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Life Is Good

Chapter 1


I could hear Bree singing at the top of her lungs from the family room and the sound had me smiling before I'd even opened my eyes. I'd missed the little princess so much. To have her home again with us was the best feeling in the world. She had only just returned the previous night after spending the summer with Jane and Tanya in India, and hearing her elated voice first thing in the morning definitely helped me feel complete again.

It helped me realize just how much I had truly missed her. So because of that, I didn't even mind the fact that the sun had yet to rise.

I stirred in our bed, drawing my legs up to my chest to hug them to my body, then stretched them back out with a light squeal. "Finally. I've been watching you sleep for the last hour waiting for an opportunity to kiss my Sleeping Beauty awake," Edward's smooth voice whispered into my ear before his lips met mine with rampant hunger. His hand lingered across my cheekbone and continued down my neck before stopping over my left breast where his finger tips tweaked at my erect nipple taunting me.

"Mmmm, this is a nice way to start the day, Stalker. Having your lips and hands on me first thing in the morning. And with a serving of cheese too? What ever did I do to deserve this?"

He still loved it when I used his nickname, so I still used it on a daily basis whenever we'd find ourselves alone. Which truthfully, I had to admit, was not very often these days.

So much had changed, but still so much had stayed exactly the same. I couldn't even believe that we would already be celebrating Aidan and Madison's second birthday tomorrow afternoon with all of our friends and family.

Where those first two years had gone? I had no idea. It was as though I'd blinked my eyes and they were suddenly walking, then talking in complete sentences. Well Madison was forming sentences. Aidan still preferred to act rather than ask most of the time. I was lucky if I'd receive a simple finger point from him before he'd start climbing on top of the table, shelves, or counter top to retrieve something he wanted. According to Edward it was all a part of being a boy. That man spoiled that boy though, and in return you could see just how much that boy loved his daddy just by his smile when ever Edward would enter the room.

"What time is it?"

"Just after seven thirty. She let you sleep in for half an hour before she turned on the Disney Channel. You know once that happens she just can't contain herself," he toyed, between the kisses he was currently raining down my neck.

"Aw, that was sweet of her to wait a little while." I smiled feeling the familiar goose bumps take over my body courtesy of his touch then tugged his hair to bring his mouth back up to mine. "You're going to have to wait till after we've gotten Bree and the twins to your mom's. I should be able to squeeze you in for some one-on-one time later tonight," I teased him then bit at his ear playfully. He growled, clearly frustrated, but the knock at our door instantly changed his disappointed expression into a truer grin. I slipped on my robe and threw my husband a wink before opening the bedroom door for Bree.

"Good morning, Momma Bella. It's time for breakfast," Bree announced and I nodded with delight to have my morning ritual return with Bree and I in the kitchen that overlooked the ocean while we'd cook together. California had truly grown on me and it was definitely my home away from home now. It helped that we had a family routine to spend the last week of every month at our other home in the big city that still meant so much to me. Although this year that tradition would change slightly. Bree would be going to a regular school, to attend the first grade, mainstreamed with typical children her age. Because of that we would have to cut down our week long trip to a weekend trip, but to me, for Bree, it would be worth it.

I was excited to start the day because we had so many guests that would be arriving in just a few hours to help us celebrate the twins' birthday. Charlie, Emmett, Sam, Jake, and Leah would all be coming in on the same flight and staying here at the house for the next four days.

Well Charlie would be staying with us when he wasn't staying over Esme's.

When and how that relationship had started, I couldn't say, and truthfully I didn't need the details. All I knew was that since it had started I'd been receiving lots of extra visits from my dad and I didn't mind it one bit. Plus, it helped that I'd already promised myself I would ignore any and all discomfort that might come along with having your biological father date your husband's mother.

I'd joked with Alice that Edward had already celebrated the fact that his mother was finally dating a man her own age again, so how could I possibly take that joy away from him?

Truthfully though, it was nice to see Charlie happy and the same went for Esme. If anyone could understand the randomness that came along with falling in love, it was Edward and me.

Tomorrow would be the first time we would all be together since my art show right after the birth of the twins. My big coming out party where everything seemed to finally click and we were all able to finally breathe again.

At times it seemed insane to me how much things could stay the same but also change so very much. Looking back at the last two years of my life… watching our children grow, seeing Bree transform right before our eyes, and falling further and further in love with Edward, I knew that I had been the one who had changed the most.

