(AN:I want to say that this story was inspired by Janagirl's Nice Guys, and The Lady Isis' Parallels. I also want to thank my co-Author Janagirl for helping to flesh out the idea. This is as much her story as it is mine. Well with that out of the way let's get this thing started.)

The Hunter of the Question

Alexandra Luthor casts me an amused look over her shoulder as I move toward her silently.

Her lips curl into a Cheshire cat grin, "Question, isn't it? I believe you have something that belongs to me."

As my hands quickly remove the tie I'm wearing, I stalk near Alexandra, or 'Alex', Luthor knowing what has to be done. I begin to speak as I get closer to Alex, "Have you seen the latest polls? It's starting to look like you're going to be our next president; just like in that other world."

A smirk crosses Alex's face as she watches me, the League's Conspiracy nut. Her smirk turns into a chilling smile as she watches my tie tighten in my hands. "I wouldn't bet against me."

I nod my head. After all, there is no reason to alarm her any more than she already is; not that she shows it. "No, it wouldn't be prudent. I want you to understand something, Luthor; although my distaste for you as a human being is brobdingnagian what I'm about to do isn't personal."

Luthor ** her head to the side as she watches me. "What are you babbling


I look at her and decide that I have to explain; after all, she needs to know why I'm here to do this. "Everything that exists has a specific nature and possesses characteristics that are a part of what it is. A is A. And, no matter what reality he calls home, Luthor is Luthor. If I'm to save the world, your existence must come to an end, before you take office."

A light laugh escapes from Alex causing her smirk to grow even more, if possible. "...You're going to kill me so that Superwoman can't."

Once again I nod. I'm so close to her now that she won't be able to escape; neither of us will. I'll rot, I know that I'll rot, but I can rot knowing that I saved the planet, knowing that for once in my miserable life I became whole with Halen as he made love to me. "I'm a well-known crackpot. The Justice League's reputation will survive my actions, and Superwoman's legacy will remain intact."

The tie finds its way around Alex's neck before she grabs me and lifts me effortlessly into the air, the reason my plan had been amusing becoming perfectly clear. "Interesting plan. Unfortunately for you, it's not really an option."

I feel the hard sting of a fist hitting me while Luthor strikes my face again and again before hurling me against the table. I feel my legs burn and then go numb, saying a silent prayer they're not broken. Once more she hoists me up in the air and it takes every ounce of strength left in me to keep from screaming in pain.

"Now, tell me about what you saw." Alex hisses.

I refuse to speak as she glares at me, debating what to do next. Suddenly I find myself flying across the air until fire scorches through my spine from the impact of me crashing against the window. To my horror I feel it give way as I begin to fall out of the building and down towards Metropolis. My mind isn't on Luthor, the conspiracy, or any such thing. Instead I find myself thinking about my Halen and wishing that I had more time to be with him.

A scream escapes me and the world shatters.

(Halen and Victoria's bedroom)

I feel two strong arms around me as soft shushing calms my cries.

"Shhhh, it's alright, Babydoll; I'm here." I hear Halen's gentle voice coo as his lips soothingly kiss my red hair.

I relax into him and to be honest I'm glad that he talked me into sleeping in the nude like he always does, even though when we do this sleep isn't what usually occurs. But right now the feel of his skin on my own is enough to drive the nightmares away as I move until I come to rest between his legs. His arms wrap around my waist as he holds me like a child and I feel so safe. The sound of his heart beating slowly relaxes me like a lullaby until I almost fall asleep.

"Do you want to talk about what causing your nightmares?" He asks cautiously, tightening his grip around my tiny waist.

I stiffen and can almost feel his anxiety as he continues to hold me. It's been an unwritten rule between us; he doesn't ask about what happened at CADMUS, and I try to forget it. The problem is that anywhere I am with white walls, the unmistakable sterile smell of a hospital, or uniformed techs and guards running around, it sets me on edge and I begin to silently panic.

How can I tell you about what they made me see? The alternate realities they created that don't even exist. Worlds where they made me kill you, worlds where you were killed in front of me, or where I was killed in front of you. Realities they created where you turned on the league after my death and joined with the likes of Silvia Wilson and Walmart. I think as I feel his hands soothingly rub my back.

"I don't want to talk about it." I whimper softly.

Halen slowly nods before smiling a smile I know all too well. He rests his head on my shoulders and whispers into my ear, "Would you like me to make the nightmares go away for a while?"

For the first time since I awaken I softly smile, right now that is exactly what I want. "Yes, please." I whisper quietly, beginning to grind my hips against him.

