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Naruto Uzumaki: Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf

Chapter 1: A fortunate Meeting and a Strong Beginning

~Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf~

A long time ago there existed a nine-tailed fox. With one swing of it's mighty tails it could destroy mountains and cause Tsunami's. This fox, which was known simply as the Kyuubi No Yoko was considered the most powerful entity on earth. A demon, it along with eight others of varying tails numbered one through nine were know as the Bijuu.

However, very little is known about these beings. And sometimes, things are not always what they seem...

~Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf~

Sitting beside his window and looking out at the people walking by on the street, one Naruto Uzumaki wasn't sure whether to sigh or to cry. Naruto was a young boy of five years old, he had blond hair, and not the usual kind either. His was an odd golden blond color that seemed to literally shine like the sun, and startling blue eyes. However, the most prominent feature on his face were the six whisker marks, three on each side, running horizontally across his cheeks.

The blond haired child was sitting alone in his apartment, on his bed with his knees drawn up to his chest doing the same thing he did every day. Which was essentially wondering why he was alone, why no one liked him and why all the villagers glared at him with such a fierce hatred it would make demons flinch in fear. Unfortunately, he had never been able to figure it out, and had learned long ago that trying to would only give him a head ache. Or make him even more depressed, which ever came first.

He stared out of the window to his apartment and watched as people walked along the street below. Adults were walking, carrying their kids, holding hands with their significant others. Children were running through the street, playing tag or some other kind of game. Naruto often wished he could do those things, that he could have someone carry and hold him, that he could play games with the other kids, that he could be loved. But he knew it was nothing more than a dream, he knew what he would get if he went outside. There was only one person in the entire village who treated him with kindness.

Just than someone knocked at the door and a smile split little Naruto's face as he ran to the door and swung it open. "OJISAN!" he shouted his greeting to the old man who stood in his entry way. Hiruzen Sarutobi was an aging man in his mid to late sixties. He had graying hair and a wrinkled yet kind looking face, which helped create his grandfatherly aura. He was wearing a long white robe with red lining that covered him from head to toe, and a large white hat with the Kanji for "Fire" on the front.

"Hello Naruto-kun," Sarutobi chuckled at the boys enthusiastic greeting. He bent down and ruffled the boys hair, getting a playful scowl from the young blond. Despite the boy trying to knock the hand off of his head, he actually enjoyed the small gesture of affection due to the fact that he rarely ever got any. Something that Sarutobi was all to aware of. "I hear someone has a birthday today."

"You remembered," Naruto smiled brightly at the one person who never treated him like some kind of freak. Sarutobi was the only person who ever treated him kindly, coming to visit him when he had been in the orphanage, giving him this apartment after he had been found getting beaten by several drunk villagers. He was the only person who didn't hate Naruto.

"Of course I remembered," Sarutobi said with a smile, "how could I forget? You've been yelling about it for a week now."

Naruto blushed before his good mood faded a little, "no one else even bother's to figure out when my birthday is."

Sarutobi winced at the desperation in the blonds voice. In an effort to get rid of the boys frown he stood up and held out his hand, "why don't we go out and spend some time in the village to celebrate your birthday? There's a festival going on today that I think you would enjoy."

"I..." Naruto frowned as his eyes clouded over, "I don't know if I want to."

"Why not?" Sarutobi asked with a frown of his own, "you enjoyed the last time we went out didn't you?"

Truth was Naruto didn't, the last time they went out he was glared at. But he didn't want his Ojisan to worry so he quickly shoved his own insecurities aside. "Your right! Let's go!" Naruto grabbed the hand and began dragging an amused Sarutobi behind him.

~Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf~

Sarutobi frowned as he noticed the large scowl on the face of the ice cream vendor he and Naruto had just gotten ice cream from. Not that it was all that hard to notice, the man wasn't even attempting to hide it from the Hokage. Sighing, he looked at Naruto who was happily licking away at the large, triple scoop, chocolate fudge sundae he had gotten. At least the boy was too busy to notice the man's glare, or so he thought.

