She asked and he laughed.

"No, I had three gang bangs." He smirked at her and she playfully smacked his chest.

"You better be kidding." She warned teasingly and he smiled.

"You're the only one for me. Your trust is intact." He nodded. "It's so pathetic actually... I don't even feed on women anymore." He rolled his eyes and she laughed.

"I don't care if you feed on women." She replied.

"You know... it's been quite a while..." He cocked an eyebrow and she laughed.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" She asked him and he smirked.

"Could you be persuaded?" He asked and she smiled.

"Give it your best shot." She winked and he crashed his lips to hers. His hands were up her top seconds later as she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him. She rolled him over so she was straddling him and pulled her top over her head and unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor then unbuttoned Damon's jeans and pulled them and his boxers off then he flipped them again and got her jeans off then her underwear.

"God, you're sexy." He said as he nibbled on her neck and she smiled and rubbed his back then scratched lightly with her nails and he groaned. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he entered her and she moaned against his ear earning a shiver from him.

"I want to bite you." She said and he looked up at her surprised. They never did that unless their emotions were off.

"Then bite me." He replied and she grinned and he lay down so they were chest to chest as he kept pounding into her then he bent his head to the side and he felt her bite into him then he groaned. She climaxed quickly while she fed and Damon wasn't far behind then he slumped on top of her. After a few moments, he rolled to the side and she hugged into him.

"God, how much did you drink this week?" She asked in disbelief and he chuckled. She could taste it in his blood.

"I lost track after like the 20th bottle." He smirked as he played with the ends of her hair.

"Why didn't you bite me back?" She asked curiously and he shrugged.

"Didn't feel like it." He replied but she could tell he was lying.

"You can bite me back whenever you want, Damon. It doesn't bring up bad memories or anything." She said and he smirked.

"I hate that you can read my mind, you know." He replied and she giggled.

"I can't actually read your mind; we just know each other well." She said then kissed him softly.

"Fine, I'll chomp on you back next time you do it." He smirked and she giggled.

"You do that." She said.

Caroline's father Tom arrived in Mystic Falls on the Monday night before the wedding as Damon and Caroline were having him and Liz over for dinner on the Tuesday evening and he was staying with Liz for the rest of the week. Elena and Stefan were going out to give them some privacy and Damon was cooking. Caroline had her hair pinned up and she was wearing black slacks and a grey silk sleeveless v neck blouse and red heels. Damon was wearing black men's slacks with a dark green button up shirt that Caroline had bought him. She was of the opinion that just because he liked and suited dark colours... didn't mean that he had to only have black clothes. He'd complained about it until he tried the shirt on and realised it actually really suited him so he wore it for her.

"Are you nervous?" Damon asked her amused as she set the table for a second time.

"A little." She nodded.

"Why?" Damon asked.

"I'm having dinner with my divorced parents and my crazy vampire fiancé, why do you think?" She asked and he chuckled.

"That's the first time I've heard you call me your fiancé." Damon pointed out.

"That's because we've been engaged for like three weeks." She muttered.

"Don't be nervous, I'll behave." Damon smirked.

"I'm not worried about that." She sighed.

"Then what are you worried about?" He asked her as he put his arms around her waist.

"I don't know." She said.

"It'll be fine. We'll eat, we'll talk and then when they're gone... we'll have sex on the table." He smirked and she laughed.

"We haven't had sex on the table yet." She giggled.

"Well we're going to have to change that." Damon said teasingly and she smiled and kissed him.

"Crap! They're here!" She pulled away when she heard the car.

"Wait until they knock, buttercup." He mumbled then kissed her again. Moments later the knock came. "I'll finish up in the kitchen if you want to go get them." He said and she nodded then hurried away from him and he chuckled and went into the kitchen. Caroline walked quickly to the door and opened it.

"Hey, come on in." She grinned then hugged her dad.

"You look beautiful, honey." Her dad said then she hugged her mom.

"Thanks." She smiled. "I'm glad you both could come." She said then ushered them in the door and closed it behind them.

"Where's Damon?" Liz asked curiously.

"He's in the kitchen finishing up the food." She replied and Liz laughed.

"Damon cooks?" Liz asked amused and Caroline giggled.

"Good thing too or we'd be having toast." Caroline smiled. "I can't cook to save myself." She said as they walked into the dining room.

"Evening." Damon smirked as he walked in. "What do you want to drink?" He asked them.