I'd gone from being a routine driven, broken-hearted, family-less, bartender in a great big city that I loved more than anything including myself, to being the mom of three amazing children, a wife, and a professional artist with a father I'd never known having been right under my nose the entire time… oh, and I was now a Californian.

It had been an emotionally twisted few years. That was for certain.

Strangely enough, my opportunity to become a professional artist came when Jake cut me my first big break by using some of my drawings for his band's first album. Loved Spelled Backwards Is Love was also rumored to be up for several Grammys this year. Their success had definitely brought me my own success, as ironic as it was. Since the drop of their album, I'd freelanced three more jobs with various musicians and bands who had come to me with ideas for their own cover art.

Once in the kitchen I pulled Bree's stool out from under the sink and placed it beside the counter to set up her work space. She didn't miss a beat and was already standing at the top of it with her hands on her hips within seconds.

"What will we make today, Momma Bella?"

"Daddy's favorite. Pancakes," I easily answered smoothing her hair back while I smiled down at her grinning, yet guarded expression. Bree had grown up so much over the summer. I could hardly believe it when we'd picked her up at the airport. I'd already promised her we would celebrate her Very Merry Unbirthday with the twins' birthdays this weekend since hers was still a few months away. I knew it would make tomorrow a little more enjoyable for her, and I was all for making that that little girl smile.

"Funny face cakes? Yes. Please and thank you," Bree prompted. Even at six years old I still had to tread carefully with some things in order to avoid an emotional melt down, so I'd been prepared for her chocolate chip demand a head of time.

"Pft! What other kind of pancakes are there honey bunny? Blasphemy to think we would make any other!" I replied, grinning. I ticked her sides playfully to elicit a smile from her otherwise blank face. When it worked I felt my heart swell with love over the sight of it.

She continued to grin for a few seconds longer, then briskly smoothed her dress down in front of her and got to work on opening the box of mix I'd set down in front of her. She was a natural in here. It was one of Bree's many gifts. In the last year we'd learned that not only could she answer the most random Disney trivia question, and at times predict the future in an eerily way, but she could also play the piano almost as well as her father, read at a seventh grade reading level, and cook a full meal with minimal instruction when all the ingredients were set up for her. On top of all of that, she'd become quite the little abstract artist, and that gift was probably one of my favorites.

She'd literally grown up right in front of our eyes and at times she seemed far too mature and in tuned to her surroundings for a six year old. Especially for a six year old who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two.

"I like to be home again. I missed the babies. Babies are better than elephants."

I laughed and turned to retrieve the eggs from the fridge then placed them beside Bree's bowl, "They missed you too. I missed you! You were all your daddy talked about!" I promised her, because it was mostly the truth. Of course Edward talked about a few other things, but for the most part, Bree was a constant topic in our conversations while she'd been away.

"I know that, silly Momma Bella. Can I go get the babies up now? Say yes."

"Let's finish the pancakes and we can go get them together. Deal?" I asked while she continued to stir her mix in front of her after I had cracked the eggs for her and she'd added the rest of the ingredients.

"Double-the-deal!" She exclaimed with a care free giggle and blew an impulsive kiss into the air two times. Something she'd started doing last year whenever we would talk about the twins. She'd become an amazing big sister for a little girl who was diagnosed with a disorder that should have crippled her socially.

"And how are two of my favorite girls doing this morning?" Edward asked sweeping his way into the kitchen to slap my ass playfully then lean in to kiss Bree on the cheek.

"Daddy you promised we would stop at the park before going to Fairy Grandmothers," Bree affirmed without even looking towards her father.

"What was that Bree? I couldn't hear you because you weren't looking at me," Edward promoted, just like Bree's therapist had told him to do when ever she avoided eye contact. That was one of her behaviors that we'd felt had slowly been getting worse, so Edward was very focused on turning that around.

"Oh. Sorry, Daddy." Bree stopped turning her spoon in the mixing bowl and turned her head up to look her father in the eyes then asked him again if they could stop at the park before we dropped them off at Esme's for their sleepover. She had offered to watch the kids for us so we'd have some adult time with our friends who would be flying in later this afternoon. Edward and I had both jumped at the opportunity.

"Yes, baby. We will stop at the park." Edward shot me a wink and I smiled in return loving the sight of their exchange.

Christ, I love my life.

As if on cue I heard two little voices come over the baby monitor on the counter top causing Bree to squeal in delight.

"They're awake! The babies are awake!" She exclaimed dropping her spoon into the bowl with a splash and instantly jumping down from the stool to spin around the room spastically.

