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Chapter 17


I could feel my phone buzzing over and over again from where it was stored, which was inside my clutch, resting on my lap. I wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone, and I certainly didn't want to risk it being Jake trying to reach out and apologize for being an utter and total asshole.

Edward had his arm around me, holding me closely up against him in the back seat, while Garrett typed away on his phone's screen from the passenger seat in front of us. I wasn't paying much attention to their conversation, but I'd heard my husband direct his assistant to check all the major gossip outlets for any mentions of his, or Jake's name.

"Nothing yet, but you did just get an email from someone with ET. He's asking for an official statement in regards to your sudden departure that required you to sneak out the service exit with an unidentified female."

I let out an impulsive snort, and rolled my eyes over the twisted story that was already beginning to roll out.

So pathetic and such blatant reaching.

Never mind the fact that I had also been there, as well as Garrett and Jake. Those minor details didn't matter.

This was how bullshit started. They'd get one fact, and then decorate it with obscene amounts of made up glittery 'truths' before sprinkling it with a super-secret 'source' that would inevitably spin a juicier story, thus getting the 'reputable' outlets more hits on their slimy 'news' sites.

"Oh Jesus, of course there was an unidentified female. Set them straight as to who was ALL there and confirm that we did leave, together as a group. Nothing else needs to be said at this time."

"Shit, now one just came in asking about Bella assaulting those two nosey bitches with cell phones."

My mouth dropped opened and I instantly felt as though all the oxygen in the car had been sucked out the window. "Assault? I didn't even touch them!" I furiously exclaimed, almost jumping out of my seat. I was now back to seeing red and my finger nails were once again digging into my fisted palms.

Edward held me down, and then reached up to squeeze my shoulders with his hands to try and control the unsettling amount of anger that I was now experiencing. "Relax, Bella. I'll take care of it all in the morning. Ignore that email for now, Garrett. I got the wannabe paparazzi's contact information before we had to leave. I'll send it to you now. You can notify them and let them know they will be well compensated for the cost of their phones, but not if they're selling bullshit lies to the media."

I anxiously shifted my weight in our shared seat and let out another frustrated sigh. If I'd only taken a few seconds to actually think before acting, then maybe this so called story wouldn't have been given the opportunity to spin so far out of control.

After all, it hadn't been my problem to begin with.

I hadn't been the one out on the stupid terrace crying my eyes out and hyperventilating.

I hadn't been the one ignoring someone in need as though I were deaf, blind, and mute.

In fact, I'd gone above and beyond in order to prevent any drama that could be directly traced back to me.

All it had taken were a few split seconds, though, and I'd apparently managed to totally sabotage myself, and now Edward, too.

"Bella, please baby, relax. Your leg shaking is vibrating the entire car. This isn't a big story. Don't worry about it, I mean it. I can absolutely handle this, especially once the videos surface,"

I whipped my head around and narrowed my eyes, "What videos?"

"You know just as well as I do, that regardless of your valiant efforts, someone got it all on video, and it will be leaked before the sun rises in the morning. The truth will come out that this is Jake's problem, not ours. We were simply trying to help them out of an awkward situation, and being good friends. Once that gets out, he will have to deal with it with his own PR team, not mine."

I frowned, realizing he was absolutely right.

By morning we would be forgotten, and Jake really would be on his own.

The rest of the drive was quiet, but I appreciated the fact that Edward had chosen to stay off his phone. He'd instead instructed Garrett to deal with the emails and texts that were coming in, so that he'd be able to keep me in his arms.

Never once did he let me go, and I appreciated that more than anything right now.

As we exited the car and began walking up to our building, I bit nervously at my bottom lip, and then let out a huff, "I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to say goodbye to everyone… and that your night was basically ruined."

Edward took my hand, but said nothing.

He carefully laced his fingers between mine, and then ran his thumb over my skin with tiny smooth circles while we waited, not so patiently, in front of the elevator doors. Garrett was standing off to the side, running his own thumbs frantically over his phones screen. He looked a bit stressed. The sight actually made me grin a little. I'd never seen 'stressed' on him before. It was a nice little break from his usual suave demeanor.

"Honestly, I'm partially to blame. If we'd left when I said we would, the entire scene probably could have been avoided."

What Edward had said was true, but I didn't want him to take all the blame. Jake was still the one who had let things escalate the way they did, and in public. Jake was the one who had made his pregnant fiancé totally lose it without even batting an eye, while he stood there at the scene of it all, unequivocally absent of any and all emotion.

