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Chapter Twenty One

"What!? Alice please tell me that there is an alternative! There's got to be another future!" Edward frantically demanded, coming out of his chair and staring, desperately at his sister. Alice wearily shook her head, falling further into Jasper's side. The man brought a protective arm around his mate and shot a glare at Edward.

"There isn't. I checked. It's definitely going to happen. I just can't see if Victoria is going to agree or not." Alice didn't need to speak the words that everyone was thinking. Either way, Bella was dead. She was either turned into a vampire or killed on the spot. Edward gave a low moan of pain. Even if, deep in his soul, he knew that Harry was his true mate, it didn't mean that Edward hadn't grown…fond of Bella. He wouldn't wish this kind of death on anyone, Bella included.

The room was silent for a few minutes, each person lost in their own thoughts, before Severus spoke. His voice was measured and even, as if he had been planning this all along.

"I believe it's safest if Harry is removed from the area." Outcries immediately sprang up, everyone yelling at the wizard. Rosalie even went as far as to hiss at the man. Calmly raising his eyebrow, Severus waited until the shouts had died down before speaking again.

"If Miss Swan is going to be a newborn vampire, bent on revenge, who is she going to go after first. Edward, who she has already proven to had loved, or Harry, who took Edward away from her in however a roundabout way?" The Cullen family was silent, each mentally agreeing to the words that Severus had spoken. However desperately they all wished to stay with Harry, it would be better if he wasn't around for what was almost definitely going to be an upcoming fight. However, Draco quickly put an end to their thoughts with a loud snort.

"Yeah right. Good luck getting Harry away from his family after he's finally found them again. This doesn't change anything, it only means we need to be more prepared for battle." Severus conceded with a thoughtful nod, thinking about Harry's stubborn personality. Family was the most important thing to the boy and they would have to go as far as to drug him to get him away. That was the last thing Severus wanted to do, because he would loose Harry's trust and Severus treasured that greatly.

"We need to warn the dogs." Jasper said quietly. Rosalie shot her brother a glare, wondering why in the world Jasper would want to willingly help the flea-ridden mutts. Jasper rolled his eyes, not having to read minds to know what Rosalie was thinking.

"If Bella shows up as a vampire they will think that we broke the treaty. They would attack and the last thing we need is two different battles going on at once." Rosalie conceded with a snort, crossing her arms irritably. She hated dealing with the dogs. She could never get their scent out of her clothing and she really hated burning her clothes.

Before any more plans could be made up, Alice gave a low gasp, grabbing Jasper's arm tightly again. Her expression was one of pain and immediately she had everyone's attention. It was with another gasp that she came back and blinked sadly, looking around the room at everyone.

"Victoria agreed. They plan on attacking soon."

It was soon decided, that Draco, as he had already made contact with the wolves, would be the one to approach them. It also helped that Severus, had very quickly declared that he would not be stepping foot on werewolf lands, shape-shifters or not. Nobody discussed the idea of Harry going.

So Draco tromped through the woods, grumbling to himself about arrogant werewolves, knowing that sooner or later, one would show up. It happened just as he expected, to be honest. He had ducked down to walk under some low hanging branches and when he straightened up, he was surrounding.

They were in wolf form and a smirk crept onto Draco's face. He wand dropped into his hand and he lazily eyed the size of each wolf, knowing that despite all of his skills, he probably wouldn't be able to make his way out of this one without several injuries.

"I need to speak with a Jacob Black." He declared lazily, turning and studying each wolf and watching the uneasy reaction that spread through the pact. However, no one moved.

"I'm not stupid, I can assure you. If one of you giants doesn't shift into Jacob Black, or run with your tail between your legs to get him, I will start shooting off curses. Trust me, you don't want that to happen." A ripple ran through the circle of wolves and what seemed like an argument took place. Two wolves, the biggest two of the pack, jerked their heads and made growling sounds that almost seemed like a conversation. Finally, the rust colored wolf loped off towards a bush. The animal slowly shifted into the man Draco remembered meeting in the woods.