"Come on Naruto-kun," Sarutobi said, "why don't we try some of the games here?"

"Ok!" Naruto said before they began to move into the crowd. Everywhere they went it was the same reaction. People would give Sarutobi a differential bow, smile at him, right before they noticed the little blond he was with. Then they would scowl, their eyes would glare, showing a hatred and maliciousness that shocked and depressed the aging man to his core.

He tried not to let that bother him as Naruto led him around. They played several games, scooping up gold fish, a throwing game where if you knocked three bottles down you'd earn a prize and several others. Many of the vendors made their displeasure at having the blond inside their established booths clear, but with Sarutobi there they were all smart enough not to try anything.

However, not all people were being as... tolerant with Naruto's presence.

~Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf~

"Hey Takeshi, take a look at that damn demon! Walking around like he owns the place!"

"I know what you mean. And the way our Hokage gives him such attention and preferential treatment, it makes me sick!"

"Makes you wonder... what if the Kyuubi has the Hokage under some kind of spell."

"Do you think it's possible? I mean, he may look old, but he is the strongest ninja in the village."

"So was the Yondaime, look at what the Kyuubi did to him."

"You're right! But what do we do?"

"Heh, some friends of mine are getting together tonight, to mourn the passing of their loved ones. At least that's what everyone thinks is going to happen. Instead, we plan on taking that demon out once and for all! We won't let him walk around like he owns the place anymore!"

"But wouldn't the Hokage notice when he goes missing? You know how the old man is about the Kyuubi."

"Don't worry about it, my friend is on the council and when I informed him of what we were gonna do, he said that he would convince the other members to put the old man in a council meeting. With him out of the way there will be no one to stop us, those ninja who aren't getting drunk are patrolling the festival. No one will even be near the demon's apartment. So, you in?"

"Sounds like a plan, I'm in."

~Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf~

It was late at night when Naruto awoke to the sound of his door being busted in and his windows being broken. Jumping out of bed the blond had just enough time to stand up before the door to his bedroom was busted down. Two men were standing in the door way, but only for a second before they stalked into the room, towards Naruto whose eyes had gone wide.

"W-What do you people want!" Naruto asked as he backed away from them. He knew what they wanted of course, this wasn't the first time this had happened. It had happened a few times before when he was living on the street, but he had thought he would be safe now that he had an apartment.

"Shut up demon! You don't get to ask questions!" one of the man shouted, spittle flying out of his mouth, from the smell and the slight way he was swaying the man was drunk. Not that Naruto knew or cared.

Said blond tried to get away only for both men to lunge and grab him. Naruto started kicking and screaming, trying to escape or at least alert someone who might help him.

It was too bad Sarutobi had so much faith in his people to do the right thing, even after all that had happened. Otherwise, he may have given Naruto an ANBU guard to protect him. Alas, they were all being deployed elsewhere at the moment, ensuring that nothing happened during the festival.

The men dragged Naruto out of his apartment, where about a dozen men were waiting. The moment the two came out a cheer went up and thus began Naruto's torture.

~Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf~

"AHHHH!" Naruto screamed and tears came to his eyes as his hands were nailed to a wood fence with a kunai. His feet were dangling about four inches off the ground and his hands were above his head, blood was beginning to pour out of the wounds on his palms, down his arm, chest and back. "W-Why are you doing this!" asked Naruto through his grit teeth as tears stained his cheeks.

"Why? WHY!" shouted one of the men, "because you killed our loved ones, that's why!"

"But I didn't!" cried Naruto, what could he say to make these people understand.

"Like hell you didn't!" shouted another man, he pushed the one who shoved a kunai through Naruto's hands out of the way and smashed a fist into the blonds stomach. Naruto gasped in pain and began to cough as all of the air was knocked from his lungs. "That child-like visage you hold won't fool us demon! We know all Kitsune are tricksters! Well guess what? This time the tricks on you!"