"It wasn't your fault… but it would have been nice to have left a little sooner." I eventually replied, with the hint of a smirk on my face. He looked down and allowed a slight smile to escape past his own lips before increasing his grasp on my hand and pulling me in closer up against his body.

"When we get inside, I want you to go relax for a few minutes in one of your favorite quiet spots."

I raised my brow in response to his request and felt my smirk widen, "Oh, really? And what will you be doing while I'm relaxing in one of my favorite quiet spots, Mr. Cullen?"

Slowly, but surely, it appeared that Edward was attempting to help me forget all about how miserable tonight had actually turned out to be.

"No questions allowed, just do as you're told, Mrs. Cullen." His smile had doubled by this point, so I faked a pout and nodded my head after placing my freed index finger over my lips to mock my obedience.

I was shocked when we walked inside our front door and I saw Edward hand his phone over to Garrett. "Put this some place where I won't be able to find it. You can give it back to me in the morning."

"You got it. Will you need anything else from me this evening?"

"Not if you did your job right before we got here."

I stopped walking and swiftly turned back around to look at them.

They were both grinning at one another.

Something was up.

"I believe I did, Mr. Cullen… at least to the best of my ability from across town with nothing but a phone to rely on."

My eyes jetted back and forth between the two of them as my hands found my hips to further study their exchange.

What in the world…

"You're off the clock until tomorrow. Meet me in my office at eight A.M, and be ready for a long morning. Thanks for helping out tonight. You did good, Garrett. Really good."

Edward's assistant smiled and nodded his head. He offered me a brief glance before heading down the hallway towards his own room, but I was too busy processing the fact that Edward had actually cut himself off from the world for the rest of the night, to pay my art companion any real attention.

"I-I can't believe you just did that."

"Prior to this evening's… events… It had already come to my attention that I needed to, once again, re-prioritize a few things. Starting tonight, when I'm home, and the sun's said goodnight, my phone will be going into hiding until the next morning. Now, I want you to go into the laundry room, find something to change into, pour yourself a glass of wine, get comfortable, and wait for me. I will come get you in about ten to fifteen minutes."

I instantly felt tears begin to well up in my eyes as I stared into his.

"Those better be happy tears."

I slowly nodded my head, and then ran myself into his arms, giving him a giant hug. He increased his grasp around me, and I felt his lips kiss my forehead as his hands gently ran themselves down my hips to drawl me in deeper against him.

"Go draw me a pretty picture, Care Bear."

I pulled away to look back up into his eyes and found him already smiling down at me. His right index finger reached down to delicately trace my jaw line, and I felt my insides easily turn into mush. He didn't say anything else; he just leaned down to kiss my lips and then released me from his grasp before turning to head towards our bedroom.

After going into the laundry room, I quickly changed out of my dress and stilettos and then pulled on one of my favorite oversized t-shirts that I usually slept in. I fluffed my hair out in front of my shoulders and grabbed my art bag from the dining room table.

I stood in the middle of the living room for a few seconds, trying to make up my mind on where to go sit while biting anxiously at my bottom lip.

Eventually, I decided to go ahead and take myself out onto the balcony outside of Edward's office, which was at the opposite end of the penthouse. It was a spot I usually only visited during the early morning hours, before a new day would begin. From there I could catch the suns bright rays coming up over the large buildings that were nestled around the south side of our home.

I knew there was a full moon out, so I was sure it would be just as inspiring this evening, and I was definitely in need of some silent inspiration for my twitching finger tips.

Thankfully, the moment my pencil met the paper, I instantly felt the rest of my anxiety leave my body.

I'd lost track of the time. For all I knew, I could have been sitting out here, under the stars and city lights for over an hour, but by the looks of my sketch, it had probably been closer to twenty minutes.

My hand had been far too busy moving about my paper, drawing an outline of Edward and Smith, both looking regal and justifiably important in their suits while they'd talked at the party this evening. This wouldn't be a sketch for the show. Instead, I planned on having it framed to give to Edward as a surprise on the opening night of, Unbridled Nation.

When the door opened a few feet away from where I was sitting, I casually closed my book and turned my head to smile at my husband.

He was already beaming when I looked up into his panty melting green eyes.

"Hey, beautiful."

I turned my head again, to playfully look behind me as if he were talking to someone else.

He let out a soft laugh and quickly made his way across the balcony to scoop me up into his arms. "Funny girl, you are."

"Who, me?"

He laughed again and shook his head while turning us around to carefully carry me back inside. He moved us towards his desk, and then instructed me to drop my book and pencils down as we passed by, but he didn't bother to slow down.

"Someone's in a hurry."

