Without You

A Rachel/Finn Story

By Brown Eyes Parker


Author's Note:

This is kind of, sort of, but not really my first Finchel story. It's the first one I'm posting on , and the first Finchel story I'm actually going to see through until the end. This is also a story I haven't been able to get out of my head since the season finale of Glee, my sister and I were talking about how the next season finale should go. . . and this idea was born. Then we were like, we need a song that they would sing! So, we racked our brains and remembered James Durbin singing a song a few weeks previous on American Idol. This song was "Without You" by Harry Nilsson, and the song was perfect. Because it fits Finn and the whole tether thing perfectly.

(Plus, I looked up the song yesterday and found a Mariah Carey version. . . Rachel is to Mariah what Finn is to Harry in my opinion.)

Dedicated to:

RoseFleur. . . for encouraging me to write this story and thinking it was a great idea to begin with. Plus she's just awesome in general, because she's a Rachel Berry fan and it's a rarity to meet one of those My sister, Hannah. . . I have to give credit where credit is due, and that's to my amazing little sister for helping me come up with the idea

somebody. . . I can't live if living is without you, I can't live, I can't breathe anymore


I don't own diddly-squat. If I did, this is the way the season finale would go. And I would bring Glee back to what it was originally, a show not only about embracing homosexuality, but every other difference as well.


Chapter 1 A Calla Lily Corsage

"You look beautiful," Finn said as Rachel descended the stairway in a sparkling, silver dress with a halter-top. "Doesn't she look beautiful?"

"Beautiful," Leroy Berry echoed, snapping picture after picture. "You're becoming such a lovely young woman sweetie."

"Thank you Daddy." She turned to Finn and adjusted his silvery-gray tie. "You look handsome. . . I'm so glad you're my date."

He slid the corsage that he had chosen for her on her wrist and silently blessed his step-father. Burt had given him and Kurt a book titled the Art of Manliness and they had had a whole section in it on the meaning of flowers. So, making a flower choice had been easy. He had chosen a Calla Lily, because it was his way of showing Rachel that he thought she was beautiful.

"Are you ready?" Rachel asked. "I made reservations. . . somewhere special."

Finn cleared his throat. "Yeah. . . yeah, I'm coming."

"Don't keep her out too late," Leroy joked, even though he knew that Finn would have her home on time. He always had her home on time.

Rachel gave her father a kiss. "Goodbye Daddy."

"Goodbye, have a good time," he replied, returning his daughter's kiss.

"I'm going to miss him," Finn said as Leroy disappeared into the family room. He helped Rachel into her coat.

She spun around and kissed him. "They'll always be here, even when I'm gone. They'll like the company, I'm sure. Besides, we don't have to talk about that. . . we still have more than four months until I'm going to New York."

"You keep saying that. . . we have ten months, eight months. . . now it's six months. One day, it'll be twenty-four hours, and we won't have time to discuss it. But we'll decide to try and make a long distance relationship work. But it won't. . . and we'll end up resenting each other."

"I could never resent you Finn," Rachel said kissing him again. "Now. Come. On," she said between pecks. "I have a surprise for you."


"A picnic?" Finn asked as Rachel led him down to the duck pond. It was their favorite spot in the park, and it had been transformed. There were dozens of candles lit and white Christmas lights, and a table setup with a dinner for two.

"Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, and Britney helped me set it up," Rachel said shyly. "Are you surprised?"

"Very," Finn replied.

"Are you. . . disappointed?"

"No," Finn answered. "This way we can be alone, without all the other prom goers making too much noise and getting drunk all around us. Did you cook dinner all by yourself?"

"Sort of," Rachel answered. "I tried to make dessert, but it was a disaster, so Blaine made it. He makes very good creme brulée."

"Well, let's eat. . . I want tonight to be really special," Finn said, pulling out her chair and helping her sit down.

"I promise. . . it will be," Rachel replied.


"Two weeks until graduation," Puck said to Finn as prom was winding down. "Have you and Rachel discussed what's going to happen yet?"

"No," Finn answered. "I mean. . . we have all summer to decide what to do. She's not due in New York until September. Right?"

"Quinn said that she was going there the week after graduation, to find an apartment and audition for some Broadway plays. You know, so she can be settled and have a plan when it's finally time for her to move there."

"Yeah, she mentioned that," Finn replied. "But. . . she's coming back, and then we'll have all summer to discuss what's going to happen when she leaves."

Puck shrugged and looked over to where Quinn was talking to an Irish exchange student. "Don't be like me Finn. . . I lost the only girl that I'll ever love because of my stupidity."

"Lauren?" Finn asked.

Puck rolled his eyes. "No. Not Lauren—"

"Come dance with me Finn!" Rachel said before Puck could finish his thought. She tugged him to the dance floor. "It's the last dance of the night."

"Coming, coming. . ." Finn replied eagerly. He glanced at his best friend, trying to figure out the implications of his statement, but decided to shrug it off for the time being. He and Rachel had all summer. . . they had plenty of time to decide what to do.


"I had a lot of fun tonight," Rachel said shyly as he drove her home later that evening. "As warped and as strange this may sound, I think I'm going to miss high school."

"Oh yeah, I agree. I'm going to miss the slushy facials, and getting picked on by the rest of the football team," Finn replied sarcastically.

"You know what I mean."

Finn glanced at Rachel's hand, resting innocently on his knee. He took his hand off the steering wheel and squeezed her fingers. He remembered all the good things that his last three years at McKinley high had brought. Not only had he fallen in love with the woman he could possibly spend the rest of his life with, he had found himself and become a better, nicer person. On top of that, he had gained a father and a brother.

He nodded. "Yeah, I guess I do. I'm going to miss it too."

She smiled at him, her eyes sparkling in the dim streetlights. "In two weeks we'll be closing this chapter of our lives and starting a brand new one. It'll be a blank page without mistakes or regrets. . . and we can do whatever we want with it."

"I only hope that I decide to do the right thing," Finn said, but mostly to himself.

This time it was Rachel's turn to squeeze his hand affectionately. She grew serious and said, "You will. I have faith in you Finn."

Finn turned to her, his heart hammering in his chest. Suddenly it hit him, all of this was going to be gone in three short months. She would be becoming one of the biggest stars on Broadway. . . a household name, a Tony winner. . . and he, he would just be Finn Hudson. He would become somebody that she remembered fondly, but he wouldn't be part of her life. This is where it all ended.

"Why so quiet?" She asked, breaking into his thoughts.

"Just thinking," Finn answered. "Rachel, tonight was one of the best nights of my life. No matter what happens, I'll remember it forever."

Rachel looked at a loss for words, and then she nodded. "Me too. I love you Finn."

He had to remind himself to breathe as he parked his car and leaned into kiss her. "I love you too. I will always love you."

TBC. . .

Author's Note II:

I promise you, I'll write a longer chapter next time. But this chapter and the next ones following, are going to be build-up for the end. Secondly, there is a book called "the Art of Manliness" and it's by Brett and Kate McKay. Third, I really don't know what Rachel's father's names. I'm assuming one of them is Leroy, because it was the name I found on the Rachel Berry Wiki page.

Hope this story sparks some interest.

Until next time,



Every chapter will have a flower name in it, and flower symbolism in it. . . just for fun. So, be on the look out for that.