"Hey, Damon. What do you have?" Tom asked.

"Wine, beer, whiskey, gin, rum, tequila, soda, fruit juice, water..." Damon trailed off. "I also got some champagne if you'd like a glass before dinner." He said.

"I'll have champagne, please." Liz smiled.

"Me too." Tom grinned.

"Buttercup?" Damon asked and Caroline glanced at her mother.

"Caroline, you're going to be a married woman by the end of the week; I can hardly tell you that you can't have a glass of champagne." Liz laughed.

"Okay, I'll have champagne too." Caroline smiled and Damon nodded then disappeared into the kitchen and Caroline and her parents sat down at the table. Liz and Tom were on one side and Caroline sat across from her father leaving the seat across from her mother for Damon. They heard a pop and a 'dammit' and laughed. Damon came out a minute later with a three quarters full bottle of champagne and four glasses. "Everything okay?" Caroline asked him concerned.

"I guess when Stefan joked that he was going to shake the bottle, he really did." Damon muttered and they laughed as he set the glasses down then filled them and sat down next to Caroline.

"You didn't get it on your shirt, did you?" Caroline asked as she surveyed his shirt with her hand and he chuckled and pushed her hand away gently.

"No, dear." He said and Tom and Liz laughed. "It's like we're married already." Damon teased.

"Are either of you getting nervous?" Tom asked. Neither of them knew that Damon had taken off for nearly a week.

"Nope." Damon shook his head and Caroline smiled at him.

"Me neither." She said.

"What are your plans for after?" Liz asked.

"We're going to Europe for four weeks then coming back here for a couple of weeks then moving to California to go to college." Caroline said.

"I can't believe you're really moving away." Liz said sadly.

"We'll come back and visit and you can come visit us." Damon said to her. "And you can always call me to come back if there's council business." Damon said to Liz who glanced at Caroline. "I don't keep anything from her." Damon said and Liz looked surprised.

"She knows?" Liz asked.

"About vampires?" Caroline asked and Liz looked surprised while Tom just looked amused.

"How long have you known?" She asked.

"Three or four months?" Caroline asked Damon and he smirked as that's how long she'd been a vampire.

"And it doesn't freak you out?" Liz asked surprised and Caroline giggled.

"No, it doesn't. The werewolves freak me out though." She replied and Damon chuckled.

"Me too." Liz nodded. "You never told me what you did about the werewolf from a few months back." She said and Caroline wanted to laugh. Damon made friends with him.

"I found him and told him to get out of town." Damon replied. "They're human the other nights of the month. It's not like I could kill him." Damon said.

"Who was it?" Liz asked surprised.

"He agreed to leave and never come back on the condition I didn't tell the council who he was." Damon lied.

"Fair enough." Liz nodded then her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "Wait – you told her everything?" She asked Damon and he knew what she meant.

"Yes, she knows about Elena." Damon nodded.

"Can we not talk about the council anymore?" Caroline asked and both Damon and Liz nodded.

"So what about Stefan and Noelle? Are they going to California too?" Liz asked.

"Yes, they're going to college there too and they'll live with us for a while." Damon said.

"Where in California?" Tom asked.

"L.A." Caroline grinned.

"Have you thought about where you'll live?" Liz asked curiously.

"Caroline wants a beach house so we'll buy one when we get there." Damon said.

"Do you want a beach house?" Tom asked amused and Damon laughed.

"As long as she's there, I couldn't care less." Damon smirked and they laughed.

"Well, it doesn't have to be right by the beach but a pool is a must." She grinned at Damon and he chuckled.

"I know, you've told me like ten times." Damon said and Tom and Liz laughed.

"Just in case you forgot." She smirked at him and he chuckled.

"How many bedrooms do you think we need to get?" Damon asked her curiously.

"Well, one each plus a guest room, so five." She said.

"What do we need a guest room for?" Damon asked her confused.

"Visitors." She said like he was stupid.

"Why can't your mother or father sleep in your room when they visit then?" Damon asked confused.

"Well, it might not be just them that visit." She pointed out.

"Who else is going to visit?" He asked.

"Well what if Olivia and Pete want to visit?" Caroline asked him and his jaw dropped.

"You have got to be kidding me, right?" Damon asked her and Tom chuckled.

"Damon." Her eyes widened.

"No offense, Tom, but Olivia isn't visiting. No way." Damon shook his head.

