My New What?

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Summary: Emily is blown away when her mother introduces her to her new soon to be stepfather.

Timeline: Present Day, Emily's just returned

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"Fathers or stepfathers - those are just titles to me. They don't mean anything." Oliver Hudson

Emily stood in the middle of her mother's home, waiting for her to come out of her office. Sighing she sat down in the empty chair next to the door.

'Here we go again.' Emily thought to herself, 'I come back to the land of the living only to be told that Mother is getting married. Again.'

Pulling out her cellphone, Emily checked the time on it. 'What's taking her so long?'

A text message pulled her out of her reverie, and she smiled.

'So who's the lucky stepfather to be?' Hotch texts.

'Haven't got a clue.' Emily replied back 'Mother's still in her office.'

Emily's head popped up when the door finally opened and heard her mother talking on the phone.

"I love you too, baby." Elizabeth Prentiss said, "I'm about to tell her. I think she will be thrilled."

Emily raised an eyebrow at that 'Thrilled? That Mother's getting married, again? This guy is probably just a gold digging, social climber. A real shining gem.'

Elizabeth looked over at Emily and gave a small smile "I'll call you later, bye."

Elizabeth hanged up the phone and lightly hugged Emily "Good to see you, Emily."

"Mother." Emily replied back "So I hear congratulations are in order. What's the lucky man's name?"

"Come with me in my office." Elizabeth said "This should be kept private."

Emily followed her mother into the office, and sat down "Ok. Who is he? What does he do?"

Elizabeth sat at her desk, "You know him, Emily. Very well."

Emily furrowed her brow "It's not Patrick Sullivan is it? Because I really wouldn't want him as a stepfather."

"What?" Elizabeth said than burst out laughing "No dear, it's not Patrick. Believe me I wouldn't want him as a husband."

"Ok." Emily said semi-relieved "So tell me, what's his name, and how do I know him?"

"His name is David, and you work with him." Elizabeth said eyeing her daughter's face for a response.

Emily looked confused than it clicked "David? You don't mean... Dave Rossi?"

"Yes, David Rossi." Elizabeth said "He's my fiancee, your new stepfather."

"You can't be serious?" Emily said standing up, pacing "What the hell? How the hell did this happen? Dave Rossi?"

"Emily..." Elizabeth started but was cut off.

"Mother, you can't be serious" Emily said "You're marrying my co-worker? When the hell did this happen? You barely met him once."

"Emily" Elizabeth said "David and I met at your funeral. We bonded over our loss of you. He was a great source of strength."

"That was barely three months ago" Emily pointed out "How can you marry a man you've barely known for three months?"

"Emily..." Elizabeth said exacerbated "You of all people know that love knows no time frame. We fell in love and he is an amazing man."

"Ew." Emily said to herself "I know what kind of a man Dave is, Mother. It's just... you two hardly know each other. At least take some time with the engagement period. Don't rush into anything. Please?"

"I can't make any promises, Emily." Elizabeth said "David and I will have to discuss this."

Shaking her head, Emily got up and said, "I got to get back to work."

Emily walked out of the elevator, still in shock. 'Mom and Dave?'

Emily looked up at the catwalk and saw Dave talking to Hotch in Hotch's office.

'There he is' Emily thought to herself 'My new stepdad. That sounds weird.'

Hotch looked down in the bullpen and saw Emily at her desk staring up at Dave and him, which caused Dave to turn around and look at her.

'Uh oh.' Dave thought 'Liz told her. Is that anger or confusion on her face?'

Dave went down into the bullpen to Emily's desk and leaned in "Let's go for a walk."

"Sure." Emily said getting up to follow her new stepfather to the elevators "Seems we have alot to talk about, Pop."

Dave shook his head and chuckled 'At least she's not shooting me.'

Emily and Dave walked in the park across the street from the Federal Building, the warm summer air hitting them.

"So..." Emily said tucking her hands in her pocket "You and my mother?"

"Yep." Dave said "Your mother and me are engaged."

Emily stopped mid step and turned to face her friend "Are you freaking insane or a glutton for punishment?"

"Excuse me?" Dave asked in shock.

"Look" Emily told him "I love you, you're practically like a dad to me, and if you marry my mother you will be one. But Dave, I love my mother but I know her, and you can do so much better than her."

Dave shook his head at the small brunette "Emily, sweetheart. I love your mother. I know her faults that you told me about and the ones I've discovered myself. And I want to marry her, I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I hope I have your blessing."

"You really do love her, don't you?" Emily asked biting her lip.

Dave nodded "Yes, I do."

Smiling, Emily said "You have my blessing."

"Come here, little girl." Dave said hugging his soon to be stepdaughter "Being apart of your family is just the icing on the cake."

Pulling back, Emily chuckled "You know if I ended up marrying Hotch, you'd be your own best friend's father-in-law."

Dave chuckled "Well, let's not go there. That's a little too hillbilly for me."

Dave wrapped his arm around Emily as the two headed back to the BAU.

"So, who's going to tell Hotch?" Emily asked.

"I'll rock, paper, scissors you for it." Dave said.

"You know I always win at that." Emily joked.

"Uh uh" Dave said "I've been practicing."

The two strolled through the BAU, headed up to Hotch's office.

"Where'd you two wander off to?" Hotch said smiling at his two favorite agents.

"A little walk in the park with Dad here." Emily said sitting on the office couch.

"With who?" Hotch asked looking from Emily to Dave.

"Tell him." Dave said "I beat you two out three times at rock, paper, scissors."

"Cheated is more like it." Emily muttered "Dave here, is engaged."

"Really?" Hotch said smirking at his friend "To who?"

"My mother." Emily said watching Hotch's jaw drop.

"You and Ambassador Prentiss?" Hotch said in shock "Did I step in to the Twilight Zone or something?"

"Nope" Emily said "You don't need to unlock this door with a key to the imagination because beyond it is no other dimension."

Dave smirked at Emily's ad libbing the intro to the Twilight Zone, humming the theme song.

Emily got up and walked over to Hotch to sit on his lap and said "You know if we got married, Dave here would be your father-in-law."

That brought a smirk on Hotch's face, as he started laughing.

"Now how the hell would we explain that at family gatherings?" Dave muttered getting up to leave the couple alone.

"See ya later, Pop." Emily said focusing her attention on Hotch.

"Hotch, you better make an honest woman of my little girl here." Dave teased closing the door.

"I'm working on it." Hotch teased kissing Emily.

Dave walked back to his office and heard the sound of Emily and Hotch giggling in the next office.

"Kids." Dave said shaking his head opening his cellphone to call Elizabeth.

"Sweetie?" Dave said "Everything is fine, between Emily and me. We had a great conversation and she's fine with it."

"Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad." Author Unknown

To Be Continued...

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