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Arrival of the Soul Empress

While Kushina was getting Soul Edge and Soul Caliber, Naruto was having a hard life.

No family, no friends, and only dark rumors about his mom and dad. His dad being a disgrace and his mom being a whore that left him for dead. And those are the nice insults. But he never paid them any mind. Something inside him told him that his father was not a disgrace. That his mother was not a whore that left him for dead. He couldn't explain it, but he just knew.

Things started to look up when he got his headband. And he had a true friend. Iruka. Then for team selections.

"Team 7, Naruto Uzumaki. Sakura Haruno." Two people hit their head on the table. Both Naruto and Sakura. Many people thought that Naruto would be jumping for joy. "And Sasuke Uchiha."

Naruto once again hit the table. "So I get the emo Queen and the Scream King." Naruto insulted both of his, 'teammates'. "Thanks a lot Iruka-sensei. If this is how you reward me for saving your life I'd hate to see what you would do if I didn't." Naruto said with his head still on the table.

Naruto heard the rest of the teams but didn't care. He had the worst team possible. A fan girl and the emo king. After a tough test they became a team. At least he had the old dog ANBU that protected him when he was young as a sensei. So it wasn't all bad.

His first mission outside the village was to protect a bridge builder. Even thou at first Naruto wanted to kill said bridge builder he came around and they became friends. During the mission Naruto had to save Kakashi from Zabuza. It was because of his plan that Kakashi was freed from the water prison jutsu. Then once more at the bridge before again. In the and they were betrayed by the man that hired them, and in the end his betrayal was their downfall. Because of Naruto's bravery the land of waves got back its pride and courage.

Nothing was out of the ordinary until the return home. There he meant a fellow Jinjuriki, the Jinjuriki of the one tail. Nothing out of the ordinary with that meeting.

"What is your name?" He asked.

"Hump. It only natural you want to learn the name of the elite Uchiha like myself. My name is Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke smirked.

"That's nice but I really don't care what your name is. You what is your name?" The redhead pointed at Naruto.

Naruto was shocked at first, but answered nonetheless. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and you are?"

"I am Gaara of the desert and mother wants your blood. And she will have it." Gaara threatened.

"Okay that was creepy." Naruto said out loud as Sasuke stormed away in a childish pout for being ignored. Naruto just snickered. Then became serious once again when he felt someone behind. "You can come out now I won't bite." Naruto said to practically no one. Only for girl with light green hair green eyes and bronze tan skin. "Hello beautiful. Might I know your name?" He asked.

She gave him a creepy smile. Not smile that the redhead Gaara gave him. Although for some reason it reminded him of the smile that the Sasuke fan girls gave Sasuke when they were thinking about raping his very small penis. "Hello..." She started creepily. "My name is Fu. What's yours?" She asked 'nicely'.

"My name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki."

"Which one do you hold?" She asked.

Naruto looked shocked for a moment. Could she be Jinjuriki as well? "I hold the nine. What about you?"

"The nine you say... I only hold seven." Fu said she again give him that creepy smile. "And she and I wouldn't mind getting to know you a little better." She walked up to him slowly Naruto was slightly on edge until she grabbed his head and kissed him forcefully on the lips. "Much much better." She said walking away.

"Way to go kit! I'm so proud of you..." The Kyuubi mock sniffed and rubbed the fake tear out of her eye. "You finally had your first kiss."

"Oh shut up Kyuubi." Naruto retorted.

During the first sat nothing really changed the teams that were meant to pass, passed. Just with the addition of Fu's team from the waterfall village. And an all girls team from the cloud village. But all he cared about was that he well be able to fight and prove that he is not a dead last. Kabuto quit, much to his surprise.

"All right then the board behind me will give pairings for the first match. Now..."

The scoreboard was randomly selecting two names for the first match in the stands was the senses of the passing teams, the Hokage, the clan heads and the civilian Council of the leaf village. Naruto sneered at the council, the civilian side of it at least it was then that causes him the most pain and heartache. He will enjoy putting then in their place when the time is right.

"First match Sasuke Uchiha versus Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto saw the sneers and happy grins and civilian side of the clowns I mean that council.

"Will everyone but Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha leave the arena."

Everyone complied although Naruto found himself turned around and French kissed.

Many people's eyes widened some jaws dropped. And the rest both, a lime green haired girl was kissing Naruto Uzumaki on the lips. There was only two that did not fit in any of the above three categories they were jealous. One was Hinata Hyuga the other was Yugito.

"Don't lose Naruto I would be most disappointed." She said as she walked away.

Although I should take this time to mentioned that there was a fourth category. As two perverted old men were smiling very very big grins. One was writing down notes in his notepad.

The Proctor cleared his throat. "Now then if both participants will meet in the center of the ring we can begin."

"Dope just give up there is no you can beat an elite Uchiha like myself. Save yourself some trouble and face and just give up Naruto." Sasuke smirked.

"You know Sasuke I've had it up to here with your bull shit." Naruto motioned to his neck. "It's time someone put you in your place, on the ground in pain where you belong. And I'm the one to do it." Naruto said as he closed his eyes.

"You couldn't beat me on my worst day!" Sasuke charged at Naruto.

"Wait Sasuke I've hadn't started the match!" The Proctor yelled fearful Naruto's well-being.

Naruto then snapped his eyes open. "Almighty Push!" Sasuke was sent flying back.

"Proctor disqualified the Uzumaki brat!" One of the civilian Council members yelled. Not that the Proctor was listening.

"On what grounds?" He asked, having a feeling her knew on what grounds.

"He attacked Sasuke before the match started!" The same one yelled.

"As did the Uchiha, first I might add, start the match Proctor." The third Hokage said with authority.

The Proctor nodded. "This match has officially begun."

Naruto smiled. "Well, Uchiha filth, give up yet." Naruto mocked.

"I'm not finished yet! Fire style: Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke releases a medium-size fireball at Naruto.

"Please is that all you've got?" Naruto just held out his hand.

"Naruto!" Several people yelled from the stands.

The fireball over took Naruto and consumed him.

"I knew that the dope couldn't handle it!" Sasuke smiled with evil is in his eyes. Along with all of the civilian Council.

One girl however was on the verge of tears. "Naruto..." Along with one other. But a certain lime green haired girl continued to grin evilly.

"Is that all you've got?" Naruto's voice said from the flames. His attire had changed. It was no longer in his kill me orange jumpsuit anymore. He was then a full body suit black and skintight, with an overcoat similar to that of the Anko's outerwear just pure black and opened in front. "If it is just pack it in now Sasuke you cannot defeat me."

"How... How could you have survived that!" Sasuke was shocked as was everyone else although two were happy few more than that.

"Simple Sasuke it is because of my bloodline. My bloodline allows me to absorb chakra, whether from the body or Jutsu's that you use. I'm immune from all Jutsu matter how weak or how powerful. And since you nothing but flashy Sasuke Uchiha you cannot beat me. And that's just one of my abilities Sasuke, you cannot change how weak you are give up." Naruto mocked the Sharingan user.

"You cannot beat me! I am an elite Uchiha, the bloodline of the Uchiha clan flows through my veins, with my all-powerful Sharingan I will win!" Sasuke yelled.

Up in the stands the clan heads were discussing something amongst themselves.

"So the Rinnegan, how did Naruto possess the Rinnegan?" The Hyuga clan head asked amongst his peers.

"If anything this proves it." Said the Inuzuka clan head with a smile.

Back down in the arena Naruto continued to mock Sasuke. "All powerful Sharingan you say? Just how powerful you think the Sharingan is? If you must know fledgling Uchiha... Your Sharingan's nothing more than a byproduct, a figments of the imagination greater being."

"Take that back the Sharingan's the greatest in the world!"

"And yet the very first Uchiha with the strongest Sharingan lost to the first Hokage, Madara Uchiha such a weak being he is, you think Sharingan it's all that. You're nothing more than a lesser son of greater sires."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Sasuke charged at Naruto intent to kill with a kunai in hand.

"Almighty push." Just brushed him aside not even moving from its original position. "Your weak Sasuke Uchiha. Only your mother Mikoto Uchiha and your older brother Itachi Uchiha were worth anything." Naruto once again mocked Sasuke.

"Naruto I'll kill you!" Sasuke yelled.

"Please greater men have tried and failed. What makes you think you're any better?" Naruto asked him this Rinnegan eyes never leaving his eyes.

"Because none of them were of the Uchiha clan!"

"On the contrary, many of the people that tried were Uchiha little weakling, of jonin and Chunin rank. All of them stronger than you, weakling... You were unworthy of being a ninja. Just quit, you might make a good flower girl maybe that's your calling?" Many people laugh Sasuke's anger.

"I'll kill you! Naruto!" Sasuke once again charged at him throwing fireball after fireball at Naruto. "You'll never be as great as me! You'll never be anything!"

"Your right Sasuke I'll never be as great as you..." Sasuke smirked. "... I'll be greeter. It is the hour of Judgment! Almighty push!" With one last Almighty push Sasuke was thrown into the statue. Making many hair line cracks in it. Knocking him out.

The Proctor went to check on Sasuke. "The winner is Naruto Uzumaki." The Proctor announce the winner. Naruto nodded and started to walk off, he heard the complaints and the civilians in the area no one paid them no mind this was a ninja match that thus they had no rule here. Naruto smiled as he gave them the bird walking to the stairs.

"All right next match..."

Naruto rejoins the rest of his team, if you could call them that, Kakashi gave Naruto a nod of approval while Sakura was bitching him out. Naruto decided to stand next the lime green haired girl that's French kiss him. And was rewarded with another.

"All rights next match is Fu versus Sakura Haruno." The Proctor said.

Many people at many different reactions among them was Naruto as he smiled devilishly. He whispered something in Fu's ear and the only word that could be heard was reward. Fu's eyes perked up smiled even more devilishly then Naruto kissed him on the lips once again and hopped down in front of Sakura.

"Alright you bitch I'll show you and that idiot Naruto not mess with my Sasuke!" Sakura the banshee screams at Fu.

The two waterfall ninja cringed this was not going to end well.

Fu just use your hands to crack her neck and smiled right back.

"If you are both ready began..."


As soon as it begun it was over. Fu had green chakra over her right hand. Meanwhile Sakura was on the ground bleeding from her mouth and her head in an awkward position.

"Proctor call the match the pink haired bitch is dead." She tightened the gloves on her hands and she smiled evilly at the corpse behind.

"! I demand that demon be killed now she killed my little girl." A certain pink haired bitch screeched.

"This was an official ninja match killing is allowed councilmember know that well. If your little girl was more more focused on her ninja training and her hair and nails then she would not have been killed." Tsume said to the woman. Although she was inwardly laughing her ass off and applauding the green haired girl for killing the stain known as Sakura on the ninja corp.

"The winner is Fu." The Proctor announce.

Although Fu's reaction was anything but anticipated. She squealed like a fan girl jumped up to the balcony where Naruto was matched onto his lips with her own had a full-blown make out session there. Again there are many reactions very much the same to being jealous maybe a few more, many wide eyes, many jaws dropped and many with both. Naruto just smiles he really loved this feeling. And again two others were jealous.

