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First Glyph: Bast! Come Back!

It was a particularly warm day, even for Heliopolis. Thankfully the cool waters surrounding the Sun Shrine kept the temperature inside low.

"Yes Master?" a voice answered, entering the shrine, obvious he had a pleasant swim because he was soaking wet and still getting the water out of his ears.

"Sphinx, there you are. Please, come here," the old man beckoned, needing him to hurry it up.

He obeyed quietly as usual and appeared next to the master.

"Bast," Imhotep called, allowing the one in front of them to lift her head.

"Yes Master?" she asked, ears perking up and eyes scanning the mysterious demigod.

"Sphinx, this is my newest apprentice: Bast. Bast, this is Sphinx, he has proven himself skilled in the arts."

The two nodded in understanding, their eyes locking for a moment and studying the next.

Bast saw Sphinx as not bad looking. His eyes were dark like kohl and his body was tanned and well toned. His feline-like features shown (like his obvious flickering tail) and an almost cocky smile tugged at his lips. Almost a typical male.

Sphinx was focused on her too. She was slim, dressed modestly, and, well, beautiful. Bast was obviously half cat, with the ears, the tail and the eyes to match. And she, much like him, waited with confidence in her eyes.

"Bast, you have proven yourself capable of many things. As you know I'm getting a little too old to go adventuring as much. So Sphinx," he said, turning to his most trusted apprentice.

They all drew in breath, knowing what was to happen.

"I leave you in charge of Bast. Show her the path to greatness as I have shown you."

"Yes, Master," nodded the young demigod, glancing at the girl.

Her arms were crossed and she refused to look at him.

"Bast," called Imhotep, getting her immediate response.

"I want you to behave for Sphinx, do you understand?"

She nodded, upset like a child who was left in the hands of her strange relatives.

"Could you please-?"

"Of course," she muttered, leaving immediately.

Imhotep mustered a small chuckle.

"Be careful, she's easy to become upset."

"I can see that."

"Sphinx, I know you may feel that you're babysitting, but it's more than that. She's important to me. To us."

"Why me, Master?"

"Like I said, you are skilled, even, and knowledgeable for such a young age. Bast, however, has skill, but lacks control over herself. She's naïve and sensitive and also a bit wild. She won't be tamed easily, Sphinx."

"Tamed? Master, I'm no trainer, or tamer or-"

"Take from what you've learned Sphinx, you only have to pass it down. I fear our time draws near. Please take her around Heliopolis, perhaps you can find something so you can see what she can do. Bring both yourselves back before sunset. Good luck and beware of her wrath!" Imhotep nodded and watched his apprentice leave.

"Hey," Sphinx called, trying to get Bast's attention.

She looked up and gave a glare of knives.

"If Master left me in your charge then you must be rather good," Bast huffed, standing up.

"So where to?" she asked, anxious to go.

"Perhaps the Second Great Wall Entrance," suggested Sphinx.

"'Perhaps'? Fine," she said, already walking to shore.

I thought cats were afraid of water.

"What was that?" Bast asked like she read his mind.

"I thought cats were afraid of water."

"This cat will show you she has no fear of water! I am from Egypt, the greatest empire in the world and you think I am afraid?" she scolded, going deeper into the ocean.

Sphinx stared blankly. She certainly knew how to talk.

"I am not! I shall teach you to treat me as such!" and with that last remark she took the plunge and swam to shore with Sphinx right behind her.

During his swim, he instantly realized several things:

1) Bast held him at almost no regard. No respect at all!

2) He must choose his words (and maybe even his thoughts) carefully

3) Remember Imhotep's advice, she is [extremely] easy to anger!

4) She can run her mouth. With a tongue as sharp as a sword and the grammar of Imhotep, he knew he should follow realizations 2 and 3.

Bast waited at shore while Sphinx emerged.

"Which way?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"This way," he replied, deciding to lead from here,

She jogged to catch up with him and kept silent.

"So where are you from?" asked Sphinx, wanting to break into words.

"Abydos," she answered.


Isn't that ironic?

"And what makes you think that?" she asked. Had she read his mind again?

"Think what?" he asked, pretending to know nothing.

Bast eyed him carefully.

"Well, if Master Imhotep wanted to leave me to you, then perhaps I should learn to trust you."

"Yes," nodded Sphinx.

"But I must say: I do not warm up to males easily!" she laughed being truly humorous.

Perhaps I could-

"Especially to a male like you."

Bast let out a small chuckle of pleasure while she watched his reaction.

This could be fun, she thought.

At least she's opening up.

"Don't think you know everything about me yet, Sphinx," she said with particular emphasis on his name like she held a secret.

"Indeed I don't, Bast," he emphasized equally, liking the sound.

Oh, this will be fun! Bast thought with excitement, looking at her new...plaything.

"So tell me, what have you done to prove yourself as a, uh, skilled apprentice? Perhaps you are a master of puzzles or so?" she asked, her big green eyes wide and curious,

Sphinx quickly decided to tell her the truth.

"I saved the world," he nodded seriously.

Bast's grin fell as she looked at his face,

"Are you serious?!" she looked at his eyes "You are!"

"Tell me everything!"

Sphinx let out a small laugh.

One second fierce and the next curious.

"I know I am unpredictable, but please tell me!"

And, with pleasure, told his wildly true story.

"Oh, we are here," Bast frowned, disappointed to not hear more.

"Yes. Be careful, monsters lurk here," Sphinx warned.

Bast only smiled mischievously at Sphinx.

"Good!" and she ran off.

"Bast! Come back!" Sphinx cried, running after her.