The mob soon began to take turns beating on the blond, for the moment the only weapons used were fists and feet. They hit his face, his stomach, his ribs, one even kicked him in the crotch, claiming that 'demons shouldn't have children' or some other tripe. All through out it Naruto could do nothing more than cry out or gasp depending on how and where he was hit.

Than, they brought out weapons. "AAAAAHHHH AH! AHHHHH!" the first thing they used was a broken bottle. The village who stabbed him with it did so on his left bicep, making blood begin to gush down onto his head. Another came up, this one with a kunai he somehow managed to get. He took it to the little blonds face and began to carve out his whisker marks, not just opening them enough to pur out blood, but carving all the way through the flesh until the muscles of his jaw could be seen.

Blood poured down his cheeks, running along his chin in a thick stream that looked like a miniature waterfall. The young boy's screams intensified but that just seemed to goad the villagers on more. The number of wounds they inflicted on him were both numerous and horrifying. One man had used a pair of pliers and tore off Naruto's toe nails, one by one. Another had taken a hot branding iron normally used for cattle and scalded his chest, face and stomach. When the man was finished the whiskered blond was suffering from multiple third degree burns.

"P-please..." Naruto gasped, "no more... I-I'll be good. I'll do what ever you want! Just please -"

"You can't give us what we want!" the dozen strong mob roared. "You can't give back all the people you killed!"

they continued their torture, one man busted Naruto's knee caps with a mallet. Another had done the same to his feet. However, it was the last attack that hurt worst. A man came in with a pitch fork, and stabbed it right in his stomach. More specifically, he was stabbed right where the seal was located. "GAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! AH AHHHHH!" Naruto's wails continued, if it weren't for the fact that the Festival that celebrated the Yondaime's sacrifice was still going on, and the council had managed to drag the Hokage into a meeting, they may have gotten caught.

Had the villagers not been so drunk they may have noticed the seal appear when Naruto's blood was smeared across it.

As it was, the Hokage was not around to protect the demon, and the spot they had chosen to rid themselves of Konoha's stain was completely deserted of all life. As far as they were concerned, they had all the time in the world.

The tortures seemed to continue until Naruto was nothing more than a lump of beaten and bloody flesh, barely even recognizable as a human. The last thing he saw before darkness claimed him was a hammer that smashed into his face and sent him into oblivion.

Had the villagers been more observant they may have spotted the second seal on top of the first one, a one time defensive mechanism installed as a security device in case something ever damaged the main seal. As it was they didn't, and they would soon pay the price.

The villagers sent up a cheer, believing that the Kyuubi was finally dead. However as this cheer went up a red energy burst from the lump of raw flesh. It happened too fast for the villagers to even notice, red chakra burst forth from the blond and formed nine tails that then shot out, piercing each and everyone of them. They didn't even get a chance to scream as it burned their flesh, then their muscles and organs and finally, their bones. Soon the villagers were nothing more than dust that scattered on the wind.

Sometime during the night Naruto would be found by an ANBU officer who was doing a routine sweep of the village after most of the people had gone home. The red energy would no longer be visible or noticeable and the only sign of injury the blond would have would be several broken bones, the puncture wounds in his hands from the kunai, and a severe concussion.

~Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf~

Naruto's eyes opened as he found himself in what looked like a sewer. At least he thought it was a sewer. Gray, drab walls with cracks running along their and there were pipes that glowed with a blue energy running every which way along the walls. Sitting up, Naruto realized he was in knee deep water, yet despite this, he was saw that his clothes and body were still completely dry.

Getting up Naruto looked around and tried to figure out where he was. It didn't look like any of the sewers he had ever seen before; and he had been in every sewer in Konoha during his attempts to escape from the drunken civilians that would occasionally chase after him.

The young blonds eyes found a pipe running along the ceiling that was different than the others, where all the pipes glowed blue this one did not. Rather it had a deep reddish glow; it was also the only one that was leading in a direction he could go. He decided to follow it.

