I feel like I should point out right now that, as a character in the original books, I have nothing against Bella as a whole. There are certain qualities that I don't like, but that's pretty usual. So it's nothing against the character, she was just an easy person to make into the 'bad guy'. Speaking of 'bad guys', I tried to give some insight into Edward's actions and I really hope they work out okay. Hope you all like it and sorry about the wait, please review!

Chapter Eighteen

The first day of the wizard's arrival in Forks, none of them saw Edward. To Harry's relief and Draco and Severus's mounting anger. They thought it cowardly, and subconsciously, Harry agreed. But mostly he was relieved. He had no idea how he was going to hold himself together looking at the man who he had once thought the world of and not fall apart. He worried over it the entire night.

The bedroom Harry had been settled in was comfortable, and because they didn't have enough room for Draco as well, they shared a room. The sound of his brother's even breathing brought more comfort and Harry finally fell asleep. The next morning, he woke to an empty room.

Stumbling out of bed, Harry roughed a hand through his hair and blurrily rubbed at his eyes. Blinking a few times, he sighed, slumping down onto the edge of his bed. There was almost a definite chance that Edward was either downstairs now or was going to be soon. Harry wanted to crawl back into bed.

However, Harry knew that he would never get away with that. Taking a deep breath, Harry forced his Gryffindor courage to the forefront of his mind before determinedly striding out of the bedroom. When he reached the stairs Harry paused, a breeze washing over his chest. Glancing downwards, Harry blanched when he realized that he wasn't wearing a shirt, merely low riding pajama bottoms. He was just turning to run back to his room when he glanced up and caught sight of Jasper watching him, an amused smirk on his lips.

All thoughts of his undress flew from his mind as he flew down the stairs and threw his arms around the vampire. Jasper caught him and let out a delighted laugh, burying his face into Harry's neck and breathing deeply. Harry relished in the hug. He had known, of course, that they would still be there, but there had been a small niggling doubt in the back of his mind that maybe, just maybe they had all disappeared in the night.

"Are you okay?" Jasper finally whispered, pulling back to gaze into his son's eyes. Harry nodded, a slight smile curling at his lips. Jasper studied him for a few moments before smiling as well. Rolling his eyes, he reached up and tussled the boy's hair, delighting in the disgruntled sound he received. It seemed that some things would never change.

His good mood slowly slid away when he began to pick up the worried and depressed feelings rolling off of Harry. Reaching up, he set a gentle hand on the boy's shoulder and gently shook him until the boy met his eyes.

"He's not here yet. He will be here sometime today though." Jasper whispered, knowing without having to ask exactly what Harry was thinking about. He received a relieved smile in return.

"Okay, well then, time for breakfast I suppose." Chuckling to himself, Jasper led Harry into the kitchen and watched as a delighted grin lit up his son's face. Immediately, Harry rushed off to hug everyone another time before he finally settled down enough to eat the food that Esme had made. Severus and Draco ate as well, both pleasantly surprised. While they would never admit it, both had been rather worried about eating food a vampire prepared. If Esme couldn't taste the food, how would she know what tasted good together? However she did it, both were relieved to note that she did it well.

"Did you sleep well, Harry?" Esme asked kindly, her eyes shinning at seeing her boy sitting in her kitchen again. Harry nodded, his mouth full. He felt like he was tasting food for the first time in a long time. During the war he had merely shoveled the nearly tasteless grub into his mouth, trying not to taste it. Now, he finally had time to enjoy the food he was eating. It seemed as if Draco and Severus were going through the same thing he was.

When he was finally done, taking an extremely long time just to enjoy the food to it's full, he sat back with a satisfied sigh. Glancing up at Esme, Harry shot her a mischievous smile.

"That was amazing, Esme. Are you sure you haven't been practicing?" The teasing tone of his voice was something that neither Severus or Draco had heard in such a long time that they both paused to glance at the boy. Harry didn't seem to notice, basking in the good feeling of being with his family. Of course, it was all overshadowed with the knowledge of Edward. Harry resolutely shook his head, however, forcing himself to not dwell on thoughts of his Edward with some girl. He was finally back with his family, he should be happy, not focusing on the small problems.

It wasn't until Harry stood and stretched, and heard a sharp intake of breath, that he realized that the problem was definitely more than a small one. Because standing in the kitchen doorway was Edward. He looked exactly like Harry remembered him. He still had the scruffy good looks that Harry had always loved. His stubborn hair, standing on end and looking as if Edward had been running his hands through it constantly. His eyes weren't the usual bright hazel that Harry was used to, instead they were almost black, telling Harry that the vampire needed to feed, and soon. His pale features seemed even more drawn thank usual, which worried him slightly, until he heard her speak.

"Esme? What's going on?" Her grating voice broke the sharp silence and Harry tensed, his entire world seeming to crash down around him, again, when he finally noticed the girl. She was standing next to Edward, her head at his shoulder. She was taller than him, Harry noticed absently. She had plain brown hair and plain brown eyes. She was completely normal looking, except for the fact that her arm was wrapped around his Edward's waist. Eyes narrowing on the stupid female, Harry took in a deep breath and prepared to start in on a scathing response when a hand settled on his shoulder.