…And then there were moments when Bree still acted like the four year old I'd instantly fallen in love with that day at the park almost three years ago when Edward had first introduced me to her. I had to smile at her excitement. It was ridiculously contagious and something I absolutely adored.

"Can you finish up for us?" I asked Edward, who was already nodding and smiling in my direction before I'd even turned to look at him, giving him the eye contact I knew he'd crave.

"Go get 'em momma." I leaned in and kissed his lips as I passed him the spatula then draped my apron around his neck to turn him around in front of me so I could tie a perfect bow, just above his perfect ass. I pinched it playfully then kissed his cheek one more time before following Bree out of the kitchen to the other side of the house where the twins' nursery was located.

My oldest daughter was already pushing the door open before I was even ten feet behind her. After hearing her greet her brother and sister good morning I again felt my heart soar with happiness. It had been a ridiculously long summer without Bree's tiny voice filling the house.

I smiled walking to Madison's crib where she was already extending her arms out to me. "Morning Mommy. Juice-juice, please?"

"How about milk first, Maddie? And some funny face pan-a-cakes Sissy B helped make?"

Sissy B was the nickname the twins had bestowed upon Bree just a few months ago. Usually Aidan would just call her B or Issy, but Bree definitely preferred the Sissy part to be added and it always made me smirk when I'd hear her try to correct her little brother who had a hard enough time pressing his lips together for the first part of her name.

"Brown milk, please?" That was Madison's way of asking for chocolate milk.

"No, baby. Plain milk first." I laughed and kissed her forehead then brushed back her auburn curls behind her ears, before dropping the rail so I'd be able to lift her up from her bed. I sat her down knowing she'd keep herself occupied with her toys in the corner of the room while I tended to her brother first. Aidan was a little less independent when it came to constructive purposeful play, so we'd definitely developed our own morning ritual when it came to starting our day with the twins.

"Good morning, my love," I cooed reaching down to lift my son up to hug him in my arms. He smiled and touched my face with his tiny hands while his eyes beaming into mine.

Yeah, he looked at me with amazing amounts of love too, just like he did with his daddy. So much love that I sometimes felt as though he were silently speaking to me.

"Ilk-and-akes?" he asked, his hands still cupping my face. I nuzzled my nose to his and nodded my head.

"Yes my prince, milk and cakes. Pancakes!" I informed him then lightly kissed his forehead before carrying him to the changing table to remove his soiled diaper. Madison had caught on to the whole potty training business right away last week. Aidan on the other hand, not so much.

Once I'd changed both the twins into their day time clothes I sent them off a head of me with Bree holding their hands to find Edward in the kitchen after he'd shouted that our meal was ready and waiting for us.

I smiled to my self watching them run out of the room. Madison dragging her purple torn-up blanky behind her in her freed hand.

My life was a story book, and at times I felt like I was still living a fairy tale. I'd never understand how I'd been so lucky. All I knew was that I was living a life that three years ago I never thought possible. I was the happiest woman, wife, and mother on the planet and it was Edward who had given it all to me without ever questioning if it would be worth it, even when life was determined to knock us on our asses.

After dropping the kids off at Esme's, Edward and I went straight to the airport to pick everyone up who was flying in from the city. I was excited to see Jake again, and Leah. The last time we'd gotten together Jake had filled me in on a little secret and I was dying to find out if he'd finally made his move because he refused to tell me over the phone last week when we were finalizing all the plans for their trip.

"I can't even believe they're turning two tomorrow. Where has the time gone, Bella?" Edward questioned squeezing my hand from where it was resting over his thigh in front of the steering wheel.

I smiled and let out a loud over exaggerated sigh before answering him. It was nice to know I wasn't the only one who still found it unbelievable that our babies were now officially toddlers. "I know, it's insane. I want them to stay tiny forever." I pouted with another huff.

"You know we could always try for another. They'll be out of their diapers soon enough. This time we could actually prepare and plan for it."

"Edward Cullen, you are not suggesting we have another child already! I just started to potty train them. Aidan is far from mastering it. I can't even think about having another one already," I told him feeling absolutely shocked that he would suggest such a thing. It was easier for him to ignore all the reasons regarding why it would be a terrible decision because he was at work eight to ten hours a day, five sometimes six days a week. When he came home we ate dinner and put the kids to bed then had our grown up time. For him it was a perfectly ideal life twenty-four-seven.

He missed all the tantrums, all the chaotic messes, the silly fights, spilt drinks, bumped heads and soiled clothes. I loved him more than I loved myself but sometimes his inability to see the big picture when it came to raising two years old twins and a six year old made me wonder where his logic came from.

