"You and Ma have a nice chat?" Jane was propped on a few pillows reading book four of the Harry Potter lineup. Cleaned and smelling faintly of lavender, she looked comfortable enough in her white tank top and black boy shorts. As she closed the book to give Maura her full attention a smile broke out across her face and her eyes light up. "Hi." Her smile turned goofy, eyes sparkling.

"Yes, it was very..." Maura paused in the doorway, one shoe in hand, the other lifted up for removal, arrested by the casual scene before her. She swallowed, breath caught, and then a slow, complete smile spread across her soft features. "Hi."

Jane's smile only grew brighter. "You want me to do anything while you get ready for bed, or are you just coming in here to change before hitting the office to do stuff? I know you're still working on that article for that dead people's journal." She paused for a breath, considered something quickly, and then said with some uncertainty. "Hey, if you are going to work on that, do you think you could bring the laptop in here?"

Maura shook her head as she got out of that one-legged, bent-over position, shoes in hand, and took them into the closet. "If you want to read, I can certainly find something to occupy my mind, but I really just want to shower and get ready for bed. Did you already get clean, or do you need assistance?" A hand-held showerhead was useful for the lower body, but for the upper, Jane's doctors had ordered sponge baths only for another two weeks, so as not to get the gunshot wound wet.

"I'm good. Like the big girl that I am, I took care of myself," Jane let out a chuckle as she opened her book up again. "I can read whenever. I'll be here when you get back." She glanced back down at her book. "You know, I'm pretty sure this Hermione chick is based on you." She glanced up at the doctor. "You sure you're not a witch?"

"I've thought about that," Maura replied from inside her walk-in closet, "and I've realized that I don't actually know. My birth certificate is sealed; all I have is a date and a first name. It's possible that my mother was a witch in the religious sense." She left the closet a few moments later and headed for the bathroom to shower. However, as the water was on and heating, she popped her head and one bare shoulder out from behind the door. "Since we're asking questions, I have one. Did Snake Peterson have an unusually long, slender penis?"

The pillow that came hurtling through the air missed her head by a just an inch or two.

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