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The elevator slammed into the floor, the doors flew open, and Amy, Blaze, Knuckles, Rouge, Silver, Sonic, and Tails tumbled out of the elevator into a heap. After a few moments of untangling from each other, they all stood up and surveyed their surroundings. Seeing an enormous robot lying in pieces in front of them, the group heard the sound of missiles being fired and saw Shadow as he was chased by a series of missiles and he skated up the wall before jumping back at the robot and landing behind it. Smirking as he watched the missiles collided with the robot and the robot explode, Shadow faced the last robot. Skating through a series of bullets before jumping into the air, Shadow smirked and shouted, "Chaos Spear!"

A Chaos Spear flew from the onyx hedgehog's hand and passed through the robot as easy as a knife through butter and the robot collapsed on the ground in pieces as Shadow landed on top of it expertly. Turning around to face Eggman, the evil genius saw the Ultimate Life Form raise his hand and let out a high pitched scream as he quickly fled, scared out of his mind at what Sonic's arch-rival had in mind for him. Shadow turned to face Eggman's Ultra All Powerful Hedgehog Destroyer 2.0 and yelled, "Chaos Spear!"

An enormous Chaos Spear flew from Shadow's hand and collided with the device that was one of the factors that caused his fury and Eggman's Ultra All Powerful Hedgehog Destroyer 2.0 glowed before exploding, leaving nothing by specks of metal to scatter everywhere. Amy, Blaze, Knuckles, Rouge, Silver, Sonic, and Tails looked between each other and shrugged before walking up to Shadow as they looked at the tiny pieces of what was once Ultra All Powerful Hedgehog Destroyer 2.0. "I don't think even Egghead could rebuild something from that." Sonic commented. He looked at the black hedgehog who had his arms crossed and his eyes closed. "Nice work Buddy."

Opening his eyes, Shadow clenched his teeth as he faced the cobalt hedgehog and snarled, "Call me "Buddy" again and I will knock out all your teeth and break every bone in your body."

"Thanks for the heads up. I'll make sure I'll do that." Sonic sarcastically responded.

"And I didn't do it for you," the ebony hedgehog added, "I did it so you would leave me alone."

"Again, glad to see this experience hasn't changed you." Replied Sonic.

The black hedgehog shook his head disapprovingly, but they could see his mouth was turned into a cocky sort of smirk. Looking between the group, Shadow flipped his middle finger at his speedy blue arch-rival and skated out of the base. "Again, he keeps giving me the Finger." Sonic sighed as he shook his head and remaining members of the group looked at each other.

"Well, he does have the right idea about leaving. I have better things to do than stay here," Rouge told the group, "there's a certain gem that's just waiting for me to come pick it up."

Flying away with a wink and a small flirty smile at Knuckles, the red echidna figured out what the treasure hunting bat meant and clenched his teeth and demanded as he raced after her, "Rouge! Get back here!"

"Well, I guess some things will never change." Sonic commented and the remaining members of the group laughed at the red echidna as they left the base.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

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