Ben finds out Gwen loves him, What is he supposed to do?
Ben also discovers the omnitrix possesses a power even Azmuth doesn't know about.

Chapter 1:
The Beginning

"I love you Ben" The words echo through Ben's mind "Why? She told me that a week ago, So why am I still thinking about it?" Benjamin "Ben" Tennyson was laying on his bed in the rustbucket thinking of the events from last week, " *sigh* I still haven't given her an answer yet, What am I going to do? He lays there for a bit trying to fall asleep but ends up tossing and turning, after a few minutes he sits up. "Dammit, I can't sleep *sigh* maybe I'll go for a walk or something." He climbs out of bed and gets dressed and heads to the door, as he's just about to open the door he sees stirring under the covers on Gwen's bed "hm? Ben?" she sits up, Ben looks at her and sees her red hair covering a bit of her face, Ben thinks to himself "She looks so beautiful even now" he leans against the door "What are you doing up at this hour?" Ben gives her a weak smile "I was having trouble sleeping so I decided to go for a walk" She looks at him a little puzzled, and thinks to herself "Ben? Not being able to sleep, wow that's a first" She lays back down "just don't get lost, I don't to have to come looking for you" Gwen slowly drifts back to sleep, Ben turns and heads out the door, once out side he leans against the rustbucket and he notices his face flushed "Why am I blushing? is it cause I thought Gwen looked beautiful?" He then stands up straight and heads out on his walk.

The next morning Gwen wakes up to find Ben asleep in his bed, "I guess he was able to get to sleep finally" She smiles and before Grandpa Max noticed she was up,

quickly gave Ben a kiss on his forehead. Ben stirs in his sleep "huh? Gwen?" She looks up at her with sleepy eyes, and Gwen can't help but smile at him, "Morning Ben"

"It's time to get up" She gives him one more smile then turns around and heads to the table with her laptop, Ben sits up and looks around and thinks to himself

"I don't remember coming back from my walk last night..." after a few moments of unsuccessful thinking Ben decides to climb out of bed, but just as he stands up he starts to feel really dizzy and falls to the floor the last thing he sees before passing out is Gwen running over to his side and he then manages a faint smile.

Ben opens his eyes and manages to sit up once sitting up he looks around, "?" "W-Where am I?" what Ben found when he looked around him was a vast forest with what looked to be a small desert in the middle, He get's up and starts to wander around, calling out hoping someone will hear him, "GWEN!" "GRANDPA MAX!" "Anyone!" after a few minutes he stops yelling, he leans against one of the trees and stares at the desert that lies in the distance, he then just barely sees something moving around in the desert he instinctively runs towards it hoping it is someone or something that can help him. after what felt like hours Ben finally reaches the desert, "Damn what is with this place, this desert was nowhere a close as I thought it was." He leans over in exhaustion "haah haah"

"I guess I kinda figured it was far but not that far" He decides to sit down on the sand, all of a sudden he hears a voice "yeah this place will do that to you" He turns and sees a familiar face "Wild Vine?" The Wild Vine look alike just smiles at Ben.

End of Chapter 1