"No need to make a scene Fu. I don't want to be the star of that Icha Icha book that old man Hokage always reads." Naruto smiled at the 3rd Hokage's discomfort. He just coughed as several females gave him glares. But Naruto noticed that someone was writing notes down.

Many other matches, which didn't interest Naruto in the slightest. But he was interested in Yugito's match. She moved with such grace that Ino stood no chance. But Yugito didn't kill her. There was no need to. Shino beat Zaku, out smarted the hot headed genin. Choji lost to the 2nd male sound ninja. Shikamaru beat Kin, outsmarted her. Kiba beat one of Fu's nameless teammates. Tenten lost to Tamari. The 2nd blond on Yugito's team beat the other nameless genin on Fu's waterfall team. Samui he thought he heard her name was. The hot headed member of Yugito's all female team faced off against the makeup sand kid on Gaara's team, Kankuro. He lost, on a low blow, when he insulted her... womanliness. Lee won against one of Kabuto's teammates. Gaara killed the other that could make his limps boneless. Or something like that. But Naruto's blood ran cold... or boiled, as the last paring on the monitor call out the final two ninja. Hinata Hyuga vs. Negi Hyuga.

The fight was brutal. Neji was merciless and cruel. But Hinata just continued to fight back. And it almost cost her, her life.

"No Neji stop! The match is over!" The proctor yelled at the charging teen.

Neji didn't care that Hiashi was watching. He was going to kill this stain on the Hyuga clan.

Hinata just watched as Neji drew closer to her. She couldn't move. She could barely stand. 'I hope I impressed you father... Naruto.' Hinata closed her eyes when Neji was in striking distance.

"Almighty Push!" Hinata felt a wind on her face. But no killing blow. She opened her eyes. She saw Naruto in his new outfit and the green haired girl that kissed him. Neji himself was being restrained by the green haired girl.

"What's this? Special treatment for the main family?" Neji asked. While in a head lock that restrained his arms.

"No..." Naruto said coldly. "Protection... for you. From me." Naruto motioned his head to the balcony. There, the 'real' Naruto was being held down by all leaf Jonin and the Hokage. "Your lucky I have only one power Neji... otherwise you would have died." Naruto turned away from him and Fu let him go and walked next to Naruto.

Naruto gently laid Hinata down. "Hinata... this will feel wired at first. But your feel better later. Do you trust me?" He asked. She nodded. "Alright..." Naruto did a few hand sighs. "Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth." Naruto touched Hinata's head and she passed out. Then something came out of her mouth.


"Oh shut up you pink haired whore! Naruto is saving that girl. Be grateful." Fu yelled back at her.

Up in the stands everyone was shocked that a someone outside of the leaf village would yell at a council member. But Tsume already liked this girl. 'Too bad she likes Naruto.' She thought. 'Maybe I can get the CRA active for him. Hana always did like his personality.'

Naruto paid them no mind. The blue energy was covered with black spots. Hiashi walked up to see his daughter but was stopped by Fu. "Unless you want to kill you little girl, I suggest that you stay here." She told him. He nodded. Naruto continued his work. He took away the black spots which became a black energy. He put the blue energy back into Hinata and she breathed once more. Fu moved out of the way so Hinata's father could see her. Naruto moved away from her so her father could speak to her. But he would keep an eye on them. But he still needed to deal with the black energy. "Fu you mind?" He asked.

"Not at all." She took a Kunai and cut her wrist. Naruto allowed the black energy seep into the wound. Then it closed. "Ah... that felt good. I'm ready for a good long fucking now." She moved up close to Naruto. All of the men were mumbling something like. Lucky son of a bitch.

"Sorry Fu, maybe some other time." Naruto flicked her on the for head. She pouted cutely.

Naruto looked at Neji. "Prey Neji... Prey to whatever god you prey to. For in one mouth, should you face me... your life ends. And no one, not the Hokage, your pathetic clan you serve, or your Jonin will save you from my wrath. If I have to go through the village to get to you, I will." The Naruto clone.

"KILL THE DEMON IT THREATENED THE VILLAGE!" No sooner had that man on the council said that he was sent to the wall, and he spattered all over it.

"The punishment of breaking a certain law... is death." Naruto smiled as he poofed.

Up where the real Naruto was. "You may let me go now. That vermin is no longer in danger of dying... today..." Naruto said in a voice that just radiated, EVIL... The Jonin hesitated on letting him go.

"Now then, will the winners now come down so we can see what the match ups will be next month." The sickly proctor told the winners of the matches.

All of the genin picked a number. Naruto was hoping that he would face Neji... and kill him.

"Now, reveal your numbers.

Naruto held up. "1."

"2." Neji held up his.

"3." Samui said in her cold tone

"4!" Kiba yelled.

"5." Shino told his.

"6." Yugito told hers.

"7." Tamari said hers.

"Troublesome. 8" Shikamaru grunted his.

"9" Gaara said coldly.

"10." Fu smiled.

"11!" Lee yelled his.

"12." The tan female ninja for the cloud village raised her number.

When the sick man told everyone the match ups. Naruto gave a very sick... and evil smile. He looked at Neji, who just let a sweat drop from the other end of his face.

"I'm going to kill you... and nothing you do will stop it..." Naruto started to walk away. Fu following close behind.

Naruto took the day off to visit Hinata in the hospital. She was fine just needed rest she was just tired. On his and Fu's way there they past Hiashi. He just gave a blank look. Not one way or the other. Naruto just ignored it. Only Hinata was the Hyuga that he cared about.


"Yes?" She looked at him.

"Why are you following me? Not that I mind."

She smiled. "You see, my 7-tailed beetle loves the Nine tailed Fox. So it's only natural that I like you. You give off the feel of pure Alpha. No one in this weak village even comes close to you. I'm attracted to power Naruto. You being very handsome cute caring... and having other women like you is just a plus in my book. I love you Naruto, in the short time I've known you, I love you, and I don't want to be away from you any longer than I have to." Fu answered.

"So if someone else who was stronger than me comes around, you'll leave me for him?" Naruto asked .

"No." Fu answered quickly.

"But you said...?"

"I know what I said. But I'm also saying this. You care for me already. Me and you are the same Naruto. Sanbi and Kyuubi are mates, so it's only natural that you and I are to be mated. Same with Yugito and the Nibi." Fu smiled that would make the devil take notes.

"Yugito?" Naruto looked somewhat confused.

"Yep. Our naughty Neko likes you Naruto. I can smell it." She then whispered into his ear. "She has already masturbated to your name. Imagine what she would do to you?" She grinned and Naruto got a blush to rival Hinata. "Oh, let's not forget about me. No way in hell are you sleeping with anyone while I'm not there." Fu said loudly.

Many people stopped what they were doing. Someone giggled like a school girl. Naruto shook his head. When they got into Hinata's room he was surprised to see 2 other people in it as well.

One was the Naughty Neko as Fu called her. The other was the insane raccoon.

"Um...? Why are you two here?" Naruto asked.

"I'm here... to ask you a question. And since you showed great care for that girl in the bed, I decided to wait for you here. Plain and simple." Gaara answered.

"Ok... and you... my Naughty little Neko." Naruto teased.

"Um... I ... um... just wanted to talk." She blushed.

"See. Told you." Fu smiled.

"Ok, Gaara first. What did you want to ask me?" Naruto looked at his younger brother.

"All 4 of us... are the same. We all know what it feels like... don't we...?" He started. Naruto Fu and Yugito nodded. "The eyes... the glares... the attempts on our lives... and yet... you..." He looked at Naruto. "Have someone to protect. You protected this girl, who is not one of us, form her death. Why?" He asked his question.

Naruto looked at him. "It's simple. She was the very first person our age group that likes me. And not hate me like all the others do. We are brothers and sisters in suffering. Although Fu and Yugito don't want to be my sisters." He smiled at his little joke. "The point is brother... that because we all have something in common. We are siblings; we shouldn't fight any more than we have too. We should be on our own side. Away from the bigots that want to control us. They fear what they made, so let's let them fear us. They opened Pandora's Box. Then they tried to close it? Let them suffer for what's inside." Naruto's words got Gaara to give a smirk.

"Well... brother... what do you say?" Fu asked Gaara.

He gave an evil smirk. "I'm in."

All three of them looked at Yugito. She looked most reluctant. "Well...? Are you with us or against us Yugito? Know that only we can truly help you find love in this world." Fu told her.

"But I don't want to hurt the people who were kind to me." She told them.

"I know what you mean. They will be fine, I assure you. But only a Jinjuriki can trust another Jinjuriki. And no one else." Naruto knew what she was going through, he had people that cared for him.

"What about Killer Bee Naruto? He holds the 8-tails. And has far more time to gain control over it." She voice her worry.

"So... even all 8 tails of that damn Ox doesn't even come close to the power of the Kyuubi. You think that the power chain of the 9 Jinjuriki is just 1-9? Please. You think that you're only 2 times as strong as Gaara here because you hold the Nibi?" Naruto looked at her confused look. "I hate to rain on the Cloud village's parade. Just because the Cloud village holds the 2 tails and the 8 tails doesn't mean they combined are stronger than me. Please, Kyuubi wouldn't have held the title of greatest of the tail beasts if that were so. Oh no, the chain of power is far different. You see, even if 'Killer Bee' released all of his power against me. I wouldn't need to go 9 tails to beat him. I might need to go 7 tails. No higher than that. For you see... Kyuubi as she is now... is only half as strong as she could be. And when I get the other half... well, only a Jinjuriki will be safe from me. And any other I deem fit to live... when I have my revenge..." The 3 other Jinjuriki looked at Naruto. All his words were true... no an ounce of it was false.

'If that's the case... Killer Bee-sensei stands no chance.' She sighed. "Alright Naruto... I'm in... On one condition."

Naruto looked at her. It was good to have her on his side. "Name it."

"My sister... Samui will face you in the 2nd round. Please don't kill her. She stood by me no matter what happened to her doing so." Yugito had some tears. "She helped me and was prosecuted just like me for it."

The other 3 Jinjuriki looked surprised. He smiled. "Alright, she will be saved from my power. I'll just knock her out."

She hugged him. "Thank you... Naruto."

"There is something I must tell you brother. The Sand village and the Sound village plan to attack the leaf." Gaara dropped a bomb.

Naruto threw a kunai in the corner of the ceiling. It hit an ROOT ANBU and killed him. "I couldn't care less about the village as a whole. But some people within it I hold in my heart. When do they plan to do this?" He asked.

"At the finals next mouth." Gaara answered. "Although I do not know where the Cloud village stands in this thou." Gaara told his brethren.

Everyone looked at Yugito. "I don't know anything about an invasion on the leaf village. I might have been told if we were going to attack it." She answered honestly.

"They either didn't trust her with the information. My guess. Or they are not invading the Leaf." Fu gave her opinion.

"Either way, the Cloud will make a choice. They will either side with the Leaf, or be destroyed. Plain and simple. I can't be Hokage of a destroyed village." Naruto told the group.

Fu and Gaara nodded. "But..."