"Why don't you like Olivia?" Liz asked confused.

"Oh, no." Caroline closed her eyes waiting for his rant but Damon took a deep breath.

"We didn't... get along." Damon said diplomatically and Tom laughed.

"Damon, you've already told me what you think so you can tell Liz." Tom said amused.

"You did?" Caroline asked him in disbelief.

"What? Tom's cool." Damon shrugged.

"And, to be honest, I can't really stand her either." Tom said and Damon laughed while Liz and Caroline looked shocked. "Lizzie, Olivia was hitting on Damon at the wedding." Tom said and Liz's jaw dropped.

"On her wedding day she was hitting on Damon?" Liz asked and both Damon and Caroline nodded. "While Caroline was there?"

"That's how Damon and I ended up at a bar together. We both ditched the wedding to avoid her." Tom smirked and she laughed.

"I can see why you wouldn't want her to visit." Liz said.

"That didn't bother me as much as her lack of personality." Damon replied and Caroline covered her face with her hands. "Sorry, I'll stop." Damon took her hand.

"Fine, Olivia doesn't have to visit. But what about Ric, Mason and Bonnie?" Caroline said to him.

"First of all, Bonnie hates me with a passion, there's no way she would stay in the same house as me. Second, I doubt the other two will visit." Damon smirked.

"Why is Bonnie coming to the wedding now?" Liz asked annoyed as she was still angry with her for what she said about Caroline.

"They were friends for a long time. Just because she hates me doesn't mean she shouldn't be at Caroline's wedding so I asked her to come." Damon shrugged and Liz thought it was nice that he could set his personal differences with her aside for Caroline.

"So you still don't like her, Damon?" Liz asked curiously and Damon chuckled.

"I'm never going to like Bonnie, but its fine. We have an unspoken agreement that we just avoid each other at all costs." Damon said.

"Damon's tried being nice to her but she won't budge." Caroline sighed. "She's decided that she isn't coming up to the lodge the night before with us. She's driving up for the ceremony then isn't staying for lunch." She said sadly and Damon narrowed his eyes.

"She's what?" Damon asked furiously. "So you bought her a dress for $400 and she isn't even bothering..." Damon trailed off. "Excuse me." Damon said then bolted into the kitchen and Caroline sighed.

"$400?" Liz asked in disbelief.

"Technically Damon bought it." Caroline muttered then Damon came back through.

"How could she do that to you?" Damon asked in disbelief while trying not to raise his voice but failed. "She can't even be social enough to have the girls' night with you then stay for the lunch?" He was outraged. "Why didn't you tell me this before?" Damon asked her.

"Because I knew you'd be mad." Caroline said.

"With good reason." Tom replied.

"I'm not even going to be there the night before. What the hell is her excuse for that?" Damon asked annoyed.

"The same as always." Caroline said and Damon understood that Bonnie didn't want to spend the night with a vampire around. Damon closed his eyes and took a deep breath so his vampire face wouldn't come through and Caroline was surprised he had to concentrate on that. He must be livid.

"Stupid judgemental little witch." Damon muttered.

"Witch?" Liz asked confused.

"Yes, she's a witch. She practices magic." Damon replied and Caroline's eyes widened that he would tell her mother that. He must be furious. "So, I'm going to go get the food while I calm down." Damon muttered then went into the kitchen.

"That's just rude of her." Tom said and Caroline nodded.

"I've never seen Damon so mad." Liz said in a whisper to Caroline. She obviously didn't know that Damon would hear her anyway.

"He's just really protective of me, especially when it comes to Bonnie." Caroline nodded.

"I can't really blame him." Tom said.

"Caroline, I think you should tell Bonnie not to bother coming. That is just plain spiteful of her." Liz said.

"I think I better or Damon will probably lose his temper with her again." Caroline said sadly.

"Caroline, I'm about to lose my temper with her. Damon tried to make peace with her obviously by asking her to go and this is like a kick in the teeth." Liz said and Tom nodded. Just then Damon came out with a large square dish with homemade lasagne in it and set it on the centre of the table then disappeared back into the kitchen and got a serving knife and a bowl of garlic bread then sat down.

"Hope you like lasagne." Damon tried to smile but it was very obvious that he was fighting to keep his temper in check.

"Damon, I'll tell her not to come." Caroline said softly and he shook his head.

"If you want her to come, I'll bite my tongue and won't say anything to her. I just don't think you deserve that from her. You've been nothing but a friend to her and she's just been a first rate ass." Damon said.