He smirked in response to my observation, but said nothing. I carefully followed his command, and then snuggled my head into his chest just below his chin after I'd freed my hands to wrap my arms around his neck. "What have you been up to, Stalker?"

I could feel his anticipation begin to take over as he continued to walk us out of his office and into the hallway.

"You'll see."

All of the lights had been turned off so darkness was now surrounding us.

I could make out a soft glow coming through the bottom of our bedroom doorway, and I could already hear music playing from our stereo.

I recognized it almost immediately.

It was the very same jazz music Edward had playing when he'd asked me to move in with him after one of my many terrible run in's with Jake almost three years ago.

The very same music that had also played in the background the first time we'd ever made love.

"You, and your surprises."

"Pft. You love them, and you know it."

I giggled and nodded my head as he carefully lowered me down to set me back onto my feet, just outside of our bedroom door.

"After you, Care Bear."

I glanced down at the door handle and then back up into his eyes.

He gestured with a nod from his head for me to turn the handle and continue inside.

When I finally did open the door, what I found caused me to take an abrupt step backwards right into Edwards waiting arms. He swiftly wrapped himself around me and brought his lips to my neck to place a delicate kiss behind my ear, causing me to melt further into him.

There must have been a hundred LED tea lights lit up all around our room. Their twinkling reflections danced across the walls, creating the most mesmerizing designs thanks to the crystal light fixtures that hung from our ceiling.

At the center of the room, right beside the large bay windows that over looked Central Park, was a familiar large red blanket. It was spread out with what looked to be a picnic basket and two wine glasses set carefully at its center. When my eyes continued to move about the room, I noticed multiple bouquets of red roses, mixed with long peacock feathers and Baby's Breath. They had been placed all around us with tea lights circling at the bottoms of their vases to highlight the arrangements.

Once again, I felt a happy tear begin to slid down my face as all the memories of one of our first dates back in California came rushing back to me.

It had been the night before we'd come back to the city and Edward had taken me up to a park, after hours of course. We'd had to scale a locked fence and he'd gotten a fairly R rated view of my panties before we'd even made it to our final destination that evening.

I giggled softly to myself as my cheeks flushed over the memory of that unbelievable evening, and how perfect everything had been.

"You remember then?" He carefully questioned, after stepping up behind me to wrap his arms back around my waist.

"Of course I remember. It was one of the happiest nights of my entire life. That's when I knew I'd finally found someone worth falling for… Someone who had the potential to put me back together again, and show me what real love was and what it could feel like. I knew it wouldn't be easy and that we'd have to fight for it, but I also knew you were everything I'd ever wanted so it would be worth the fight. I don't understand, though. How did you… when did you get all of this done?"

"I had Garrett make some calls for me this evening, and then I arranged for the doorman to let someone in to drop everything I'd need off. I guess I can tell you now that this was why we didn't leave right on time. It took a little longer than I'd hoped, to get everything here, and I wanted this to be perfect."

I looked back at him with a shocked expression on my face, "So, this is why you made us stay longer? Not because you lost track of the time… or because you were having such an amazing time with Vic and her mind numbing minions? Oh, my God! I feel so horrible now."

He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "It was a random idea I had after seeing you walk out tonight, before we left for the party. Seeing you in that dress… It made me remember that night, when I came to pick you up at your hotel, and how anxious I was to have you all to myself, so I'd be able to tell you and then show you just how hard I'd fallen for you."

"I can't believe this. You really planned all of this… in your head… before we'd even left our home?"

He slowly leaned himself back against the wall behind him with a perplexed looked on his face, and crossed his arms, "I did. Does that really surprise you?"

Without even giving it a second thought, I distinctly nodded my head, and then started to walk over towards the blanket that he'd set up beside the opened windows. I lowered myself down to take a seat and ran my hand over its plush fabric. "Maybe surprise is the wrong word… lately I've just felt like, like you've had a lot on your mind, and little of it has had anything to do with me."

It wasn't my intention to start things off with something negative, but I wanted to be honest. I wanted him to know that I was starting to feel more and more disconnected from him the further he stepped into this new career of his.

I hadn't prepared myself for his reaction.

The way his face broke into pieces over the words I had said… I was immediately reaching out to take him by the hands so I could bring him down beside me. "No, no! I don't want you to feel bad. You've just been so busy, I know you don't even realize it, or mean to do it. You're being pulled in a million different directions right now, but it won't be forever, and I know that. Bringing us with you on this trip has meant so much to me, you have no idea."

"And that's why I want you to come with me to New Orleans. I don't want to ever be away from you, or the kids. You know I hate traveling without you guys. It's like a part of me is missing when I go more than twelve hours without seeing your face."