"What are you doing here? I thought I got my point across the first time. Anyone who associates with vampires isn't welcome here." The man was as rude as ever. Draco sneered.

"But Bella Swan is excluded? Because you don't have to worry about me, it's that disgusting human who is going to cause a whole lot of trouble for you right about now." A low growl rang through the surrounding wolves and Draco felt a momentary spike of fear. Perhaps that hadn't been the smartest thing he could have said, but he felt that if he didn't literally hammer his point into their thick skulls, they wouldn't understand the danger.

"Just hear me out. I have a story to tell you. You might as well get comfortable." Draco gestured to the other wolves. They didn't drop their defensive positions and Draco sighed, glancing around for somewhere to sit. Finding a log, he carefully inched his way towards it and thankfully, the wolves moved accordingly and didn't seem to think he was attacking them.

"Okay, so here goes nothing. There once was a boy named Harry. When he was a baby, his parents were killed by a madman intent on taking over the world. In the aftermath, Harry was left alone in the rubble of his home and Rosalie, the blonde vampire, found him. Out of the kindness of her heart, she took him in and the Cullen's raised young Harry. However, at the age of eleven, Harry got a letter from a magic school. Harry was a wizard and would need to return to England to attend school to control his magic. He left, only to find himself in the center of the war. The night his parents were killed, Harry had accidentally killed the madman. But somehow he came back. And came back. And came back. And each time Harry was expected to kill him. It got the point where Harry was kept in England for over five years to train and finally kill the madman. When he was finally dead, Harry grew depressed when the Cullen's didn't answer any of his letters. Because Edward had convinced himself that Bella Swan was his mate, when everyone knew that Harry was the vampires true mate. When Harry arrived home finally, it grew to the point that nobody could stand it anymore. Edward was forced to admit that truth and Bella took it badly." Draco paused, staring into Jacob Black's eyes. He found a strange mix of emotions. Anger was the most prominent, and it didn't surprise him, the man was an overly emotional werewolf after all. Aside from the anger, he also saw despair. A suspicious seed was planted in Draco's mind.

"Long story short, Bella took the news badly. As you are probably already aware, the Cullen's have captured the attention of a coven of vampires their leader is Victoria. She is dead set on destroying the Cullen's. Bella took the news badly and has decided to go to Victoria to ask to be changed so she can help in the war against the Cullen's." He finished quietly, staring without trying to be too obvious about it, directly at Jacob, watching his face crumble. Draco was certain now. Jacob Black was in love with Bella Swan, even if the love was obviously not returned. He felt a moment of sympathy for the man.

"Why does this concern us?" The gravely voice broke Draco from his thoughts and he jerked his head away form Jacob's direction, startled to find that another wolf had changed. The other biggest wolf. He was a tall man, tanned with black hair, much like Jacob, but where Jacob's eyes held an easygoing, teasing light in his eyes, this man was all business.

"If there is a war, Forks isn't far away from La Push. It will spill over and who knows who would be caught in the middle. Quileute members, innocent bystanders, anyone. With your help, it will still be bad, but it won't be a slaughter. We have gotten words that Victoria is gathering an army of newborns." Draco's expression showed how easily horrified he was by the mere idea. The wolves obviously didn't get it, as the newcomer snorted.

"So?" Draco shot him an incredulous look. They had, according to the Cullen's, sworn to protect their land and they didn't even understand what it was they were defending their people from!

"A newborn can have ten times the strength of an aged vampire, with none of the restraint." His words still didn't seem to have any affect on the wolves, who all merely stared at him, blank eyed.

"A single newborn can wipe out an entire state of people if they so wished. Despite any defenses the people may come up with." Still, his words didn't seem to make a difference.

"Fine, look at it this way, if you don't help, the most Bella can look forward to is death. She has probably already become a vampire, but if you don't help us she won't be killed." Finally, he seemed to have gotten through. Jacob turned and looked at the other man and they seemed to be speaking without saying a word. Draco watched curiously.

However, the other man sighed after several long tense moments and nodded wearily.

"Fine. Set up a meeting with the Cullen's. We'll need to know the game plan."