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Chapter One

Rosalie ran smoothly, hopping over a small creek-bed without so much as a twitch, gracefully landing and still sprinting. The thrill of the hunt ran through her long dead veins and she nearly laughed aloud at the exhilarating feeling. For some reason she felt especially free this night, and she couldn't pinpoint why exactly, although Alice had been giving her little smirks every now and then, as if she knew why she had this feeling.

Just as Rosalie thought she caught the scent of an elk, a breeze shifted by and the most amazing scent she had ever smelt drifted past her sensitive nose. Instantly all thought of elk and deer were gone from her mind, her thoughts focused completely on the alluring scent that she felt was calling to her.

Without a second thought she was off, tracing the scent eagerly, not knowing why it was so delicious, just knowing that she wanted it. And badly. Surprisingly she was led to a populated area, although the houses were spread out slightly. If she had been in her right mind, she would've started worrying about the chance of this scent belonging to a human, but she didn't, she was working on animal instinct alone.

Until she caught sight of the smoke in the air. Drifting lazily, and almost managing to cover up the eerie green mark floating high in the sky. It was unnatural and Rosalie got a chill just looking at it, a hard feat to accomplish for a vampire. A skull with a snake emerging from it's open mouth, the snake wiggling free over and over again in a chilling dance.

Hesitant, although unsure why, some part of Rosalie's mind finally subsided and she realized that she was in a populated area, with a strange, unnatural thing floating above her head. She was just turning to dart away, mentally cursing her stupidity, when another breeze swept by, bringing the alluring scent with it.

Snapping her head in the direction the wonderful smell came from Rosalie ran on, but much more alert now. She could only imagine Emmett scolding her for getting caught up in something that she clearly had no business being apart of. But the scent called to her, which is why Rosalie stumbled across the charred remains of what looked like a house.

The ashes were spread out quite a distance, making Rosalie aware that whoever had lived in the house had probably been well off. Yet there were no signs of people anywhere. The place was completely deserted, only the lingering heat and smoke remained, evidence that something strange had happened. If the ash remains of the house weren't enough that is.

A soft coughing sound brought her attention to her feet. It appeared that a closet had been where she was now standing, if the smoky remains of clothing were anything to go by. Another cough, following by a very small whimper made her look even closer into the rubble, wondering if what Edward had predicted was finally coming true. Maybe she was really going mad.

Yet as the clothing shifted, Rosalie knew that she wasn't imagining things. Kneeling down she gently began shifting through the remains, hiding a wince at the heat and how uncomfortable it was to her ice cold skin. Gradually a soft green blanket was revealed, covering in soot, but to her sensitive eyes she could clearly make out the color, and also the fact that the blanket seemed to be breathing.

Reaching down Rosalie gently peeled the blanket away and gasped in a very human like manor. Peering back up at here were the brightest green eyes she had ever seen. Green eyes that rested on a baby's face. Eyes that gazed at her in curiosity, confusion, and a slight fear. Nothing that showed he was overly afraid of her, a predator to this small boy. Yet he only gazed up at her, as if she were something very interesting.

Very gently Rosalie scooped up the baby, overcome with fear that she would twitch and hurt the small child. That was all it would take, being a vampire holding a human child. One single twitch and she could kill this precious being.

Sighing softly, the baby didn't seem to care that she was unnaturally colder than he was, and snuggled into the cradle her arms made, turning his face towards her body. Still gazing down at the child, a sense of disbelief and wonder settling over her, Rosalie watched as the baby blinked up at her a few times, appearing tired, before giving a very wide, drool infested grin before closing his eyes and seemingly falling asleep. As if a vampire hadn't just picked him out what used to be his house.

As she held the sleeping child, all of the feelings, the want, the despair, the desperate need, all came rushing back. It was her biggest want, to have a child. When she had been turned, and had been informed by a clearly uncomfortable and sad Carlisle that she wouldn't be able to bear children, she had felt like dying all over again. Her entire life, she had only wanted a son or daughter. Someone to love her unconditionally, someone to call her mom, someone to raise. Yet the price of living forever came with giving up children. It had killed her all over again.

And now, here this small child was. From what she could tell he had no family left. Rosalie didn't smell any blood, and there wasn't anyone searching from what she could see. He was all alone, without anyone. And here she was, a woman who had only wanted a child.

Even as she made the decision Rosalie still had a niggling sense of guilt, like she was doing something wrong. But as the little baby sighed in his sleep and snuggled closer to her chest, her cold heart warmed up and she knew without a doubt that she was doing the right thing. No one was even looking for the baby!

