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"So what will I learn first?" Brady asked putting his keyblade in front of him.

"Sarita try to attack him." Danny said crossing his arms with the keyblade in his hand. Sarita jumped into the air and swung her keyblade at Brady. Brady blocked it with his and threw his keyblade and into the wall.

"Uh, I meant to do that." Brady said. He was about to walk over to it but was stopped by David.

"The best thing about these weapons is that you can call for it to return to you just by thinking about it." Minata said throwing her keyblade into the wall then having it reappear into her hand.

"Try it Brady." Elana said smiling.

Brady was nervous trying this. He reached out his hand and closed his eyes. His keyblade reappeared in his hand. "Wow this is nice. Now I can be prepared for a battle against the tarantula people if they attack us." Brady swung his keyblade around and smiled.

"Well let's see how you can handle two keyblades." Alana said hitting her medallion again making another keyblade appear.

Brady closed his eyes and hit the medallion and out came a second keyblade. The blade was completely red and had a pink heart handguard. The front was also shaped like a crown except it had three teeth instead of four. "He figured it out that quickly?" Sarita asked crossing her arms.

"He needs to not close his eyes when it comes to this stuff though." David said flying to the top and made a water ball appear. "The game is simple. First one to grab the ball wins except no using any powers besides the keyblade. One keyblade per person is the main rule."

"Ok, I have no idea what to do." Brady said then hit his medallion and made the second keyblade disappear.

"It's free for all. Only thing that could be used is the keyblade and the powers that lie within it oh and no time outs during the game." Elana said smiling.

Brady gulped, "This is going to be interesting." Danny rang the bell to start, and everyone just started. Danny and David blocked each others keyblade. David swung his keyblade at Danny's feet. Danny flipped backwards and lands on his feet. Minata jumped and swung her keyblade at Elana. She put her keyblade up and blocked the attack. She swung her keyblade making Minata jump backwards. Sarita smiles and throws her keyblade at him. Brady jumps into the air and in fast motion grabs the keyblade and throws it back at her with his following.

"Ok, I did not see that coming." Sarita said grabbing her keyblade but got hit by Brady's keyblade. She flew back into the wall and tried to get out. "Oh, I so wish that I can use my powers now." She uses the keyblade to free herself from the wall and sees Brady smiling. "Note to self never throw a keyblade at someone who has one himself." Sarita jumps into the air and swings her keyblade at Brady. Brady ducks from the swing and trips her with his keyblade. He made a small tornado with his keyblade and threw it at her. "Oh that is so not fair."

"It's fair if it is part of the keyblade's powers." Brady watched the tornado trap her into the wall again but further than last time. David threw his keyblade at Danny. Danny was about to grab it, but David called it back to him and swung the keyblade hitting Danny in the head knocking him out cold.

"You should have seen that coming." David jumped to grab the ball but his hand was hit by a keyblade from Brady. "Should have seen that one coming." David landed in front of Brady and smiled.

"Give it up Minata. I will win this time." Elana said throwing her keyblade then calling it back. She swings her keyblade at Minata only to find Minata's keyblade hitting her in the side making her lose her concentration. Elana hit the wall face first and sighed. "You are making it hard for me to win." Brady was flung back and landed flat on top of Elana squishing her into the wall for good.

"Thanks Brady." Minata said pointing her keyblade at her. "It was nice having you in this game but..." Brady tripped Minata with his keyblade then threw it at David again. David jumped to dodge the throw. Brady brought out his hand and called his keyblade to come back to him.

"You're learning well Brady, but do you know this move?" David jumped into the air and made a big ice crystal appear.

"Oh man not now." Minata said jumping off the ground and tried to find a place to hide. Brady used his keyblade and shot tornados at the icicle. The icicle grew and shot icicles out at Brady and Minata.

"Oh man, this is bad." Brady tried to block every icicle coming at him. One icicle ripped his pants right off him showing his boxers. "This is embarrassing." Brady saw Minata was out cold because some icicles had got her stuck to the wall and one was a ball of ice that hit her in the head.

"I'm actually surprised you survived that. I am also surprised that you didn't go with your pants." Brady looked down and tried not to look embarrassed.

"I am known for being accident prone and stupid. I also have to say that Boomer is exactly the same. Plus these are his boxers." Brady grabbed his keyblade into both of his hands and jumped at David. David made copies of the keyblade show up and threw them at Brady. Brady's shirt was torn off this time, and he was stuck in his boxers only when he landed on the ground. "Ok you win. I just want my clothes back before other people see me." David jumped and grabbed the water ball.

"There you go." David said as everything went back to normal as like nothing happened.

"You lost your clothes during the fight?" Sarita asked raising an eyebrow.

"You need tighter clothes." Danny said smiling.

"Hey, it is not my fault that these clothes are a little loose. Plus do not tell Boomer that I am wearing his boxers." Brady said quietly to them.

"The only people in here that have telepathic abilities are Elana, Danny, and David. So in a way they could blackmail you." Sarita said smiling.

"It doesn't really matter anyway. He's probably wearing mine anyway." Brady smiled at the thought.

"What are we going to do next?" Elana asked wanting to avoid the thought that was entering Brady's brain.