"It was just a suggestion. I didn't mean tomorrow, Care Bear." I smiled hearing my own nickname and turned to grin in his direction feeling my defenses weaken instantly.

"Someday we can try for another. I promise. But I doubt that day will come anytime this year," I told him with a reassuring smirk then squeezed his knee with my hand just as he pulled the car into a parking space in the airport's garage.

"I'm sorry… I know it's a lot harder on you, even though you make it look incredibly easy. We just make such pretty and amazing babies. I can't wait to add another one to the clan."

I laughed at him and pulled his face down to mine for a kiss before pushing my door open to remove myself from the car. I knew he wanted more children. This wasn't the first time he'd hinted at that, but I was determined to get at least one full year in without dirty diapers and bottles being a part of my daily routine.

When we got to the luggage claim where we'd agreed to meet everyone I could feel my excitement triple. Leah and I had become really close over the last two months when she'd discovered that she and Jake were expecting their own baby. Since then we'd been corresponding like crazy via email and text messages. I couldn't believe Jake was actually going to be a dad, and apparently neither could he, so we'd shared a few motivating, 'you can do it', emails too over the last few weeks. I couldn't wait to congratulate them in person and to give Leah the stack of baby books I had collected during my own pregnancy.

"There they are!" I squealed with delight seeing them make their way down the escalator. Charlie and Emmett were hanging behind, but both Jake, Leah, and Sam looked about ready to flee the building. None of them had ever been very good flyers so when they'd first told me they would be coming out for the party I'd just about died. Truthfully though both Jake and Sam needed to get used to it seeing how they had a European tour planned for the fall.

I ran to greet Leah first, giving her a quick hug and kiss to her cheek, then patted her belly with a soft hello to her baby before turning to face Jake. "Hey future daddy! Long time no see," I teased my ex who was now holding me firmly against him. Every time we'd been back to the city over the last few months Jake had been out of town on tour with the band so this was a reunion of sorts for us too, "It's amazing to see you again, Bella. You look great. Seriously great," he replied quietly beside my ear. I smiled and increased my grasp around him, then patted his back signaling it was time to release me.

These initial hugs with Jake were still always a little intense, and sometimes awkward. It was just one of those few things that would never ever change between us, but I'd gotten more and more comfortable with that fact over the last two years, and so had Edward, thankfully.

I gave Paul a quick hug then ran over to give my dad his own greeting. "Hey, Papa Char Char!" I sang, using the name the twins always used whenever we'd spend time with my one time boss-now father.

"Hey, Bells. You look amazing. It's crazy to see you with a tan. You really are turning into a California girl, aren't you?" Charlie chuckled lightly.

"It was the summer, and the babies love to be down by the water. I didn't have a choice, I swear I'm not trying to look all Jersey Shore," I told Charlie creating a small smile on his face. He hugged me again, this time lifting my feet up off the ground, then set me back down so I could say hi to Emmett who was already deep in conversation with Edward off to the side.

They were no doubt discussing work.


"Mystery Girl!" I laughed, not having heard that reference in quite some time and hugged Edward's best friend who instantly picked me back up off the ground to spin me around the corridor.

"Seriously Edward, are you feeding her? She's a frigin feather," he teased before placing me back on my feet.

"Shut your face. Who has time to eat when they have two year old twins to chase around?" I shot back crossing my arms in front of me while narrowing my eyes at him.

"Hey, they're not two yet!" Emmett boomed with a wag of his finger.

"Thank you. You're absolutely right. My babies are still babies for at least a few more hours. Now let's get your stuff and get back to the car so we can get to the house. Charlie, are we taking you straight to Esme's or can you come to the house for a quick drink?" I asked eyeing him with a hidden grin.

His face turned bright red almost instantly. I secretly loved seeing him so smitten over the sound of someone's name. I knew that feeling well because it still happened to me on a daily basis with Edward's name whenever he was away from me.

"I told her I'd be there around seven tonight to help with the kids. So I'm all yours till then, Bells," he answered bashfully. I nodded my head and took Edward's hand to follow everyone over to the carousel where the luggage was already going around.

That's when I noticed it.

"Oh my GOD, LEAH!" I exclaimed then ran to grab her left hand to examine the ring she was wearing on her ring finger. "You did it Jake! Ah! Congratulations, you guys! There's so much to celebrate tonight. I'm so happy for you! Gorgeous ring, Jake! Seriously, nice job."

"Wow. Congrats, man. That's really awesome," Edward joined in giving Jake a slap to his shoulder with his opened hand.