I nodded my head, understanding exactly what he meant because I always felt the same way. I leaned in to kiss his lips, and then pressed my forehead to his after taking his face between my hands.

"If you want us there, we will be there. It would take a hurricane to keep me away."

"Well, I'm in luck then, because I'm pretty sure hurricane season is over."

I giggled and nodded my head before moving myself over to take a seat on his lap. "So, what's in the basket, Stalker?"

"Everything we had that night on the hilltop at the park."

I tilted my head to the side and smirked "We didn't end up eating much that night." I softly teased, after I'd begun running my fingers through his hair to give it a playful tug.

He smirked and traveled his own hand down my hip to lift my right thigh and wrap it around his waist. I was once again facing him, with my legs now straddling his body, and his eyes looking deeply into mine.

His stare remained locked with mine as he reached up to trace my bottom lip with his index finger, "Well, not much food anyways, Care Bear."

I laughed and shook my head, "Funny guy, you are."

"Who, me?"

I rolled my eyes playfully, and quickly grabbed his face to bring his mouth against mine. His needful hands wasted no time to lift my shirt up and over my head, so that I was now sitting topless in his lap over his hardened cock with nothing but my black thong and his dress pants between us.

I followed his lead and doffed his own dress shirt, not even caring about the buttons; I just tore it from his body and tossed it behind me, milliseconds before our mouths collided. I pressed my palm to his chest and gently shoved him backwards, so that he would be lying down underneath me.

"I really needed this tonight." I softly shared, feeling a bit over whelmed by all of the emotions that were now taking over.

He smiled and reached up to run his hand across my cheek. "I really did, too. I know I've said this before but I need to get better at taking my own time outs. I'm trying, Bella. I really am. I need you to believe that. I don't ever want you to feel like you're second to anything, or anyone. You will always be my first, before anything else that might come into our lives. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. Nothing in this world matters more to me than you knowing you are my everything." I glanced away, feeling bashful all of the sudden, but he quickly redirected my eyes back towards him. "Don't turn away. Look at me. You know that, Bella, don't you? You know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you? For us?"

I followed his command and silently nodded my head, knowing if I tried to speak I would probably just succumb to the happy tears that were begging to be released from behind my eyes.

"Jesus, you're so goddamn beautiful. I love it when I wake up before you in the morning. I lay in our bed for a good ten minutes, just watching you sleep, thinking to myself of how lucky I am. It's no wonder every man had their eyes locked on you tonight when we walked into that suffocating party."


"No. I'll never stop, because it's the absolute truth." He delicately ran his index finger down the center of my chest all the way past my bellybutton, and then tugged at the elastic band of my panties. "You're everything that's right in my life. You're what completes me. Not my job. Not these films. Not those people. I need you to tell me you know that. I need to hear it come off your tongue and past your lips."

I took in a deep breath, and felt my body tremble under his touch as I remained positioned over his lap and processed his words.

"Of course I know that. I'm just still getting used to having to share you with the rest of the world, who also seems to have fallen hopelessly in love with you." I eventually admitted with disappointment clearly in my tone.

"The rest of the world doesn't own my heart, Bella."

It was moments like this that made me wonder if my husband was some type of mind reader.

It was as if he'd heard everything I'd told Jake tonight, when we'd stood in front of his building, but Edward had applied it to our own situation, to make sure I remembered everything that really truly mattered at the end of the day when it came to us and our relationship.

I smiled and slowly looked up towards the ceiling before closing my eyes to appreciate the importance of his words. "You better never ever issue a recall, on that heart, Mr. Cullen."

"Not in this lifetime, Mrs. Cullen… Or any other."

The way he was looking at me; the longing, lust filled stare on his face, it brought on a state of confidence that I hadn't felt in quite some time. I leaned myself downward to take his bottom lip between my teeth, and then carefully returned my mouth against his. He moaned with hunger, and rocked my hips deeper into his lap so I'd be able to feel his swollen cock quake beneath me.

He reached out to grab at my ass with his opened hands, and then lifted me upward to halt the friction I was now in desperate need of. "Fuck, Care Bear. I've been waiting all damn night for this." He whispered beside my ear before slapping my bottom with his opened palm, catching me completely off guard. His action sent a loud moan through my parted lips and I instantly fell forward on top of him, bringing his face beautiful between my breasts.

Without hesitation, Edward took my perked nipple between his teeth and applied just enough pressure that it sent me frantically searching for the zipper of his dress pants.

