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.:When It Rains:.


The moonlight reflected its image upon the water, ruffled only slightly by the wind that blew gentle waves across the lake. Stars were littered across the sky like millions of little shining fireflies, twinkling and sparkling like cut diamonds. The land was silent and without disturbance, like under an enchanting spell that froze it within time. But all who have seen the world that exists knows that all peace must be corrupted and erupt into war and violence.

This was the place where Pokemon were at harmony with one another, untainted by unwanted intruders, untouched by the dirty fingers of humans. Here, they could live the quiet lives they desired, without the fear of being captured and enslaved unwillingly by these "Trainers". It was an isolated haven for these creatures, cut off from the world around it as if it simply didn't exist. And to most of the humans in existence, it didn't.

"Mr. Otoko, we have traced the Targets. Would you like us to proceed?"

Mr. Aku Otoko scratched his chin thoughtfully, chuckling to himself about his current plight. "No, that is quite all right. I think I'll do this one myself," he responded, his teeth glittering in the dim light, getting up from his seat to glance out the window of his private helicopter down to the world below. He loved how small everything looked from there; it made him seem more dominant than those futile creatures that believed they were important. He would show them just how wrong they were for thinking such foolish things.

"Sir, we're preparing to land!" a voice called from inside the cockpit, notifying his superior of their current status. "We shall be arriving precisely a quarter mile south of the targets. A south wind three miles an hour. Thirty percent chance of light rain within the next sixty minutes." Listing these conditions was a given when serving under Mr. Otoko, as for each and every one of his missions, he desired to ensue without any surprises.

"Perfect..." He fingered a red and white sphere in his palm, rolling it around in his fingers without any thought about it. Clicking a little button in its center, the ball increased in size, and his grasp on it tightened. "Things are going just as planned. No obstacles, no delays. And soon they will be mine..." His dark gray eyes revealed his high satisfaction with his position.

The shiny, black helicopter that carried this man of high esteem and power landed in a small clearing surrounding completely with full, verdant green trees. Silhouettes of many shapes and sizes were cast into the darkness from the low light of the moon, reflecting off the steel that covered the man-made mode of flight. A large metal door on the side slide open quietly, and Mr. Otoko's tall, slender figure stepped down out of the copter, the motion of the propeller blowing his deep, forest green hair every which way.

"Now it is time for a little hide and go seek..." He made his way briskly through the foliage, brushing past bushes and trees with little sound to be made. The same PokeBall still in his hand, with his other, he pulled out a large ring of cold, dark metal. It was about two inches thick and had a diameter of about a ten inches. But the technology that his team of scientists had been advanced enough as to create it out of such an alloy, that once activated, would expand or contract to fit around the target. The perfect sort of weapon for an operation such as the one he was now embarking upon. "Come out, come out, wherever you are..."

He snickered at his own words, and then he proceeded to cast forth the PokeBall he held without a word. The Pokemon inside appeared before him, staring him hard in the eyes, standing just over five feet tall. It had a round, helmet-shaped head with a double ax-head blade protruding from the top that came down and mostly concealed his black and yellow face. His shoulders were crimson, resembling shoulder-pads, and its arms and torso were all black. Instead of hands, it had metallic gloves that had a place where blades could retract from them. Midway around its chest were two sharp blades, resembling the ribcage. Its large red thighs thinned as they ran down to its metallic feet that had a resemblance to hooves.

"Bisharp," Mr. Otoko caught his Pokemon's attention with little mercy written in the notes of his voice, "...Find them."

A swift, short nod from Bisharp, the retracting of its hand blades in a single tightening of its muscles, and the Sharp Sword Pokemon was off. It darted noiselessly through the forest with great velocity, its eyes moving in all directions. It knew that they were close by, it could sense their presence in its loins. It was gaining distance on them quickly, and they should be entering plain sight at any moment. And that was when things would end for them. Bisharp knew its place, and to deliver them into the hands of its master was its distinct placement.

In mere seconds, the dual-type burst out of the trees to the shore of a small lake. It stopped abrupt at the water's edge, looking to the air to gaze at the large, bright full moon. It stood motionless for brief, fast-moving seconds, listening, waiting. It turned its head slightly to the right. There.

A blue and white Pokemon emerged from under the waves, water dripping off its dragon form. Two long wings jutted out of his back and on his chest was a red diamond. He had a long neck that connected up to a rather narrow head. Two ears stretched back and on his forehead between them, was a white teardrop shape. Small white arms protruded from his torso up to blue from the elbow up. His eyes were a deep, hypnotizing red.

No moments wasted, Bisharp jumped up. Its hand glowing white, it struck the blue Pokemon in the face with a Sucker Punch, catching him off-guard and dealing a fair amount of damage with its Dark type attribute. The target faltered back, offense and annoyance in his eyes, and he shook of the attack before charging up and firing an orange-colored Hyper Beam attack in retaliation. When Bisharp merely help up its arm to block the attack, the Pokemon's eyes grew wide.