"Don't worry Yugito. Everyone you care about I will spare. I may hate the Cloud village... oh hell, I hate all of the major villages. But I will be merciful to those that deserve it." Naruto reassured her.

"Gaara, do you when it's suppose to start?" Naruto asked Gaara.

"Yes, during my match. When I'm ready to fight, its is when it's starts." Gaara told him.

"Good, then forfeit your match so that the plan falls apart." Naruto smiled at Gaara's grin.

"Done." Was all he said.

"Did not that we got that out of the way, Yugito can you find out if the Cloud village is parts of the attack?" Naruto asked his fellow blond Jinjuriki.

"I could at least try, if they are part of the attack on the leaf and they didn't tell me. Odds are they won't tell me." Yugito told them.

Naruto thought for a bit. "I see... Will have to take that chance then tell me only what you know." She nodded. "Gaara what is your stand on your village?"

"The village will attack no matter what I say. My father the 4th Kazekage will do just about anything for power. Just short of his death will not sway him." Gaara told him.

"Will this affect you? The death of your father?" Naruto asked.

"No. He was no father of mine. If I kill him, I would enjoy it." Gaara smiled. "But even with the 1-tail I am not strong enough." Gaara said to his brethren.

"I see, and I can't leave the village. The old man might get suspicious. Neither can Yugito without her team from Cloud. Fu does your village care about you?" Naruto looked from Gaara to Fu.

"The leader dose, no one else. And the ramen stand owner and his kid." She told him.

Naruto blinked. That sounded familiar. "Then you will go with Gaara to kill the Kazekage. That will stop this war. Place a sound headband there and make it look like sound ninja killed him. That will strain the ties of the two villages."

Both Fu and Gaara nodded.

"Yugito you'll be training right?" He asked her.

"Yes. I'll be training with Killer Bee-sensei. He will help me face the challenge to come. He will help me with Nibi." Naruto nodded.

"Don't bother. Just get training for anything else but that. Kyuubi can help you. As can the Nibi far more than the 8-tails host ever could in his life time. For now, we focus on getting stronger and killing the 4th Kazekage. That will move our plans forward. Then, when the leaf village... is under the right kind of rule... my rule..." Naruto shot 7 kunai in the corner of the room. Killing an ANBU. "You 3 and any you deem fit can join me in my village. Hehee... HAHAHAHA!" His fellow brethren smiled along with him. "The time has come... for the reign of Jinjuriki... will soon begin." Naruto smiled. And Gaara Fu and Yugito finally, smiled with him.

Yugito, Fu and Gaara left Naruto to talk with Hinata. She was fine as far as her injuries go. But thanks to Naruto healing her she was healthy. He talked with her until her father came in. Both just looked at each other.

"Naruto Uzumaki... will you leave me and my daughter alone for the moment?" Hiashi asked.

Naruto nodded. "I'll see you around Hinata." Naruto started to walk out the door. Then grabbed Hiashi's hand. Painfully. "If I see a caged bird curse mark on her forehead, the next time I see her. You and your whole main branch of the family will die... that night." He whispered so Hinata wouldn't hear.

Hiashi would deny under pain of death that he shivered at the strongest visual bloodline in the world. Said to have made the Sharingan itself. All he did was nodded.

As Naruto was leaving the hospital he saw Kakashi in the waiting room.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei? Reading your favorite book again I see." Naruto smiled.

Kakashi looked at his sensei's son. "Oh hi Naruto. How's my favorite student's girlfriend holding up?" He did his eye smile.

"Pretty good. Talking with her spineless father about something or other." He replied not caring that there was a few Hyuga in the room. "So, what brings you here? I was hoping to find you to ask you for some training. Is that alright?" He asked. Up till now, Kakashi taught just about everything to Sasuke.

"Well... since your are the only one of my students that was worth a damn... I mean passed... I don't see why not." He gave another eye smile. "And I know just the place to help with your training." He said, making Naruto raise an eye brow.

(Council room 1 hour later)

"That monster cheated! No way he could beat lord Uchiha!" Yelled a pink haired banshee.

"Troublesome woman. That was an official match, that you fucked with by the way, are you saying that the Hokage and every Jonin that was in that room and all the clan heads in this room couldn't see a genin cheat in a one on one fight?" The older Nara made it sound like the woman just insulted over a dozen of the village's best ninja with one sentence. He smirked.

"Well... no... I... he's the fox demon, he could have but up an illusion!" She said back.

"Naruto Uzumaki's has no genjutsu ability. It is illogical to think that he cheated. And another point, in a ninja battle, there is no such thing as cheating. If you were a ninja, you'd know that." Shibi told her.

Even she was running out of excuses to have Sasuke advance and not Naruto.

"But, back to the main point at hand. Naruto has the Rinnegan, the most powerful bloodline there is. We must preserve it. At all cost." The 3rd Hokage said.

"I agree. We must find females of his age and older to bare his children. Then we train them to be weapons. The leaf will be unstoppable with an army of Rinnegan users." The old war hawk Danzo said to the other. Over all the council was spilt in 3 separate sections. The unimportant side, wanted to kill him. The clans wanted him to stay as is. Although some wanted to make up some marriage contracts with him. Then the Shinobi side wanted him as a weapon.

"As much as I agree with Danzo..." The clan's frowned. Even Shibi. "... Naruto is too powerful to force anything on him. We wait on that matter. But as for the Rinnegan. All in favor of invoking the CRA on Naruto. Raise your hand." The 3rd asked.

Most of them did. Some for personal reason, other for what they thought was for the good of the village.

(2 weeks later)

Naruto had just back from training with Kakashi and the pervy sage. The pervy sage hated that name. Of course Kakashi snickered at his favorite author until Naruto called him pervy sensei. It was then time for Jiraiya to snicker.

Naruto was hopping from one roof top to the other. It was dark out. He was thinking about Gaara said to him yesterday. He told him that his father was killed by Orochimaru. Naruto personally didn't care who killed him. Just that he was dead. Naruto wasn't thinking when he tripped on something. He went face first to the ground. He rubbed his head as he looked at what he tripped on. Then when he looked closer, it was who he tripped on. It was Hayate. One of the few that saved him when he was too weak to save himself.

"Hayate!" Naruto yelled. He ran to his side and flared his charka. Hopefully someone would feel it and come running.

"Naruto...? Is that you?" He asked weakly.

"Hold on sensei. I can fix this." Naruto did the same thing that he did with Hinata. Only Hayate was still able to stay awake. He was stronger than her after all. Naruto winced. Death was set in deep. Not deep enough to kill him with Naruto's help. But..."

"Be honest Naruto... how bad is it?" He asked weakly.

Naruto looked at the energy that represented Hayate's soul. "Bad... Hayate sensei. I can save you. But you'll never be a Ninja again. Had I got here sooner I would have been able to save you and your ninja career. But you'll only live for a year... two at the most. For what it's worth I'm sorry." He looked saddened and started to heal him.

"No... don't." He told Naruto.

Naruto looked at him. Not understanding why he was refusing help. "Why? I can save you. You can be with Yugao, for however brief a time. Why won't you let me help you?" Naruto cared for both of them. When he became Hokage, it was a desk job for them, if they wanted it.

"No matter how much I want to see Yugao again. The love of my life. I don't want her to see me rot away for a year or two. Watch as she cries knowing that I could die at any moment." He coughed and looked at Naruto. "I don't want her to go through that Naruto. Besides, living as a ninja for as long as I have, I couldn't just go back to what I was before that. A nobody."

"That's bull shit Hayate! You and Yugao saved me from the mobs more times than any other person, 2nd only to Kakashi and Itachi. I'm going to save you like it or not!" Naruto started his healing once again.

"Naruto!" He looked at him. "If you save me now, you condemn me and Yugao. Let me go... but... look after her... tell her I love her... tell.. her... that my... last thought... was of her..." Hayate was losing the light of his eyes.

"Hayate stay with me! At least tell me who did this, so I can bring them to justice!" Naruto wanted nothing more than to save Hayate. And spare the heartache that Yugao was sure to feel when this news reached her. And he would be the one to do it.

" sand... jo...nin..." Was his last words.

Just then, a squad of ANBU dropped in.

"Naruto Uzumaki... what happened here?" Asked the leader of the group.

Naruto didn't answer at first. He hated himself right now. "Neko, I need you to follow me to the Hokage tower. I need to tell the old man something important. As for what happened here. One of our own was killed tonight." Neko said nothing, as she followed him. Normally she wouldn't listen to the kid. But something told her to follow him. It was only sheer luck on Naruto's part that he covered the body before they come.

Naruto told the Hokage what happened leaving the name out of it until he was finished so he could comfort Yugao.

"Lord Hokage? May we be dismissed?" He asked the old man.

He sighed. "Of course."

"Yugao, your sleeping at my house tonight. I want nothing to happened to you." He lead her out of the room.

"He seems taller." he 3rd said to himself.

Naruto took a crying Yugao to his new bed. He got not too long ago. He laid her down in order to rest the rest of the night in some form of peace.

"Please Naruto... don't leave me." She hugged him close.

"I promised Hayate I would look after you. And I will. I promise here and now. For as long as I breath, only time shall separate us Yugao. Sleep my neko protector." He whispered into her ear. "Hayate wanted you to know that his last thoughts were of you. He sends his love." He put her to sleep with his power so she would not get any nightmares.

(3 days before the finals)

Naruto had been watching Yugao for almost 2 weeks now. He looked after her all the time. Until the mere thought of suicide left her mind he didn't leave her side. He told Kakashi and Jiraiya this and they understood. They gave him some things to past the time. Although he never took his eyes offer her. Until now. He looked at her and she was ready to at least start to move one. Hayate was her love and she would never love another like him. But he wouldn't want her to be depressed all her life. She thanked Naruto and left. The only reason he let her go was because the thought of suicide had left her.

But Naruto himself was thinking. Until her heard a knock on his door. He wondered who that was. When he opened the door he got his answer. It was Fu, and she was kissing him on the lips... again.

All she did was smile as she said her next sentence. "The Sanbi is in heat Naruto..."

Fu forced her way in and started to undress Naruto. He was left in his boxers when a knock at the door stopped Fu's... advances. She sighed angrily and went to the door and opened it. "WHAT!"

Yugito, on the other end of the door, eyes widened. She was looking at a naked Fu. "I... uh... is this a bad time?" She was pulled inside with them.

(with Jiraiya and Kakashi)

Kakashi was forced to train Sasuke just so he could get stronger. With Naruto watching one of his old team members so she didn't kill herself. He was stuck with the emo of the 3 Genins. Then... he felt it.

Somewhere in the leaf village. Jiraiya was peeping on some women in the hot spring. He was giggling... when he felt it.

Both at once said. "I since a perversion in the force. One of my students has just gotten laid. Or will get laid."

Kakashi had to think. For about 3 seconds. He knew Sakura would never have sex with anyone other than the Uchiha of her team. And said Uchiha was right here, and Kakashi thought that he was gay anyway so that didn't matter either. So that just left one person left on his short list.

As for Jiraiya he had a much easier time to figure it out. As all of his students but one were dead.

In the rain village pain sneezed.

"You alright Nagato? Konan asked underneath him.

"I'm fine."

