Author Notes: As mentioned in the summary this is a One Shot, but depending on stuff...there could easily be a second chapter in the works.

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Hermione sat at the kitchen table, absorbing the rich, decadent words of her latest library book, this tome covered the 10 principles of food conjuring. You see, she had never been a great cook, though she was a world renowned witch, so she hoped to find the middle ground between the two. As she read, she also in pure Hermione fashion took copious notes, stopping here and there to furiously write down a recipe or two. She was currently in the middle of finishing up a recipe for the perfect 5 minute loaf of bread when she felt someone approaching the front door. She had many wards and spells up around her front gate, and they would let anyone who had pure intentions past, but would stop them at her door so that she could make the final decision to let them in. She glanced up from her work, to see a figure with long blonde hair, impeccably made dress robes, and a silver topped black cane in their left hand. Now why would Lucius Malfoy be coming to visit?

She stood and walked to the door, pushing a button to open the intercom, "How may I help you?" she asked, in what she hoped was a polite, and not suspicious voice.

He appeared to smirk, in the Malfoy fashion, then spoke, "Draco informed me he left his favorite scarf here at your last soirée." Lucius had been disappointed to learn his dear son was bent, but had recently accepted it, as it helped him realize why he'd managed to befriend the Mu- no, Granger girl. And it had also explained why the many rumours of his sons' prowess at Hogwarts were merely that... Rumours.

Hermione smiled, Draco really was a sweet guy, once he'd figured out his own sexuality, and against all odds, confessed his undying love for Harry of all people. He'd managed to become the fourth musketeer to her, Ron, and of course Harry. The soirée Lucius was referring to, was merely the quartet's weekly tea, during which they caught up on each other's lives, exchanged work gossip, and relationship advice, the latter to her mostly. Ron had managed to find love with the crazy, loony, yet incredibly caring and lovely Luna Lovegood. For all his posturing and ridiculing against her, he had secretly admired her courage and bravery in the final months of the Great Battle.

They'd dated only a few weeks before he realized he was truly besotted with her, and proposed.

They had such a happily ever after married life it almost made Hermione sick, but she was very happy for both of them.

But to get back to the present,

Hermione graciously opened the door, and Lucius seemed to glide inside. He looked around, and seeing the books piled on the table, gave another smirk, "Even on the weekend, you're studying?"

She gave a nervous laugh, his smirk was beginning to unnerve her, and he'd always been one to give her the wibbles with just a look.

"Um, yes but actually they are for personal use, er that is," At this he gave her a funny look, and she rushed to correct the thoughts she was sure were running through his mind,

"I mean they're for cooking, as I have zero creative culinary skills for all the magic I can do." she finished with a small smile.

"Ah, I see," he murmured.

"So. Draco's scarf," she said. "Let me go look around the dining room, I'm sure it's merely on or under a chair." she quickly excused herself to do just that, letting out a breath she didn't know she had been holding. He was just the image of pure sin, but perhaps not pure; his lovely wife Narcissa had left him after the war, for the son of well known black widow Zabini. She and Blaise had headed straight for Italy, and hadn't been seen since. At least that made him a bit more eligible, which he knew quite well, reports of his crazy love life in the Daily Prophet were mostly tabloid gossip, but she knew he probably wasn't completely sedentary in that aspect of his life.

"Well, Mr. Malfoy, I'm afraid I'm unable to find Draco's scarf, did he specify the color or pattern? My house elf may have put it with mine by accident if she found it first." she called from the dining room to the front hall, where she assumed Lucius was waiting. Yes, for all Hermione's posturing against house elf enslavement, she had caved and decided to get one, however she insisted on paying 'Dinky' and gave her regular vacations.

Hermione walked back into the kitchen and was stunned to find Lucius at the stove making what appeared to be some tea.

"I hope you don't mind me making myself at home Miss Granger," he said silkily with a knee melting smile. He was truly handsome when he smiled a true smile, as opposed to the trademark smirk.

"Um, well yes that's fine I guess." she finished lamely. She'd never been at a loss for words before.

She sank back into her chair as he handed her a cup of what smelled like Earl Grey tea. He smiled again as she took a sip and sighed in content.

"You're just full of surprises you know? I mean, we all figured you'd disinherit Draco when you found out about his, well." she broke off, it wasn't really her place, but he merely looked thoughtful,

"Yes I suppose I exceeded many people's expectations after the war ended."

She nodded, and after thanking him for the tea, told him she would find the scarf and mail it to Draco as soon as possible. She hoped he would take the hint and leave, but he merely asked to go look at her small book collection, 'what the hell?' she thought, 'Then when I go back to studying maybe he'll get the hint'. She nodded and pointed to the correct door down the hall. He bowed gracefully and headed that way.

She turned to her books and set her tea down as she began to read.

After a few minutes she figured he would have left quietly, she stretched and yawned, reading at the table like this was giving her a bit of a crick in her neck.

To her astonishment, she felt two strong hands massaging her shoulders...

She whipped her head around to see Lucius's gorgeous face watching her carefully,

"I would have scolded you for sitting in such an unhealthy way, but your 'know-it-all' self would have doubtlessly kicked in and possibly yelled at me." he said, the beginnings of a smile appearing.

She laughed, a real one this time,

"You know, I believe you're right, that does feel good, thank you."

It felt more than good, it felt sinful. She was finding it hard to concentrate on her notes as he rubbed circles around her stiff shoulders, and added pressure with his thumbs. She let out an involuntary moan, and she could have sworn he'd sucked in his breath. She didn't know it, but he leaned in close to smell her hair as she closed her eyes and just relaxed into his hands.

