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"Wake up, idiot." Sasuke kicked Naruto's side as he passed by him on the way to the kitchen. It was early, but Sasuke always rose before the sun.

"Leave me alone." Naruto groaned sleepily and covered his head with his blanket before turning over on his front. He hated waking up early when he didn't have to. There were no missions being assigned due to the snow and he wasn't about to waste his days off by waking up early on the limited and rare days that he could sleep in.

Sasuke heated water on the stove and put some bread in the toaster. He decided to give Naruto another five minutes before kicking him awake. He didn't want to spend his days off alone in the apartment and had a few ideas in mind already.

It was almost December and Sasuke hadn't celebrated Christmas in years. Growing up Sasuke always knew his friends and their families spent their Christmas mornings at home opening presents while he was at home having a breakfast of tea and toast all alone. He also recalled how they would spend so much time decorating their homes and trees. He hadn't had a family to do that with for over a decade.

Sasuke looked over at the floor where Naruto was still wrapped in a small cocoon of blankets in front of the sofa. Naruto had a tendency of falling asleep to whatever was on the television. Sasuke had gotten used to that in the first few months. Naruto would stay up late bundled up in his blankets and wouldn't realize when his sleepy watching would turn into steady sleeping.

This was their first year living together and they were slowly adjusting.

Sasuke knew that Naruto was probably worse off than him. He didn't have any Christmas memories at all or so Sasuke assumed. Sasuke thought that Naruto had never had a chance to celebrate since he'd never had a family.

With another look at Naruto a decision was made. Sasuke wanted a tree.

"Oi, Naruto wake up." He said again and this time hit Naruto in the back of the head with his foot.

"Ah! Bastard let me sleep!" Naruto yelled and fought with his blankets to sit up.

Sasuke kicked him again. Naruto angrily pushed Sasuke's foot out of his way and tried to punch his friend away. "Sleep!" Naruto complained.

Sasuke smirked and gripped Naruto's wrists. He twisted Naruto's arms behind him with ease and placed a knee on each side of Naruto as he sat on down on his back. The hand that wasn't holding Naruto's wrists tight behind him pushed his face into the pillow. "Give up?" Sasuke teased knowing that when Naruto was sleepy his reactions were slow.

"No, stupid son of a-" Naruto coughed into the pillow as his face was pushed further into it. He could taste the cotton fibers.

"Say it and I'll get off." Sasuke insisted and he let Naruto's head up again enough to hear him speak.

Naruto tried a few times to buck Sasuke off, but it wasn't working. If anything it made Sasuke's hands grip him tighter. "Get off." Naruto insisted.

"You know the magic words, Naruto." Sasuke teased. His fingers weaved into Naruto's hair. He gripped tight and pulled Naruto's head back towards his own. Sasuke leaned closer over Naruto until his mouth was right at Naruto's ear. "Say it and I'll let you go." He whispered.

Naruto thought about it for a few seconds. His wrists were starting to hurt. His back was sore from sleeping on the cold, wood floor and Sasuke's weight wasn't helping. His scalp was hurting from where his hair was being pulled and he really had to go pee.

The second Naruto sighed deeply Sasuke knew he'd won. "Sasuke is the best friend I've ever had. He is also a very accomplished lover and did not deserve to be laughed at because of his tiny-" Naruto's face was shoved into the pillow again.

"No modifying." Sasuke warned.

"Ah, Sasuke bastard." Naruto mumbled into the pillow. "Why do you make me say those things?" He asked. It would seem that a month couldn't go by where he didn't end up losing to Sasuke in one way or another and having to recite that thrice damned paragraph.

"Because I can." Sasuke replied smoothly and finally pulled Naruto's head back again.

"I have to pee." Naruto warned.

Sasuke pushed his heel into Naruto's side. "Then you better say it fast." He said.

"Sasuke is the best friend I've ever had. He is a very accomplished lover. I should never make fun of him. He's also an unstoppable force that I could never hope to defeat in a fair battle." Naruto looked over his shoulder now that Sasuke had let go of his hair.

"And-" Sasuke prompted with a smirk.

"His hair smells sweet like green apples." Naruto mumbled and was released. Sasuke still sat on his back but that was less painful than the obvious pain in his wrists.

"That wasn't so hard. Was it?" Sasuke heard his toast pop out of the toaster and only then did he get up. He left to the kitchen, grabbed his toast and quickly made himself a cup of tea before sitting at the small table where they usually ate.