There was only one person that it could be.

"Great job Naruto! I'm so proud of you!" Both yelled.

"Why are you proud of the dope?" Sasuke asked. Kakashi just ignored him.


"OH SHIT! Secret Ninja style: Run like Bitch jutsu!" Jiraiya ran from a horde of angry female ninjas. Who all were running in a towel. So Jiraiya was looking back as he was running.

(Day of the finals)

Naruto and Neji were on opposite side of the 12 contestants.

"Alright, will all but Neji and Naruto leave the area." Said the new proctor.

At the same time, in the Soul Calibur dominion.

Kushina had just walked into the portal leading her to her son.

"Wait!" She heard a voice behind her. Not that she was going to listen.

Taki ran after the person who wields the cursed sword. She will not let her live. She ran into the portal as well. The hero king and his son did nothing. No one could stop her now. Kushina... the Soul Empress. Nothing in any world is strong enough to take her down.

In the in-between world. Kushina turned to face the women Taki once more.

"Taki how nice to see you again. I hope you don't mean to try and kill me. Do you? If you are, then I will be forced to use... drastic... measures in order to live." Kushina smiled at her.

The of the sudden all of her armor was gone. And she was naked in front of Taki.

"My wielder will not wear 3rd rate armor."

"My wielder will not have anything but the best."

Kushina heard the voice of Soul Edge and Soul caliber.

Then in a black flash of light, she had new armor. Fit for the Empress of this world.

The Kunoichi Tights for her undergarments

She still had the Shinobi Tabi on her ankle.

But now she had the Gorgon Greaves as her new leg equipment.

The Gorgon Fauld as her lower body armor.

The Succubus Gauntlets on her arms.

The Gorgon Cuirass for upper body armor.

The Tiger Lily Pauldrens for her shoulder armor.

Then for her neck something that fit her perfectly. The War Cloak with a purple dragon on it.

Topped off... with the Voodoo Crown.

All of it black say for the dragon. (0,64,32) the dragon is (9,50,17)

Kushina looked herself in a mirror that appeared. Her deathly pale skin (0,1,18). Her evil yellow eyes (9,11,18). And her dead like white hair (0,2,1). She looked... beautiful...

Taki was shocked at this. "I will kill you here and now! I cannot ignore your evil deeds!" She charged.

Kushina let her get close. When she did she grabbed her by the neck. "Taki... you don't remember me at all?" Taki was struggling to breathe. "I'm hurt. You must have forgotten me. All well. I'll just have to kill you. Then bring you back with your memories." Kushina was killing Taki. "Don't worry Taki... you won't remember any of this." She snapped her neck. Killing her quickly. Kushina let a tear fall. "I'm sorry my friend. I primrose to bring you back. After all, I can do anything now."

The end of the portal came and finally... she was in the Leaf village.

At the Hokage box.

"Greetings Lord Kazekage." The Hokage said to the man.

"Greetings Lord Hokage. Still able to move around I see, even in your old age?" The Kazekage asked.

"Yes I am. Oh, the Raikage is here. Greetings Lord Raikage, I trust your journey went well." The old man asked the Raikage.

"As good as it can be. I came to see my ninja win this tournament and become Chunin." He smiled.

The old Hokage laughed a bit. "Yes, your 3 ninja are without a doubt talented. But the odds are in favor of a leaf ninja winning this one."

"Is that because of Naruto Uzumaki?" A new voice entered the group. A woman wearing the Mizukage robes.

"Ah, Lady Mizukage, I wasn't expecting you to show up." The Hokage looked at little surprised.

"You don't mind do you? I wanted to see the genin that fought Zabuza and lived." She smiled. She had two guards with her.

"Oh, then you are interested in Naruto and no I don't mind. Please sit." He smiled.

"Thank you." She sat next to the Raikage. "I was hoping to ask him afterwards the location of Zabuza's blade. It is very important to us in the Mist." She looked down to see Naruto. And she gave a very interesting grin. "The fact that his' cute helps out a lot." All the men there suddenly cursed. Naruto and his luck with the good looking ones. Sakura didn't count.

Down with Neji and Naruto.

"Alright... the first match of the Chunin exam finals will now begin... are you both ready?" Naruto and Neji nodded. "Alright now... begin!" He hoped far away knowing that Naruto was pissed. He had seen him pissed off only once in his life when he had to guard him from the morons of this place. Needless to say they are fewer morons in the leaf.

Neji kept his distance away from Naruto. Naruto looked up, he felt a massive amount of power emanating from nearby. And he saw a black figure. The amount of power this figure was concealing. Was greater than that of 1 half of the Kyuubi. The half he had. He shivered. If this was an enemy, not even he and his 3 other Jinjuriki would be able to stop it.

When Naruto shivered Neji mistook it as he shivered from facing down him. He charged seeing an opening. "It's over!" He yelled.

"Almighty Push." Naruto snapped out of it.

Neji was thrown to the other side of the area.

"You'll never defeat me like that." Naruto said calmly.

Naruto saw Neji jump and try to hit him from above. "Almighty Push!" And again he was tossed back.

Mei was surprised at this boy's power. "Lord Hokage, why is Genin Naruto holding back? He could have beaten him already." She was curious.

The 3rd sighed. Then he shivered. But thought nothing of it. "Last mouth Neji faced off against his cousin Hinata Hyuga... heiress of the Hyuga clan. He almost killed her. Naruto cares for her very much, and will kill to protect her. But, Neji did worst then just try to kill her. he put her down the entire fight and Naruto doesn't take kindly to that. He wants Neji to suffer first." He explained.

Mei was shocked. When she heard of him she dug up anything she could on him. Nothing said anything about him being this sadistic.

"What's the matter Hyuga? Still can fight me at full strength? You're weak and pathetic. To think, I'm glad your father isn't here to see this. If he was, he would have dead of shame." Naruto told him.

Neji got up once more. "How dare you talk about my father like that! You know nothing about him! Nothing at all!"

"Yes I do. Hinata told me all about it. How she was kidnapped by the Cloud village only to be saved. Then her uncle killed to prevent a war." He told him Yugito felt a little sorry for him. She hopped that Naruto wouldn't hate her for what her birth village did. "But... you know something Neji. What everyone thinks they know about the Hyuga Cloud conflict is a lie. Only 3 people know the truth of the matter."

Hiashi's eyes widened. He hoped he wasn't going to say what he thinks he was going to say. Not with the Raikage here.

"It wasn't Hiashi that killed that weak Cloud Jonin. It was I who found him during the night. And it was I who killed that weak little man. He was my first test subject for my Rinnegan." Naruto told Neji. This got a lot of gasps. And a strong look by the Raikage. "Hiashi only came after I took that man's soul from him. And added what little power and knowledge he had to myself. Oh~~~ I'm afraid that your father died without knowing the who truth... you know why? Because my Rinnegan was worth more than your little bloodline." Naruto smiled. Belittling Neji father's sacrifice.

This got a mean look from the Raikage.

Neji charged, blinded by rage. "All of the knowledge that the jonin had was mine to use as I saw fit. The secrets that he was allowed to know. Even..." Naruto jumped over him and kicked him in the back of the head. "... When the cloud village tried to kidnap the most valuable treasure of the leaf village!" Many people wondered what that was. Only 3 people alive knew what that was. "Like you Neji I too hate the Cloud village. But you only hate them for one small thing. They are the reason your father was killed. Big whop. As for myself... Almighty Attraction!" Neji was forced to come to Naruto. Naruto let a black rod slip from his hand and stabbed Neji in the shoulder. "They wronged you once and it cost you your father. I know how that feels. But... they wronged me 3 times. They took my clan... my village... and then my mother from me. They succeed the first two times Neji. I lost everything... but they only helped. It wasn't just the Cloud that I hate Neji... but all of the 5 great nations. They all played a part in the fall of the strongest village and Ninja clan ever in this world." He pulled the rod out of Neji and he fell to the ground. Naruto kick him over so he was flat on his back. "Get over it." Naruto stomped on Neji's face knocking him out.

"Proctor, call it." He said as he never took his eyes off Neji.

"The winner... is Naruto Uzumaki." They were some boos along with the cheers. But all Naruto cared about where that 3 important people to him were cheering his age. Naruto calmly walked up to where all the other genin were at.

"Well the next two contestants please come down to the area. Kiba Inuzuka and Samui." Kiba hoped down trying to look cool for the hot busty chick that beat Hinata in cup size. For now.

"Come down here pretty thing. I'll show you a good time." Kiba smirked. Both his mom and his sister wanted to neuter him right then and there.

Yugito winced. "Sister, don't kill him." She told her younger sister.

She smiled. "I know." Was all she said.

"Now, the second match of the Chunin exam finals... begin!"

Kiba tried to punch her face. She dodge using her flexibility she bent backwards, then using a chakra enhanced kick...


Every male winced. Even Naruto.

"Uh..." Kiba didn't know what hit him. All he knew... was tremendous pain. Then he fell like a stone.

"Winner by Knock out... Samui Nii."

People cheered. Mostly women. The medics took him away so he could still have a child.

"Um... splat?" Naruto said comically.

When Samui walked up to them. Naruto just had to comment on her new move. "Was that your Inuzuka Neuter kick?"

She said nothing.

"Will Shino and Yugito please come down to the area." The proctor asked.

Naruto looked at Shino. "Shino, forfeit your match.

Shino looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Why should I forfeit my match Naruto?" He asked in his stoic manner.

"2 reasons. 1: She has a fire affinity, and 2: your normal opening of draining your opponent of his or her chakra won't work on her. For she is like me. Get my drift?" He asked.

Shino nodded. "Proctor, I forfeit." Shino said allowed.

The proctor nodded. "Winner by Forfeit Yugito Nii. Will Tamari of the Sand and Shikamaru please come down to the area."

Tamari came down on her fan. Shikamaru was about to forfeit when... "Sorry Shika, it's her, or your mom in the stands." He pushed the lazy Nara over the edge. He landed on his face.

"Damn troublesome blonds."

"What did you say!" Tamari had a tick mark on her head.

After the match started Naruto looked up to see the black figure again. Only the figure looked back. He felt unnerved by this person's power.

"Be weary kit. This person as strong as I am now. Maybe stronger. And all I have been feeling is this person's power only grow since it got here."'Although, I know this person from somewhere? How do I know this person? So familiar.'

'Right, I will do that.'

"That's it I quit." He said as he raised his hand.

Everyone was shocked.

"Winner by forfeit... Tamari." The people were getting antsy. "Will Gaara of the Desert and Fu please come to the area."

"Proctor... my opponent is far greater than me... I quit." Gaara said making Fu and Naruto smile.

Many people were shocked. More so the sand and sound ninja.

'My plans are all but ruined now!' A snake yelled it his mind.

'Gaara? Is he afraid to fight that girl? He's not afraid of anything!' Kankuro thought.

"Winner by forfeit... Fu of the Water fall village. Will Lee and Karui..."

"I AM HERE!" Lee yelled.

"...right... You both ready...?" He asked the next two. "And for the love of god, please don't forfeit. Begin!"

