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Eighth Glyph: I Already Knew

Bast and Sphinx spent the rest of the day planning their journey out. Tomorrow they would go ask the scholars to decode the map since it was getting a little late.

The two were given rooms and freedom in the city.

"Sphinx, I would like to explore," nodded Bast.

He thought she would want that and agreed to it. They shouldn't waste time, even though what they were doing was the complete ironic statement to that.

She grinned and left without him.

Sphinx laughed and walked instead. He would pursue her later. Or rather…now.

It didn't make much sense to him either. But he decided he would pursue her now before it became too late.

"Bast!" he called when he saw her looking at some pets. She was playing with something that looked like a shrew, but had very large-upright ears.

"Sphinx! Look at this one! Is it not the most adorable thing you have seen?" she asked with wonder, leaning in closer to study it.

"Um, no. I mean yes," he replied, confused by her choice of words.

"Goodbye, little one," she said to it, petting it one last time before moving on.

"What had taken you so long, Sphinx?" she asked with a laugh, knowing that he would usually run after her to watch her.

"Nothing. I'm just tired, that's all."

"Oh, is that it?" she asked, suspecting him of being up to something.

"Well then, let us explore!" she said and walked ahead of Sphinx for him to follow.

They spent the rest of the day browsing, eating and having fun in general. It was nice to have time together before they got back to the dangerous task at hand.

The Gebs were very kind people, even to the strange small creatures called demigods.

Of course they got stares and whispers, but also questions.

One old vendor Geb asked them if they were both planning to wed.

"No, no," laughed Bast and Sphinx, "I am afraid we are to young for such things."

"I apologize, you two look like the endearing type. Well, please, have a nice day."

"You as well!" they waved before taking on the city again.

The pools of water above that cast down light became darker and darker. Soon people were packing up their things and Sphinx and Bast decided to return back to the school.

"Bast," said Sphinx, his heart climbing slowly into his throat.

"Yes?" she asked stopping and looked at him. He stopped right before her and gathered all his courage to say the next few words.

"I know you may not see me this way," he nodded, "but I wanted to tell you that I do like you."

"What?" she asked, confused.

His heart almost dropped, but he forgot she was confused by a lot of terms.

"I adore you," he finally said after finding the appropriate word.

This was a stupid time to tell her, but he felt it might be now or never. Otherwise his feelings would slowly be crushed by his idleness and lose his focus on their important mission.

Bast smiled at him, "I already knew," she shrugged, apparently pleased with herself.


Bast chuckled and held his head in her hands, "If you must know, I also adore you."

She kissed his forehead, "But I would try to think more carefully."

Sphinx laughed, hugged her and spun the feline around while she screamed.


He kissed her quickly while she was dazed.

"You are such a silly male!" she called after him when he ran ahead. Bast crossed her arms in a pout.

But he went further and she chased after him.

Where could they go wrong?

"Our most educated scholar could help you. His name is Amenemope, he should be down the hall," directed a younger Geb looking down at the demigods.

"We thank you," Bast smiled and went down the hall with Sphinx.

"Finally! Answers! Then you and I can stop Horus from trying to destroy this world!"

"Yes," agreed Sphinx before they entered the library of the school.

They had to ask around a bit before they were directed to the archives where they found a very old and dusty Geb whose eyes were closed and crusted with sleep. He was sitting town with tomes and scrolls alike surrounding him, most were also dusty and had small cobwebs about them.

"Excuse me," said Sphinx gently to the giant.

"Ah?" asked the old Geb, his eyes slowly opened and the sleep cracked. His blue eyes looked dazed at first and then looked at the children before him.

"Oh my," he said, "Such bizarre people. Tell me little ones, what is the phase of the moon, tonight?"

"I would think it is waning now," Bast replied.

"And the season?"

"Shemu," Bast answered again.

"Shemu…I see… Come here child," waved the old scholar to Bast.

"Are you Amenemope?" she asked before proceeding.

"Yes, that is my name. Now, come, child, for I believe there is something that you wish for me to tell you."

Bast turned back and grabbed Sphinx's hand and pulled him with her. They came to the old Geb's side. There he got an even closer look at them.

"Ah, a young magic user," he laughed, "I was once very clever with magic. And you," he pointed to Sphinx, "A very strong warrior. I, too, was once like that. But now is not the time to speak of old things I would guess. There is something you must show me."

"Yes. It is this map. We came here to find if you could tell us what it says."

The Geb wheezed out a chuckle, "Of course you did. There is a great deal of things to do now. Now, let me try to see with these old eyes."

He took the map and grabbed some spectacles from the desk. They seemed to be perfectly clean, and he held it up to his large, old eyes.

"Oh my…" he muttered, "This is a very ancient language. Hardly anyone knows it now."

Bast and Sphinx agreed and waited for the Geb to finish.

"You have quite the journey ahead of you, younglings. Quite a journey. You must find three items. The Eye of Apep," listed the scholar as Bast pulled out a piece of papyrus and stylus to write it all down, "located in the tomb of Pharaoh Apepi. Next, you must find the Effigy of Apep, located on the West Banks of the Nile. Finally the Box of Apep, containing a small drawing of him and located deep below Uruk."

"Is that all, master?" asked Bast.

He only smiled at her, "You have the locations already on the map. You must gather these items and put them in the correct place. Then burn them. Tell me, younglings, why are you asking for such things?"

"Master, you already know the answer," Bast replied.

The Geb laughed, "I believe I do. Now the Effigy belongs here; here you must place the Box and here is where the Eye should be," he pointed out, "You must burn them at these points. I am afraid that is all it is written here."

"We thank you, master," nodded Bast, "We pray you health."

"Good fortune on your journey, young heroes! I shall await the news of your victory over evil!" he laughed.

Bast and Sphinx waved before leaving for the Queen's palace.

Amenemope laughed himself to another sleep, dreaming for younger days.

"Sphinx! Now we have the knowledge to stop the summoning! We must tell the Queen. But I must request, when we save the world, we simply MUST come back here," Bast pleaded, holding Sphinx's hand and swinging it all around.

"Yes, yes," he chuckled, "Now will you please stop twisting my arm?"

"Oh! Yes! Apologies!"

"No need," smiled Sphinx, kissing her on her head. Her ear twitched in response and Sphinx laughed.

"Hey!" she said, covering her ears, "My ears are sensitive…"

"State your business," commanded the guards.

"We wish to see the Queen regarding our finds about the fate of this world," Bast stated very calmly.

They reluctantly let the two creatures in and the Queen saw them.

"Little love insects," she greeted, the two blushed.

"Greetings, your majesty," said Bast and Sphinx in return, bowing.

"I'm sure you have news."

"We have gotten all the information we need. Thank you very much for your hospitality and everything, really," Bast nodded.

"Any time my little love insects. Tell me, what have you found?"

"We must collect three items from different places. We need to destroy them before anyone can reach them," Bast replied.

"Well, that is most urgent. Please, then, use my portal, here," she said, leading them down to a chamber containing only a portal.

"Oh, thank you your majesty!" said Bast, stepping on it with Sphinx.

"I bid you farewell, young heroes. Please send word if you ever need us."

Bast and Sphinx smiled before disappearing.

They would pay a visit to their master.