"I can't believe you would still try to make peace with her." Liz said surprised.

"I'm not going to ruin Caroline's wedding day just because I want to throttle her friend. If she goes then she goes, if not then it's not like I'll miss her." Damon shrugged.

"You're right, Damon. I don't deserve that from her. I don't want her to come anymore." Caroline said.

"Just think about it, okay? I'll stop being angry." He said to her a little more softly and she smiled. Liz and Tom saw then that Damon would do anything for Caroline and they glanced at each other and smiled.

"No, you know what? I'm happy with you and if she can't be happy for us then she's not coming to our wedding." Caroline said.

"Okay." Damon nodded. The four of them dug into the lasagne and garlic bread then and even Damon had to admit to himself that his lasagne was good. They all praised him for it and he was out of his bad moon soon after falling into it. When they were finished Damon cleared the plates then went to get dessert prepared. Caroline stood up from the table and walked over to the side table to refill the champagne when she was pushed against the wall and was staring into the face of an unknown vampire.

"I'll kill your parents quicker than you could react if you make a noise." He whispered to her. Liz and Tom sat wide eyed with their jaws dropped at the sight of the vampire holding their daughter against the wall by the throat. The vampire turned to them and put a finger to his lips telling them to shut up. Caroline wanted so badly to kick this vampire's ass but to do so would reveal her to her mother and she wasn't sure she could take this vampire out and protect her parents at the same time so she stood still and watched. Damon sauntered out to the table with the chocolate cake he'd made and put it on the table then looked up and saw Liz and Tom looking terrified. He snapped his head to the side and saw Caroline being held to the wall by the throat by Lexi's boyfriend. He couldn't understand why Caroline was just standing there letting him hold her there when she could easily despatch him as Damon remembered that he couldn't have been a vampire for more than ten years. Damon cocked his head to the side then surprised everyone by laughing. It wasn't a humoured laugh though, it was kind of a psycho laugh and Liz looked at him in disbelief.

"Are you suicidal or just that stupid?" Damon asked him amused.

"You killed Lexi." He replied and Damon rolled his eyes.

"We've been over this before. She was vampire scum just like you." Damon replied. "Where's your baseball bat?" Damon asked him amused.

"You know this guy?" Liz asked in disbelief.

"We've met." Damon replied never taking his eyes off him.

"How can you call her vampire scum?" He asked in disbelief.

"That's what she was, dude." Damon replied.

"So what does that make you then?" He asked angrily and Liz turned to look at Damon in shock and Damon sighed.

"You couldn't have done this any other night?" Damon asked him annoyed.

"I hear you're getting married, Damon. You killed Lexi and I thought I'd return the favour." He said and Liz and Tom watched Damon's face turn to pure darkness at the threat and his true face came out. Liz couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"You think you can come into my house and threaten my future wife and leave with your head still attached?" Damon asked him darkly.

"I could kill her before you could even get to me." He scoffed and Damon smirked.

"Buttercup, why are you still allowing this loser to hold you to the wall?" Damon asked amused and Caroline saw that her mother had seen Damon's face and thought 'fuck it'.

"Good question, sweetie." She replied then faster than the other vampire could register, Caroline swung her fist into his arm the way she had to Damon when he started teaching her and she heard the vampire's elbow shatter and he screamed out in pain then she kneed him in the balls and he buckled over then she reached up and snapped his neck and he fell to the floor. She stepped over him then ran to Damon and he hugged her.

"Are you alright?" Damon asked her as his face reverted back.

"Fine." She smiled.

"Good, you watch your parents in case he brought any friends while I get rid of him." Damon said and she nodded then Damon walked over to the vampire and dragged him out of the room by the leg.

"Nice move, honey." Tom smiled at Caroline and Liz snapped her neck to Tom.

"What the hell is going on and why does everyone but me know?" She yelled.

"I'll explain when Damon gets back." Caroline said. Damon returned moments later. "What did you do with him?" She asked.

"Vervained him and stuck him in the cell. I need to find out if he has anymore vampires with him before I kill him." Damon said to her and she nodded. "So, Liz... There's probably something you should know." Damon said awkwardly.

"That you're a vampire!" She yelled and he winced.

"Well... yes." He nodded then he and Caroline sat down.

"Just take a deep breath, Lizzie." Tom said to her.