"It's too early for your games." Naruto grumbled as he walked towards the bathroom to relieve himself.

"The doctor says it helps my self-esteem." Sasuke replied.

"What doctor?" Naruto asked.

"I really think it's helping. I feel better about myself already." Sasuke said. He knew very well there was no doctor.

"Yeah like your ego needs any more boosting." Naruto scoffed around his toothbrush.

"You know I'm right anyways. It's not like I make you lie." Sasuke defended.

"I could take you in a fight." Naruto said as he walked out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen. He pulled out a glass and filled it with milk. He opened the cupboard and saw that there was only one cup of ramen left. He pulled it open and added the rest of the hot water Sasuke had left on the stove.

"But you agree I'm a good lover." Sasuke said while sounding pleasantly amused.

"How the hell should I know?" Naruto asked and went to sit across from Sasuke with his own version of breakfast.

"You don't remember?" Sasuke smirked at him. "Your birthday." He added. "You were really drunk."

"What!" Naruto shook his head. Sasuke was just messing with him. "Liar. I wasn't even here for my birthday." He recalled the mission that had taken him away. He'd been teamed up with Neji, Lee and Gai and hadn't seen Sasuke for a whole week after his birthday.

"Don't worry. I have good tastes." Sasuke said after he finished his food. "You don't pass the minimum requirements." He rinsed out his cup and plate then returned them to their place.

"I wouldn't want to pass them!" Naruto said heatedly. He threw away his empty ramen cup and put the glass in the sink where Sasuke picked it up, rinsed it and put it back in the cupboard next to his cup.

"Naruto," Sasuke said as he washed his hands. "do you want to get a tree?" He asked as if it was the first time he'd considered the option.

"What for?" Naruto asked. He was in the living room folding up his blanket.

"Christmas, you idiot." Sasuke replied and went to help Naruto put the couch back in its place. He picked up Naruto's pillow and threw it into Naruto's room.

"Oh," Naruto had never had a Christmas tree growing up. He wouldn't even know what to do with it. Sure, he'd seen pictures and drawings, but really seeing something and actually doing it were two different things. "we could put it there." Naruto motioned towards the corner where there was a shelf of weapons. "We can just move those into my room."

Sasuke noticed that Naruto was oddly subdued in his reply. "We don't have to get one," Sasuke said. Maybe it was only him missing the family atmosphere of Christmas. Sasuke went into his room and came back with a screwdriver. "if you don't want."

"No. I've never had a Christmas tree before." Naruto said a bit ashamed as if it had been his fault he'd been an orphan. "It sounds like fun." He grinned at Sasuke as the idea settled and after putting his blanket in his room he started helping Sasuke take the weapons down and to unscrew the large shelf from the wall.

The snow crunched under their winter boots as they walked towards the grocery store.

"Are we out of tomatoes?" Sasuke asked as he reviewed the list Naruto had written out.

"There's one left. I checked." Naruto replied.

The rest of the way to the grocery store was spent in relative silence. It wasn't until they arrived that Naruto spoke.

"Sasuke," Naruto said apprehensively.

"What?" Sasuke asked as he pushed their cart towards the vegetables.

"if I really was drunk," Naruto looked over a few vegetables with Sasuke to avoid finishing his question.

"I wouldn't." Sasuke reassured him and moved on to find the ramen cups they usually bought in packs of 20.

"I know." Naruto said. "I just wanted to-"

"I wouldn't." Sasuke repeated. "Idiot." Sasuke bent down and stacked two ramen packs into the cart. "What's next?" He asked.

"Milk." Naruto answered and pushed the cart towards the freezers.

Naruto carried his ramen packs with the vegetables stacked on top while Sasuke carried the rest of their groceries in canvas bags. It was snowing again.

"If I agreed," Naruto suddenly said as he pulled out the keys and opened the door. He picked up the ramen packs from the floor and walked in behind Sasuke. Naruto shut the door with his hip and went to the kitchen.

"I still wouldn't." Sasuke replied and started laughing. "I told you. You don't meet my minimum requirements." Sasuke smirked as Naruto glared at him.

"Bastard." He mumbled and started pulling the ramen cups out of their packaging and into the cupboard. "So, when are we going out for the tree?" Naruto asked once the kitchen was stocked again.

"We could go now." Sasuke said nonchalantly although his stomach had suddenly clenched in excitement. He couldn't wait to pick out a tree!