He refused to release my breast from his masterful tongue, but without a verbal warning, I was suddenly being lifted up into the air, and then back down onto my feet while his hands grabbed at my shoulders to walk me backwards until my back met the smooth surface of the glass window behind me.

He moaned against my neck, just below my ear, and feverishly continued exploring my bare skin with his mouth. The vibrations as he clamped his teeth down around my nipple caused my knees to tremble while his explicit motions continued to threaten me with temporary paralysis.

His hands pressed sensually against my sternum, and then traveled back up to grasp at my neck. He forced my head further to the side, granting him better access to one of the more sensitive spots of my body and I moaned in bliss.

With my eyes now closed, I felt something warm begin to make its way over my skin. I could smell the intoxicating aroma of one of my favorite body oils as it slowly slid down my breasts and dripped off my nipples onto the tops of my bare feet from where I remained standing, with my back still pressed against the window.

His finger tips and palms began carefully exploring every inch of my slicked skin with smooth fluid like motions. He bent his left knee, and then closed the small gap between us, slowly pressing it between my legs. I moaned again, feeling the friction from his leg as he rubbed it between my thighs, heightening my desire to have all of him, in ways that would make a porn star blush.

Our tongues collided, and my fingers instantly attached themselves to his hair. His skilled hands began messaging my breasts again and then slowly traveled down past my belly button to linger above the single part of my being that was now longing for his touch the most.

I held my breath as his first two fingers slipped past the elastic band of my low cut panties towards my moistened center. I let out a soft yelp before biting down on my bottom lip to silence my escaped cry after he'd impaled my pussy with his elongated digits, giving me three sensual thrusts with his skilled hand.

"Well, that won't do. I'll need you to be much louder than that, Care Bear."

I giggled over his theatric disappointment, and then carefully spread my legs further before him in order to give him a little more access. He grinned against my mouth and brought my bottom lip between his own teeth. I ran my hand down his working arm to press his fingers further inside of me, the action causing my lips to further part as I yelped out in ecstasy before cursing his name between my clinched teeth. His third finger slipped in after he'd flicked my swollen clit with his thumb, and he began rocking my body forward and backwards, and then up and down with the motion of his talented fingers and pulsing palm.

If it hadn't been for the window behind me, I was sure I'd be on my hands and knees crying out in absolute euphoria while he continued to conquer my body.

When he abruptly ended our kiss to look back into my eyes, I felt as though all the oxygen had left the room.

It was insane how much I depended on him to survive, even in our moments of passion.

He smirked after licking his lips, and then leaned back down to return his teeth to my erect nipple.

While his fingers continued to work me over, he slowly changed his position and got down onto his knees before me. After briskly removing my panties from around my ankles, he carefully replaced his hand with his opened mouth, and hungry tongue, forcing me to once again steady myself by latching onto his hair with my own trembling hands.

"Oh, fuck, Edward! So good! Please, don't stop!"

His tongue licked and circled at my tender opening as his hands carefully spread my legs further apart beneath me. He lapped at my excitement with careful precision; licking and nibbling in places that challenged my ability to remain steady and in control of my limbs.

I grabbed frantically at the back of his head and brought his face in deeper after his right hand had reached up to begin pulsing my breast in unison with the motion of his extraordinarily gifted mouth.

I was on the verge of coming, but it was way too fucking soon.

"N-no. Slow- slow da-down. Please, slow down!" I begged, firmly tugging at his hair again, but this time it was to drawl his head back.

"I need to taste more of you, baby. I promise to get you here again. We have a long evening ahead of us; I only hope you'll be able to keep up." He toyed, and then easily returned his mouth to the tender space between my legs, just as his fingers returned to messaging my pussy with his tantalizing touch beside his tongue.

"I'm coming! Oh God! Edward, I'm coming SO hard!" His mouth began moving vigorously to lap up the ecstasy he had released from deep inside of me. I could hear him moaning in delight as his hands began squeezing at my bottom, taking in all of me against his parted lips.

I quaked above his pulsing tongue and again latched myself onto his hair while I firmly pressed my back deeper against the window that was still keeping me upright.

My entire body was trembling, even after he removed himself from the space between my legs.

"So fucking edible."

I smiled, remembering that he'd used those same words that night up the hilltop when the twinkling tea lights had danced all around us after he'd given me the greatest orgasm of my life, post Jake.

Without saying anything, I silently moved myself around to take my place down on my knees before him. He'd fallen backwards to lay himself against the carpet, while attempting to slow his own breathing down and catch his breath.

