I'll Be Right Here

(Sequel to Sonic's Need)

By Dib07

Disclaimer: We do not own Sonic's toys, his bedroom, his tooth pick or his soap. Sega does. And everything else. This fic is purely for fans.

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This was supposed to be another Sonic X one shot but I decided to add a couple of chapters in to keep it going a little longer. Bear in mind that there are no 'strict' couples and I have tried to keep them in character as much as I can. This fic is purely fun based and a little experimental for me. Enjoy the story! BTW very pleased that I got so many reviews on the original 'Sonic's Need.' I didn't know there was so many Chris x Sonic fans out there! Well guys and gals, this is for you!

What went before:

Chris left school and decided to go home using a shortcut. Dr. Eggman anticipated this move and went for him, intent on snaring Chris in a trap meant for anybody that strayed into it. Eggman had previously been mottled by defeat and was desperate to do some damage. Sonic stepped in at once and saved Chris in moments. However, a resulting explosion rattled the earth and Sonic was found wounded from the damage. Eggman's status remains unknown.

Chapter 1: Who Needs Saving?

The sun lathered the land in a dry, warm light. The trees solemnly swayed against the rare, atrophied winds that ruffled their leaves. There were hardly any clouds measuring the day and there had been no rain for weeks. Sonic watched Chris standing inertly by the open window and watched his mop of hair shiver in the light breeze that swept up from below. He had been standing there a lot lately as if he did not know where else to place himself. Chris's room wasn't really that big either, what with a tidy bookshelf covering one whole wall, a bed against the opposite side complete with wardrobe and desk. His own cot was close to Chris's own bed which didn't help in saving space. This chagrined Amy of course. She couldn't see him all of the time and when she did, she was often surrounded by the others – causing a tight squeeze. Which didn't help. So most of the time she remained downstairs watching TV and crying or throwing tantrums. And it didn't help much when only important people had jurisdiction over her.

"Chris, have you had any other... animals before?"

The young boy turned from the window and walked to stand by his cot. Sonic would have happily greeted him by sitting up and climbing out the damned cot if he could, but rising even for a brief time caused nausea and onerous headaches.

"What? As in – pets?" Politely he knelt down so that he was near enough eye level with Sonic. "Yeah. I had a few." He shrugged at this casually as if it meant nothing.

Sonic persisted weakly through the mask. "Tell me."

"Well, I had a budgie. That was my first one. Only had it for two days. As soon as we took it home and put it in its cage, it went kinda mad. Started flapping around and shrieking. Then after a while it settled and we thought it had finally calmed down. But then we realized that it never moved once from its perch. Never ate or played. Nothing. The next day I found it with its head in its bowel of water. It drowned itself. Then I bought myself two gerbils that we're supposed to be both girls. By the end of the week I had seventeen babies. I sold them all in the end."

"Some luck you have." Sonic smiled frailly at him.

To quickly iron out the subject, Chris said, "we need to give you a bath. Your fur still smells like a smoky exhaust!"

It had been two days since the epic explosion and the failure of another of Eggman's tactical ploys that had ended badly. "I wonder if Eggman is thinking up something else."

"Don't think about him. You need to concentrate on getting better!"

"One day he might find out where we are. Then you will all be in danger."

Chris looked at him, unconvinced. "Eggman has no idea, and the frustration will probably make him angry!" He knew his childish disposition annoyed the hedgehog sometimes, but he couldn't help himself. He was only young, after all. "Then he'll make mistakes and lose interest after awhile. Bit like me and my homework!"

"But with me out of action we could be in trouble."

"We have Tails and Amy. Even Knuckles if we can get a hold of him!"

"Just... j-just give me one more day... then I'll be back on my feet to fight him..."

Chris shook his head. The first morning after the 'accident,' Sonic had excused himself from the lounge after a long sleep. With his tummy securely bandaged, he went into the kitchen for a glass of water on wobbly legs. Not having to worry about school, (Grampa had advised him to take the day off in case Eggman saw it fit to attack again), Chris went into the bathroom to get ready for a shower. Tails had come running for him not much later when Chris had nothing but a towel wrapped around his middle with the showerhead streaming out hot water. Sonic had collapsed in the kitchen, a broken glass of spilled water by his twitching hand. His lungs were locked in endless, unforgiving episodes of violent coughs. He couldn't even move, both exhausted and weak.