Naruto shrugged as if it wasn't important, but secretly he really couldn't wait. He wanted to pick the tree.

"Let me get different gloves." Naruto said and did all he could to not run to his room. He left behind his warm fleece gloves and put on some of his heavy duty winter gloves. He usually used them for missions, but thought they could double as tree cutting gloves too. "Let's go." Naruto said as soon as he was ready.

Naruto let Sasuke lead the way. He'd never been to the tree farm before, but it seemed like Sasuke had. Naruto watched Sasuke's face closely. His cheeks were rosy and his nose had a spot of pink at the tip. He smiled to himself and couldn't stop thinking about having a real family Christmas with Sasuke.

"Do we get to cut it down?" Naruto asked.

"If you want, we can." Sasuke answered. Naruto's usually golden hair was tipped with white. The snow was getting heavier. It was everywhere and clinging to everything even to Naruto's eyelashes.

"I want." Naruto replied excitedly.

Soon the gate came into view. There was a small shed where an old man was sitting with a few people around him. They were obviously paying for their own trees. Naruto spotted a few small wagons each loaded with a tree. Kids were playing around the front of the property waiting for their parents.

"How are we taking ours home?" Naruto asked.

"You can carry it back." Sasuke said and pulled open the squeaking green gate.

They walked in and Sasuke went straight to the old man that looked tiny in his heavy red winter coat. Naruto hung back and admired the place. There were a few trees leaning against the side of the shed that had obviously been recently cut. Naruto saw that further into the property the line of trees began. They'd probably have to go in to find theirs; Naruto thought excitedly. He decided that he didn't mind carrying it back. He didn't know if Sasuke had been serious, but he would carry it if he had to.

"Oi idiot, stop staring at the kids." Sasuke elbowed him in the ribs and started walking away.

"I wasn't." Naruto ran to catch up to Sasuke. "So, what do we do now?" He asked.

"We cut the tree." Sasuke said.

"With what?" Naruto asked.

"This." Sasuke held up a small hatchet which Naruto took.

"I never had a tree." Naruto said again suddenly as they stopped in an area that had a fair amount of them.

"I haven't had one in over 10 years." Sasuke added. They shared a look and then went off to find their tree.

A few minutes later they had their tree.

"This one." They both said at the same time.

Naruto turned and looked at the tall thin tree Sasuke was pointing at. It was full and green, but very narrow.

Sasuke crossed his arms as he looked over the short, fat tree Naruto was standing next to. It was large and perfectly symmetrical. The branches were so thick with growth the trunk couldn't be seen.

"This one." They both insisted again at the same time.

Sasuke put his hands in his pockets and raised his eyebrow at Naruto.

Naruto stood his ground and pointed at his tree.

The silence went on for minutes with neither of them giving in. Finally Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Idiot." He murmured and took the hatchet from Naruto's hand. He looked under the tree and spotted the trunk. Sasuke gave it a whack and then started to steadily cut through the thickness.

Naruto grinned in triumph while Sasuke cut away at the tree. It was all he could do to not jump in excitement. "Is it cut yet? Is it cut yet?" Naruto asked.

"Do you see it on the floor?" Sasuke asked sarcastically from under the branches.

The tree was definitely a fighter. Sasuke felt like he'd been on his knees in the cold snow for hours. Finally with one last hit he heard the trunk creak. The weight was too heavy for the small section that was still whole.

"Make sure it doesn't fall on me." Sasuke warned Naruto.

"It's not falling." Naruto complained

Sasuke hit it again with all his strength and then he did see the tree bend and give in to gravity. Sasuke got up and moved away quickly as it came down.

"I'll see you at the gate." Sasuke called over his shoulder. He was already walking back towards the shed.

Naruto nodded and examined the tree. He saw just how large the great tree on the floor was and suddenly it dawned on him that he really would have to carry it all on his own. Naruto gave one long lingering look towards the gate. He was so far away he couldn't make it out in the thick snowfall. Naruto figured he could drag it, but then he imagined arriving with only half a tree and Sasuke getting mad.

"Dammit." Naruto cursed as he lifted the tree to a standing position. With some difficulty he pulled it in front of him and started dragging it towards the gate. He made sure none of the branches were dragging and that only the trunk was leaving a trail. Naruto stopped near the shed where Sasuke was still talking to the old man. The guy was smiling at Sasuke.

Naruto wondered what they were talking about as he watched. Suddenly the old man stood up and they both started walking towards Naruto. The old man had a small ball of string in one hand.