"You knew?" She asked in disbelief and he nodded. "How could nobody tell me this?" She asked and was obviously hurt.

"I'm sorry, mom. I thought you would hate me." Caroline said sadly.

"How did you become a vampire?" Liz asked her in shock.

"Vampire blood heals humans and when she was in the car accident I gave her some of my blood to heal her and it worked. She was better and was going to be fine then a vampire called Katherine found out I'd done that and killed her. Because she had vampire blood in her system, she came back as a vampire." Damon replied.

"That's when you moved in here." Liz said as it all fell into place and Caroline nodded.

"I didn't want to hurt anyone and Damon said he'd make sure I didn't, so I moved in here." Caroline said.

"You've never hurt anyone?" Liz asked her surprised.

"No." Caroline shook her head.

"What really happened with Elena?" Liz asked Damon and he sighed.

"Can we tell her?" Caroline asked Damon sceptically.

"I don't think we have a choice." Damon said. "What I'm about to tell you, can never be repeated because all of our lives hang in the balance." He said and Liz nodded. He explained all about the curse, Katherine and how they used her to fake Elena's death to keep Klaus away from Mystic Falls.

"Noelle is Elena?" Liz asked in disbelief and Damon and Caroline nodded.

"If Klaus ever broke the curse, it would be catastrophic." Damon said. "The only choices we had were fake her death, go on the run or kill her and the first was just the most sensible option. I'm sorry that we had to lie to you, Liz. But this is bigger than just us. This is a worldwide curse put on vampires that can never be broken." Damon said seriously.

"How do you go out in the sunshine then?" Liz asked and Damon pointed to his ring while Caroline pointed to her bracelet.

"They're spelled." Damon explained.

"How long have you been a vampire?" Liz asked.

"147 years." Damon replied and Liz nearly fell over.

"What?" She asked in disbelief.

"I know it's a lot, Liz but I would never hurt you and neither would Caroline." Damon promised.

"Caroline, I want to see your face change." Liz said and Caroline looked at Damon unsure of what to do.

"Show her. You don't look like a monster, buttercup." Damon said to her softly. Caroline allowed her face to change and Liz blinked in surprise then Caroline turned back.

"I'm going to need something stronger than champagne." Liz said and Damon chuckled.

"What do you want?" He smiled at her.

"Gin." She replied and he nodded.

"Tom?" Damon asked.

"I'll have what you're having." Tom said and Damon smirked then left the room and returned with a large gin, two bourbons and a cosmopolitan for Caroline. Liz took a big gulp then sighed.

"So how does everyone else fit into this?" Liz asked.

"Stefan really is my brother and we turned at the same time. Alaric is a vampire hunter. Bonnie is a witch. Jeremy just knows about us all." Damon said.

"And Mason?" Liz asked curiously as she knew Damon spent a lot of time with Mason.

"Mason's human." Damon said and she cocked an eyebrow.

"He's the werewolf, isn't he?" She asked and Damon sighed.

"Ask Mason." Damon said and Liz took that as confirmation.

"How can you be alright with him killing those two people?" She asked confused.

"Liz, Mason has no control over himself when he changes. He doesn't even remember what happens once he's a wolf. Every month he locks himself up then chains himself down so that he can't get out. That time, something happened and he couldn't get locked up in time. He promised it would never happen again and it's never happened before either. It's not like he purposely did anything to hurt anyone because he wouldn't do that." Damon said.

"Do you kill people?" Liz asked unsurely.

"I have in the past but not anymore. Do you remember that day I came over to your house and we talked and I told you about the emotion switch?" Damon asked her and she nodded. "I only killed when that was off and it'll never be off again."

"I told you I was nervous about tonight for a reason." Caroline muttered to Damon.

"Don't worry, honey." Tom took Caroline's hand and squeezed lightly. "Everything will be okay." He said to her.

"I can't believe you knew that our daughter is a vampire and you didn't tell me." Liz said to Tom. "How did this Katherine vampire find out that you had vampire blood in your body?" Liz asked.

"The judgy witch." Damon said. "Then she tried to kill me for it."

"How could she blame you for that when you were trying to help?" Liz asked.

"Because she's Bonnie." Caroline muttered.

"What did you mean that your blood heals humans?" Liz asked.

"Can I have one of your daggers?" Damon asked Caroline and she fished one out and handed it over. "Watch." Damon said to Liz then he cut his arm with it. Liz watched in disbelief as the gash healed seconds later. "Our blood does that to humans too. Caroline was going to die from that car accident. I overheard the doctors saying that, so it was necessary." Damon said.