Glancing around one last time Rosalie paused when she caught sight of a photo that was sticking up from the debris, surprisingly intact. Bending, but keeping a tight grip on the precious bundle in her arms, Rosalie plucked the photo from the ashes and blew on it to clean it off.

A grinning family stared back at her. A red headed woman with bright green eyes smiled at her, holding a familiar child in her arms. The green blanket was the same, matching the red headed woman and the child's eyes perfectly. It was wrapped around the boy, his black messy hair sticking out, the color and style matched the man's in the photo. The man was tall, a mop of wild black hair on top of his head, the hair sticking up each way. He had bright hazel eyes that seemed to sparkle in happiness. A pair of glasses were perched precariously on his nose, sliding down. His arm was wrapped snuggly around his wife's waist, clutching her to his side. His finger was clutched tightly in the baby's grip.

The sight of the happy family had Rosalie's throat closing as her eyes burned with the need to cry, something that would never happen. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Rosalie forced her doubtful feelings away. When she opened her eyes and glanced down, fuzzy green eyes peered back up her. He blinked again, smiled once, almost like he was trying to reassure her, before going back to sleep. Smiling slightly, Rosalie built her determination, and took off into the night.

When she arrived home Rosalie only had a slight doubt again about what she was doing, Jasper firmly on her mind. She was bringing a human baby into a house full of vampires. Something was obviously wrong with her. Shaking away her doubts, she quickly flew into the house, grateful again that the rest of the family was out hunting.

Running up the stairs she entered the bathroom and turned the sink on, allowing it to fill with warm water. Laying out a towel, she set the baby on the counter and gently unwrapped the blanket. Smoothing back the edges she saw that he was wearing a plain white baby jumper with a lion on the front. As she continued smoothing out the blanket, the movement strangely comforting, she felt a strange pattern in the bottom corner. Peering down she saw the name Harry James Potter stitched lovingly into the blanket, the thread a slightly darker green then the rest of the blanket.

"Harry. Your name's Harry. Harry James Potter." She whispered, to the now awake baby. He blinked up at her, his head tilting to the side in what appeared to be a completely controlled movement, but Rosalie knew that couldn't be true. He only appeared to be about ten months old at most. Smiling down at him she slowly began undressing him, gently peeling away the jumper.

When he was naked she placed him into the tepid water, smiling again when he squealed happily and began waving his arms around, splashing water over the edges of the sink. Taking a cloth she gently washed him before drying him and wrapping him in a towel.

Picking up the now clean Harry, she cleaned the sink and slowly made her way back down the stairs and into the spacious living room. Sitting down on the couch she glanced down at Harry. His small eyebrows were furrowed and his mouth was scrunched up. Yet he didn't start crying. Studying his face she had a sudden thought. What if Harry was hungry? They didn't have any human food in the house, they were vampires!

Assuring herself that as soon as Alice arrived, she'd send the small vampire to the store, Rosalie gently began rocking the baby, watching as his eyes drifted close again. He appeared very tired for a baby, something that had her slightly worried. Thinking of Carlisle, a doctor, she shook her head and forced herself to stop worrying so much. Harry was perfect. Nothing was wrong with him, she was sure.

When the other's appeared Rosalie was nervous, yet determined. She was not going to allow anything to happen to her Harry. Her beautiful baby boy. She knew that she would fight Jasper off if she had to, knew it without a doubt.

Yet when they finally entered, she realized she might have slightly bigger problems than fighting Jasper off. Emmett entered first, and froze just inside the door, obviously shocked to see his wife sitting on the couch, calmly holding a human child. An anxious Alice quickly shoved Emmett out of the way though, and she bounded over, squealing with a wide smile on her face.

"Oh I just knew he would be cute!" She yelped, clapping her hands and sitting down quickly on the couch next to Rosalie. Rosalie was unable to stop her arms from tightening when Alice reached over and gently ran a finger down Harry's cheek, but she forced herself to relax. Alice may not have had the best control, but it was better than Jasper's.

Esme and Carlisle entered next, Esme instantly appearing next to Rosalie, cooing over Harry and chatting with Alice over the things they would simply have to buy. Rosalie tuned them all out and focused on Carlisle. Vaguely she was aware of Edward entering the room, his face screwed up in confusion. Jasper entered last, his face also screwed up on confusion. But Rosalie stayed focused completely on Carlisle. It didn't matter what anyone else thought, maybe Edward, but in the end, the father of the family would be making the final decision.

"Who is this Rosalie?" Carlisle finally asked, his voice indifferent, almost uninterested, like he had just asked about the weather instead of why she was holding a human baby.