Naruto didn't care for the fights. They all were meaningless combated to the power just a few meters away from everyone. And not one was even aware of it. It was like chakra... but denser. As dense as Kyuubi's chakra and STILL growing. Then he felt it. This person's eyes on him. Yellow... and powerful. Then he knew why. This wasn't chakra at all. That's why no one feels it. No one is trained to feel this energy.

"Winner Rock Lee!" everyone cheered in this exciting battle has ended.

"Next round. Naruto Uzumaki verses Samui Nii."

Both started to walk down, but Naruto was stopped when Yugito grabbed his arm. Samui looked at their interaction. "Remember Naruto... you promised."

"I know." He said and was let go.

They meet up in the center of the area.

"Before we begin, I wish to ask you a question."

"Very well. What do you wish to know?" Naruto asked the blond.

"This is a 2 part question. You said you hated all 5 of the great nations. Dose this include the Leaf village, your birth village? And why do you hate them all?" She asked. Others that didn't know Naruto as well also wanted to know."

"Very Perceptive. Yes I also hate this village, the leaf village along with the other 4 great nations. As for why, if you wish to know, you must fight me." He held out his hand like he did with the others. The way pain does.

"If you are both ready... beginning."

She started by throwing kunai at him. He responded with his rods that he fired back at her. The rods knocked her kunai out of the air and attacked her. She managed to get out of the way before they hit her. She looked at the rods, they were 5 inches long and at least as hard as steel.

"Now, to answer your 2ed question as to way I hate the Cloud village. I hate them for 2 reasons, and both are personal. In history long forgotten by all nation, because it is embarrassing for everyone who knows it. There was once a village called the Village Hidden in the Whirlpools. Or the Whirlpool village. It was a small village. Had only 100 Shinobi and almost 100 non-Shinobi. Like I said a small village. And all 100 of the ninjas were part of the same clan. The Uzumaki clan... my clan..." He tossed more rods at her and she dodged.

Samui just listened. As did all the others.

"Now granted, this happened a while ago, I'm not sure how long, maybe~~~ 35... 40 years ago. Well, anyway. That clan was a clan of seal masters, they also had a bloodline and no, it wasn't the Rinnegan. The Rinnegan only appears in the Uzumaki clan members that earn it one way or another. But back to the matter at hand. They had a bloodline. People called it Longliveity, or immortality. Because as old as the 3rd Hokage is know... an Uzumaki would be just entering her teenage years. And that was only a side effect of their bloodline. Now, I say her because the Uzumaki are normally females. Very few males would be born in the clan."

This got a shout of girl power by a snake jonin.

"Now this clan was second to none in most aspects of the ninja world. I even dare say all. But the one thing they never had was numbers. Seeing as they didn't trust most males in this world... and with good reason. Their numbers never went higher than 100 members at a time. Maybe a few higher but that's it."

He launched more rods to deflect the kunai that Samui had thrown at him. This was a match after all.

"Now... to reason 1 to why I hate the cloud village." He said with his Rinnegan blazing at full power. "One day, when the leaf village asked the Uzumaki clan for help on the war front. The clan honorable assisted. Sending 40 members of their clan to fight with the leaf. Because the leaf village's 1st and 2ed Hokage were related to the Uzumaki... more on that later. But... the call to the front was a fake laid out by one of the leaf village's chief advisors a man by the name of Danzo. Then he turned around and told the Cloud village, the Mist Village, the Sand Village and the Stone village that the Uzumaki clan was out 2 5ths of its forces. One of them being the Uzukage. The leader of the village came to help the leaf front. Too late they realized it was a trap, for them and for the village. 4 out of the 5 great villages attacked the Whirlpool village, while a massive explosion was set off at the meeting point for the 40 Uzumaki. The blast killed 10 of them and wounded 10 more. As for the village. The 4 great villages that took part in the assault sent a grand total of 30,000 ninja to kill the Uzumaki clan. And they succeed. But not without cost. The 30 Uzumaki came late in the battle and blindsided the attackers. Your current 4th Raikage was there. He was a Genin at the time. Almighty PUSH!"

Naruto launched Samui to the other end of the area after she launched massive kunai bomb borage at Naruto.

"As for the attackers. You want to know why this is considered shameful for all the great nations? Because... they were forced to retreat. 30,000 ninja... forced to retreat to a mere 90 ninja. But the clan had suffered. Out of the 90 ninja that fought that battle." He walked up to Samui who was leaning up against the tree. Which was mostly destroyed. "Only 3 survived... and My grandmother and her two sisters. As for the 100 none ninja. They were Uzumaki clan but not as strong. Only 20 of them lived. None of which was children. But the damage had been done to the other 4 ninja villages as well. Out of the 30,000 ninja that attacked that day, less than 9,000 of them made it back home. None of the survivors were the Jinjuriki of the time. Your grandmother fought that battle, she was the first they sent in. They had hoped that she would die but at least take a few with her." Both Yugito and Samui had a bit of anger in them. "The survivors scattered to the winds. And the 2nd Shinobi war came to an end shortly afterward."

He held her up. Not putting pressure on her neck.

"And where was the leaf you say? They were too busy thinking if they should help or not to care. And yet they dare where the Uzumaki symbol on their back? I bet no one but a hand full know why there is an Uzumaki spiral on the Jonin and Chunin vests they wear! And that is only the first reason why I hate your village. This next one is more personal. They tried to kidnap my mother for her bloodline. She was the heiress to the Uzumaki clan, the last hope for my clan to live once more. They kidnapped her and hoped to turn her into a breeding machine in hopes of getting her bloodline. Had it not been for my father she would have died. And I would not have been here."

Samui was struggling. "A nice bedtime story. How do you know this? Where you there?"

"No... I just talk to a someone who was their... both times I might add. Now Samui... I promised your sister I wouldn't kill you. And I will not hurt you too badly. So... go~~~ to~~~ sleep~~~~." He forced her to sleep. "Proctor, I can kill her at any moment now. End the match."

He nodded. "The winner... is Naruto Uzumaki."

An explosion rocked the area and everyone in it. "So it... begins..." Naruto said as Gaara Fu and Yugito, jumped down to him.

"So it has started. What now?" Gaara asked.

"You three... kill as many sand and sound ninja you can. I'll deal with Orochimaru as I see fit." The 3 Jinjuriki nodded.

"Yugito, where leaving. We will not get involved with this fight. Let's get going." The group heard the 4th Raikage say to her. He and her team and sensei turned around expecting her to obey.



"What did you say?" The 4th Raikage asked. Not believing his ears.

"I said no old man." She turned around to face him. "Losing your hearing in your old age as well as your looks?" She taunted.

"Why you little!" He was about to rush her and teach her a lesson when Naruto froze him in his tracks.

"New plan, we stick together. I should have known that the Cloud would want to pull out. Let's go, I would like for us to have snake skin everything by the end of the day." The 4 Jinjuriki left the shocked faces of the 8 tails host and the 4th Raikage.

"Lady Mizukage, what are your orders. Do we help Orochimaru, do we help the leaf village, or do we leave all together?" Asked one of Mei's body guards.

"I own an old friend a great dept... we help the leaf village." She declared.

Up with Orochimaru and the 3rd Hokage, they were facing off. Not fighting just looking at each other.

"It's been a long time... my former student..."

"Yes it has... Sarutobi sensei."

Just then 4 clouds of smoke came in front of the Hokage.

It was Naruto, Gaara, Fu and Yugito.

"Naruto what are you doing here!" he asked.

"I'm going to kill Orochimaru... with the help of my Jinjuriki brother and my two new mates. The 7 tails and the 2 tails hosts." He said to him. Hokage got a small bloody nose. And Orochimaru just smiled.

"You know... if you get in my way, I will kill you too Naruto Uzumaki..." Orochimaru hissed.

"You will do no such thing." A cold and very powerful voice came. A new person, the same one that Naruto has been sensing came.

The person was armored from head to toe. And all of the tailed beast, the Kyuubi, the Sanbi, the Nibi and the Shukaku were silent. Even Naruto, as powerful as he was, shivered. If he fought this person with everything he got, and everything that all the other Jinjuriki have. They might win. This, woman, was more powerful now then just a few minutes ago. Was she holding back her full power?

"You've grown... Naruto..." She said. Her white hair flowing around in the wind.

"You... you know me?" He asked. Not expecting that.

"Yes, of course I do... I'm... I'm your... mother Naruto." Kushina said and Naruto froze. He was differently not expecting that.

"No... no..." Naruto was backing away a bit.

"Yes son... such your feelings, you know it to be true... I am alive. And for 12 years I've struggled to return to you Naruto. My son." She told him.

"You... tell me something that only I would know. If you are my mother you know what it is." He looked at her. Not believing, but wanting to.

"Alright... tell that fox, the next time she wants me naked, she is going to have to try harder. It'll take a lot more than that fox's strap-on to get me to moan this time around." She gave a small smile.

'KIT IT'S HER! KUSHINA IS BACK!' Kyuubi sound happy. Happier than any other thing he has done. Hell, she sounded so happy that doing a mass genocide might calm her down from this high.

As for the guys in the area, massive blood loss yes even Orochimaru. The old 3rd Hokage was about to die. "Mother...?" He asked.

She stabbed her two swords into the ground and held out her arms for a hug. And he ran and hugged her. "Where were you?" He asked.

"I was forced away... by the 3rd Hokage." She told him.

A large amount of evil was sent the Sarutobi's way. The 4 Jinjuriki turned around to face the 3rd Hokage.

"My son... I will tell you all and give you power and love you as a mother should. Once this village pays for what they did to the Uzumaki clan." She said.

"Yes mother I agree." He said heartlessly.

"But first... old man... what happened to Mikoto and Taki? I can't sense their soul's anywhere. Where are they?" She asked.

"Naruto, that woman is not Kushina! Kushina has red hair and blue eyes! Not that monster behind you." the 3rd tried to get Naruto back on his side. Knowing that the 3 other Jinjuriki will follow him no matter what.

"I might be able to help with that." The Mizukage jumped into the fray.

"Mei? Mei is that you? Become the Mizukage I see... just like your dream to do so long ago during the Chunin exams we took together. I guess you win the bet." Kushina told her.

Mei smiled. "Well, that's the easy question. Now for the harder question. What happen to us in the 2nd part of the Chunin exam?" Mei asked.

"That's all. I thought you were going to ask a harder question. We got separated from our teams on the 2nd day of the exam. We found each other and fought for a few minutes. After I beat you with my best jutsu... the thousand years of death..." Naruto snickered. "... We agreed to help each other. It was that night when you accidently took a swig of my Saki that my sensei Tsunade gave me. You are a poor drunk. You came on to me and managed to start eating me out before I hit you sober. Oh, and you're a closet bi-sexual." Kushina stated.

Naruto made a wall of stone and started to beat his head on it. Trying to get the images of his mother and the hot looking Mizukage going at it, then later a female Kyuubi joining in, again and again. All images were being feed to him by Kyuubi. Gaara had a bloody nose as well. Somewhere Jiraiya all of the sudden wanted to cry for unknown reasons.

"Ok ok! You're Kushina. What the hell happened to you?" She asked her old friend.