"I'm so glad that you did that." Tom said to Damon. "I can't even imagine the alternative." He shook his head.

"Neither can I." Damon said honestly.

"Why do you have daggers on you?" Liz asked Caroline.

"Damon taught me how to protect myself and because I'm so new I need all the extra help I can get." She shrugged.

"Can we have the cake now? It's calling my name." Tom said and Caroline giggled.

"Oh, Daddy. You always were a sucker for chocolate." She smirked then cut a big piece for him and handed it over along with the whipped cream. "Mom?" She asked and Liz nodded. Still trying to process everything. Caroline cut her mother a piece then one each for her and Damon.

"That's amazing." Tom said.

"Damon makes the best chocolate cake ever." Caroline smiled in agreement.

"This is surreal. Sitting eating chocolate cake with two vampires." Liz shook her head and Caroline laughed.

"Don't see it as that. You're sitting eating cake with your daughter and her fiancé." Caroline smiled at her mother.

"Does this mean I won't get to be a grandpa?" Tom asked curiously.

"I'm technically dead, Daddy. I can't have children." Caroline replied. "But maybe you'll still get your chance." She said and Damon's head snapped to look at her.

"Uh... what?" Damon asked her confused and she giggled.

"Maybe we could adopt an orphan or something one day." Caroline smiled at him.

"Can we just concentrate on getting married first before you get that idea too firmly planted in your head?" Damon asked her and they laughed.

"Does it really freak you out?" Caroline asked surprised.

"Well... yeah." Damon nodded. "Don't you think that'd be unfair to the kid?" Damon asked.

"How so?" Liz asked curiously.

"His or her parents never getting any older, having to lie all their lives to their friends and on top of that, the dangers of the supernatural world." Damon pointed out.

"It would be normal to them, Damon." Caroline pointed out.

"Then don't you think it would be unfair to us?" He asked instead.

"I don't understand." She said.

"If you were serious about this and you and I adopted a child, we'd get attached then have to watch them grow old and die. How could we do that?" Damon asked her and Liz gave him a look of pure surprise that he would think of that and obviously be so hurt by the thought.

"It was just a thought, Damon." Caroline said softly. She hadn't thought of that either.

"Just... wait until we've finished college then if you really want to do that, we'll talk about it then." Damon said.

"Okay." She agreed with a smile. At least he wasn't saying no, right?

"Where did this come from anyway? You told me when you turned that you didn't mind because you never wanted kids anyway." Damon said and she nodded.

"I didn't. But I wasn't happily in love and getting married then." She pointed out and he smirked at her.

"That still doesn't explain it." Damon pointed out and she laughed.

"I'll think about an explanation and get back to you." She rolled her eyes and her parents laughed.

"So, Liz? Are you alright?" Damon asked her and she smiled.

"Both of you seem happy and as long as you're not killing anyone, I don't have any problems." Liz said and Caroline grinned at her.

"Thanks, Mom." Caroline smiled and Liz smiled back.

After Liz and Tom left a couple of hours later, Damon went to see Lexi's boyfriend. Damon spent a while grilling him for information then killed him when he deemed him useless. Damon took him out to the woods with Caroline as he wasn't leaving her alone in the house and they set him on fire and watched him burn to ash. When they went back to the house, Stefan and Elena were back.

"So, my future mother in law now knows we're vampires." Damon said casually to Stefan and both he and Elena gasped.

"How?" Elena asked in disbelief.

"Do you remember that vampire that attacked me with a baseball bat?" Damon asked her and she nodded. "Yeah, he showed up tonight to kill Caroline in front of her parents." Damon said.

"Oh my god! Caroline, are you okay?" Elena exclaimed.

"Fine." Caroline nodded.

"Where is he?" Stefan asked.

"Dead." Caroline replied.

"And before you start on me, I'll never let anyone who threatens Caroline live." Damon warned and Stefan nodded.

"I understand." Stefan said. "How did Liz take it?"

"We had to tell her everything." Damon replied.

"She won't tell anyone right?" Elena asked.

"No, she knows that it's not just about our safety but the town's too." Caroline replied.

It was the Thursday before the wedding and Damon was about to be picked up to go out for his bachelor party... and he really didn't want to go. He was sitting in the living room with Caroline, Elena and Stefan.