Eventually Naruto was forced to stop as he ended up staring at a large cage, it had odd black symbols that glowed with a purple energy along the bars, in the center of the cage was a piece of paper with some odd symbol he had never seen, but looked kind of like the stuff that the old man in the pointy had would draw; he wondered if the old man had been down here and drew it.

"H-hello!" Naruto called out hoping for an answer, for a second he there was silence. Than Naruto heard it, a sound he had grown familiar with as it had been one he had made countless times. Someone was crying.

Following the sound Naruto easily moved between the bars as he continued on towards the source, when he got to it he was surprised. In front of him was a girl, she looked to be about ten years older than he was. With long red hair that reached down to her mid back and a pair of bangs that framed a beautiful, aristocratic face, with high cheek bones, luscious red lip, and a small nose; her eyes were currently closed so he could not see the color, but she had rather long lashes that added to her beautiful features.

She was wearing a red Kimono that hid her rather beautiful figure, long, toned legs, wide hips with a small, firm, shapely rear that fit her five foot eight height perfectly and tapered into a lithe waist, before moving into a bust that fit her just as perfectly as everything else about her body did. All in all the woman was too beautiful to be human, not that the little blond had any real concept of beauty.

Nine fox tails laid limply at her side, and two fox ears were flattened against her head. Currently she was curled up in the fetal position as tears rained down her face.

For a moment Naruto was unsure what to do, he had learned long ago that he could not trust anyone except the old man with the funny hat. She could easily be trying to trick him into coming closer, however he also wanted to comfort the strange, pretty girl, having cried many times himself he knew she must be hurting and he could not stand to see others cry.

He tentatively moved up to her side and knelt down, she hadn't seemed to notice him yet as her eyes were closed. "Ano, are you ok miss?" he asked in a small, timid voice.

The young woman's eyes snapped open, Naruto saw that they were blood red, with a black slits running down the middle. They were some of the oddest eyes he had ever seen, and he had seen everything from white pupiless eyes that those blind people had, to those creepy red eyes with the odd looking dots in them. Even though these eyes were also red, they didn't scare him like the other red eyes did.

The young woman gasped when she saw a pair of bright blue eyes in front of her and nearly fell backwards, or she would have had she been in an upright position. She had not expected to meet her container so soon, or ever if she were honest with herself. In fact, thanks to the seal that held her in place and had been draining her power she had not even expected to wake up. Were it not for the seal that had been draining her power breaking, she likely would have never woken up.

For the past five years she had only been partially aware of everything going on around her, enough to know that she had been sealed and have a general sense of time, but no more than that. Then not but ten seconds ago she had awoken, only to be inundated with several images. Images of she was seeing through the boys eye, images of him being tortured, by people accusing him of being her, of killing others, of hateful eyes and painful screams. The young blond had been tortured so badly that his mind had been forced to bury itself deep enough within his subconscious to reach this place.

The mere fact that the reason he was here because of her caused her even more tears to rain from her eyes. Out of some kind of instinct that she didn't know she had the beautiful red head grabbed Naruto, pulling his body to her in a hug as she buried her face in his hair.

For a second Naruto's eyes widened and his entire body stiffened like a board as the young woman hugged him. Having never had a hug in his life except the occasional small one from the old man he was unused to being so close, except when people were beating him. He was about to start struggling when the young woman spoke.

"I'm sorry," despite her voice cracking it was still extremely an beautiful and soft sounding alto pitch. "I'm so, so sorry," she continued, "thi-this is all my fault."

Naruto's body began to relax as her voice reached his ears, the soothing and melodious sound comforting him in ways he had not felt before. He frowned as he tried to understand what was going on. Unable to think of anything he decided to simply ask the girl who was now hugging, "ano, why are you apologizing to me?"

"Those people are hurting you because of me," the young woman replied to his question. "Because I was sealed inside of you they feel that by hurting or killing you it will hurt or kill me. This is all my fault," she began to shake as her tears spilled out harder.

