The sequel to "An Odd Sort of Silence". NaNoWriMo starts Tuesday, so I'm posting this now. Don't expect an update during November.

There was a day, when Auggie noticed that Annie wasn't inviting him around anymore.

At first, it was unnoticeable, just that their three or so nights a week at each other's houses dwindled down to one or two. Then it became so that she didn't invite him round ever, just met him at Allen's on a Wednesday night.

And she seemed happier somehow, than she'd been since she'd left Danielle's.

The other signs were easier to recognize from when she'd dated Dr. Scott.

And so he knew. One morning, he dropped by her desk early in the morning to ask her about it.

"So Annie, who's this new flame of yours?" he asked casually.

He heard her gasp slightly, so slightly he could barely hear it, before she answered "Of course. What was I thinking, not telling you Auggie? I should have known you'd guess." Her tone was as casual as his, but he could tell she'd been just a little bit shaken by his intuitive guess as to why she wasn't inviting him over anymore.

"Well, his name is John, and he works at the Washington Post, writing about local DC news." Now that Auggie had figured it out, there was no reason to hide anything.

"That's nice. When were you going to tell me about him?" Auggie asked, half joking and half serious.

"Well, actually, I planned on telling you today, when I invited you and Jai and Reva to have dinner with us and Dani and Michael at my apartment on Friday. Are you interested?" It wasn't completely a lie. She had planned on inviting him, and telling them all about John together. But whatever.

"Sure. I'd love to meet this...John...of yours."

There was a tone in Auggie's voice Annie didn't recognize. But Auggie heard it, and he was quick to make sure it didn't come through again.


Yes, he was jealous that Annie had gone and found someone else to keep her company of a winter evening.

But there was nothing he could do about it.

So, he went to Annie's dinner. And he met John. As much as he wanted to hate him, he couldn't.

So he sat, and watched and waited. And he did nothing.

I know I meant to finish this, but I've decided to make each chapter of this super short and string it out over several chapters.

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