"I'll wrap that up for ya." He said through his scarf and with a few swift movements Naruto's fat tree was tied up into a neat cylinder. The man's nimble fingers had the twine wrapped about the tree in no time at all while Sasuke and Naruto watched.

"Thank you, old man!" Naruto picked the tree up easily by its ties and fixed it on his back. He gripped the twine over his shoulders and was glad it was so much easier to carry.

"Merry Christmas." The old man replied and slowly made his way back to his seat. Sasuke patted Naruto's arm and started walking.

"He remembered me." Sasuke said during their walk back.

Naruto didn't know what to say. Sasuke never liked to speak about his family and Naruto knew that Sasuke had probably only been to the tree farm with them.

"He said I look a lot like my dad." Sasuke added.

Naruto looked over at Sasuke. His features were so fine. Naruto had seen Sasuke's dad. He'd always thought Itachi resembled him the most.

"I always thought you looked more like your mother." Naruto said and stilled. He would have covered his mouth if his hands weren't holding onto the tree.

Sasuke raised his eyebrow at Naruto. "When did you see my mother?" He asked suspiciously. He also stopped and turned so that they both stood facing each other.

"I-i was cleaning." Naruto explained. He was sure his face was red to match Sasuke's, but his wasn't due to the cold. "I saw-" Naruto gulped audibly. "I'm sorry." Naruto apologized quietly. "I shouldn't have looked."

"You saw her pictures?" Sasuke asked. He saw how sorry Naruto looked and started walking again. He supposed that it wasn't that important. He didn't mind if Naruto had seen his pictures. He was probably the only who could get away with doing so.

"Yeah." Naruto answered tentatively. Once he was sure Sasuke wasn't upset he added, "She was really pretty."

They walked side by side without having to look at each other as they talked. Somehow it made it all that much easier to be honest.

"I was her favorite." Sasuke said. "She always let me put the star up." Sasuke didn't know if Naruto knew what he was talking about. "On the top of the tree." He clarified.

Naruto didn't need to say anything. He simply enjoyed the memories Sasuke was sharing. He searched his brain for his own Christmas memories, but he didn't have many to share.

"Iruka always got me a gift." Naruto said after a long while. Only Iruka had ever cared. "He started to after I graduated the academy; he would come over to drop it off on Christmas Eve. It was always food vouchers for Ichiraku's." Naruto said with a grin.

Sasuke thought that it wasn't much of a gift, but probably for Naruto it had been more than he'd expected. He recalled his own gifts growing up, but didn't think Naruto wanted to hear about them.

"We still need to buy decorations." Sasuke said as they arrived. He pulled out his keys and held the door open for Naruto. "Make sure it doesn't drag on the wood." He warned.

Naruto set the tree down on the floor in the cleared corner. He didn't know how exactly it was supposed to stay standing.

"We also need a tree stand." Sasuke said as if he'd read Naruto's mind. Sasuke shut the door and started taking off his scarf, gloves and jacket. He tossed them into his room and came back out to join Naruto on the couch.

Naruto left his things on the floor next to the door. He threw his gloves last onto the pile and sat down. He rolled his shoulders as he relaxed. "That was heavy." He commented.

"I'm not giving you a back rub." Sasuke warned and closed his eyes as he rested his head on the back of the couch.

"I didn't ask you for one." Naruto mumbled and turned on the television. He muted the volume once he found an animal show on. Naruto turned so that his back was against the arm rest. Naruto stretched his leg out against the back of the couch and spread his legs discreetly. "Bastard." Naruto called invitingly with a hint of a smile.

Sasuke opened his eyes and turned to look at Naruto. He smirked. "Idiot." He said even though he was already moving to lay against his friend. Sasuke settled in between Naruto's legs and rested his back against Naruto's chest. "My hair is wet." He said as he shut his eyes again.

"That's fine." Naruto said and yawned. He wrapped his arms around Sasuke and settled into the comfortable warmth and silence.

Sasuke knew Naruto wasn't going to nap. Truth be told he wasn't either. He was too excited about the decorations. He didn't want to go out to get them too soon. He knew Naruto wouldn't make fun of him for being so eager about the Christmas tree, and that Naruto was probably just as wound up as he was, but he'd make his friend wait a little longer.

"So, what are your requirements?" Naruto asked calmly as if the answer wasn't important.

"Female." Sasuke chuckled and leaned his head back so that his eyes could meet with Naruto's.

