A/N: Hey! Welcome to my new story. The idea for this hit me after watching one of my favourite English TV Shows. It will be similar so any Brits may recognise the storyline but I will be putting my own twists to it.

To those of you who read my other fic Danseur et Danseuse; pas de deux, please don't worry. I haven't stopped writing it and I will continue with it. I currently have a block on that story and I'm hoping that writing this will help me overcome that.

With that being said, hello to any new readers I have. I really hope you enjoy this story but I will say now that there will be difficult themes ahead which is why this is rated as M, there probably won't be any lemons but I hope to write a decent, compelling story for you all.

Finding Dad

Chapter One – Prologue

"This one is for nausea," the packet of pills landed on the desk as I pulled them from the large pharmacy bag, my fist slamming against the wood in my rising anger. "This one is for the pain," another packet, another loud bang of my fist ringing in the room.

He nodded slowly, still sitting stoically behind his desk, his fingers entwined before him as he lowered his steady gaze to me. I could see the answers to my questions in his eyes but I was refusing to believe it until I heard the words from his own lips.

"And this one?" I continued as I placed another blister of pills in front of him, sinking into the chair opposite him as fatigue took over, the anger having drained me of all my energy. "This one will shrink the tumour right?"

Unknowingly, I held my breath as I waited.

The silence stretching before us as a battle warred in his eyes.

Would he tell me?

I could see his dilemma, his heart wanted to tell me, to put me out of my misery but his professionalism held him back.

"Right?" I pleaded, my voice almost a squeak as my heart started to beat faster, my palms sweating.

Still waiting.

Always waiting for answers.