"This little boy here is Harry James Potter," this she cooed at Harry, who grinned back and promptly yanked on one of her curls, "I was hunting and found him lying in the remains of his burnt down house. He was alone. No one else was there." Rosalie quickly added, seeing the hesitant look on the doctor's face. Slowly he nodded, seeming to think about something for a few moments before he turned to Edward.

"Son, what are you getting from him?" He questioned curiously. Edward remained silent, slowly drifting towards Rosalie and Harry without seeming to realize what he was doing. Before Rosalie could jump up and back away, something that instincts were screaming at her to do, Edward stopped, simply staring at Harry.

"Edward?" Carlisle questioned gently, resting a hand on his oldest son's shoulder, jerking him out of his trance. He shook his head and finally tore his eyes away from Harry, turning to face Carlisle.

"It's strange. He keep's remembering hearing his mother, I think, crying for his mercy, before a bright green light flashes and she screams. Cold laughter plays behind the entire scene. I think his parents were killed." Edward said slowly, looking like he was resisting the urge to turn around and gaze down at that baby again.

Rosalie shivered, another chill running down her spine, similar to the one she had experienced at Harry's house's remains. She saw that the rest of her family seemed to have suffered from the same reaction.

Before anyone could speak again, Alice's eyes went unfocused and Jasper was at her side in a second, barely even sparing a glance to the very human Harry Rosalie held. She still tensed though, but forced herself to relax when he made no move to attack.

The entire family waited in tense silence as we all waited for Alice to come back from her vision. When she did, a large smile was on her face and she impulsively hugged a surprised Jasper, nearly bouncing in place.

"Oh he's going to be such a great brother! We have to go shopping right now Esme! He's going to wake soon, and he'll be hungry!" Was all she said before she was zipping around the house, and quickly out, Esme hot on her heels. Edward sighed, running a hand through his hair. He tugged briefly on the locks and turned to study the baby again. For some reason Harry's scent was extremely appealing. Yet he had no urge to bite. He felt himself relax, like he hadn't in a long time. Confused by the strange reaction he had gotten from a baby, a human baby at that, he turned to Jasper.

The other man was staring at him, also clearly confused. Shaking his head, Edward forced himself to stop focusing on the child, and instead glanced at Carlisle. He was studying Harry, if what Rosalie said was anything to go by, his face thoughtful.

Interesting. I wonder if he's what I thinkā€¦ Edward heard from Carlisle's mind before the thought was cut off abruptly, the alphabetical names of every illness Carlisle knew filtering through his mind instead. Again, Edward was confused. What was so important about this Harry child that Carlisle had to hide it? Before he could question his father, Carlisle turned to Jasper.

"Are you going to be okay if we keep him here?" Jasper gazed curiously at Harry, a thoughtful look on his face. Very slowly he began approaching Rosalie, who Edward noticed began growling mentally. Emmett, obviously seeing the mistrust on his mates face, placed a hand lightly on Jasper's arm and followed along, clearly ready to restrain the blonde vampire if it came to that.

He has got the most strange emotions for a child. Complex. He feels pain, yet I'm sure it's emotional. He's content, and curious about everything, but he doesn't seem to be afraid. Edward tilted his head to the side and once again began studying Harry.

The baby looked perfectly fine. He was wrapped in a fluffy white towel, tucked in close to Rosalie's chest, comfortably. His black hair was starting to dry, and it appeared unruly and mused up, naturally. He had wide green eyes that were staring open wide, connected with Jasper's in a move that was unlike any other baby Edward had witnessed. He seemed to assess Jasper, and apparently finding him not to be a threat, he turned and innocently began pulling one a strand of Rosalie's hair. Surprisingly, Rosalie didn't seem to mind that one of her perfect curls was being virtually ruined under the hands of a curious baby. Instead she smiled down gently at him and momentarily forgot about the possible threat Jasper could pose. All Edward could read from her were thoughts of love and affection.

Everyone froze and stared at Jasper as he reached out a hand, as if he were in a trance, and very, very gently ran a finger down baby Harry's cheek. Harry didn't seem aware of the possible danger he could be in, Jasper having the least amount of control around humans, and smiled widely at Jasper before reaching out and grasping onto his finger. We all watched, in shock, as Harry brought the finger up to his mouth and began chewing on the end of it, seemingly not noticing that it was cold or hard as rock.

The tension was finally broken when Emmett let out a snort. It soon turned into a snicker, and gradually laughter, at the sight of the emotionally removed Jasper bonding with a baby. Jasper didn't seem to hear, instead he was staring at Harry with something akin to wonder on his face.

As Carlisle stood on the outskirts of the room, watching his family interact. Rosalie, already so protective of little Harry, and Jasper, who was appearing to be bonding with the boy in a way he hadn't done since Alice. He had the strongest feeling that this small human child was going to change their lives completely.