"I asked her last night after dinner. Took your advice, Bells. Just laid it all out there for her. After that there was no way she could say no," Jake answered smiling bashfully without actually looking at me.

"Like I would have ever said no. I'm having your baby, you dork!" Leah laughed then leaned in to place a kiss to Jake's cheek causing his face to flush even further.

"Jesus! All y'all need to STOP having babies and getting married. Rose is starting to get all these crazy ideas, and you're not helping one bit, Black!" Emmett announced making us all laugh again. It was so nice to be back with everyone. The only three people missing were Rose, Alice and Jasper, but they would be at the house later tonight once Rose and Alice were done shooting for the day.

I smiled to myself glancing at Jake and Leah sharing a quiet conversation off to the side of the group, staring lovingly into each other's eyes while he tucked a strand of her hair back behind her ear. It was so good to see him happy… so in love and enthralled by someone who obviously felt the same way about him. He was finally getting everything I'd hoped he would one day find, and because of that it made the ugly history we shared finally disappear completely.

While some things had stayed the same, there were definitely some things that had become very, very different. That was the beauty in growing up. With age came memories and heartache, but the good memories would always surpass the bad. That was all that mattered, and we'd definitely learned that lesson. Even when it seemed as though nothing would ever be right again.

We'd proven everyone wrong and found a way to make it all work.

It was just after nine o clock when Alice showed up with Jasper and Rose. I'd become extremely spoiled living a few houses down from my best friend. It had definitely made the transition a lot easier when we'd decided to make California our full time home.

I'd just hung up with Esme to check on the kids. I wanted to make sure they hadn't given her a hard time because lately Aidan had turned into a nightmare when it came to bedtime but she insisted it had gone rather smoothly. I could tell she was fibbing, but it was pointless to try and pull the truth out of her. She'd never say anything negative about any of her grandchildren. Not ever. She'd definitely turned herself around in the grandmother department as soon as she'd returned to L.A. and that fact impressed Edward more and more with every passing day.

"Ali!" Jake shouted running to my friend to greet her at the door. I let them hug and laugh for a moment then quickly told Alice and Rose to go check out Leah's new accessory.

"No way! Holy shit! Congrats! That's fabulous news. A baby and a wedding. Talk about deja'vu," Rose joked causing everyone to go quiet for a split second before a wave of nervous laughter rolled across the room.

"Yeah, except we're not having twins," Jake spoke up with a smile then pulled Leah in under his arm, letting everyone know he felt completely comfortable with the slightly awkward statement.

After that we all made our way back outside to the porch where I'd set up a mini bar station complete with snacks for everyone to munch on. "Leah, I got you some sparkling apple cider," I informed Jake's fiancé with a wink. She smiled and thanked me with a grin before asking me where the bathroom was. Alice offered to show her the way for me and Leah gladly accepted then followed my best friend back into the house leaving me alone with Jake at the countertop.

"So Edward… how's work?" Jake asked loudly while he made himself a scotch and gin beside me. I couldn't help but grin at the sight of him mixing his familiar drink then dropped two green olives into his glass for him. He looked up seemingly surprised then thanked me with a smile of his eyes. I nodded my head in return and offered a quick wink before making my way towards Edward to take a seat in his lap on the lounge chair across the deck.

"Work is good. Busy but really good. I've got to be on set with Victoria in the morning before the twins' party so it will be an early night for me I'm afraid." Everyone booed in unison and I forced a laugh informing them that I concurred with their feelings. The sound of Victoria's name had already caused my body to tense up. Thankfully Edward quickly ran his free hand up and down my arm to help relax me again.

"She's doing that Spielberg movie right?" Sam asked seemingly interested. Sam had always been big into blockbuster movies. Once he got over his distaste for my husband he and Edward had become good buddies, spending hours upon hours talking about the movie industry, and everything that went along with it.

"Yeah, it's a post apocalyptic film. Should be out next summer," Edward told them then took a swig from his beer bottle and placed it on the ground so his arms would be free to hold me against him. He kissed my neck and I giggled before turning to face him so his lips could meet mine, knowing full well that's what he wanted the most.

"You two are still too effing cute for a married couple with three kids." Rose snickered. "See Em, romance doesn't have to end with a ring and children!"

Everyone laughed again and I found myself smiling into Edward's eyes while he beamed down looking into mine longingly. I knew that look. He couldn't wait to go to bed. Our friends would be in the separate guest house behind the main house, and the kids would be with Esme and Charlie. We would be virtually alone, in our home, in our bed, at night, for the first time in months. I had to admit, my panties were wet just thinking about it.