"Wait I've been given something from Clockwork." A card flashed in his hand. He looked at the card and sighed, "It seems that some of the ghosts have found a way to your island." David pointed at Brady. "It looks like practice after school is canceled, and the islanders are about to meet some new fighters with keyblades."

"How bad is it?" Minata asked walking up to him.

"If we have to end practice early then it has to be bad." Danny said crossing his arms. The bell rang for school to be over. "We don't have much time, do we?"

"Time for us to be going." David said then made a portal. "Let's find the ghosts and show what we are made of." The six walk through the portal and find themselves on the island.

Meanwhile Lanny was eating a bagel when he saw a group of ghosts floating in front of him. "I don't know if this is good or bad. I better run anyway." Lanny ran for his life and hid behind Mason.

"Why are you hiding Lanny?" Mason asked looking behind him.

"I'm running from some ghosts that I saw." Lanny saw them coming and screamed for his life. He ran away from the ghosts leaving Mason alone.

"Why must ghosts attack while the kings are away?" Mason asked himself. Then rethought what he said. "On second thought this is actually good news that they are not here because something bad will happen if they were here." Then Boomer came walking out the front doors with an apple in his hands.

"Hey Mason, how are you doing?" Boomer asked then stopped. "Oh man why does there have to be ghosts now?" Boomer screamed and ran back into the castle.

"Hey ghosts!" A voice said coming out of the bushes and onto the rocks with five other people. "You forgot who can beat you guys while we are in town. With a new member on the team you guys are now toast."

Mason looked at the group of six and recognized one of them. "King Brady what are you doing with those people? Let the experts take care of this." Mason walked back a bit and tried to find a way through the ghosts but saw no way past them. "Run your majesty."

"Sorry Mason. I'm not going anywhere." Brady and the others hit their medallions and out came their keyblades. Mason only ran inside not realizing what Brady just did. "I think that you ghosts chose the wrong island to mess with." The ghosts smile, and the two groups charged at each other.

Danny jumped and hit a ghost in the back with his elbow and blocked an attack by another ghost. David smiles when two ghosts come at him. He puts his keyblades away and jumped into the air. He smashed the ghosts' heads together and landed on the ground. Sarita got surrounded by four ghosts which made her smile. She put up her keyblade and made arrows appear above the ghosts, and the arrows fell straight down and destroyed the ghosts. "I'm too good."

Brady jumps as two ghosts charge at him from both sides. He kicks their head together and watches them fall. Danny brought out a Fenton Thermos and smiled. The blue light came out and sucked all the ghosts into it. Everyone turned to Elana who had her keyblade stuck in a tree. "You can just call for it to come out." Danny said crossing his arms.

"Hey when you are under stress, you'll forget things too." Elana said letting go of her keyblade then made it reappear in her hand. "I guess that it is time to make everyone forget what happened?"

"Yes, I have some business to attend to after everything turns to normal." David said making a bright light appear hitting everyone that was in the area except the halfas. David makes a portal while the people are distracted and went into the portal before any of his teammates could react.

"He never tells us where he is going when it comes to business." Minata said crossing her arms.

Sarita put her hand on Minata's shoulder. "He'll tell us when the time is right. You know that more than anyone else here." The team had made their keyblades return back into their necklaces, and they walked over to the beach. The team sat down on the sand and put their backs against some rocks.

"You guys know that I'm king here, but what you guys don't know is that it can get boring when it comes to things that are not worth being around for." Brady said looking at the sunset with everyone.

"You're talking about things like ceremonies that are just completely pointless." Sarita said leaning back onto the rock.

"There has to be more things more pointless then ceremonies." Danny said smiling.

"I can go on forever. The most things that are stupid and boring are rituals and meeting people from other islands that are completely different from the rest of us." Brady shivered at the thought.

"I'm guessing you saw some people with three eyes." Minata said smiling when Brady shivered again. Everyone chuckled when he shivered.

"Relax man; it's not like that we have three eyes." Danny said making Brady shiver even more. "Well enough of that for now anyway."

Minata looked at the sky and sighed, "Why are you always keeping stuff from me David?"

David was flying through the ghost zone and stopped in Clockwork's tower. He looked at the keyhole in front of him and sighed, "I have to meet them today, and my team will have to follow as well when the time is right." David pointed his keyblade at the hole and made his keyblade shine. The key's light went into the keyhole and opened up a door for him. He walked through the door, and it closed behind him.

"Well guys, I don't know about you, but I am going to bed now. I'll see you guys at the academy tomorrow." Brady said then walked off to his room in the castle. Danny made a portal then walked through it.

"See ya later." Elana said then walked through the portal with everyone else.

The next day everyone was at the academy for breakfast. Danny and Codiak were sharing each others food. "You two are full of it." Dani said then ate a sausage in one bite.

"You like using your powers to eat fast so don't judge us." Danny said drinking some water. David came floating up to the table with Minata, and they sat down.

"The team has somewhere to go today, and we won't be back for a while when we leave. You guys don't need to bring anything except the weapons that you were given." David said eating some French toast.

"When do we leave?" Brady asked him.

David lifted his head, "We leave right after breakfast." Minata left the table and told Sarita and Elana. After breakfast the team went to Clockwork's tower. The next thing they knew is that this had changed their lives since.

There is continuation on the story. I just like having some fun messing with people's minds.