And now, with him left defenseless in having to recharge after the previous Hyper Beam, Bisharp took this chance to strike again with the blades on his hands aglow in a purple hue, slashing the Pokemon across the chest with a Shadow Claw. The gashes began to ooze crimson down his soft body.

He fell and was submerged back under the water's dark surface as Mr. Otoko arrived into the area. Things were proceeding smoothly, and at any moment, they shall be all his for the taking. He watched the waves settle as he walked over to the shoreline, mumbling aloud, as if his prey was actually able to hear his words, "Target Cobalt, you're soon to be all mine..." He pressed a button on the side of the ring he was holding and it split in half, each of the two parts held together by a hinge. "Finish him, Bisharp!"

His Dark-Steel Pokemon's entire emnity glowed and he leapt up over the water and struck down upon it with a Giga Impact. Waves rose from its epicenter multiple feet high and sprayed hard against the shoreline. The blue Pokemon was flung from under the surface onto the hard dirt, blood pooling where he laid bruised and bleeding. Bisharp stepped toward its enemy, a single blade out before him and in the ready to finish things.

"Metal Claw, Bisharp." His master's voice came without emotion, so cold, uncaring, heartless. He fingered the metal ring in his hand as his servant prepared to strike, and he felt little, cool droplets of rain lightly touch his skin with nothing short of the gentleness of an angel. A snide smirk was plastered onto the distinct curves his face; the beginning of his life goal was about to open up before him like a little flower coming into bloom.

The Sharp Sword Pokemon raised up its arm, the blade on it shining in the moon's light like a guillotine moments before delivering its justice to the wrongdoer. Its eyes trailed onto the helpless Pokemon, calculating just where to bring down its attack. It was personally against such violence; no one in the right mind did things of such magnitude of cruelty, but it was its master's wishes, and that mean there was no other option in the matter.

Out of nowhere, Bisharp was struck down by a newly-arrived figure with a Bulldoze attack, cast off meters away from its previous place. It made a ninety-degree turn and stared sharp, gleaming daggers at the newcomer that looked ever-so similar to Target Cobalt, but where it was blue on him, it was red on her, and his red diamond was blue on her. She had sunflower yellow eyes and a white triangle on her forehead.

"I knew that if we threatened Target Cobalt, Target Roseate would come out from hiding...And the timing couldn't be better than this minute that lay before us..." The only human present gazed in sick amusement as the blue Pokemon was bathed in its own pool of blood, struggling to make some sort of attempt at movement. Pathetic...he noted mentally before adding aloud, "...But no less valuable to my cause."

Target Roseate cried out fiercely and released a Dragon Pulse attack, blowing back Bisharp, knocking it off its feet, and causing it to lose consciousness instantly. That enemy out of the way, she veered her head around and put herself in between her blue double and Mr. Otoko. She narrowed her eyes to glare hard at the human a mixed expression of hurt and hatred. Her heart burned for the being behind her; she felt the pain that was filling his body. Her quiet, troubled voice emitted from her mind rather than her mouth, whispering out to the wind, "Brother..."

Her head turned around towards her double and that split-second of distraction was all Mr. Otoko needed to complete part one of his mission. He thrust the metal ring he held forth and it clipped securely around Target Roseate's neck, lighting up red on contact, and sending the red Pokemon into agony by sending countless volts of electricity through her skin and consuming her whole body. She cried out a heart-wrenching scream and collapsed to the ground, but still watching her enemy with bright yellow eyes.

The callous human spoke down to her like a teacher scolding a misbehaving student, toxic strong in his voice, "Now you just do what I say, otherwise you'll be in for quite a shock." He chuckled to himself at his own, horribly cliché pun. "So you just sit there while I take care of your brother. It won't take long, I assure you..." He pulled out a second ring and clicked the button to open it. "This is so much easier than I originally anticipated. To be honest, I was hoping for more of a struggle from you two."

He threw the ring at Target Cobalt, but Target Roseate intercepted the ring despite the constant shock she was receiving from her movements, it clipping alongside the first ring. Her motion also managed to strike her brother, knocking him back into the water. Through sharp, high cries from the electrocution that was flowing down every vein in her body, she called out to him, "Escape to safety, Brother; worry not about me!"

Her head fell to the ground and her eyes squeezed shut, deprived of all strength. Mr. Otoko crossed his arms, looking down at her in frustration. "Foolish, Roseate, but much can be expected from ones like you. One is well enough for now." He looked up to the sky, seeing that dark clouds were drawing in, signaling the coming of rain. "I'll be back for you in time, Cobalt. You can run all you want, but you can't hide for very long."

From under the waves, Target Cobalt, watched the shore above, his sister's words echoing within him, "Escape to safety, Brother..." He now knew no place safe. This was his home. He had been to many places, but this was the only place he found peace and protection, and now, it had been disrupted by the invasion of humans. Fear not, Sister, he thought, wincing at the cold water seeping into all of his wounds, I will come for you. Just hold on for me...

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