At around eleven thirty Edward said goodnight to everyone and excused himself, citing that he had to be up in four hours to be at the movie studio with Victoria. I couldn't help but cringe once again at the sound of her name. She still irked me beyond belief, but in the two years and ten months that Edward and I had been together I'd gotten more and more used to the idea that she would have to be a part of his life, thus a part of mine.

"I think I'm going to head to bed too, I'm exhausted. Back where we live it's almost three in the morning," Leah pointed out then yawned carelessly.

"Aw babe, I'm sorry we kept you up. I wasn't even thinking about that!" I declared standing up to give her a quick hug. "Thanks so much for hanging out. Sleep tight. I'll see you in the morning. I'm going to need your help with the cupcakes!" I told her then gave her one last hug before congratulating her again on everything.

"Thanks Bella. You've really been great. See you in the morning." She replied then smiled lightly before making her way towards Jake. I watched her whisper something into his ear and place a quick kiss to his cheek and felt my own grin double once again over the sight of their obvious happiness.

"We should actually head out too," Rose casually suggested then pulled on Emmett's arm gently letting him know she meant it.

"What…is it something I said?" I joked watching everyone at once stand up to say goodnight.

"You have a long day tomorrow, Mrs. Cullen. You should also be getting to bed," Alice reminded me with a quick tight hug. I nodded my head and kissed her cheek then made my rounds to say goodnight to everyone else. Emmett decided to stay at Rose's which was no shocker but I still teased him relentlessly while I followed them out to their cars.

"Better be careful, Em. Hope you brought some protection. Rose seems to be tapping on that biological clock of hers," I taunted him in his ear, earning me a tickle to my sides.

"Shut it, Swan," he warned with a hidden smirk. I laughed and shot him a wink then gave them all one last wave goodbye from the car port. When I got back inside I was surprised to find Jake all alone on the patio with a fresh drink in his hand.

"I thought we were going to bed?" I questioned with an easy smile.

"One more for the road. Sit down with me? I feel like we haven't talked in forever," he prompted, patting the spot beside him on the porch swing.

I smiled and nodded, grabbing my half empty glass from the counter top to finish it off while we played catch up. "I'm really proud of you, Jake. Leah is amazing. You guys are going to be great parents and you'll be a phenomenal rock star husband," I told him still smiling, then bumped his shoulder with my own.

"Funny how much has changed over these last few years huh?"

I laughed at his statement and nodded my head. "I've been thinking about that a lot today too," I admitted with a smirk then tilted my glass back at my lips. "Only some things, though. There's still a lot that feels exactly the same," I added with a blissful sigh.

"You and Edward still look really happy."

"We are really happy. Life is good," I confirmed then glanced at him out of the corner of my eye feeling a little guarded all of the sudden.

"I hope Leah and I will have it that easy," he shared with a blank expression. I gave his shoulder a quick jab and firmly told him nothing in life was supposed to be easy and if it ever was then it wouldn't be worth it.

"We work hard, Jake. I don't want you to think it's always sunshine and rainbows. You shouldn't think that way or you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment. You both love each other, and as long as you have that, it's all you'll need," I quietly told him, then rested my head on his shoulder and took his hand from his knee to squeeze it between my fingers. "I really like Leah. She's an incredible woman."

"She likes you too. You've really helped calm her nerves over these last few weeks while I was away. It sucks she had to find out she was pregnant while I was on tour."

"All a part of being in love with a rock star I suppose," I teased theatrically, forcing him to let out a sarcastic laugh.

"Funny, Bells. Seriously though, thanks for all that. She needed someone and you were there for her."

"Don't mention it," I insisted then took the last sip from my drink and stood up making the swing sway underneath him after my departure.

"It's really nice to see you happy, Jake. It's all I ever wanted for you," I told him softly, after turning around to look him in the eyes again. He smiled and nodded in response before looking out towards the waves that were crashing on the beach shore.

"Who'd a thought it was possible, huh? For us both to have it all and still have each other," he asked grinning and drowning the last of his drink in one final gulp.

I smiled, thinking over my response then shook my head. "I'll see you in the morning, Jake."

"Night, Bells."

I took in a deep breath after going inside and released it slowly from between my grinning lips. It felt so good to be able to have it all. To have everything I'd ever dreamed of having without ever having to say goodbye completely to my past. The feelings of bliss and happiness were almost too much to handle and I was now feeling wide awake because of it all.

I knew just the person who could help me with my sudden burst of energy.