He opened his eyes and grinned after sitting himself back up onto his extended arms. His right hand reached out to graze the side of my face. I slowly turned my head into his opened palm and parted my lips, signaling that I wanted to taste myself on his fingers. He smirked and followed my cue, carefully bringing his digits into my mouth, and then delicately moved them in and out without breaking our stare. I leaned myself forward onto all fours and brought them deeper between my lips, instantly moaning as he pressed his index and middle fingers against the top of my tongue.

"I know you like the way I make you taste."

I silently nodded my head in response, while humming my mouth over his fingers. "Mmmhm."

That's when he surprised me with an animalist growl that brought him up onto his feet. I was now eye level with his saluting cock. I reached up to pull his boxers down, all the way past his ankles, and licked my lips. Our eyes once again met as I ran the tip of my tongue up, and then down his impressive length. My fingers increased their grip around the base of his firmed dick and he let out another low moan, just as I was about to bring all of him into my salivating mouth.

"Shall I continue, Stalker?"

I felt his fingers intertwine with the hair at the back of my head and waited for his response.

"Bella, if I ever answer that question with a 'no', during a moment like this, I want you to have me committed."

I smirked and nodded one time, which instantly caused his eyes to close in anticipation.

My hungry grin slowly circled itself around his solid flawlessness. I opened my mouth wider, taking in every inch of his silky smooth perfection, and carefully brought him past my teeth towards the back of my throat. I kept my eyes locked on his euphoric face and moaned with delight after reaching around with my freed hand to grab at his perfect ass.

He quickly increased his grasp at the back of my head, and I let him begin to guide my motions. After a few delicious minutes, my right hand slowly reached up to remove his own hand from my hair.

I wouldn't need him to escort me to his finish line.

I knew what he wanted, and how he wanted it.

I placed my hands beside my opened mouth and began moving myself up and down his shaft to the rhythm I knew he was longing for.

On impulse, he lurched forward, and grabbed at my face with his strong hands to slow me down.

"Christ, Bella. Your goddamn mouth!"

I smiled over his cock and carefully increase my speed before briskly removing myself from him.

He looked down in panic with his chest heaving in and out as he tried to catch his breath and not fall to his own knees.

"If I let you come, will you still make love to me?"

"Baby, I will make love to you until the sun comes up. With you, there's never a limit. By now, you should know this!"

I smiled and playfully shrugged my shoulders, "Sometimes it's just nice to hear you say it."

Without wasting another second, I returned my lips to his glistening cock and steadily began running my hand up and down beside my humming mouth.

After only a few more pulses, his body stilled and he went dead silent.

He was almost there, and I was ready.

"Fuck. I'm coming! Don't stop!"

I followed his command and deepened my thrust, feeling the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat as the familiar taste of his warm, salty nectar entered my mouth and traveled down into my belly. He pumped himself four more times between my lips, and then let out an elated moan. I watched him fall to the floor and felt my own satisfaction triple in size.

"You're unbelievable, woman."

"It will always and forever be my absolute pleasure to please you in ways other women can only dream of." I toyed as I slowly began to crawl myself over to curl up beside him. I licked my lips and ran my fingers across his chest to pull my body further over him, and then felt his own arm wrap itself across my waist to hold me in place.

"Seriously, how do you do that? How do you per'fect something that's already been deemed perfect?"

"Oh, hush!" I giggled and snuggled myself deeper into his chest. I could hear his heart thumping rapidly beneath my ear and the sound caused my blissful smirk to take over my expression.

"I love you, Edward Cullen. So-so frighteningly much."

He pulled me up by my shoulders so I'd be looking straight into his eyes, and then carefully tucked my hair back behind my ears.

"I love you, Bella Cullen. Until the day I die, and then forever into eternity."

I smirked and rolled my eyes, "There's the cheese."

"You love it."

I giggled like a nerd and briskly nodded my head, "I do. But not nearly as much as I love that mouth of yours."

He sat us up, without warning, and then carefully lifted me into his arms to begin walking us towards our bed. "I hope you're ready for seconds, because we've got a long night ahead of us. I need to feel you on top of me now, Care Bear. I hope that's okay?"

I smirked again and silently nodded my head as he gently laid me down on top of our silky comforter.

I'd already planned on seeing stars in our room tonight, more times than I'd be able to count on my hand.

Lucky for us, we wouldn't have any little ones around to wake us up and demand our attention in about five hours.

The night was ours, and I knew Edward wouldn't let us sleep until I was feeling both numb and bruised in all the right places.

It was well after four in the morning. I'd been lying in bed beside Edward for the last half hour, willing myself to fall asleep, but no matter how hard I tried, my brain refused to shut down. All I could think about was heading back outside to finish the picture I had started before my husband had stolen me away.

