A/N: My first Rane story! (: I was watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off the other day and the scene where they're at the trade centre sort of gave me the idea of this. It's just a one-shot for now, because I'm not sure whether or not I want to continue; I have some ideas for it though.

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It was nearly ten-thirty on a Friday night after a long day; Shane Anderson and Reed Van Kamp were already curled up in bed ready to go to sleep.
Well, Shane was; Reed was busy with a sketchbook in his lap, trying to finish up the designs that needed to be ready by next Monday. The couple moved in together in their small New York flat in early August. Reed was working for his mother and Shane had gotten a gig as a background dancer in an off-Broadway show. Instead of boarding at Julliard, Reed asked Shane if he'd wanted to move in together. Shane, being Shane, agreed without a second thought.

Shane's head was currently resting on Reed's shoulder, and his eyes were focused on the detailed pencil strokes he was making. His mind was on the gay marriage law that had just been passed a couple days ago. Actually, it was the only thing that had been on his mind for the past few days.

"Hey Reed?" Shane gently nudged the artist's arm.

"Mhm?" he answered absently, still focused on the sketch in front of him.

"Do you wanna get married?" Shane asked casually, his eyes still on the pencil in Reed's hand. He noticed Reed falter in the middle of darkening a curve on the paper.

Reed just sighed, and continued drawing. "Sure."

"I mean, now. Well, not now because it's like 11 o'clock at night. And we're in our pyjamas. But maybe this year or something?" he offered, looking up through his curls only to find that his boyfriend's gaze was still directed at the pad in front of him.

Reed scoffed, "I'm not getting married this year," and erased some shading, only to re-do it.

Shane wrapped his arms around Reed's free arm and leaned into him some more. "Why not?"

Reed moved flipped the page to the next design and sighed. "What do you mean, why not? Think about it."

Shane poked Reed's side as he was listing off reasons. "We wouldn't need to buy a house or anything, because we have the apartment. And we both have good jobs. And we both love each other," he turned on his side to completely curl into his boyfriend. "Give me one reason why not, after all the law was passed a few days ago."

Reed only sighed and moved to place his sketchbook on the bedside table and flicked off the lap. The lamp on Shane's side now only lighted the room. The two boys tangled their legs together and Reed rest his head on top of Shane's.

"What about my mom and dad? I thinkā€¦I think that's a good enough reason," he said so quietly that Shane barely caught it.

Shane didn't know what Reed meant by that, because both of them had come out to their families several months ago. However, whatever Reed did mean by it, it was clearly upsetting him. The thought of marriage immediately escaped Shane's mind; right now he was only focused on finding out what his parents had to do with Reed's thoughts on getting married. He tilted his head up, once again only to find that Reed wasn't meeting his gaze.

"There's nothing much to say. They were married, and they hated each other. They got a divorce. End of story," the smaller boy replied in a monotone. Shane slowly processed what Reed had said in his mind. After a few moments, it dawned on him.

No, Shane thought. Why would Reed even assume that? "Are you worried that," it almost hurt the dancer to say it aloud. "That if and when we do get married, we'll end up hating each other and get a divorce?"

Reed only brought his lips to a straight line. Shane, however, noticed how glassy his boyfriend's eyes were becoming. Quickly, he pulled Reed into his arms. Normally, when Reed was upset about something he would refuse any kind of physical contact. This time, however, Reed didn't struggle against Shane; instead, he sort of fell into him as if he had no bones. Shane wasn't sure whether this was good or bad. He only knew Reed was crying because of the dampness he felt on his shirt. He didn't

After what felt like an eternity, Reed sniffled and nodded his answer. Shane could only bring a hand to rake through Reed's hair, because he was still deciding what to say as means of comfort.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Shane asked in the softest voice he could manage.

"No," Reed hiccoughed.

It ends it a weird place, I know. But like I said, I'm still thinking about how I want to go about doing this.

Speaking of FBDO, I've always wanted a love like Ferris and Sloane's. But alas, you can't always get what you want XD