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Chapter 1: Encounters On The Street

Light glistened on the stony streets as the sun started to rise in the east. A door slammed from an light orange house as a young boy ran down the sidewalk. Sky blue eyes were lit with determination as he focused on his destination. This boy was none other than Konoha's Number one trouble maker— "NARUTO NAMIKAZE, YOU GET YOUR BLOND BUTT BACK HERE AND FINISH YOUR BREAKFAST!"

The youngster turned his head back to see his mother standing in the doorway, a thirty-something woman shaking a spatula in anger, her red hair seeming to whip in the air. "I gan't, Fa, I votta co uow!" He cried back, piece of toast secure between his lips.

He flipped the bread in the air and caught it in his mouth, eating it in two quick bites. "Tell Pa, that I hope he has a good day!" He waved with his right hand as he secured his messenger bag with his left.

Soon her son was no longer in her line of sight. Kushina Uzumaki sighed, turning on her heel. "I don't know where that boy get's his attitude from!" She said to her husband as he took his place at the dining room table. The blond man chuckled, remembering moments of their childhood when she would run off unannounced without any permission—and drag him along for the ride. But now was not to the time to mention that, of course.

"No idea….but Kushina, can you blame him? This is a really big day for him, after all." Kushina turned her back to him as she came across the stove. Flipping a pancake and catching it on a plate in one swift movement, she went to the table and pecked her love on the cheek before sitting down.

"Are you sure it was okay to let him too this? There's a reason we held off doing this for two years! We don't know how this might—" She was cut off suddenly as lips pressed against her own. 'Damn him and his speed!' She thought, as he hadn't seemed to move from his seat.

Minato Namikaze had taken her lips into his own, since for him, he thought it the easy way to have her stopped talking. It had worked for the past 20 years, so why stop now? "Kushina stop worrying about Naruto, okay?" He whispered, as he rested his forehead against his own. "You seem to forget that he is our child and can very well handle anything they throw at him. Just believe in him a little."

Kushina's smiled, but that quickly fell into a pout. Minato saw this slip and sighed to himself, knowing full and well what was about to occur. "But Minato, he's my little boy!" She whined a little, "How can I NOT worry about him?" Minato gave an uneasy smile, since he didn't have an answer. 'I tried, son, I really did. But there's no arguing with your mother.'

Naruto skidded to a stop as he looked down a massive hill. The twelve year-old's eyes widened at the sight of the hillside market place as it was starting to fill with customers despite how early it was in the morning. The shop the blond wanted to visit was located at the very bottom of the hill. He smirked. 'Looks like now would be a good time to cause some mischief and wake up these old farts.'

Naruto got on one knee as if he was going to tie his shoes, but instead he pressed a tiny button hidden from view. Rollerblade wheels ejected from the bottom of the shoes, causing Naruto to grin once more. Standing up, he shifted a little bit forward and let gravity do its thing.

He raced down the hill, swerving easily through the crowd. He laughed aloud at their shouts of "Hey" and cries of surprise! As he blasted downhill, he turned his head back to see their mixed expressions of anger and confusion. Because of this Naruto wasn't paying attention to what was going on in front of him and—in the next second Naruto was airborne as the cart-seller screamed "MY CABBAGES!"

While still in midair, Naruto somehow managed to gain his balance back and do a front somersault! An airy laugh escaped his mouth, but that look of joy quickly shifted to fear as he suddenly realized he was going to crash into someone! "Look out!" He called, which caused the person to turn around and face him!

The blond couldn't remember what happened next but he had expected to hit the dirt road. Instead he had landed on something considerably soft, especially his hands. Upon opening his eyes, they widened with shock! Sprawled out beneath him was girl with short bluish black hair, her eyes closed and a faint blush on her cheeks. Her face was so close to his, it was as if they could have almost kissed.

The thought caused Naruto's whiskered cheeks to turning a darker red than his mother's hair and he quickly sat up. Hearing chatter from those around him, Naruto looked around to find the people staring at him. 'What's everybody—?' It suddenly clicked to him at what this situation looked like with him straddling this girl's waist when he finally realized where exactly his hands were.

The twelve year old kid scrambled backwards as fast as possible off of this poor girl. Though of course by doing this at the speed he was moving, he happened to catch a flash of something orange due to her skirt flipping up accidentally. 'Is that a fox?' Naruto caught himself thinking, as he held a hand to his nose to stop the blood.

He averted his eyes to his upper right, only to lock with the clock. "Crap, I'm gonna be late!" He hissed to himself. He quickly stood up and dusted himself off, before giving a full tilt bow to the girl he had knocked into! "I do hope you find it in your heart to forgive me! I'm sorry, but I have to go!"

And with that short apology, Naruto took off down the street. Though as he departed, he couldn't help but feel that the girl was familiar. The outfit she wore was similar to his school uniform, but did that mean—? He shook his head, shaking the thought from his head. He was a boy on a mission, and he couldn't think about a girl at such an important moment. Maybe later but not right now.

As Naruto cut through the crowd that had formed, a young man exited the nearest grocery shop. He blew his dark blue bangs out of his white eyes, so that way he could see in front of him. Two things caught this boy's attention: the crowd that had appeared and the fact that he had lost his batora, his sister. 'Oh what happened now?' He thought to himself, as he politely cut through the crowd.

Finally sitting up was the girl Naruto had accidently ran into, a pale hand clutching her forehead. Her brother, whose appearance was almost identical to hers, quickly went to her side. "Hinata, are you alright?" He asked gently, placing plastic bags on her left side, as he went to check her for injuries.

The girl—Hinata—shot him an uneasy smile as he started to help her up. "D-Don't worry, Hiro, I'm fine. C-calm down, I can see your anger in your eyes." It was true: Hiro's all white eyes had suddenly seemed to be tinted with a lot of dark purple, a sign that he was agitated. "Though it does feel like I got hit by a w-whirlwind…"

Naruto skidded to stop in front of the neighborhood visodus shop. Visodus, simply put, were cybergenetic clones. They were made with metallic skeletons, human DNA coursing through their every fiber, and a computerized brain filled to the brim with artificial intelligence and curiosity. It was their souls, though, that made them different from their human siblings. This life force was actually a portion of the energy from a Zolani, the power being regulated through crystals.

Zolani, or soul animals, are essentially energy creatures with the ability to shift between a physical shape of either human or animal. It was because of this property that allowed visodus to have bodily function, their human shaped bone structure keeping the Zolani energy from transforming. Naruto didn't really understand all the inner-workings of how everything did what did, but what he did know is that he had wanted one since he was ten.

For some reason, though, his parents told him that he had to wait till he was twelve to get his own 'sibling' and bring them home! He slid the door open, clicking his heels to drop his wheels and entering the building. "Oi! Pervy mechanic, you in here?" He yelled, his voice echoing throughout the store. The lights were still off but Naruto knew that didn't mean anything. That old pervert was probably in the back doing god knows what!

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