However, her body stiffened with surprise when a pair of small arms latched onto her waist; Naruto really had no clue what was going on, but this girl was apologizing to him for something that other people were doing. That simply wasn't right.

"You don't need to apologize," Naruto said as he moved his head up to look at her. "You've never tried to hurt me or done anything mean to me, I don't see why you're saying sorry for something other people have done."

The red haired girl looked at the boy in shock, all of this was her fault; had she been more prepared she would not have been caught off guard and forced to attack Konoha. She would never have been sealed in this boy and he would have never lost his family, she deserved nothing more than to receive this boy's hatred and the beatings he had taken from the villagers because of her. Yet this boy, this little, five year old boy was telling her she had nothing to apologize for. Her grip tightened as she laid her head on his, whispering thank you over and over again to the little boy who was still confused.

After a while Naruto decided it would probably be best if he knew what was going on, "Ano, if you don't mind my asking miss. Where are we exactly? And who are you?"

The woman blinked, "I'm sorry kit I forgot you would have questions for me. Right now we are in your mind," she made a sweeping gesture to the area around her. "This place is called your mindscape, think of it as a place inside of you that you can go to when you want to or are in trouble."

Naruto only understood half of that, this place was some kind of safe haven that he could go to but he really didn't understand what she meant by his mind. Could people go into their minds? Despite his confusion he nodded anyway, figuring he would learn what she meant eventually.

The young woman continued, "as for my name, its Akane; however you may know me better by my title of Kyuubi No Yoko."

Naruto thought for a moment, he had heard the old man tell him about the Kyuubi before he was sure of it. He blinked as he recalled the information, "I thought the Kyuubi was an evil demon that the Yondaime killed. There's no way you can be a demon."

"I am kit," Kyuubi said sadly, "however I am not evil I was… tricked into attacking your village." it was part of the truth at least, but the boy was not yet ready to hear of the dangers he may face since she was sealed in him. "As for the Yondaime, while he did 'defeat me' in a sense he could not kill me. Demons of my caliber cannot be killed by mortals, so he did the next best thing by sealing me into a new born baby."

"Sealed?" asked Naruto, not really understanding what that means.

"Yes, I am inside of you," Akane said, she wondered how best to describe the art of sealing, or at least how it pertained to their situation to a five year old. She shook her head, there was nothing she could really say that would make sense to the boy. "All you need to know for now, is that I am inside of you."

Naruto tried to comprehend what she was saying, "so your… sealed Inside of me?" Akane nodded, and the little blond tried to grasp what that meant. If she was the Kyuubi as she was saying, and she was inside of him, then… "is the reason those villagers hurt me because they think I am you?" he asked, that the really the only thing he could think of. Why else would they want to hurt him unless they thought he was a demon who was somehow inside of him?

The red head bit her lower lip as she nodded.

"Well that's just stupid," Naruto said with a snort.


"How can I be you if you're right here," Naruto said, as if that explained everything. And in a very simplistic way it did. "Besides you don't act bad," he added as an afterthought. After all, if she were the Kyuubi and the Kyuubi was supposed to be bad, he didn't think she would be crying and apologizing, bad people don't do those things.

A few tears came to Akane's eyes but she blinked them away as she reburied her face in Naruto's hair, holding on to him like a life line. Naruto didn't resist this time as he was starting to get used to the hug, a part of him couldn't help but enjoy the feeling of warmth she gave off. For a while they stayed like that, before Akane perked up.

"Say kit," she said getting Naruto's attention, "do you have any dreams you want to fulfill?"

Naruto looked at her tilting his head to the side in a cute fashion, had Akane not already been pretty much cuddled up to the boy she would have after seeing how cute he looked. A second later a foxy grin spread over his face, "of course I have a dream, I'm gonna be the best Hokage ever!"

Akane looked at the young kid for a moment, the boy seemed so determined and full of energy when he said that. Like there was some kind of fire raging inside of those blue eyes of his, she smiled at him. "How would you like me to help you?"