"He did." She pointed at the 3rd Hokage. "After I gave birth to my only son I will ever have in this world. He chased me out of the village. I tried to bring Naruto along but that old bat had him with him so I could take him down. I was too weak in that state to take him with me. For 12 years I waited for a chance to come back for my son. 12 years I suffered not knowing if my son was okay. And for 12 years I obtained great power to take my revenge!" Kushina yelled. "But first..."

Orochimaru was smiling. This couldn't have gone any better. Now he has a new ally in this fight. Now he can't lose... he looked down to see a large red sword sticking out of his gut.

"Like my new powers Orochimaru? That sword is called Soul Edge. The more souls that I take from this world... the stronger I get. Of course, it's an evil sword. But who cares. It was because of that sword that I am here now. Now DIE!" Kushina decapitated the snake. The sword floated to her again. Right next to a blue sword about the same size as the red. "The blue sword is Soul Caliber." She raised her hand and Sarutobi was forced to her. Like she controlled gravity itself. "And I... the Soul Empress. You have wronged me 3rd Hokage. You have wronged my son, heir to the Uzumaki clan. You have wronged the Uzumaki clan as a whole... and... You have wrong me... as a mother. I sentence you to an eternity in the hell of Soul Edge." She raised her sword.

"Please Kushina... show mercy..."

"Sorry... all out of mercy..." She then cut him in half... from top to bottom. "Your soul... it MINE!"

Red energy flowed from the 3rd Hokage's corpus and into Kushina's Soul Edge. She took a deep breath. "Well, had to give it to the old man. He did have a powerful soul. Now... my son will you and your friends your fellow Jinjuriki help me in destroying the leaf?" She asked her only child. She looked around noticing that the 4 sound ninja had fled. She frowned. But that can be fixed later today.

"I will stand by you mother no matter what. My Rinnegan is yours to command." Naruto said to her bowing as he did.

"I do not want a servant out of you Naruto. I want my son, prince of Whirlpool and the Heir to the Uzumaki clan. Can I have that instead?" She asked in a smile.

"Of course. I'll... be more than happy too." He smiled again. He would have his mother back.

"And what of you 3?" She asked her son's Jinjuriki friends.

"I will stand by my mate and future husband." Fu declared.

"As will I." Yugito got next to Fu.

"I will, as long as there are people you put in front of me to kill. I'm happy." Gaara said standing next to his... friends. A word he only learned the meaning of last mouth.

"Excellent. Then today, the leaf will fall. Mei, I will not ask of you to help me with this. But I do ask of you not help the leaf either. This... is my... JUSTICE!" She let out a pulse of her power. Power that towered well over all but Naruto.

Mei shivered. "Very well then. Thank you my friend. It was good to see you again. You know where to find me if you need help. Were pulling out." Mei and her two body guards left.

"Now, before we being, Naruto I need a favor from you." She asked her son.

"What ever it is, if I can do it, it is done." He told his mother.

"I have two friends that are dead. I need you to bring them back." She told her son.

"I can't bring people back from the dead pass a certain point in time. If they are on the verge of death I could and I only learned how to do it last week. And only if they have been dead less than a week." He told her, saddened.

"I know. That's why I'm giving you Orochimaru's knowledge of the Reanimation jutsu. It can bring people back from the dead. Soulless but back none the less." She gathered some of her power, and hit Naruto with it.

Naruto felt strange. But he also felt more power. More power was flowing in him. He saw Orochimaru being people back to life. And he knew as well.

"I need 1 sacrifice for each of them." He told his mother.

"I thought ahead of time. 2 ready to go." She dropped two leaf Ninja.

"I will need something of their DNA. Like skin or a piece of their hair." He told her once more.

Kushina thought for a bit. She raised her hand and took apart a small bracelet made of hair. Three different colors. One red, one black, and one a dark blue. "This should do." She handed him the two strands of hair and put the red one in her chest armor.

"So, lets begin. Summoning Jutsu: Reanimation!"

Two coffins came from the ground. All of them where ignoring the fighting around them Kushina had long killed the ANBU that where to protect the Hokage. And no one would notice this until it was too late. They soon opened. Kushina felt her heart jump for joy. She would finally see her friends again after so long. But they were still soulless so they would not be alive per say. Good thing she has command over all souls. Her two friends are no different. The only ones she had no power over where the ones in the Reaper's gut.

"Raise once again Mikoto Uchiha... Taki Hyuga... and fight for what's right once more." Kushina released to balls of light from her Soul Edge. The color returned to their skin. They looked alive once more.

Mikoto was the first to wake up. "Oh my head... what hit me... what did I drink...?"

"Good to see you up sleepy head." Kushina mocked her old friend." Kushina mocked.

Mikoto looked up to see 4 kids, 12 or 13. And an older women in some sort of armor and 2 big swords. Pulsing with energy. "Who are you?"

"I will explain everything, in just a minute. Oh... it looks like our other friend is awake." She smiled.

"Man... I think I'll lay off the drinking... forever..."

"That's good. It's bad for your health anyway." Kushina said to her other friend.

"Huh? Who are you?"

"That's what I want to know."

"Mikoto? Is that you?"

"?" Mikoto was silent. "Is that you Taki? I thought you were died."

"I'll explain if you'd let me."

"Who are you!" Taki reached for something to find nothing.

"Like I said, I'll explain my friends. My name is Kushina Uzumaki..."

"LIER!" Both of the resurrected women yelled. "Kushina died giving birth to her child 6 years ago!" They again both said at once.

"Over exaggerated. I am alive and well. Better even." Kushina smiled.

Both Mikoto and Taki had no idea what was going on right now. But what they did know was there was a person in front of them claiming to be Kushina. "I know. Tell us something that only Kushina and we knew." Taki challenged.

Kushina smiled... and Naruto knew that smile... it was a smile that he gave when he prank the Uchiha clan when they were still alive by dying all but two people's hair pink. When he switched the Uchiha clan and the Hyuga clan symbols in one night. Without getting caught. Well, since Itachi didn't stop him or turn him in he didn't count as an Uchiha. In fact, the smile was even worse in terms of his evil pranks. In fact, he dare say that the smile he gave when he was planning the Hokage monument prank paled in comparison.

"Alright. When we were all made Chunin after our first Chunin exams we all got drunk at my place. Then woke up naked and all over each other the next morning." Kushina smiled again.

"Naruto... you're mom's a bisexually." Gaara told his friend. Who again was banging his head on a wall he made.

"KUSHINA!" Both jumped and hugged her. Only both realizing that they was 4 kids listening in and what she just said.

"We thought you had died." Mikoto said to her friend.

"I'll explain everything."

Kushina began to tell them everything. Who she was forced out of the village by the now deceased 3rd Hokage. How she was away from her son for 12 long years. She told them how she had to get both Soul Edge and Soul Caliber. How she got back, how she brought them back to life... with her 12 year old son's help. And where they were now.

"So what now? Do we save the leaf village and bring it back to the way it was?" Asked Mikoto.

"No... the leaf village is a lost cause. We will raze it to the ground... and those worthy to follow me into a different village... my old village that the leaf betrayed. The Whirlpool village will rise again. But for that to happen..." Kushina looked over the village... the fighting continued. It will soon be over... "... the leaf will fall."

Mikoto and Taki were a bit nerves. They loved this village. But... "What about my daughters? Can I bring them with us?" Taki asked. (AN: Yes the same Taki from Soul Caliber. That will be explained later if at all. Just go with it)

"Of course. I want you to bring little Hinata. But I didn't know you had a second child." Kushina told her.

"Wait, your Hinata's mom?" Naruto looked at the woman.

"Yes. You know her?"

"Yeah. I do. But that can come later. We have a village to destroy. Right mom?" Naruto smiled.

And so did Kushina. "Yes we do. Let the Collapse of the Hidden Leaf Village' begin. Taki, Mikoto get your kids. And meet us in a nearby town. You don't need to fight this battle. Besides its best that you protect your young ones. Naruto... you, I and your fellow Jinjuriki will slaughter everyone in this village... spare only those that you think or know are innocent." She told the young Jinjuriki.

They all nodded. "Gaara the main fighting is that way." Naruto pointed near the wall. "No one of importance will be there. Kill them all. Leaf, Sound and Sand. Spare no one." Naruto told him. "Fu go with him. Make sure he doesn't get in over his head and the same for you." He told her.

Gaara looked like a kid. A kid that was given an all you can take meal ticket in a toy store. But the ticket was Naruto's blessing and the toys were human beings... if you can call them that. And like with toys, humans tend to break easily. Gaara's day had been made. There was even holy music playing when his face brightened up.

"My son, you and Yugito will go to the Hokage Mountain where all the civilians are at. Kill the guilty. Spare the innocent." She told her son Naruto.

"Of course mother."

"When we are all done with our tasks we will meet up in Wave. From there, we'll go to a much safer place."Everyone nodded. "Oh, and one more thing. A motto that all Uzumaki learn. And/or friends of Uzumaki. The motto is this. 'There is no good and evil. There is only power, and those too weak to seek it." She told them.

They all left to do their jobs.

Taki to go find her daughters. Mikoto to find her son. Hopefully he is more like Itachi then his father. Fu and Gaara to kill to their black evil heart's content. Naruto and Yugito to purge the guilty from the realm of life and spare the innocent.

As for Kushina herself. It was time to get her revenge from the leaf village. For all the wrongs it has commented. Against her, and against her clan. "We have suffered... now... YOU ALL WILL SUFFER!"

Kushina let out a massive amount of her power. The leaf village, who had just repelled the Sand Sound invasion, felt it. It made them shiver. They were weak from fighting the Sand and Sound ninja. But this one force alone was far greater than any other thing they have faced before. Kushina with her new abilities she took from the Hero King let her two blades float next to her. Using her very will to make them move around cutting down ninja that dare to fight this new, unknown, and powerful opponent.

With Taki she was hurrying to the Hyuga estate. The Hyuga thought the fighting was over and believed themselves safe. She married into the Hyuga clan, her jade green eyes proved it. Hiashi wanted to give her the Byakugan, but she didn't want to lose her eyes to become pale, and cruel like most Hyuga were. She found the entrance. Unguarded. Most likely that the branch family are still fighting while the main branch hide themselves sipping tea. That made her disgusted. She hoped that her daughters where not like that. She walked in like she owned the place. Because every since she was revived, she felt more powerful. Far more powerful than ever before. Hiashi better pray that he had taken care of her little girls.


She knew that voice... it was her oldest Hinata.

"Shut up you weak bitch! You will have this Cage Bird Curse mark place on your forehead now! That way, Hanabi can take over and we can rule over her." Once of the Hyuga clan elders said.

This enraged her very blood. They dare to do THAT to her girls. She had then decided. The Hyuga Main branch was now... a write off. She felt the over whelming urge to kill the entire Hyuga main branch. And if Hiashi had even once bad mouthed Hinata, or neglected her or Hanabi, he would take her place in a 6 ft grave. She busted open the door to see her father-in-law about to place the curse mark on her daughter.

"Who are you! Get out before we kill you an..."

