My Unicorn Filled Life

Chapter 16

"Make me a sammich." Brandon said to Cori

"The hell I look like to you? a servent? you've got hands! get your ass up & make your god damn self a sandwhich! & while you're at it! make me one too! damn idiot will never learn! telling me to make him a sandwhich is he damn crazy?"

"I'm sorry darling. What would you like on your sandwhich?" he said with a scared hint in his voice

"One with more peanutbutter on it than jelly. Make it quick. Beer better be included!" Cori said then growled at him

"Sissy, you're terrible." I said while laughing.

"Says the one who has the boyfriend that carry's around lollipops!" She said then stuck her tongue out at me

"Lollipops are important dammit!" I said while crossing my arms

"Yeah.. In kris land." Cori said then brandon handed her a sandwhich

"Where. Is. My. Beer.." She said while looking up at him

"Getting it!" He said while quickly going to the fridge

"Idiot.." Cori said then sarted to eat then spat it out