Harry didn't react to it, but he knew that it was Draco, offering his comfort. Leaning back into the warm embrace, Harry's eyes remained locked on the arm that was draped comfortably, familiarly, around Edward.

"Harry?" The softly spoken voice sounded exactly like Harry remembered it to, well, maybe even better. Closing his eyes against the sudden pain, Harry very slowly reopened his eyes and focused on Edward.

"Edward." The vampire visibly reacted to his voice, closing his eyes in, what looked like pain. But Harry couldn't find it in himself to care, because Edward still hadn't approached him and still hadn't taken any movements to shake off her arm.

"How have you been Edward?" Harry asked, trying to make himself sound at least polite. Edward flinched. But he forced himself to respond.

"I've been fine, Harry. How-I thought-I mean-I didn't realize that you were going to…come back." The usually well spoken vampire actually stumbled over what to say! If Harry didn't feel as if his heart had been ripped from his chest he probably would have laughed. As it was, it did feel like someone was slowly, and painfully, trying to extract his heart. Harry couldn't laugh, he physically couldn't.

"Edward, did I ever once say that I wouldn't?" Harry's voice broke and he had to turn away, turn to Draco, to hide the tears that were suddenly brimming in his eyes. Edward flinched away again, this time from, not only the hostile thoughts from the rest of the family, but also from the backlash he was receiving from Jasper. Through Jasper he could feel Harry's emotions and it nearly killed him.

"I'm sorry." Edward whispered, his head hanging low. Harry gave a sad smile, still turned away from the vampire, still firmly held in Draco's embrace. He shook his head.

"Sorry isn't going to be enough this time."

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Draco asked, for probably the one thousandth time. Harry rolled his puffy eyes, nodding exaggeratedly.

"I'm sure Draco. Go have fun. You've been here with me since we arrived and I know you're dying to see what America's like. Go" Turning over onto his side, Harry met Draco's gaze and sighed when he saw that the man was honestly worried. Sitting up on his bed, he reached out and pulled Draco close, wrapping his arms around the man's waist and resting his head against Draco's abdomen.

"I'm not fine yet Draco, but I'm getting there. Just because I'm not happy doesn't mean you don't have to be as well. Go out with Emmett and Alice. They are the most carefree people I know, you'll have a good time." After a long period of silence, Draco gave in and nodded. He gave Harry one last squeeze before leaving.

As the door clicked shut quietly, Harry sank back down onto the bed, feeling the tears that he had been holding off coming back, ten times worse than before. Sometimes Harry felt like he was standing, completely alone, on a small island. And as he stood there, waves just kept crashing over him and he had no way to stand. Because every time he would make it to his feet, another wave could come and knock him back down.

"Edward? Who was that?" Bella's voice was insistent and this time, Edward knew that he would not be able to brush away the girl he proclaimed to love. That he did love. A small voice in the back of his head tried to speak up then, tried to assure him that Bella was not his mate but, as Edward had done for as long as he could remember, he shushed the voice.

"That was Harry." He responded absently, still caught up in his own thoughts. Bella made a frustrated sound and Edward finally glanced at her.

"I understand that Edward, but who is 'Harry' and why were you two talking to each other like that?" Edward winced. That only made him think, even more than he already was, about the entire conversation. He couldn't help but replay the instant when Harry had turned away, turned to the tall blonde haired man for comfort.

"Harry is a Cullen as well. We didn't tell you about him because…speaking about Harry was painful." Edward tried to get off by saying very little, but he knew that when Bella was curious about something she as like a shark on the trail of blood. Or a vampire, in this instance, Edward thought, with dark amusement. It quickly faded, however, with Bella's next question.

"Why? Where was he all along then?" Turning to face his girlfriend, Edward took in the brown hair and eyes and forced himself to see the redeeming qualities in them. The reddish hint her hair took in the sunlight and the depth to her eyes. The look in her eyes distracted Edward, and he knew then that he would have to tell her the truth. Well, mostly the truth.

"Harry is…different. Rosalie found him one night and brought him home. We raised him. When he was eleven he received a letter inviting him to a prestigious boarding school. Because his real parents, who he had never known, went there, Harry decided he wanted to go as well. We all grew apart, due to circumstances that none of us could control. Harry and I used to be very close when he was young, and I guess that I lost faith that he would return." Edward trailed off, his mind stuck on the betrayed expression that had crossed Harry's beautiful features when he had witnessed Edward standing next to Bella, with his arm casually draped around the girl.

"But why would you loose faith in him? He said in the kitchen that he never mentioned not returning." Leave it to Bella to get right to the heart of things. However, this time, Edward was forced to shrug.

"I suppose I just…got scared. I couldn't stop thinking that he had moved on, to someone better, to someone who could make him happy when we couldn't. I forced myself to forget about Harry because I didn't want to deal with the pain." Bella sigh and snuggled up next to him, her previous anger with him forgotten. They were in the meadow, the only place they had to themselves not that Harry was back from England.

"That's kind of stupid, Edward." Bella's simple sentence seemed to cover the entire event. However, Edward doubted she realized that she was speaking of the reason Edward had entered into a relationship with her. He had to force himself to move on, and Bella was the first human to walk by with a pleasant blood scent. It was strange really, how simply he could've handled things without hurting anyone. As Edward lay in his private sanctuary with Bella, he couldn't help but wish that it was Harry by his side instead.