He never got to finish as he was sent flying through a wall. The others came to kill her with their prized Hyuga Style Taijutsu. No match for her Taijutsu. A style she created with the help of her friends and sensei. She easily beat the crap out of the Hyuga elders, nearly killing them all. She freed her oldest daughter from her restraints.

Hinata looked at the person that freed her. She had changed a bit. But she knew in her heart like any child would know his or her mother. "Mom...?" She whispered. Not believing her eyes.

"Yes dear. It me." Hinata cried as she hugged her mother.

"Mommy." She cried.

"Shhh~~ It's alright my dear. I'm here. Mommy will make things right now." She comforted her crying daughter. Although to her, she had just put Hinata to bed kissing her forehead. But that was six years ago. She died that night. And she remembers why. "Hinata. Dear. I need you to do mommy a favor."

Hinata wiped away her tears. "What is it mama?"

She smiled. "I need you to find your baby sister Hanabi and take her outside the village. Do not stop for anything. Not even to help others understand? I need you to take your sister to safety away from the village. I will find you." Taki told her daughter.

Hinata looked confused. "But... why?"

"Hinata... my dear child. Just do as mama asked ok? I promise to explain everything to you later. Just take your sister and go." Hinata nodded. Hoping that everything was ok. The leaf was just invaded. Is that why she wants her to leave?

Hinata ran from the room, intent on finding her little sister and following her mother's orders.

Taki walked over to one of the down but still alive members of the Hyuga elders. It was time to fix that mistake. "It's time that this pathetic clan be whipped off the face of the earth. No one must live that bares the Hyuga name proudly." She said to herself.

And just like the massacre 6 or so years ago of the Uchiha clan, the Hyuga meet a similar fate. She slaughtered the Hyuga clan. Every arrogant one that had Hyuga tied to their name. Men, women and children. The arrogance of the Hyuga clan needed to be cleansed.

"How dare you, by the honor of the Hyuga clan, we will kill you!" One main branch member charged her with a dozen branch members.

"The clan the clan. That's all you Hyuga ever say. I have had enough of this worthless clan." She said to herself. She killed the ones in front of her. No match for her new power given to her by her old friend Kushina. And her weapon that she was using. Only half as powerful as the one Kushina was using, but far more powerful than anything this clan had to offer. She held Soul Caliber. A weaker and smaller version then the big hunker that Kushina was carrying. She said that they were the 'final form' of Soul Edge and Soul Caliber. Not that she knew what that means. But whatever this now blue like Katana is. It was powerful and getting more powerful by the kill. Just like she was. "Come weak Hyuga. Let me send you to the afterlife to be judged." She had a clan to slaughter and her daughters to see. This will be quick.

Mikoto on the other end of the village was searching for her son. He had just lost against Gaara. The red head beat her son so badly, it was almost sad. It seems that without a mother to guild him, he was weak. And as a mother, she would need to fix that. She landed next to her youngest boy. She could feel that he was like his father. She cursed his father. The true murder of the Uchiha by her point of view. His anger and his lust for power where is and the clan's undoing. And by proxy hers and her sons had she not returned to life. Now with her back from the died she, as a mother, will discipline her boys as a good mother should. She picked up his non-moving form. "Let's go my son. I hope that Kushina lets me keep you alive. She hates almost all Uchiha's." She left in a cloud of smoke.

Fu and Gaara felt extremely powerful all of the sudden. Their tailed beast said that the white haired women was the cause. Her power was like a Jinjuriki. But far more foul. They told their hosts that only Kyuubi could face that women and live to tell the tale. But that didn't matter to any of them. Power was power. The one thing that Kushina told them that will stick with them for all time. As long as they are alive. There is no good and evil. There is only power, and those too weak to seek it. Yes... they too believed this to be true. Their tailed all the more happy to agree with this train of thought. This woman was a tailed beast in human form. Once could mistake her for the 9 tailed fox's sister. With the amount of power and cruelty that only Kyuubi can say she had surpassed. Both the Sanbi and the Shukaku could only think of one thing. What did this woman go through to gain such power?

Yugito and Naruto had killed the Chunin guard assigned to protect the helpless ones.

"Naruto? Naruto!" Iruka ran up to Naruto. "?" He looked at Yugito and the fact that she is a foreign ninja. "Naruto why did you bring a foreign ninja here! You gave away this secret place!"

"I'm sorry... sensei..." Naruto hit him in the gut. Iruka was not expecting that. He was knocked out. Even if this one was real, a clone was sent to each one of the other hide aways for the rest of the village. Many will not survive past today. "The guilty shall suffer." Naruto remembered the bloodline of the Uzumaki. And that his mom and Kyuubi conformed for him. The Crimson Curse. At least for him it's the Crimson Curse. It is called the Crimson Goddess for the females of the Uzumaki clan. It's called the Crimson Curse for men. And only the Royal line could have it. Like him and his mom. He had walked up to the people of the leaf village of this small bunker.

"Naruto!" Naruto looked at Konohamaru and his group of 'Naruto fans'. He smiled. Such innocents.

"Hey, Konohamaru. How's everyone here? Has the future rival of the Hokage title been protecting them?" He asked.

"Of course I have! I wouldn't be a good Hokage if I didn't!" Konohamaru declared. Naruto smiled. Then Konohamaru saw the cloud ninja behind him. More importantly, that she was a girl. "Hey boss. Is she your girlfriend?" He had a smirked.

While Naruto smirked back. He put his arm around her. "Yep and she's on fire all the time." Yugito just blushed as she elbowed him. There was a matter to discus. Or rather do right now and there was no time to talk about things like that. "Sorry, Konohamaru can't talk right now. Follow me to the people, there is something you need to see."

Konohamaru heard the fighting still going on outside. "But boss, shouldn't you be outside fighting?" He asked.

"No, the fighting is about over, the... clean up is all that is left." He told him. Konohamaru had no reason to doubt Naruto.

Naruto walked down the hall to find the place where all the people are hiding.

"Naruto!" Naruto was hugged by Ayame. She always did see him as a little brother. Or at least that's what he thought. "Is the fighting over? Can we go back to our homes?" Everyone looked at him with hopeful eyes. A few with hateful.

He shook his head no. "No, not yet. The cleanup is all that is left, and then you may go home." He almost had a sad face, for what she had to witness of him. Naruto held up his hand and everyone but Naruto and Yugito froze.

"Naruto? What are you doing?" Teuchi asked. The ramen chief asked.

Everyone looked fearful at Naruto.

"For those that have not sinned against me or my clan, will live past today."

Everyone heard the screams of the people nearby in other bunkers.

"Naruto!" Konohamaru yelled. "What are you doing!" He yelled shocked that his idol would do this.

"Like I said, the cleanup is all that is left Konohamaru. But the cleanup is not the cleanup of the enemy forces of the leaf. It is of the leaf village itself." Naruto held them up as the people heard the screams of men and women being slaughtered in other bunkers. "And now... I will make all of your deaths... painless."

Everyone shut their eyes.

"Crimson Curse!"

Blood splattered all over the room. But he didn't stop there. He made sure that he only killed the guilty. Anyone who was kind to him lived. Like Ayame her father and about a dozen others. She looked around. He had since horded all the kids away with his clones disguised as Chunin. He looked around. He heard crying. He looked to his left to see a woman how still had her baby. Slipped through the cracks as it where. She hated him with the passion and would most likely pass it on to her kid with time. He walked up to her and whispered kinds words to south her child while waiting for the end. Saying, mommy will protect you and I'll never let him hurt you. Naruto stayed his hand.

"I'll let you live... today... but never seek me out again. If you do, your life is forfeit." Naruto walked away. "To those I have spared, you have been spared not on a whim. But because you are kind... never let go of that kindness... no matter what." Naruto and Yugito started to walk out. "Konohamaru. The leaf village is beyond saving. It is not worthy of your loyalty or your power to protect it. But... if you still wish to be Hokage, and then I'll let you have it. I have a new goal now Konohamaru to bring peace to this world. By any means necessary." He started to walk away and everyone was still in shock at what happened. Out of the entire leaf village civilian population only about 14% survived. But the slaughter was still not over.

Kushina had not stopped her rampage. Using her will power alone she commanded her swords to slaughter in her name and the name of the Uzumaki clan. And bring about the curse of the Uzumaki's clan's greatest power. The power of revenge. She had just knocked a rookie jonin to the wall and was about to kill him when someone else tried to attack her from above. She knocked her to the wall as well. The power knocked all their strength out of the. She walked up to them.

They looked at each other and kissed. "I'll see you on the other side my love." The man said to her.

"I love you." She told him as they hugged and embraced the end, and each other. Kushina raised her sword to finish them off. When.

'I'll see you on the other side my love.' Minato told a Kushina dying.

'I love you Minato. I'll see you soon.' She saw darkness... for a time.

Kushina loved and hated that memory. She turned to leave them. They looked up to not see this evil that was destroying their village was not about to kill them. "Love is a very cherished thing. I lost my love... now all I have is my child and my friends. Never seek me out ever. Leave the leaf village, and you will live past today." She walked away to kill others.

The two lovers took this chance to leave the village. Not tempting fate twice.

Kushina walked her path killing ninja left and right. Until...

"Kushina!" She stopped. And looked to her right. She saw Tsume and what looked like a clone of her. Just a younger version of her. Must be the young girl Hana that Tsume had before the Kyuubi attack. Her dogs right there next to her.

"Tsume... nice to see you after so long... and you must be Hana... I don't know if you remember me, but I'm your aunty Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze. Wife to Minato Namikaze and mother of Naruto Uzumaki." She said to the young woman.

Tsume was conflicted. Here was here friend after almost 13 years. But she was her enemy, and has killed her comrades of the leaf.

"I'm sorry Kushina. I can't let you continue doing this." She sadly got into her stance. So did Hana. Also having sad thoughts of this. She had few memories of her mom's friend. But the ones she does have are fond ones.

Tsume tried to punch her old friend but Kushina had some sort of field protecting her. "You can't harm me my old friend. I have the power to transcend death itself. I have become so powerful that not even my old friend the Kyuubi can kill me now."

If such a statement was true, that scared the hell of her. Hana tried to attack Kushina from behind but Kushina just grabbed her friend's daughter. A nice looking one at that. Her Soul Edge and Caliber were now being used for making sure that the girls arms were useless. As for the dogs, they refused to even go near her. Saying that they would not fight this goddess in front of them. "Freeze Tsume." Kushina had Hana by the neck. "Unless you want to bury your oldest daughter." Kushina smiled as she froze. Not wanting her daughter to die.

"Kushina please. Don't kill her. Kill me! I'm the one that didn't help your son as I should have. Me, not her." Tsume begged.

Kushina had other plans. With one had still around Hana's neck, her other hand started to explore Hana's well developed body. "Wow Hana, you take after your mother alright. I remember when she was this big at your age." Kushina grinned as both Inuzuka's blushed. Kushina first fondled Hana's breast. Then went lower. Right to her pussy. "Oh~ A shaved pussy too? I would have thought you would have like it at least a little hair... not that I mind you have a shaved pussy... I like it like that..." Kushina licked Hana's ear causing her to moan.

Tsume couldn't take her eyes off her old friend molesting her daughter... in front of her no less.