"I think I should just kidnap you for the night instead." Damon said to Caroline with a smirk and she rolled her eyes.

"Do you know how much of a sap you sound right now? You can't skip your bachelor party to hang out with me." Caroline said amused.

"And why not?" Damon asked her. "I've seen strippers, I've had plenty of alcohol – besides, I can drink with you – and why would I hang out with Ric, Jeremy and Stefan if I didn't have to?" Damon asked and she and Elena laughed while Stefan rolled his eyes.

"Why is it you really don't want to go?" Caroline asked suspiciously.

"I think he's afraid we'll embarrass him like we're supposed to." Stefan smirked.

"I'm stronger than all of you put together, if there's something I don't want to do, there's no way you'll be able to force me." Damon pointed out and Stefan huffed.

"Stop being a spoilsport." Caroline said. "Ric and Mason planned this for you. Go and have fun." She said.

"You're really okay with them seeing strippers?" Elena asked in disbelief.

"Elle, don't be a stick in the mud." Caroline replied making Damon and Stefan laugh. "It's just what guys do. It doesn't mean they don't love us."

"See? This is why I want to stay here with you." Damon replied and Stefan laughed.

"Mason's right, you are whipped." Stefan said amused.

"Who cares?" Damon asked with an eye roll. "Why don't you and Elle come with us?" Damon grinned and Stefan's eyes widened... that so could not happen. Stefan knew the plan.

"Damon, you can't take your wife on your bachelor party." Stefan said.

"Stefan, I can do whatever the hell I want to do." Damon replied. "Besides, she's not my wife yet. If she was, I wouldn't have to go to this stupid thing." He muttered.

"Oh, c'mon, Damon! It'll be fun." Stefan smiled and Damon narrowed his eyes at him.

"What have you got planned, Stefan?" Damon asked suspiciously.

"It's nothing bad, okay?" Stefan said.

"I don't believe you." Damon replied.

"I don't know exactly what the plan is... I just know it's nothing bad." Stefan lied.

"Just bear in mind that someday you'll get married and anything you do to embarrass me, I will do back 100 times worse." Damon warned and Stefan's eyes widened. "I knew it." Damon said amused. "You do have something embarrassing planned." Damon pointed out.

"Have you googled bachelor parties?" Stefan asked amused.

"Unfortunately, yes." Damon replied.

"So, then you know that it's just all a bit of fun." Stefan said.

"I'm not going." Damon said and Caroline giggled.

"Just go, it'll be funny." She smiled.

"Can't you come and make sure they don't do anything?" Damon asked her with a pout and she smiled and kissed him.

"No. You're only doing this once. Try not to kill anyone." She said and he chuckled.

"I'm not going if you're not going." Damon said to her and Stefan rolled his eyes.

"You seriously need your wife to protect you?" Stefan asked amused.

"She could kick your ass, dude." Damon smirked then they heard a car pulling up. "Go tell them I'm not going." Damon instructed and Stefan sighed. He didn't want to do this...

"Fine." Stefan said and Damon smirked then kissed Caroline. Stefan snuck up behind him and stuck a vervain dart in his back.

"I'm going to kill you, Ste..." Damon passed out and Caroline's jaw dropped.

"Stefan! What the hell!" She yelled and Stefan chuckled.

"Don't wait up." Stefan smirked then threw Damon over his shoulder.

"Fine. Don't blame me if he kills you all." Caroline muttered and Elena just looked so shocked.

"I can't believe he did that! To Damon of all people!" Elena said as Stefan waved then carried Damon out to the car.

"You vervained him?" Ric asked wide eyed.

"He was refusing to go." Stefan shrugged.

"How long will he be out for?" Mason asked.

"Half an hour tops." Stefan replied. "I gave him a big dose but Damon's always been really strong."

Damon felt groggy as he started to open his eyes. That's when he realised that he was tied to a stripper pole with his hands above his head... with no pants or shirt on.

"And he's awake!" Jeremy exclaimed and Damon snapped his head up to look at the five men.

"You do know that as soon as you untie me, you will all die." Damon said and they laughed.

"Chill out, Damon." Mason smirked at him. "In 100 years you'll remember this and laugh your ass off."

"Why am I tied to a stripper pole?" Damon asked annoyed.

"You'll see." Stefan grinned.