Trying not to panic, Chuck got the thin hedgehog sitting up, rubbing his chest to help him breathe. Sonic was then sick all down himself and the kitchen floor. "Chris, Tails!" Chuck snapped at them, "grab a towel and a blanket! Now!"

Things just went from bad to worse. After getting what Chuck had requested, and with a blanket wrapped around the hedgehog, Sonic went into a convulsion in the older man's arms. Just like that with no prior warning. Despite Chuck remembering first aid when he was younger, it was all very different when they were trying to treat a tiny blue hedgehog. Panicking, Chuck gathered the animal into his arms and carried him into the lounge. They got the hearth going, and knowing that warmth was good, they sat with Sonic by the blazing fireplace. With an old ventilation apparatus taken from the attic from Chris's dad's collection of unwanted memorabilia, they fitted it roughly over his muzzle. Though it was several sizes too big, with a fresh oxygen tank attached (and far from the hearth because of its flammable risks) Sonic still gained its benefit. The first couple of seizures passed and they all sat quietly. Demoralized and deeply upset.

When the others awoke later that morning, Chuck felt it right to explain the situation to them, despite the grief it would cause. And indeed it did.

"Ohmygoodgod!" Amy cried, bunching her little fists up, red in the face. Cheeks wet and saturated with tears. "We have to get him to a hospital!"

"We should." Chuck agreed with a fervent nod, "however, hospitals treat human patients. What he would technically require is a vet outpost. But again, they treat normal household pets; say the common cat or dog. They do not know his requirements or biology. They'd be in the dark while trying to treat him. We know Sonic more than anybody else."

"Besides," Tails added sorrowfully, "I've done my research. Sonic must have had more than 800 ppm (parts per million) of concentration from the carbon monoxide. Common side effects are dizziness, nausea, convulsions, confusion and a period of unconsciousness. Breathing in even little amounts of carbon monoxide can lead to hypoxic injury. I know how bad this looks, but it's a good thing he stopped breathing during the initial explosion, otherwise he would have breathed in more."

"What does this mean?" She shouted at the kitson. Her anger was a comforting protection against sadness and confusion. It made her feel stronger, while she broke down inside.

"He's okay for now," Chuck continued for the fox, "but the major concern now is what the later effects will be for him. Carbon monoxide poisoning can create delayed neurological manifestations. This could affect his intellectual functions and give him memory loss, trouble walking. As we've already seen, acute poisoning delivers seizures, even severe shock."

"You aren't helping to make me feel better!" Amy yelled, her voice positively shrieking.

Cream was hiding round the doorway and partially out of sight. Either Amy's open madness was keeping her away, or because of Sonic's condition.

"We'll set up a cot," Chuck said, looking at them each in turn, "get a drip into his bloodstream and lay a heater blanket underneath him. So far his breathing is steady and that much is good."

With Ella making the hot water bottles, the set up a cot by Christopher's bed with all thing necessary. Sliding the bars down, they placed Sonic on the bed and covered him up with thick, soft blankets. The hedgehog surfaced through his coma for about fifteen seconds, mumbling and coughing. His diluted green eyes didn't see them when they tried to get his attention. He limply flopped back against the pillow, out cold.

"Shouldn't we get a doctor instead?" Tails asked. Chris, too weak for words, sat by the cot wringing his hands.

"I don't think it's a good idea." Chuck replied wearily. "We've done what is recommended already. We've given him warmth and clean oxygen. What I'm worried about is if the doctor overdoses him on some drug. His system can't take anymore."

"We need Knuckles!" Tails cried out, making them all jump. "I'll ride in the X-Tornado and bring him here!"

"Would he honestly know what to do?" Cream shyly asked.

Tails shrugged. "I sure hope so. But I'm gonna have to find him first. He could be anywhere."

The decision was agreed by all of them, and Tails hurried out to find the elusive echidna. And so the first day passed.

On the second morning Sonic was conscious, but these bouts lasted only an hour or so before he dropped back into darkness. He was able to keep up conversation, but couldn't remember events, places or favourite things. Soon however, his breathing began to wheeze and the vomiting started again.

Angry for not knowing how to help him, Chris lowered the bars and brought him into his arms, careful not to upset the I.V line or the breathing tubes.

Just as the rain began to fall, the front door to the mansion was thrown open. Tails came pounding in, followed by a very muddy and wet echidna. Chuck came rushing down to meet them, knowing that time was now an expensive, precious thing.


Dib07: I promise not to leave this for months before I update! Sorry for the cliff-hanger too and the shortness of the chapter!