Kushina continued to do so. Fingering Hana's pussy in front of her was bold to do. This pissed her off but she knew she couldn't do anything but think of a way out of this mess.

"Well... I've had my fun. Time to die little girl." Kushina reached for her neck and...

"WAIT!" Tsume grabbed her friends arm, trying to get it away from her daughter's neck. "Please Kushina... I've give you anything. Spare my daughter..."

Kushina had seen this look before. The look of a desperate parent trying to save their child. She had seen it with the Hero King. When he begged for her to spare his son who came to defend him. She smiled. All according to plan.

"Very well Tsume. I'll spare your daughter on... one... condition." She looked at Tsume whose eyes said 'name it'. "I'll spare your daughter and son as I heard it from my own, if... and only if... you 3 come with me to whirlpool to start a new village... and you..." She rubbed Tsume's cheek lovingly. "... Become... mine... to do with as I wish... Do we have a deal?"

Tsume looked at Kushina and considered her deal. Normally she would never conceder this. Her pride as a woman wouldn't allow it. But her daughter's life was at stake. As well as her son and clan. Lose them all... or become a servant to Kushina in every way possible. She felt like she was making a deal with someone the devil himself wouldn't dare try.

"I... I accept..."

"You what?" Kushina asked. Kushina knew that Tsume what she wanted her to say.

"I accept Mistress Kushina." Kushina held out her hand, and Tsume kissed it. "Good my little pet bitch. It will just like the good old days. When I bent you over a table and took you from behind with a strap on." Kushina smiled at the young girls discomfort of the subject.

"My daughter Mistress?" She asked submissively.

"Yes of course... a deal is a deal." She released Hana how coughed to get air. Kushina put them to sleep and teleported all of them to the Hokage mountain. Naruto, Yugito, Fu and Gaara where there waiting for her.

"Mother, what took you so long?" Naruto asked.

"Just, picking up some sweets." Kushina smiled.

Naruto had a feeling that his mother's statement held a deeper value to them.

"Now what do we do? The leaf has fallen, most of these weaklings have fallen with it." Fu stated.

"But the village itself still stands... the leaf needs to burn...destroyed so it can never rise again." Kushina told her so to be daughter in law.

"I agree. Leave a rat half alive and it comes back to life. We need to destroy everything that this village now stands for. This corrupted leaf must be nothing more than a memory." Gaara gave his opinion.

"Well said my friend." Naruto said to Gaara.

"Naruto... use the power of your Rinnegan. Make sure this village falls to the pages of history." Kushina told her son.

"I know just the thing." Naruto smiled as he started to ascend high above the village. He was gathering a high amount of chakra to himself.

No one knew what Naruto was planning but Kushina.

Everyone left alive in the leaf village felt the build up above them. It was just as terrifying as the Kyuubi. If not more so.

"Now this world shall know my pain..." Naruto declared as he looked down at the village that scorned him.

Many people tried to get away from the center of the village.

"Almighty Push!" Naruto yelled as a wave of nothing but sheer force was launched from him.

The power was shown. The leaf village, destroyed. Some of the villages near the walls were only mostly destroyed. But there was a massive crater where the leaf village was. Naruto landed gently in the dead center of it. His mother, friend and future wives landed near him. Naruto slowly walked up to his mother.

"Sorry mother... that took it out of me..." Naruto fell into her waiting arms.

"It's alright my son... my special baby boy... you made your mama proud." She told him. "We are leaving. No point to stay here any longer." The rest nodded and left quickly before the leaf village's ninja realized that their village was now a drain. The bright side to all this was if they cleaned the place up, they can have nice lake side homes.

Kushina spilt up from the group, saying that she needed to take care of something.

Far away from the destroyed village 4 sound ninja were running away after their master was killed.

"Man, who was that bitch!" Sakon yelled.

"Who gives a fuck just run your ass!" The red head of the group yelled.

"Tayuya a lady shouldn't..."

"Shut the fuck up fat ass! Just keep running or we'll leave you behind. If she catches up to us or any of those leaf fucks we're fucked!" Tayuya cursed.

"Too late..." The 4 stopped when they heard the voice of death itself.

"Shit! She found us!" The 4 got in a defensive stance.

"It was from your big mouth Tayuya!" The 6 arm kid told her.

"No... I could find you if you were buried under rocks and not yelling. It was your souls. I can feel your souls no matter you are." Kushina told them from the shadows. She let out some of her power.

"Fuck! What the hell is this power!" Tayuya yelled as she was sweating from the amount of pressure from everywhere.

"That power, little girl, is the power I earned. I am the most powerful thing on this planet. As your former master now knows."

They heard a thud sound. They looked to the fat one, his head was missing and his body on the ground.

"What the hell!"

"You cannot win..."

Another thud, the six arm kid was now dead.

"My power far excesses yours. No matter what you do." She said in this echo like voice.

"Fuck this!" Sakon took out a kunai and stabbed Tayuya in the leg with it. Then he ran.

"You fuck tard!" She held her leg.

But Sakon didn't get far as he was cut in half.

"That's the way this world works my dear." Tayuya heard the voice behind her she turned around to see a tall woman in black armor and the most evil feeling she has ever felt.

Tayuya was so shocked that she fell to her knees in front of the woman. Fully expecting to be killed at a moment's notice.

Kushina studied Tayuya. 'No... Not of Royal Blood. Branch maybe.'

Kushina reached out to Tayuya, Tayuya flinched and closed her eyes waiting for the end. Until she felt a hand on her cheek. Tayuya felt it's soft touch.

"But it doesn't have to be..." Tayuya looked into the woman before her eyes. "It can be, so much nicer with the right people." Kushina started to rub her cheek and Tayuya was aw struck. "Come with me... and I will show you what you can have for the rest of your life..."

Kushina and the others had meet up with Mikoto, Kushina was smiling, and then they headed for the Whirlpool Island. Far away from anyone or anything that can track them. The Island chain came into view and both Kushina and Naruto were happy about finally... being home.

Naruto had lead them to a lone tower. The tower was the Royal Uzumaki tower. Only Uzumaki of the Royal bloodline were allow in as well as anyone the Royal bloodline allowed in.

Mikoto, Taki had put their kids to bed. Still asleep from their ordeal.

"Say, Taki, I head you had your own version of a clan massacre in the leaf village. Who lived?" Kushina asked. Kushina had put her new sex toy and her daughter in a bed chamber to rest. She also sent Naruto and his friends on an errand to help them get revenge on the world that wronged them.

"I did..." Taki took a sip of her tea that somehow survived.

"What did you do?" Mikoto asked. To her, her so called Husband just killed her. (That will be explained later)

"I kill all of the Hyuga clan. Only 2 other than my girls lived past that day. Both not being in the compound when I slaughtered them all." Taki said without any remorse. "That sword you gave me help by the way Kushina. Thanks."

Kushina nodded. "Not a problem. I aim to please. Now then, we need to discuss what we shall do once my boy comes with what I sent him to do." Kushina told her friends.

"What will that be?" Mikoto asked.

"Even as powerful as we are, we cannot take on the world. It will be too tiresome for just us to kill thousands upon thousands of people. Besides, I don't feel like lifting my arm that many times." Kushina joked.

Her two friends just laughed at their friend's laziness. "What are you going to do about it? It's not like you can raise an army back from the dead..." Taki casually said.

Kushina looked innocent. Both Mikoto and Taki looked at her. "You can't be thinking of bring back the dead Uzumaki clan? Kushina, please tell me your not!" Taki yelled. When an Uzumaki died... it was more than just forbidden, even by other Uzumaki, to bring them back.

"No... I'm not bringing the Uzumaki clan back from the dead..." Kushina said in a tone that said 'I have a different Idea'.

"What is going through your evil Uzumaki mind Kushina? We both know that look." Mikoto asked her.

"Well... I can tell you that not all of the Uzumaki clan is dead. I feel them... some of the descendants of the lesser side yet live. Only myself Naruto and one other live of the Royal line." She told them.

"How many?" Both of them asked.

"Off the top of my head, I count... 3... 6... yes, 6 of the lesser side of the clan. All of them are ninja of Chunin rank or higher. And like I said 1 other of the Royal decent. Several times removed of course, not a pure blood like me, or Naruto. But high up there." She said.

"No disrespect intended Kushina, but isn't Naruto half Uzumaki?"

"No... 2 factors come into play. 1 being the son of a pure blood like me, we Uzumaki females have seals on us, any child will 100% Uzumaki, they will still have some traits of their father, so I guess it's more like 90%. Also, the Kyuubi. Only a Uzumaki of the Royal line can control her and tame her. Anyone else will become a slave to her will in a short amount of time. Or just die." Kushina took a sip of her tea.

"Mother we found it." Naruto held out a book.

Kushina jumped up and grabbed it.

"What is it Kushina?" both Mikoto and Taki looked at it.

"This... is how we will rule this world... 10,000 years ago we Uzumaki ruled the world with an iron fist. But the world united against us to defeat us in battle and the Uzumaki clan was all but whipped out. Now... we shall once more... rule the world... like we Uzumaki should." Kushina smiled.

"Kushina, I hate to say this but, your starting to sound like Fugaku and the rest of the Uchiha clan." Mikoto told Kushina.

"I hate to say it mom, but she's right. Itachi killed the Uchiha clan to make sure they couldn't do that." Naruto told his mother.

"Yes. I know I sound like an Uchiha. Trust me, no one hates saying that more than I do. But what the Uchiha lack that an Uzumaki doesn't, aside from real power, is love. All they knew was hatred. We know love and that is what we will rule with. Follow me." Kushina lead everyone but Sasuke, Hanabi and Hinata, who were still out.

Kushina lead them out of the ruined tower into a small clearing that looked like Stonehenge. She placed the book on the pedestal in the center of the clearing. She opened it to the center of book.

"Ok, I need you all around in a circle while I do the ritual." Kushina told them.

All of them got into a circle around Kushina, they were just enough of them. Kushina looked up, it was almost night time. Not that it matters. "Are you all ready? Once I start, there is no stopping it."

Everyone nodded.

"Then let's proceed."

Kushina summoned up a massive amount of her power. Both Soul Edge and Soul Caliber flying around in a circle above them.

"Come forth from the darkest waters..."

A lighting storm brewed up intently.

"To avenge the Uzumaki clan's slaughter."

The storm became more violent.

"By the blood of my mothers, my sisters my son..."

It became dark as night itself.

"I command you to live again... and undo what was done."

The tower started to rebuild itself.

"Now come forth from the ancient tides..."

A red aura appeared around the tower.

"So that we will reclaim, what is rightfully mine!"

The red aura around the tower shot into the sky. It could be seen all around the elemental nations.

All around the nations, all of the Uzumaki blood decent looked to the pillar of red power.

"Konan... we are leaving..."

"But Pain..."

"Karui, what is it?"

"I don't know, but I have to go!" Karui ran as fast as she could.

"Bee, bring her back." The Raikage A told his brother.

All around the nations, an unknown amount of the Uzumaki bloodline ran to the red light.

And, as for the ritual itself. Many bones at the bottom of the sea around the Whirlpool started to come back to life.


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