"If you're seriously going to do this you need to start ploughing me with booze." Damon muttered and Ric laughed then walked up to him with a huge glass of bourbon and a straw. Damon drank it down in one big gulp. "More." He instructed. He looked around and noticed they were in a strip club but they were the only guys there. Though, there were strippers everywhere. Stefan went up to him with a bottle of whiskey and helped Damon drink the whole thing down then music started to blare. It was Nine Inch Nails' song 'Closer'. Damon turned his head to the side and saw a group of four strippers walking towards him – all in cheerleading outfits. The guys started to hoot and holler and cheer and Damon felt his cheeks flush as for the first time in his life he felt truly embarrassed. The girls started dancing all around him and he felt really uncomfortable as they touched his body and he was mortified and furious. "Look at me." He said to the girl closest to him and she did. "Untie me." He compelled her.

"It's not going to work, Damon." Stefan smirked but Damon held her gaze then whispered.

"Do you know where my clothes are?" Damon asked softly as he compelled her and she nodded. "Get my phone, call Caroline, tell her where I am and that it's an emergency and Damon needs her." He said so quietly not even Stefan heard him. The girl took off as soon as he stopped.

Caroline and Elena were sitting watching a movie and eating ice cream when her phone rang.

"Hello?" Caroline answered.

"Is this Caroline?" A girl replied.

"Yes." She answered confused as to why a girl was talking on Damon's phone.

"Damon says he needs you and it's an emergency. He's at the Silk Stars club." She said then hung up. Caroline looked up at Elena.

"Damon compelled a stripper to call me and tell me it's an emergency. I need to go. He wouldn't have said emergency if they hadn't done something." She said.

"I'll come with you." Elena said then the two girls ran out to the car. Caroline put the name of the club into her GPS then drove there at top speed. They ran out and were stopped at the door.

"Private party. Nobody enters." The man said blankly and she knew he'd been compelled.

"Go to sleep." Caroline compelled him and he dropped onto the floor. "Stupid Stefan." She shook her head then opened the door. She and Elena walked in and couldn't believe what they were seeing. Damon was tied to the stripper pole in his boxers and there were lipstick kiss marks all over his body. Caroline was furious that they'd done that to him. She hurried up onto the stage and shoved the strippers out of the way and the guys' eyes widened. "I'm sorry." She said to Damon softly as she untied him.

"Thank God." He replied. He was weak from the vervain so he couldn't stand or walk by himself.

"You're all assholes." She said to the boys angrily while she stared down her father. "Stefan. Don't come home tonight or you'll regret it." Caroline said fiercely and he gulped while she helped Damon out to the car.

"You should all be ashamed of yourselves." Elena said to them then hurried out the door after Caroline. Elena sat in the backseat while Caroline helped Damon into the passenger side.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Caroline asked him when she got in the driver's side.

"Fine." Damon huffed. "Thanks for coming."

"I can't believe they did that." Elena said in disbelief.

"It's probably payback." Damon shrugged as Caroline started to drive. "They better bring my phone back." He muttered. "When Stefan gets married I'm tying him to the hood of my car and driving across the country." Damon muttered and the girls laughed.

"Couldn't you have just compelled the strippers to let you down?" Elena asked.

"Stefan compelled them to not let me down and because of the amount of vervain he injected me with, I couldn't compel over it. But he didn't compel them not to call you, thankfully. God, that was humiliating." He said.

"Just... don't kill them." Elena said nervously and Damon chuckled.

"Oh, I'm not going to kill them." He smirked.

Stefan couldn't remember too much as he woke up the next morning. He felt weak like he'd been vervained, but surely he would remember being vervained? His eyes fluttered open and he realised he was in the town square... then he tried to move and found that he couldn't. He looked down at himself and realised he was sitting in the town square in his boxers. What? How did that happen? He turned to his left and saw Mason sitting the same way, still asleep, then turned to the right and saw Jeremy also in his boxers. Stefan tried to move his hands but they were tied behind his back. He arched himself to the side and saw that Tom and Alaric were also there and noticed they were all tied to the flagpole and he laughed.

"Guys." Stefan said loudly and started to shake them and they all woke up.

"What the hell?" Ric asked in disbelief. Then they heard hysterical laughter and looked over to see Caroline and Elena in fits of giggles while Damon stood leaning against a tree smirking.

"You were right, Stefan. It was fun." Damon said amused. "You boys have fun now." He said then waved and took off with the girls.

"Touché, Damon. Touché." Stefan said.