Her hair smelled of the books she surrounded herself in, and of fresh cut flowers. Hermione wasn't the type to go for perfumy shampoos and or actual perfume, but on her, it was absolutely mouthwatering.

Lucius bent down to whisper in her ear, noticing the delicate swirls and the fact her ears weren't pierced,

"What would you say if I told you I made up the excuse about Draco's scarf just to come see you?" he breathed in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

She froze, 'did he just say what I think he did?'

Her thoughts were all scrambled and scattered, his ministrations had taken away her ability to think rationally, at least for the moment.

The moment she'd felt him lean in to whisper something, her mind had started racing, creating decidedly sinful ways the rest of the day could go, and now he was telling her he'd possibly had the same idea? This couldn't be happening.

"Wha- what are you saying? That you came here to seduce me?" her mind was racing even as she managed to get out that sentence.

"I'm afraid that's the truth, your ingenious wards seemed to approve, but what do you think?" his expression was cautious, guarded, it was completely possible he was steeling himself for rejection, but then again, he was a Malfoy, they didn't get rejected, at least, that's what he was hoping. She looked up at him, her mind racing. What did she think? That she'd only been waiting for this moment since she saw him outside? That she wasn't at all angry for his weak excuse?

"I think I should tell you, that massage is seriously turning me on, and I was going to ask you if it was doing the same for you." she said brazenly, giving him her most seductive gaze.

He smirked, "Why miss Granger, would you care to see the proof of what you do to me?" he glanced downward, toward the obvious 'proof' in his trousers. Then it was her turn to smirk, 'And would you like me to help with that?' she thought, instead of speaking out loud, she merely dropped her pen, stood, and pulled him by the hand to her bedroom, swiftly shutting and warding the door, in case Dinky came around.

Hermione had never felt so desirous of anyone until now, Lucius could see her eyes becoming hooded with her desire, and he waved his wand, vanishing his and her clothing.

She gave an adorable pout,

"I wanted to do that by hand," she whined.

He smiled knowingly, "Of course you did, but I think I wouldn't have been able to wait for you to remove it all, and the same goes for you."

He stepped closer, putting his hand to the small of her back, and pulled her flush to him,

"Now do you understand?" he growled.

She nodded, feeling a bit weak at the knees, his arousal was gently poking her stomach, and he bent down to possess her lips with an intense kiss.

She quickly responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs automatically rose to wrap around his waist, seemingly of their own accord.

The kiss deepened, and Lucius sought out her tongue with his lips pulling and suckling it, in a preview of what he would soon do elsewhere on her lovely body.

She moaned into the kiss, and pulled back to catch her breath, and as she did this, Lucius gently dropped her onto the bed, then slid down to grasp a luscious breast, quickly taking her peach colored nipple into his hot, wet mouth.

She started making these cute little squeaks as he twirled and sucked at her, and when he bit down carefully, she opened her eyes wide and gasped.

A wave of pleasure shot through her, though she was a virgin in technicality only, she'd never felt this before, the things running through her mind made her blush, and Lucius glanced up at he just in time to catch it.

"Having naughty thoughts are we? What shall I do next? What is your pleasure miss Granger?" he licked his lips and glanced southward, she blushed harder,

"I, um, think you should know I've never, er... Um that is to say," she broke off, a bit embarrassed to confess the furthest she'd been was merely a few kisses and haphazard groping at the Yule Ball with Viktor. And the only improvement since then had been an excellent Muggle contraption that was pink, and 'buzzed'.

He squeezed her thighs in silent assurance and began kissing down her stomach, swirled his wicked tongue in her bellybutton and continued kissing til he reached her bush of chestnut colored hair.

During this Hermione had been tensed and seeming to brace for pain, but when he gave her a quick swipe with his tongue she gave a loud gasp,

"Really now, I'm not going to hurt you Hermione," he realized it was his first time calling her by her first name as his ministrations brought her to the edge, she arched her back and whispered "Oh my Lucius!" he smiled and kissed her once more before moving back up her body,

"Are you ready for the main event my dear?" she looked in his silver eyes, seeing the need and desire there, and nodded,

"I'm ready, take me." she whispered against his lips.

He captured her lips as he thrust in, cautious and slow, he didn't want to hurt her, but she still winced a bit, the feeling was curious, like being split in half, yet as Lucius began moving, the flutterings of a second orgasm began building.

The friction was building and though Lucius was far from being an inexperienced schoolboy, Hermione was driving him nearly insane, she had her eyes closed and was biting her lip, though she occasionally let out a pant as he hit a pleasurable angle,

"Yes, oh yesohyes!" she screamed, as she began contracting around him, and he could hold on no longer,

He came with a roar and gripped her tightly, she in turn ended up giving him a few scratches on his back and she apologized profusely the next morning, but he shut her up with a kiss.

He held her in his arms, and they both gazed into each others eyes

"Well I believe next time you'll need a better excuse, perhaps you should suggest Draco actually leave a scarf here." Hermione said, with a little giggle.

Lucius kissed her forehead, "Why should I need an excuse to seduce the prettiest, smartest, and sexiest witch of her age?" he asked with a smile.

She gave him a playful shove, "At least next time don't distract me from studying with a shoulder massage, no matter how bad I need it."

"Admit it, you enjoyed it, almost as much as I enjoyed doing it," came the reply, with a signature smirk,

To this, Hermione had to agree, the massage was quite pleasurable, she hoped perhaps to get a full body one sometime in the near future...

A/N: Hey again, please let me know what you thought. To give some perspective, this was actually loosely based on a dream I had about real people that i merely tweaked to my favorite fictional universe, and this isn't the whole story. Should it continue? R/R

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