When I finally got to the bedroom the curtains were closed and Edward was already sound asleep under the comforter. I hated waking him, but he'd made me promise that I would. Plus, I was craving him more than ever and in desperate need of some star gazing, otherwise I'd be off all day tomorrow at the party. It had already been three days since the last time I'd been able to scream his name quietly into my pillow, and I was absolutely giddy over the idea of getting to do it as loudly as I wanted to tonight with an empty house.

I went into the bathroom to freshen up then slipped into one of Edward's favorite black and red lingerie outfits he had purchased for me just last month. I had to smile at my reflection in the mirror. I knew he'd be pleased and the thought already had my nipples pushing through the lacy fabric of my barely there outfit.

I was surprised to see him smiling at me from the bed when I'd opened the door, allowing some of the light from the bathroom to cascade across the room from behind me.

"Oh, good. I woke you." I flipped the light switch off to darken the room again and slowly began my walk to the bed.

"That's not going to work. I want to see all of you tonight, my Bella." I smiled at his words and let out a sarcastic sigh.

"Well, if that's what you need, Stalker." I leaned over, purposely sticking my ass out a little farther than I needed to as I moved my exposed body across him to turn the switch on the lamp beside his side of the bed. He swiftly took the hint and slapped my bottom with purpose, releasing an animalistic grunt with his motion. His finger traced the small red heart on my backside and he lowered his lips to kiss the area he had so sensually smacked and lowly apologized. He obviously thought it had hurt me but truthfully it had set my entire body ablaze and made me crave him even more.

"I'm a little amped for tonight. Can you tell?" He joked then slowly turned me around to cradle me in his lap.

"Edward, I've been dying for this moment to arrive all week," I admitted, creating another hungry growl from his lips before he pressed his partially opened mouth to mine, allowing his need to take him over completely. Before I knew it he was flipping me over to hover himself over my body while his fingertips traced the cleavage my black and red lace teddy had helped highlight for his viewing pleasure.

"You're unbelievable, Bella. Thank you for getting dressed up for me, but I hope you won't mind me removing all of this from you already. I much prefer the sight of your naked body."

"Part of the fun is having you undress me, silly." I toyed running my hand through his hair while he rained warm kisses across my chest and back up my neck before taking my ear lobe between his teeth. "It's been so long since we've had the house to ourselves." I moaned feeling his cock grind into my side while he pushed himself firmly against me.

"Perhaps we should talk to my mom about making this a monthly tradition."

"I think that's a delicious idea." I moaned some more, tugging on his hair to bring his lips back up to mine. His own hand slid across my cheek bone raising my chin so he could attack my neck more sensually and I loved everything about it. His touch, his words, his body, his kisses. Him.

I loved all of it- more and more with every day and every moment that passed us by. He was my everything as I was his, and when we were together, like this, it was as if the entire world around us would disappear.

His fingers quickly found their way to the hooks at the front of my imprisoning garment. He wasted no time to unfasten them then tossed the article of clothing across the room. I watched as he moved himself up and away from me to stand on his knees, scanning my partially naked body before him. Our eyes met and remained locked as he placed his hands at my hips, then slowly but with delicate ease, he moved his palms up my waist and across my breast squeezing them together with his needing hands several times before collapsing back on top of me to take my lips to his once again. I kissed him with every ounce of passion and admiration I had flowing through me. The life we had created together was that of a fairy tale, he was my prince charming and this was our kingdom.

And your cheese is outshining his this evening, Mrs. Cullen. Nice! Now focus!

"I love you so much, Edward." I whimpered while his hands pushed my panties down past my ankles.

"I love you too, baby. So very much," he promised me holding my face between his hands to look deeply into my eyes. I smiled watching him doff his own boxer shorts and smirked at the sight of his beautiful cock before taking it between my hands. I groaned feeling his massiveness while I circled my fingers around him, slowly pulsing his perfection several times before he could move his body down further between my legs. "I'm so unbelievably thirsty for you. I've been craving to taste you on my lips all night," he whispered raising my legs up above his shoulders, then blew tiny breaths of air across my quivering lady parts. He instantly began lapping my excitement with his tongue with absolute precision before pressing his entire mouth to the delicate lips between my legs. "So fucking delicious. Better than apple fucking pie," he moaned with fervor and lust obviously taking over his every action. I latched onto his hair and pulled his face further against my throbbing clit already moaning louder than I'd been allowed to do for the last few weeks.

