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Chapter 24: The End/Epilogue

A few couple of years later (right after Hogwarts) in a pretty country we like to call Ireland.

"Draco, where are we?" Hermione asked

"In Ireland, I thought you knew," said Draco

"Yeah, I knew that!" said Hermione "But where are we going?"

"Somewhere in Ireland," said Draco

They were walking along the green pastures near the sea hand-in-hand. Draco said they were going somewhere special. Hermione was onto something because Draco was acting like a jittery colt.

"So are we staying out here?" Hermione asked "Because the hotel is the other way around."

"I know," said Draco "You'll see."

Hermione smiled. This nervousness was not very Draco-like but it was cute.

Deciding that it was mean to keep bugging him she changed the subject.

"You know that Ron has a new girlfriend?" said Hermione "And Harry and Ginny are getting married."

"Oh?" Draco said, his voice cracking slightly

"Yeah, I got an invitation for the both of us in the mail the other day, I guess I forgot to tell you," she said, pretending not to notice the slight crack in that one 'Oh'. This was definitely funny.

"Oh," Draco said again "Cool,"

"Draco, what's up?"

"Nothing. We're almost there."

"Let me guess." Said Hermione "You think that the weather is warm enough for us to sleep on the soft Irish grass. We're going to look at a beautiful scene and stay the night in the nature. The scene is the sea crashing onto the piece of land that protrudes out into the ocean. The grass is natural bright green?"

"What? How did you-?"

Hermione pointed in front of them, "We're here sooner than thought." She let go of Draco's hand and ran towards the ocean, which was crashing on the rocks.

"You were right! It's beautiful!" she laughed, sitting on her knees and running her hands through the soft tufty grass, "But I don't know if the weather will be okay."

"No worries, I brought us a really big blanket," said Draco, sitting down next to her

"I don't think that's really going to help," she laughed

"Are you forgetting about magic?" he asked

"No," she said "This'll be fun. So, why are we here again?"

"Because you wanted a vacation to Ireland?"

"Is that all?"


"Does your Mum know that we're out here?"

"Yeah, she seems to be happy with her room at the hotel."

Hermione sighed and crawled into his lap, "So what about pillows?"

"Oh," Said Draco worriedly "I guess I forgot."

"That's okay," she giggled "We have magic, remember?"

"Right," said Draco "What time is it?"

"Erm….Seven thirty-seven. What about dinner?" she asked

"Wait a few minutes, or are you hungry?"

"No, I was just wondering,"

"Well, aren't you a nosy little thing?"

As it got darker little fairy lights rose from out of the grass. They weren't actual fairies, just glowing orbs of yellow light.

"Wow," Hermione whispered

"And I present dinner and our lighting," said Draco

Some of the lights landed in front of them and made plates of fruits. A large bottle of strawberry juice was also formed.

"No wine?" Hermione joked, taking a gulp of the juice

"Well, I don't want you getting drunk. Or me." Draco answered

"So, there's no occasion?" she asked

"No! Now stop asking!" he replied, taking the drink from her and sipping some.


Hermione yawned and rubbed her eyes, only half awake. She stretched her hand out to try to find Draco next to her. She could only feel grass that was flattened. And something else. It was small and square. She opened her eyes fully and almost screamed in excitement. Hermione grabbed the box and got up to see Draco throwing rocks into the sea.

"Good morning," she said calmly

"Oh, you're up," he said, turning around, "Good!"

"Draco, did you lose something last night?"

"What!" he asked, frantically searching pockets

"Because I found this," she said, tossing the box to him, still trying to be calm.

"Shit!" he yelped "But! No! But, I was! No! I was going to!"

"Draco! Calm down and open the box!" Hermione said

Draco slowly opened the little thing and gaped at the emptiness of it, "What happened to it!"

Hermione laughed, "Look!" she held up her hand

"Oh, good!" said Draco "I thought I was going to have to throw myself off this ledge-cliff-rock thing."

"No worries," said Hermione

Draco smiled at her and took her hand in his, "Want to go out for breakfast?"

"Yeah," she said as they started walking back to the town, "It's very pretty, by the way."

"Thanks, I thought you might like it," the blonde replied, "I guess we won't be needing this to return?"

Hermione nodded and Draco dropped the ring box into the sea.



The end. No more! Sorry if that was a letdown. I hope it wasn't!