Naruto could see how amused Sasuke was. "What else?" He asked in a comfortable whisper.

"Redheads." Sasuke added. "With really big-" Sasuke motioned with both of his hands over his chest as if he were really holding giant breasts.

Naruto laughed and felt his chest move Sasuke as he did so. "You're so stupid." Naruto said.

"And you're an idiot." Sasuke replied easily and put his hands down against his stomach again.

They laid comfortably with each other until the show ended and a new one began. Naruto's hands had been playing with Sasuke's sides for the last few minutes and Sasuke hadn't said a thing about it. Naruto leaned his head forward a little until his nose was buried in Sasuke's hair. He really did smell like green apples.

Sasuke turned his head to the side and started watching the show too. His neck was uncomfortable at that angle, but if he shifted any more he knew Naruto's fingers would still against him.

"So, are we going for those decorations?" Naruto asked when his leg started falling asleep.

"I'm comfortable." Sasuke said as if that were an answer.

"Me too, but my leg is starting to go numb." Naruto said and tried to move it. "Oh, no." He hissed as he moved his leg again. "I can feel pinpricks." He said.

Sasuke squeezed Naruto's leg.

"Stop it." Naruto shoved Sasuke away until Sasuke stood up. Naruto struggled to stand. He held his leg as straight as he could and tried not to move it.

"Man up." Sasuke touched Naruto's leg again.

"Ah!" Naruto yelled at Sasuke as he felt the pins and needles stabbing at him again. "Bastard."

He stood until finally the pain started ebbing away. Naruto took a few steps experimentally until the feeling of needles became less and less.

"Get your jacket." He said as the pain completely disappeared. Naruto picked up his own scarf and gloves and started getting dressed in his winter gear.

The store was relatively full of people; considering the weather Sasuke had expected to find it empty. Naruto wheeled the cart inside and met up with Sasuke. They were in one of the aisles that held ornaments and other holiday decorations.

"What do we put on it?" Naruto asked as his eyes took in the many colorful things. He was aware that it wasn't the only aisle. The back of the store was covered in holiday items. Naruto had always seen them during the winter time, but he'd never bought the shiny things. Now that he had to there were just too many to even begin to choose.

Sasuke shrugged. "Whatever you want." Sasuke was fingering a garland made of white feathers between his fingers. It was really soft.

"It's your tree too." Naruto said petulantly. He crossed his arms over his chest and then decided that Sasuke had been staring at the feathers long enough. "Put that in." Naruto said after a few more seconds of Sasuke staring.

Sasuke put in three of them and then moved on to the glass blown ornaments. He gave Naruto one long look that obviously said he didn't trust him with glass then pushed the cart to the child-safe plastic ones.

Naruto decided he wouldn't complain. After all, if he broke one accidentally he didn't want to be the one picking up the shards of glass.

"How about these?" Naruto asked and picked up some plastic orbs that were completely wrapped up with red silk string.

Sasuke nodded and put in two of the large clear plastic containers that held the ones Naruto had chosen.

"We need lights too." Sasuke looked around and pushed the cart a few aisles away.

Naruto followed after him loaded with a few other trinkets that had caught his attention. He threw them in the cart once he found Sasuke.

"What are those?" Sasuke asked as he looked over the lights.

"Little elf and deer." Naruto held up one of each. The tiny plastic figurines hung off of a gold string. Each one was in a different pose. "They're cute." Naruto said and put them back down.

"Cute." Sasuke repeated as if he doubted he'd heard that correctly.

Sasuke continued staring at the wall of sample lights. There was a lot of variety. There were large traditional bulbs and smaller themed ones like snowflakes, snowmen and Santa hats.

"You'd probably think these are cute too." Sasuke threw in a few reels of lights. Each light was a tiny candy cane.

Naruto grinned. They were cute. "We're missing the star." Naruto said.

Sasuke pushed his way around the other people and had to leave the cart behind to squeeze in to get a star. He stopped as he looked them over and wondered if the old complex still had his mother's decorations. Sasuke's hand hovered over one of the stars and then dropped. He went back to Naruto's side without one.

"We'll get one later." Sasuke said and pushed the cart so they could pay.

Naruto was confused. They were already at the store. Why would they come back for one? He followed Sasuke anyways. He probably had a reason for leaving so abruptly. Then Naruto bitterly remembered that Sasuke was popular as an object of desire to a lot of women. He didn't doubt that their shopping had been cut short due to yet another fanatic. Naruto rolled his eyes. It was like living with a celebrity.

