Conspirators: A Dangerous Experiment!

Hello! Sorry for the long wait but here it is the fourth installment to my Conspirators series. Finals, and new classes have taken up a large amount of my time, but everything is slowing down now so I can finally get back to writing! Thank you all for being patient, and for those who are new to the series please check out the first three stories in order. The first story is "Conspirators: Get a Clue!" it is about Soul and Maka. Second is "Conspirators: Take a Hint!" it centers on Tsubaki and Black Star. Third is "Conspirators: See the Signs!" it is about Death the Kid and Liz.

Plot: Stein has decided to get the help of the conspirators to capture Marie's heart! Will he succeed in his experiment? Fourth in the Conspirators Series: SteinxMarie

Rated T for the usual antics

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Chapter 1: The Question

Class as usual, assignments, missions life at the DWMA continues as normal with some differences. Now the most talked about team is surrounded by a pink cloud. It has become beyond common to catch Black Star and Tsubaki sneaking away to the back of the academy grounds, or for Kid and Liz to be late for a reason other than his OCD. Of course there is also Soul and Maka the coolest guy in class and the smartest girl; no one dares guess what they do on the roof during lunch.

Professor Stein watches as the three couples flirt in his class. His envy of their happiness growing with each day, he had hoped that Kid would at least experience unrequited love. Of course his hopes had been dashed one week ago when the academy's newest couple came to class hand in hand. Now Franken Stein felt a dark cold hand gripping his heart. An evil smile appears on the doctor's face, 'If I can't get her on my own, maybe I should employ their help. They have been rather effective up till now.' Coming to a decision the mad scientist clears his throat, "Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, and Patti I would like you all to stay after class."

The group of conspirators looks at Stein with a confused expression of their faces. "Okay professor," is the collective response from the group of friends. Stein smiles darkly the light reflecting off of his glasses causing every student to shiver.

The bell rings and class ends. The group remains behind watching as all their classmates file out of the door. As the seven students remain in their seats a feeling of terror overcomes them. None of them have the slightest clue as to why they have been asked to stay behind, and judging by the professor's smile earlier it wasn't good. They all jump when they hear Professor Stein's chair squeak across the floor, rolling towards the rows of seats. "Now why don't you all come down so we can talk," Stein says with a dull and uninterested voice. Each audibly gulps but slowly rises from their seats and moves to the bottom row.

Reaching the bottom it is Maka to ask the question on everyone's mind. "Excuse me Professor, but what is this about?"

"Yeah what have we done this time?" remarks Black Star.

Stein glares at the students. They all go stiff. "Who said you did anything wrong? I was merely hoping you could all help me with a little experiment." The seven students' eyes go wide and they noticeably pale. Their knees start to shake and even Black Star notices a cold sweat breaking out on his forehead and his hands going cold. The only one unaffected is Patti who is staring at a pencil like it will do summersaults. Professor Stein takes in the reaction and smiles to himself, "Don't worry I will not be doing anything to you all physically." The students visibly relax. "I would like your help with something. Tell me, how do you get someone to fall in love with another?"

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock the sound of the clock is the only thing to greet Stein's ears. His students are staring at him blankly occasionally blinking. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock another minute passes. Black Star is the first to speak this time, "Is this about your feelings for Professor Marie?"

"HUH?" is the collective response of the other six students.

"Yes," answers Stein.

"WHAT?" comes from the six students.

"I would like your help in getting Marie to go out with me," Professor Stein says with a serious tone.

Maka scrunches her eyebrows together and puts her hand below her chin, a habit Soul knows well. "Hey wait! It is one thing to mess with our friends but they are our teacher, don't you think this is wrong?" asks Soul.

Kid just shakes his head, Liz lifts her shoulders, Patti is giggling because of something unknown, Tsubaki is watching Maka, and Black Star is grinning. "Well I am in! You should be too Soul, after all the Professor did help us both right?" says Black Star.

Soul scratches his head, "Yea you're right. I guess I do need to return the favor."

"First we have to observe Professor Marie, then we need to form a plan that will work," says Maka still thinking. "Professor Stein where is Marie now?" Everyone looks at Maka realizing she never intended to deny the teacher's request right from the start.

"Marie should be in the Library today," answer Stein.

Maka smiles, "Thanks!" Maka and Tsubaki both smile at each other and take off for the Library. It is now that they realize Tsubaki was merely waiting for Maka to devise a plan of action.

Soul and Black Star watch their girlfriends take off without them. They look at each other, than back at the door, than back to each other. Shaking their heads they take off after the two girls. Kid smiles and grabs Liz's hand, "Well we will let you know what we can do once we are done with our observations," says Kid. Kid, Liz, and Patti leave the classroom.

Professor Stein smiles and wheels his chair back to the desk. He starts to flip through papers. When Sid comes in he sets them aside, "So what are those seven up to now?"

"Oh just a little experiment," answers Stein.


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