NEXT TO YOU: Chapter six


As soon as I got home I went for a quick shower and changed into dark blue skinny jeans , a black vest top and my black plimsolls, and I straitened my hair, after quickly checking my self in the mirror I went down stairs so I could grab a small bite to eat as I was still hungry.

I found Charlie and Billy watching the football game "hey dad, Billy"

"hey Bella" the say at the same time never taking their eyes off the game.

"im going to make a sandwich, do you two want one?" I ask knowing that they will most likely be hungry. They both look at each before Charlie replies that they would love one, I decide to make tuna sandwich's with cucumber. As I was making the last of the three sandwich's Jake walks through the door. "hey Jake, you want a sandwich?" I ask also knowing that he will be hungry due to the fact that these guys seem to eat a lot of food. He nods and heads into the living room to watch the game with Charlie and Billy.

Once I've finished with the sandwiches I quickly clean the mess I made and head to the living room to give the boys their food, they all mutter a thank you.

Once me and Jake finish our food, we decide to head to the diner a little early, just as we were about to leave Mitchell pops into my mind, maybe he wants to walk with us.

"hey why don't we see if Mitch wants to come with us" jake says as if he read my mind.

"yeah, I'll go get him" I reply

I run upstairs and knock on his door, there's no reply so I knock harder "Mitch" I shout just incase he never herd me.

I decide to walk into his room, he's not there so I check his bathroom and he isn't there either. Something shinny caught my eye, as I look to see what it is it becomes clear that it's a small knife.

But what gets my attention is that there's blood on the knife, I decide to leave it for all I know Mitchell could use that for when he goes fishing but I will keep a close eye on him just incase.

I run back down stairs where Jake is waiting "he's not there" Jake just shrugs his shoulders, "bye dad, bye Billy I shout as we go out the back door.

While we walk to the diner we find Jared and Kim so we decide to walk with them. "you excited for school tomorrow Bella?" Kim asks. "I am a little bit but I'm also nervous, I hate being the new kid"

"I bet it will be fine, people will stop staring after a while, but properly not if you hang out with the guys, everyone stares at them because they are so big. They think that we do drugs and drink everyday. They also think that me, Emily, Leah and Ash sleep with all of the guys but we don't."

"I know you guys don't do any of that, maybe they are just jealous of you all, I mean look at you girls your stunners who wouldn't stare at you!" "awww thanks Bella, I'm really glad you're here, I think of you as a sister already"

"really Kim?"

"yeah, all of us think that why apart from Sam cause he really likes you"

"I know I like him too, it feels as if I can never leave him and I know this might seem weird as we only just met but I have strong feelings for him"

"that's not weird at all Bella, I felt the same with Jared"

We arrive at the dinner just 10 minuets before the rest of the guys including Mitchell, we all order food and drinks and chat with each other. I meet Leah and Seth's mom sue, she's really nice and even offered me a job if I wanted to one, to which I squealed and hugged sue a thank you, she said I could start, next Monday and that Leah would show me what to do.

All in all we had a great day, after the diner we went to the beach for a few hours just messing about and playing in the water, Mitchell even seemed to be having fun to which I was happy about. The guys decided to cliff dive but me and the girls stayed on the beach to sun bathe. After the guys finished diving they came back to us, Sam picked me up and ran to the water with me a through me in, I decided that if I was in the water then he should be too, I got Quill and Jake to through him in too, we ended up having a water fight.

As the sun was about to set we all decided to go home for some much need sleep for school tomorrow, I kissed and hugged all the guys but kissed Sam a bit longer than the rest of them.

Tomorrow will be fun I think to myself before I fall asleep.


I've had a great day today, we all went to the diner and then went to the beach, we swam and jumped off the cliffs. At around sun set everyone went home as we all had school tomorrow plus me Jared and Paul are working down the station afterwards.

When I got home I made myself something to eat as I was starving again! I couldn't sleep so I decided to go for a run in my wolf form.

Once I phased I realised that Paul was here too. "hey bro" I say. We make small talk for a while until he decides to leave to sleep. It felt great that I can now get some time to myself. I ran the boarder around La Push, somehow with out me realising I ended up at Bella's house. I listened for any movement but herd none, I tried to listen more carefully but all I could pick up was what I thought was Bella breathing. I lay under her window listening to her sleep for a hour or so before I decided it was time for me to go to sleep.

Once I was home I went straight to my bed room and fell asleep in record time.

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