Title: It's Not You
Fandom: Bayverse, DotM
Author: femme4jack
Characters: Mikaela, Sam, Wheelie
Rating: PG-13
WARNINGS: Spoilers for DotM, implied character death, cussing
Summary: What really happened when Mikaela broke up with Sam
Notes: The first of a series of DotM ficlets that are begging me to get written.

It was for the best. That is what she kept reminding herself. If she wasn't close to him, they couldn't use her against him, or any of their friends. Hell-made-flesh was racing up her wrist and arm, straight to her heart, and she knew that far worse pain would soon follow as she defied Soundwave's orders. Gritting her teeth, she dug deep and found the inner well of strength not to show just how much agony she was in.

"I'm sorry, Sam. It's me, not you. I have nightmares about Egypt and Mission city every fucking night. I just can't take it any longer. I have to go. Don't try to contact me."

"Please, Mik, I love you. Please don't go." Mikaela bit her lip when she saw that Sam was actually crying. She didn't dare reach out to him. Didn't dare kiss him goodbye. Who knew what the monstrosity on her wrist would do to him if she got close enough. Another pulse of agony raced through her body, and this time, her words came out as a scream.

"Shut up! Just shut up, Sam. You don't. You love the idea of me. Not just forget about me. I'm not worth your fucking time."

"Warrior goddess, I'm coming with you!" Wheelie proclaimed, rolling into the room.

Her vision was beginning to tunnel from the agony. "Stay with Sam, Wheelie! Don't you dare follow me. I don't want any of you around me any more. I don't want to ever see another one of you fucking machines again!"

Before either could say another word, she stormed out and slammed the door. The pain stopped, but she knew it was but a momentary respite as a winged shadow passed over her and a silver Mercedes rounded the corner.