Naruto looked at her, his eyes wide as saucers, "you would help me?"

"Of course," Akane said, "I will help you become Hokage. I will teach you everything I know about being a ninja and will even go one step further, by turning you into a Hanyou."

Naruto face scrunched up in confusion, "hand what?"

Akane giggled, "not hand, Hanyou, I will let you become a half demon to increase your power."

Naruto thought about her offer for a moment, she was telling him he would become a half demon. Was a half demon like Akane? Well if she was a demon, then he supposed that meant he would be half of what she was. In truth the offer intrigued him rather than appalled him, he was already considered a demon by the village so becoming a real one would not make a difference, at least that was how he perceived it. "Ano, will I become like you?" he asked.

Akane shook her head, "Not quite, I am a full demon while you will become a half demon. That's half demon and half human. I will give you all nine of my tails, since I can regain my power easily enough if I ever get out of this seal. In any event, you will gain all nine of my tails, which will mix with your human chakra to form a weaker variation of Youki."

Naruto did not quite understand what she meant by tails of power, nor did he know what chakra was but put it into the 'learn later' section of his mind. "Alright," Naruto said, "I would like your help in becoming the greatest Hokage ever!"

Akane giggled at his once again determined look, "very well kit. Your training will begin soon. But first, you need to wake up."

~Story of the Ten Tailed Wolf~

Naruto opened his eyes as he woke up in a bed he recognized as the one reserved for him at the hospital.

"Are you alright Naruto-kun?"

Naruto blinked as he turned his head to look at the old man in the funny hat, "I'm fine Ojisan. Did you save me?" Naruto asked.

"I did," the old Hokage replied, not feeling the desire to worry the blond by telling him he had been found unconscious by one of his ANBU. "I am sorry I could not get there sooner I was in a council meeting."

I suspect they did that on purpose so they could try to get rid of him, Sarutobi thought with a frown. If only he had more evidence of their wrong doing then he might actually be able to do something, if only they had not been able to monopolize as much power as they have, this would have never happened. Sometimes he cursed the Yondaime for dying, had he not died the bastards on the council would never have gained this much power.

It was not that they had taken control of his power, but rather, thanks to the Yondaime's death they had been able to gain enough power and clout over the village that they could cover up their tracks very well.

"That's ok Ojisan, it's not your fault people are baka's," Naruto said.

Sarutobi looked at him strangely for a minute at the odd sentence, while the beating had only been severe enough to send him to the hospital a few times he had never said something like that, normally it would be marked off as the occasional odd words of a child. But Sarutobi was not the Professor for nothing; 'could he know of the Kyuubi?' Sarutobi shook his head at the absurd thought, there was no way a child could know of that. He was probably just being paranoid.

"Careful kit you can't let him know that you know about me."

Naruto blinked in surprised as the feminine voice of Akane rang through his mind. He looked around for a moment curiously, when he didn't see anyone other than the old man he thought, "Akane-chan?"

Akane flushed a little at the affectionate suffix having never had someone call her that before. Of course, she had never given her true name to anyone before so maybe that had something to do with it. She quickly shook the thought off and replied, "Yes it's me kit, now don't let the Hokage know about me. If he did no good could come of it right now."

Naruto did not understand but agreed to any ways, he looked up at the old man who seemed to be in his own world. "Hey Ojisan?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi snapped out of his stupor, "Yes Naruto-kun?"

"Can I go now?"

Sarutobi blinked before chuckling, no matter what happened Naruto always hated hospitals and wanted to get out of them as soon as possible. "Of course your wounds are all healed so you are free to leave."

Naruto grinned as he stood up, getting the clothes laid out for him on as he left.

Sarutobi watched the boy leave and closed his eyes, I am so sorry I could not protect you more Naruto…

I fixed this chapter up, I really didn't like how my chapter was just like every other story where Naruto was being chased by a large mob, something that would be noticed easily and has no real basis on reality. I feel this was done a lot better. Anyways, there you go.