Naruto wasn't sure if Sasuke felt the same way about his fans, but Naruto felt relief when he didn't see anybody following them. Naruto hated Sasuke's popularity. Sometimes he wondered if Sasuke hated it too. Naruto was sure that normal people didn't feel dread at having to wait in a long line. The fear was always to be spotted and having to make awkward small talk with potential stalkers.

Sasuke nudged Naruto out of his thoughts and handed him half of the bags then left the store.

"I'm hungry." Naruto said.

"We'll eat at home." Sasuke said. In truth he was plenty hungry as well, but didn't want to spend his time eating outside in the cold at Ichiraku's like Naruto probably had in mind. Sasuke's stomach growled. He didn't bother trying to pretend it wasn't him. They'd spent most of the morning walking and moving. It was two hours past noon and they still hadn't eaten.

"I'll make something." Sasuke offered once their apartment came into view.

"Fine." Naruto replied calmly. He loved it when Sasuke cooked, but he didn't want to give Sasuke the satisfaction of knowing.

Sasuke smirked. He knew Naruto loved his cooking.

"Do you want me to help?" Naruto asked once they were back in the warmth of their apartment.

"Help me by staying out of my kitchen." Sasuke replied.

Naruto pouted. "Bastard. I can cook." He replied irritably.

"Ramen." Sasuke scoffed. That really was all Naruto could cook and he didn't bother to argue otherwise.

Naruto pulled out a chair and sat down where he could watch Sasuke move about the kitchen with ease. He always looked so confident when cooking. Then again Naruto supposed that Sasuke always looked confident regardless of what he was doing.

"We forgot the stand." Naruto said suddenly.

Sasuke cursed under his breath. He had been so preoccupied with the star that might still survive in his attic at the complex that he'd completely forgotten about the stand.

"After we eat." Sasuke replied.

Naruto groaned loudly. He didn't want to go out anymore. He was tired, hungry and it was getting colder. The sun had never completely come out. The sky was a bright grey, but still the clouds were everywhere covering the warm rays. Even his thick gloves were starting to prove inefficient against the cold, harsh wind.

Just thinking about it while sitting at their cold metal breakfast table was making him shiver. Naruto got up and walked away. He went back to the couch and easily adopted his previous position. He wished Sasuke was sitting with him again. Naruto had enjoyed having Sasuke close. He tried to tell himself it was just the comfort of another warm body against his that he'd enjoyed, but he knew he was lying to himself.

Sasuke watched Naruto walk away. He sat down on couch and left a space between his knees just like before. Sasuke didn't know if Naruto was kidding anymore. He'd been going on all day about it and it wasn't like Naruto to stick with something for so long, even for a laugh. It also wasn't the first time something like that had come up. The opportunities to flirt had just bloomed and blossomed since they'd moved in together.

Naruto turned his head to look at Sasuke again. Their eyes met and all he could do was smile.

Sasuke raised his head slightly at Naruto in question. His eyes narrowed. What did Naruto really want from him? Sasuke looked away and made sure the food was at a good point to leave it alone to finish cooking.

Naruto felt his breath catch when Sasuke narrowed his eyes at him. His mouth had twitched slightly. Sasuke wanted to smile back.

"You can't even properly relax without me." Sasuke said as if it was a bother to join his roommate in the living room and Naruto were impeding on his free time . He sat down between Naruto's knees again and leaned back.

Naruto's hands went straight to his hips. He gripped Sasuke and pulled him back so that he could really sit between his legs. Now, that Sasuke's thighs were flush against his own inner thighs Naruto wasn't sure what to do.

Sasuke reached for the neck of his shirt and he pulled it off in one swift movement. He stilled for a second to gauge Naruto's reaction, but it was difficult to do so since he couldn't look at his face. Naruto's hands were all he had to go by.

Naruto made up his mind and pulled off his own shirt. He then slowly wrapped his hands around Sauske's middle and pulled him back gently to lay against his chest. In their new position Sasuke's face was closer to his own.

Sasuke took a deep calming breath and then relaxed against Naruto after a few seconds. He turned his head to the side and his eyes once again met with Naruto's. "What do you want from me?" He asked very quietly.

"I'm not sure," Naruto answered. He leaned back and closed his eyes to avoid Sasuke's piercing stare. "but this is nice."

Sasuke had to admit that Naruto was right; It was nice.

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