Summary: "I'm pregnant." Harry suddenly stopped all movement. Draco was... he was... Harry wanted to cry so badly. He had waited too long. Too long to make his move and now the Slytherin was pregnant with some guy's baby. But who's?

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Chapter 1

"You're pregnant."

The blond paled. Surely this must have been some cosmic joke. And not an overly funny one at that. This, Draco was sure, was payment for not having been on the light side of the war from the beginning. His father would kill him. Slowly and painfully.

Not that his father was against him having an interest in men. No, actually Lucius had quite encouraged his son to 'walk his own way', as he put it, after Voldemort was defeated. After the war when everyone found out that Lucius was a spy the man could finally show his true self. The older blond constantly bugged his son about looking for a decent boyfriend.

Drunken sex with Harry James Potter, Draco thought, had probably not been what his father had meant when he said that. What was he going to do? At some point he would have to tell Potter, Draco knew that, but how was he gonna do that?

The deafening silence in the infirmary was broken when the door opened loudly. Draco's and Madame Pomfrey's head snapped up to look at the entrance of the Hospital Wing and the sight made the blond want to moan at his amount of bad luck.

There stood Harry, looking as gorgeous as ever to Draco, with the weasel. The brunette was looking right at him and the near invisible smile ghosting Harry's lips made the blond's heart beat faster. After their night together the brunette had made it clear that he'd like for them to be friends.

And they were in a way. Other people just didn't know.

"Malfoy what did ya do? Break a nail?"

Draco wanted to curse. He wanted to yell at the idiotic red head and tell him to sod off, but to his horror his hormones decided on a different approach. Draco felt his eyes burn as tears slowly filled them and he looked over at the red head.

Turning his gaze back to Harry Draco let the tears fall. The brunette looked at the crying Slytherin and didn't know what to do. What was wrong with Draco? Said blond suddenly got off of the hospital bed and threw himself into Harry's arms.

Draco was sobbing into the brunette's shoulder as Harry lifted his arms and encircled the Slytherin effectively calming him down a little. Ron couldn't believe his eyes. Malfoy was crying in the middle of the infirmary while hugging Harry.

The red head watched in morbid fascination as his brunette best friend encircled the blond Slytherin and whispered soothing nothings into Malfoy's ear. Slowly the Slytherin's sobs died down, but the two boys still didn't let go of each other.

One of Harry's hands removed itself from around the blond's waist and went to the back of Draco's head. Petting the blond's hair Harry slowly drew back from him and tried to look into Draco's eyes. The blond however refused to so much as even look up.

The brunette grasped Draco's chin and made the blond look at him. His eyes were red and wet from the crying. Harry guided his thumb over the wet cheeks and dried them up. The brunette smiled at the boy before him and slowly guided Draco back to the bed.

He sat the blond down and got himself a chair placing it directly next to the head of the bed. Draco lay down and smiled a watery smile directed at the Gryffindor.

"Now Dray, tell me what's wrong."

Before Draco could say anything he felt a deathly aura coming from the fourth person in the room. Turning his head Draco could see the red head seething near the infirmary door.

"Dray?," The Gryffindor let out a humorless laugh. "so he's Dray now? Next you'll be telling me your the best of friends."

Harry winced at his friend's words. Why did him being friends with Draco sound so bad when it came from the red head's mouth? And then how could it sound so good coming from his own? But Harry new he didn't really need these questions answered.

He was in love with the blond Slytherin lying in an infirmary bed next to him.

Harry had known that since the night he had slept with the blond. In the morning, waking up next to the Slytherin, Harry had felt completely and utterly happy. Then when they had talked about everything and decided to be friends...

It hadn't been what Harry had longed for, but he would take every opportunity to try and make the blond his. Even if he had to begin as a friend to him at first. Harry turned and glared at his 'best friend'. Sometimes he really disliked the youngest Weasley male.

"Yes, he's Dray and actually we've been friends for quite a while ever since..."

The brunette trailed off not looking at the red head anymore. Merlin was he really about to tell Ron he had slept with Draco? A warm hand grasped his own and he looked back at the blond lying on the hospital bed.

Draco squeezed Harry's hand and gathered all the courage he had. Being a Slytherin, you understand, the blond didn't really have much to work with. He leaned in to whisper something into Harry's ear ignoring Ron's shocked expression.

"Harry we really need to talk. Alone."

The brunette nodded and stood up. Walking over to Ron, Harry took in the red head's expression. His friend looked completely lost and somewhat angry, but Harry could understand that. He placed a hand on Ron's shoulder and steered him out of the infirmary.

Once outside Ron shrugged off Harry's hand and turned to him. His face was red with anger and betrayal. Never before had Harry felt so bad for keeping something from his best friend. Seeing the murderous intend on Ron's face Harry decided to speak before the red head could.

"Listen Ron I really don't want to fight about this now. Draco wants to talk to me and he said it's urgent so can we just talk when I get back to the common room?"

Not even waiting for an answer Harry turned his back to the gasping Gryffindor and walked back into the infirmary. Harry made a beeline for Draco's bed and quietly sat down in the chair he had vacated not five minutes earlier.

He smiled at Draco and placed his hand on the blond's cheek. Caressing it lightly the brunette sight in content. Draco's own hand soon covered Harry's and squeezed it. A lone tear made it's way down the blond's face.

Harry brushed the tear away and leaned in to kiss Draco's forehead. The blond, however, stopped him and put his hands on the brunette's shoulders. Pushing slightly Draco got Harry to fully sit back down again.

Worry marred the Gryffindor's face. Was Draco okay? Why was he even in the infirmary and why did he so desperately need to talk to him? Draco sighed again as another tear slid down his cheek. Harry wanted to wipe it away, but Draco stopped him.

The blond took both of Harry's hands in his own and squeezed them in what he hoped was a comforting manner. Merlin this was gonna go down so badly.

"Harry I... I'm... Merlin I can't even say it."

Harry moved to lie down on the bed and gathered the blond up in his arms. He hated it when Draco cried. Rocking the Slytherin back and forth the brunette whispered sweet nothings into his ear.

"I'm pregnant."

Harry suddenly stopped all movement. Draco was... he was... Harry wanted to cry so badly. He had waited too long. Too long to make his move and now the Slytherin was pregnant with some guy's baby. But who's?

No that didn't matter right now. Draco was scared and he needed his.. friend now. How Harry hated to think of himself as nothing more than a friend to Draco, but that was all he was. Especially now with Draco being pregnant.

Noticing the fear stiffening the blond's body Harry continued rocking the boy and wiped his tears away. Smiling at his love the brunette placed a hand over Draco's stomach and drew lazy circles on it.

"So who's the lucky guy?"

This was it. This was the perfect chance to fine out what bastard had impregnated the boy he loved. This was it. It was the perfect time to tell the boy he loved he was pregnant with his child. Taking a deep breath Draco gathered all his courage and locked eyes with Harry.

The blond placed his hand over the brunette's, which was still caressing his slightly belly, and squeezed.

"You are."

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