The faintest smile on my lips grows as I feel him hardening against my inner thigh, his hands moving to cover my breasts. It never ceases to amaze me how drawn to them he is, especially since I've always found two jiggling balls of fat on my chest to be annoying and pointless.

As he teases my nipples to life, my mind begins to think that maybe they're not so pointless after all. Soon the feel of it, the scent of him, the gentle kisses and light nips on my neck causes my own arousal. I turn toward him and kiss him lightly, sucking his lower lip between my own. My hands find his stiff member and I begin to stroke him.

The first time I touched him so intimately it had been a long time since I'd pleased a man. I had been fearful he wouldn't like it, but within moments I had him reduced to a whimpering puddle pleading for more, much like he is now.

"Halen…" I groan as I feel a finger enter me. I begin to moan his name again and again as he rubs my clit, and I know that soon my mind will enter into a primordial stage where I will care for nothing else other than having him inside of me.

The thought crosses my mind that perhaps adult shops are in league with the Illuminati for world domination because of this loss of self-control, but the thought is gone within seconds as he lays me down and kisses lower and lower until his tongue enters me. I begin to lose important pieces of information as he gives me such delicious pleasure, moaning for him not to stop.

When I finally reach my peak after being pleased until I began to fear dying of from so much pleasure, my own name escapes me as I climax, gasping his. After coming down from the high it dawns to me that Halen looks rather pleased with himself, and I begin to feel the urge to please him as much as he pleased me.

Determined to take control back, I slowly move until I am able to take him into my mouth. I hear his soft whimpers and feel them inside of me, loving my ability to make him so happy after all he does for me. Soon, both of us can no longer stand it and I find myself on my hands and knees, Halen's hot breath panting on my spine. Despite the crudity of the position there is nothing but love and tenderness in his touch.

We climb the delicious mountains of pleasure together and collapse into the bed after reaching the peak at the same time. I smile knowing that the nightmares will not return tonight, and knowing that the only person that really matters loves me.

"Better?" Halen yawns, stroking my hair.

I snuggle onto his chest and smile lightly, "Yes. Did you enjoy it, too?"

"Of course I did, babe." He grins. "You're getting better and better at that."

I feel color rise to my cheeks, half in pride, half in embarrassment. "Thank you."

"No problem, I mean practice makes perfect and I really love to practice with yo-"

"Not that, Halen, I mean...for everything." I explain shyly, thanking anyone for anything is not something I'm used to. "You've been so good to me after all that's happened. Not just that but you're probably the only reason I got out of there in the first place."

"Damn straight I got you out of there. Victoria, they were fucking torturing you! When I got there you were strapped to a table being...being..." He gulped quietly, hating the memory. "You know."


"Yeah, that." He frowns. "Hell, I only know that because I saw it, other than that I don't have any idea what they did to you."

I flinch at the bitterness in his voice. "I tell you things that happened there."

"Yeah, when you're talking in your sleep and have no idea you're doing it!" Halen snaps. His voice softens when he sees the look on my face, "I'd trust you with my life, Q, don't you trust me?"

I turn away, ashamed. "Yes, more than anyone." Of course I trust him; I love him. Halen is my other half, the one good thing in my miserable life. That's why I can't tell him, if I did he'd leave me and I'd be broken.

If Halen knew everything they did to me he'd never be able to look me in the eyes again. He knows that they were shocking me to get me to reveal my knowledge, but that's it. He has no idea that they made me see things, such horrible things, that they beat me until I bled and fell unconscious, or that they...

I gulp quietly, no way will I ever tell Halen that. I can't tell him about any of it, especially not what that bastard did that to me, much less that I enjoyed it. He would never understand, instead of seeing me as his Victoria he'd view me as worthless scum he had no desire to be with.

I don't think I could take him leaving me.

"Victoria, you there?" He teases, brushing a lock of red hair from my face.

"S-Sorry, I was thinking." I apologize,smiling at him bravely, "I'm fine."

He studies my face for a moment before sighing and planting a kiss to my forehead, "No, you're not. Why won't you tell me, baby? I love you and I always will."

Because if you know what happened you won't love me anymore. "I already told you it's nothing." I say instead.

He lets out a sigh and pulls me as close as possible; hugging me so tight I can barely breathe. I should be more concerned about my lungs, but I'm enjoying it far too much to tell him to stop. "Really Halen, I'm fine."

But as we drift off to sleep holding each other close, we both know how much of a lie that is.