Author notes: This took me forever to write mainly because I ended up writing myself into a corner, so i ended up look through it and changing a bunch of stuff. I hope that it doesn't seem to short, and I hope you'll stick with me till the very end ^_^ so with out further adieu let's begin Chapter four :D

Chapter 4:
"You make me worry sometimes, but I'll always love you"

A few hours have gone by since Ben's fight against Typhon and a few Plumbers have arrived to take Typhon into custody, "Make sure you put him into level ten lock down"

Grandpa Max says to one of the Plumbers officer "Yes sir, don't worry he won't be getting away" The officer salutes Grandpa Max and leaves and Grandpa max close the door and heads to the living room and sees Gwen sitting on the couch with Ben asleep with his head in her lap, Gwen looks at Grandpa Max "did they leave?" she asks him "Yeah, I told them to make sure he is put into a level ten lock down"

a look of relieve sweeps across Gwen's face "That's good" she runs her hand through Ben's hair "How is he?" Grandpa Max asks sitting in one of the living room chairs "He doing better, I guess his new alien uses a lot of energy" She says looking at Ben's sleeping face "It appears that way, from what you told me he fought hard" Grandpa Max smiles at his sleeping grandson "By the way Grandpa, Where is everyone?" Gwen asks looking around

"Their all in bed, after today I'm sure they need the rest"Grandpa Max says worried "Well I just hope they'll be okay" Gwen's says moving her hand to Ben's shoulder where he was hurt and Ben flinches awake "oh! Ben I'm sorry" Ben sits up slowly "hmm ow It's okay" He says groggy "It only hurts a little, I'll be fine" Gwen stares at him not believing him "Ben take your shirt off, I want to take a look at it" Ben looks at Grandpa Max hoping he'll stop her "Sorry but she's right you should let her check it out" He says shaking his head "sigh" Ben reluctantly removes his shirt revealing to Gwen the wound which despite healing during his fight against Typhon was now an open wound "Ben! Why didn't you tell me that it was so bad?" Gwen says glaring at Ben and runs off to get the first aid kit

"Gwen..." Ben sits there feeling bad for making Gwen worry, Grandpa Max gets out of his chair "Well I'm heading out to the rustbucket to get some sleep" he leaves the living room and goes out the front door, and Gwen returns with the first aid kit and notices Grandpa Max isn't in the room "where did grandpa go?" Ben avoids eye contact with Gwen "He went to the rustbucket to go to bed" Gwen sits on the couch beside Ben and takes out some rubbing alcohol and starts to sterilize the wound

"ow ow that hurts" Gwen ignores his whining "Keep still, I'm almost done" She says applying the gauze and medical tape "there we go" she says, Ben looks at the wound and is impressed "wow you've gotten really good at this Gwen" Ben turns to see Gwen looking upset now and then she slaps him across the face "OW! What was that for?" Ben says holding his face and sees tears forming in Gwen's face "Y-You dummy you could have gotten yourself killed!" The tears in Gwen's eye start to trickle down her face and Ben instinctively grabs Gwen and pulls her into a hugging embrace "Gwen I'm so sorry, I never meant for you to worry" Ben says to her while hugging her tightly "Ben, I want you to promise me something" Gwen says looking Ben in the eyes,

"what is it Gwen?" He says giving her a faint smile, Gwen starts to look nervous "I want you to promise me that if it looks like you're about to lose a fight...please just retreat" She says worried she might hurt his pride, Ben just gives her a smile and kisses her. "Gwen I promise you I'll retreat when things get to dangerous" Gwen smiles at Ben and carefully hugs him trying not to hurt his wound. "Ben I know I say it a lot but I love you, I always will" Gwen says as they embrace each other, "I know Gwen, and I'll always love you too" He kisses her and she kisses him back. After their kiss Gwen let's go of Ben and says "well I think it's time we got some sleep it is pretty late now." She says getting up off the couch. "Yeah I guess we should, I am pretty beat after what happened today." Ben lies down on the couch using a cushion for a pillow

"G'night Gwen my love" Ben falls asleep almost instantly, Gwen just smiles and kisses his forehead "good night hon" She heads to her room and climbs into bed wondering what tomorrow will bring.

-somewhere in deep space-

A large ship floats through space, badly damaged by a previous battle. Within this ship a alien wearing black and red armor stands before a alien that resembles large insect with bandages for fingers and legs "Have you brought me news on the whereabouts of Typhon?"

The insect like alien says to the armored alien "Sir, My squad has confirmed that the criminal Typhon as been spotted head to a planet called earth" The alien replies with a salute, "Hmm Earth you say?" The large insect alien rises and walks towards a window "I believe I've heard of that planet, But why would Typhon head there?"

Just then another alien enters the room, this one resembling a mummy with electrodes sticking out of it's back "Commander Sabbia, I have the damage reports for you" the insect alien Sabbia turns his head slightly towards the Mummy like alien "ah very good, So what's our status then?" He says heading back to his chair. "Well sir it seems we have suffered more damage then previously thought" the alien moves towards the side of Sabbia's desk "It would appear that our main engines operating at below normal parameters, we'll need to shut them down for repairs"

a look of annoyance crawls across Sabbia's face "Hrmm, I guess it can't be helped" He looks at the alien in the armor "inform the engine room to shut down the engines and begin repairs" The alien salutes and hurries out of the room "Is something wrong sir" the mummy-like alien asks concerned "We located Typhon and it seems he's somehow made it to a place called Earth"

Sabbia looks at the alien beside him "Anu, do you have any knowledge about that planet" Anu the mummy-like alien sits in the chair in front of Sabbia's desk "I'm afraid not but I can begin research right away if you wish me to" A smile creeps onto Sabbia's face "that's exactly what I want you to do, we can"t have Typhon making anymore trouble for us, or our region of this space" Anu gets up and makes his way to the door "I'll get right on this sir leave it to me" Anu leaves the commander's quarters and heads to the archive room of the ship, leaving Sabbia to his thoughts "Earth huh...I still wonder why he would go there"

the ships shakes a little as the engines are cut and the armored alien slowly enters Sabbia's quarters "Sir the engine have been shut down and the repairs are underway" He says saluting Sabbia "Very well, how long before the engines are fully repaired?" Sabbia asks the rather short alien

"I say about two days and the hyper drive was also damaged and that will take three more days to fully repair" The alien replies still saluting but now with a small amount of fear in his them. "Well this is going to make things complicated, We need those engines repaired as soon as possible before Typhon manages to make another move." Sabbia leans back in his chair and sighs "I guess it cant be helped" He turns his head and looks at the armored alien "tell them to just make sure they do a proper job, we can't have the engines failing on us" the alien salutes again "yes sir" he turns and leaves, Sabbia just stares at the ceiling "Typhon what are you up to now?"

End of Chapter four

Author notes: Well That's it for Chapter four, Like i said before I hope it didn't seem to short, I didn't like how some of the conversations went along, it felt to I don't know misplaced or something along those lines.

I am going to be uploading images of both Sabbia and Anu, and when I do you'll see a pattern for some of the aliens that are being introduced.

Sabbia's name comes from the Latin word for sand and Anu's name comes from the name Anubis

Either chapter five or six will be contain some more Mature rating items (sexual themes), that's all your getting for hints. ^_^