With delicate ease, I scooted myself out from under his arm, and then stood up from our bed. He moved for a moment, but just rolled over onto his side after mumbling something about 'damn lines' and 'cameras'. I stifled a soft laugh and carefully turned myself around to get dressed. Once I'd completed that mission, I then grabbed my phone from the dresser, to use it as a flashlight, and silently made my way across the room to head out into the hallway.

The house was dead silent.

It was almost eerie with the shadows dancing around me as they bounced off the walls from my phones obnoxious light.

I pushed the door to Edward's office open and stopped in my tracks after noticing the soft glow that was already coming through at the bottom of the tall door that would bring me back out onto the balcony. I was almost certain that Edward had turned the light off after he'd scooped me up into his arms to bring me to our bedroom.

I grabbed my stuff from where I'd dropped it on top of the large oak desk in the center of the room and then carefully opened the door.

Garrett instantly swung his head around, looking as though I'd caught him stuffing his pockets with diamonds and gold.

The moment our eyes met, he slammed his sketch book closed and stuck his pencil behind his ear.

"Jesus, you scared the shit out of me!"

"Sorry to interrupt. I guess we both had the same idea." I carefully replied as I took a calculated step out onto the balcony.

Garrett shook his head and ran his hand nervously through his hair. "I figured you'd be locked away until morning."

"I can't sleep."

He grinned and nodded his head, "Yeah, I was having the same problem, which is what sent me out here. Let's just say it's probably a good thing your kid's rooms are all the way at the other end of the hall. Otherwise, I'd be predicating the need for intensive therapy in their futures."

I looked at him feeling confused by his words.

All it took was the slight raise of his brow, and his signature smirk with his head tilted to the side, and I instantly realized what he was insinuating.

"Oh, God. Shut up!"

"What? You guys have wild, crazy loud, amazingly hot sex. You should take pride in that. The next time someone warns me to never get married, or have kids, because it will ruin the sex… I'm going to tell them their dead fucking WRONG!"

Thankfully, he stopped there to laugh lightly to himself while I contemplated reaching out to give him a hard shove from the palms of my hands. "Anyways, I'm just surprised you didn't pass out after all that."

"You could have left."

"I could have… but I didn't. Where was I going to go at midnight… and then one… one thirty… two… and then again at about two forty, in the morning?"

I rolled my eyes and slowly made my way towards the other lounge chair a few feet away from him. "Changing the topic now, any new news coming in?"

"Nah, nothing worth worrying over."

I lowered myself down into the seat and slowly tucked my feet up underneath me before letting out a brash huff.

After hearing him laugh again, I looked up to find his eyes smiling at me, "Well aren't you shiny. And what is that smell… peppermint?"

I glanced down at my exposed arms and realized my skin was still shimmering from the massage oil Edward had rubbed all over my naked body.


"Smells amazing."

"Yup, felt amazing, too. You know what... it was actually beyond amazing. My husband is a gifted man, with many talents, and yes, our sex life is something everyone on this planet should envy. The way he works my body, the way he uses his tongue… no other man could ever come close to satisfying me the way he does." I bluntly shared, maybe a little too proudly, hoping it might catch him by surprise and make him feel a bit uncomfortable.

He didn't even blink.

"It's okay. Keep rubbing it in. Yes, I'm newly single, but I won't let it bother me."

I rolled my eyes and flipped my hand in the air, "Oh please, because you're not already planning your next conquest back on the west coast?"

He shrugged his shoulders and carefully reached down to open his sketch book back up. I watched him turn to the last page and felt my eyes go wide when he extended the book out for me to take it from his hand.

It had been so long since he'd let me see anything new.

I'd pretty much accepted that I'd probably have to wait, just like everyone else, until our opening night.

"Go ahead. Take it."

I looked up into his eyes.

This time I saw something I'd never seen before.

He looked… tormented… vulnerable… sad.

When I redirected my line of vision, back down towards his displayed sketch, I felt my heart splinter for him.

It was a sketch of Maggie.

Her smile was unbelievably infectious, and her eyes were wickedly fierce with both admiration and confidence captured in her expression.

Unfortunately, she was also naked, lying on her belly with her legs kicked up behind her bare bottom.

Her ass looked amazing, and I hated her for it.

I had to give credit, where credit was due, though.

The drawing was absolutely mesmerizing.

"This is… so… it's so lifelike, Garrett. Her eyes… it's like she's looking right at me." His own artistic eye for detail, and the way he was able to make certain features appear as if they were coming up off the page in 3D, it was ridiculously insane that he'd done it all by hand with nothing more than a few different shades of pencils.

