I skipped down the side walk with my sister/bestfriend Cori, while listening Hello Goodbye - Here in your arms & saw Kaitlyn (KK) & Cynthia. KK was momentarily busy with her boyfriend Thomas, so she wasn't able to talk. Then Cynthia was also busy blushing & smiling at Chelsea, her girlfriend, we all waited in front of the school for school to start. Cori then seen Brandon & just about tackled him.

"GET IT!" me and my boyfriend Michael yelled together. I didn't notice he was standing there.

"Baby!" I ran & jumped on his back, "Do you by any chance have some celery? I'm hungry." he laughed & said shook his head.

I frowned then looked at him again. "Did you atleast bring me a unicorn..?"

"Krisanna Nicole! Only on Wednesdays" Kaitlyn said & I laughed.

"Wow.. You actually came up for breath?" Cori yelled at Kaitlyn she flipped Cori off then put her hood over her head.

"You can't see me.." Kaitlyn said while laughing.

"You're so cute" Thomas said then they continued to do what no child should see.

"Baaaabbbyyyyyyy..." Michael rolled his eyes & laughed

"Yes baby?" he sounded kinda scared. Hmm. I like this.

"Can you take me to the mall later & get me a peppermint mocha & a cookie pretty please with unicorns & sprinkles on top?" I smiled & twirled my hair while looking at him.

"If you give me a kiss. Hey! It's compromise!" he laughed then let me down off his back

"You're trying to pull a male version of a Cori!" I smiled then kissed him.

"What about pulling Cori's?" Cori pulled away from her.. Distraction? Yeah let's go with that.

"Well you see, what had happened was! Krisanna pulled.. A Kris & got him to agree to take her to the mall & buy her stuff, but he said only if he kissed her." Kaitlyn explained.

".. I'm so proud! Of you both! You've passed Cori 101!" I laughed then the bell rang. We all groaned & I grabbed Michael's hand.

"Krissy! Kaitlynlyn!" me & Kaitlyn both turned around & seen ken. Always late, homeboy gunna flunk!

"Would you like to be in 10th grade till your 69?" I yelled at him then hugged him.

"Shut up, freshman!" he laughed then I bit his hand

"I'm guessing you didn't bring me celery either." I said then growled

"the heck.. Why would I.. You know what. Nevermind, you're Kris. What am I thinking?"

Kaitlyn laughed then hugged him then Thomas looked very.. Deprived then he grabbed KK & said "mine!" we all laughed & went off to classes.