"Jesus Christ, Edward! It-feels-so-fucking-good. Please don't stop," I begged watching him work with speed and diligence. I noticed the grin creep across his own lips over my words and it made me giggle for a moment before I again lost myself to pure ecstasy over the feel of his teeth on my clit mixed with the feeling of him sliding two of his fingers in and out, past my wet entrance. "Edward, wait… you're going to make me come. I'm not ready," I warned him, frantically changing my demands. I needed this to last much longer. If he wanted to, I'd allow him to fuck me till the sun came up, but I knew he had an important meeting in the morning, so I couldn't be selfish.

"Turn over," he prompted, lust dripping from his tone while he moved himself back up onto his knees. I grinned and raised my body up then turned myself around so I'd be in front of him on all fours. A new favorite position of ours. He slapped my ass hard two times and I called out his name once again feeling the overwhelming need for him take over my body completely. I needed to feel his cock inside me, I needed to feel all of him take me and make me forget who I was and where we were. I turned my head to smile into his eyes and felt his finger tips run across the skin of my back and across my shoulders before they got lost in my hair to gently tug my head back. He leaned forward to take my lips against his once more. I could taste myself on him, creating a fresh hungry moan between my parted mouth.

"I love that you love the taste of yourself, baby. So fucking sexy," he breathlessly shared then attacked my mouth once more. Our tongues danced feverishly against one another as he positioned himself more soundly between my legs from behind me. I could feel the tip of his cock teasing at my entrance and it was already making my knees tremble with anticipation. He released my mouth and slowly repositioned himself, placing his hands at my hips as he slowly entered my body with careful execution. He wanted me to feel every inch of him because he knew that was exactly how I liked it. He knew every spot, every twist, every move that would make me come undone so he was careful to take things slow so that our moment would last that much longer.

He rocked himself forwards and backwards, making me move with him on my hands and knees until I collapsed onto my elbows, creating an entirely new angle with my ass still slanted upwards into the air for him to continue with his conquest on my body. He slapped me again with the palm of his hand and growled a low command for me to look at him. I turned my head from the mattress and smiled into his eyes before biting down on my bottom lip feeling my impending release beginning to taunt me once again.

"So fucking good. You are so fucking good, Bella." He moaned increasing his pace with ease just before he abruptly stopped to flip me back over. He attacked my breasts with his teeth and brought his hand to my pussy to feel the excitement he had created. "And so wet. I love the fact that this is what I do to you," he continued before further spreading my legs in front of him once again. "I want you on top of me now."

"Your wish is my command, Stalker." I moved myself out from beneath him to straddle his hips. I hovered over his solid cock and grabbed at his shaft with my right hand to guide it back to my entrance, never once breaking eye contact with him. He looked absolutely desperate for me to bring him back inside of me and the look on his face alone made me moan out in ecstasy. He took that as his cue to impale my insides with his throbbing member using as much force as my body would handle. When he began pumping me with pure need and infatuation, loud moans bounced off the walls around us brought on by our cries of mind blowing pleasure.

"I want you to scream it, Bella. Tell me how much you love it," he prompted, our bodies moving with the smell of sex filling our room. I tilted myself forward and moved my knees up, lifting my pelvis just enough to elicit a hungry yelp from my lips at the feel of him touching me in places no other man could.

"I fucking love you so much, Edward. So much. Forever. Fuck! Forever," I screamed feeling myself coming completely undone. "I'm coming, baby. Shit, I'm coming so hard!" I grabbed at his hair and brought our foreheads together to look him in the eyes while I lost myself completely over his masterful cock.

"That's what I wanted to hear, Care Bear. I love to feel you from the inside-out, baby. I love you so god damn much," he whispered softly, while I felt him pour himself inside of me. "Perfection. You plus me equals absolute perfection. Forever. Don't you ever question that." He smiled into my eyes while he moved some of my hair back away from my face. He kissed my forehead tenderly and cupped my face once again with his hands then lifted his body up from the pillows on our bed to kiss my lips with so much love pouring from him I thought I might experience one more mind-blowing orgasm.

"You spoil me, Edward. On a daily basis, for the last two years and ten months of my life," I told him with a bashful grin escaping across my tingling lips.

"I promised I always would, didn't I?" He returned with a wink. I giggled again and watched him get up to go into the bathroom to clean himself up. I was ready for sleep now. Tomorrow would be chaos. Not having Edward around to help in the morning would only add to the headache and the mayhem. But I at least had some good back up sleeping in the guest house and down the block. I was asleep before Edward could even make it back to our bed. My dreams filled with happiness and contentment. Somethings really would never change. Never.

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