"She was a great muse."

I looked up into his broken stare and frowned, "So… you really did end up falling for her, didn't you?"

"She's a special kind of woman. I didn't expect to find that in her, but I did. Believe me, it shocked me, too."

I reached out and squeezed his shoulder with my right hand, and then scooted myself closer towards his chair. "It's her loss. You were too good for her anyways."

His sudden change of expression took me by surprise.

"That's probably the nicest thing you've ever said to me that wasn't directly related to my art."

"Yup, it probably was." I toyed as I handed the sketch book back over to him so I'd be able to grab my own book to open it up in my lap.

"It's funny, because it's not even the sex that I'll miss the most. It was definitely more of the after that I'd gotten used to. Her just being real… without any censorship, or rehearsed lines. She'd lie around like this, and we would talk for hours." He paused to run his finger over the drawing in his book and then let out a frustrated huff. "She was always so unbelievably comfortable in her own skin. Even with every light on in the room while I'd sketch her with my pencils. The woman had no shame, and for good goddamn reason, it's really rare to find that. I'd gone in thinking she would be the most vein, insecure human being on the planet, but once she was stripped down, she really just didn't give a shit, and I loved that about her. She had this thing for earlobes though…"

I snorted and looked up from my paper again, "Ear lobes?"

"Yeah. She has a hard time falling asleep, especially after getting off, unless she's rubbing on someone's ear."

"Wow, so that's why she never has any down time between manfriends. Why can't she just count sheep like everyone else?" The remark was out of my mouth before I could stop myself. "Ugh, sorry. I didn't mean…"

"No, it's okay. It kind of makes it all a little more understandable. Which is why I brought it up, I guess. She needs a security blanket with her at all times, and I just couldn't be that guy. My damn right ear has been sore for weeks. At least the bruising will finally start to go away now."

He let out a laugh, but I could tell it was forced.

I made a mental note to later steal a glimpse of his ear, and then redirected my eyes to look out towards the city skyline and its bright lights.

"I know how that feels. To be someone's security blanket, I mean, and not much more. I carried Jake for years, just being there for him… being whatever it was, whoever it was, that he needed me to be."

"Huh… well, maybe I'll get lucky and meet some hot, rich, low maintenance, socialite on the subway tomorrow?"

He was joking but I wasn't laughing.

"I'm a firm believer that everyone has a soul mate. Yes, I got lucky, but you better believe I went through a lot of ugly bullshit before getting to my happy ending. The stars aligned for me at the perfect time, so that I'd be able to find the one person on this planet that I was meant to be with. I believe someday that will happen for you, too."

"Nah, I don't need any of that. Truthfully, I'm not looking for a soul mate. I just want someone I can talk to. Someone who will be real with me. Someone who gets me, and doesn't try to dissect every little thing I do, or look for something to pick at, and try to change."

I nodded my head; understanding exactly what he was saying, and then slowly leaned myself back into my chair after stretching my legs out in front of me.

"I get that."

"Yup, I know you do, Bella."

The drop in his voice caused me to look over at him where I found his eyes already watching me.

"Right, well, all this talking about talking has apparently been exactly what I needed to start to feel sleepy."

"Glad to have been of service, my lady."

I smiled and nodded my head as my legs slowly lifted the rest of my body up from my seat.

"He loves you a lot, you know. Edward. He wanted tonight to be perfect. Especially after Jake's attempt to sabotage it all."

I stopped at the door and turned back around.

"Jake knew what Edward had planned?"

Garrett nodded and ran his hand nervously through his hair. "Yeah, he was around a few times when we were talking about it. Sorry if I'm over stepping, but something seemed to change with him as the night wore on. Maybe that's just me being a hypocrite, though, and over analyzing things?"

I shook my head and let out an annoyed laugh, "No. I know Jake, and I don't think you're over analyzing. If anything, you've just answered the one question that's been running through my mind over and over again since I stepped outside onto that stupid terrace tonight."

"You can't hold his hand forever."

I nodded again, silently agreeing with him, and offered one last wave from my hand before heading back inside.

At least now I had a possible reason for my ex's ridiculous behavior tonight, and why he'd said the things he'd said while we'd stood outside of his building.

Jake losing to Edward would always be a sore spot.

Hearing about my husband planning a romantic evening, where he would recreate the same date that we'd gone on the night before we'd traveled back to the city where Jake had been waiting for me… hoping to win me back… well, I'm sure that had brought back all kinds of insecurities for my ex, and apparently Leah had caught on to that.

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