It was a beautiful summer day. The sun shone, birds chirped and flowers blossomed.

An average school bus pulled up near a house. Then...


"IM FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" A small boy screamed as he raced out the bus at top speed.

The bus slowly pulled away. Calvin watched it go.

"SUMMER IS HERE!" the boy screamed. "Three whole months of fun, relaxation, and goofing off!"

He opened the door, and Hobbes crashed into him at top speed, as per usual.

"Wow!" Hobbes said when he got up. "We've never crashed into the neighbour's chimney before!"

"Get off me, you big fur rug." Calvin growled. "I'm not letting you ruin my mood, as summer is here! A time of fun, relax..."

"I heard you through the door," Hobbes cut off.

"Anyway, I shall not be in a bad mood today, as I need to plan my three whole months of goofing off!" said Calvin.

By now, they were in their house.

"Since summer is here, I shall have good luck today! Just see.``


Hobbes rolled his eyes.

``CAAAALLLLVVVIIIIINNN!`` his mom called from the kitchen.

``See?" Calvin said. "We could be going on a trip to Florida instead of camping!"

Calvin walked into the kitchen.

"Yes, mom?" he asked.

"Oh, Calvin," she said. "I was going to say, I signed you up for a day camp."

Calvin's eyes turned red. Smoke came out of his ears. Then he bellowed,

"WWWWHHHHAAAATTTTT?"at the top of his lungs.

"A three week day camp," Mom said, unfazed by her son's scream. "You start tomorrow."

This made Calvin even madder, but nothing happened. "I guess I'll go pack..." he had decided not to argue.

"You won't need to." His mom said. "It's only a day camp. You'll come home at night."

Calvin brightened. "Well, that's ONE good thing, I guess."

He am Hobbes climbed the stairs.

"Man, the agony of it all!" Calvin moaned.

"I know," Hobbes said. "Three weeks of summer lost on some pathetic day camp. But hey, it might be a LITTLE fun..."

"Yes Hobbes, but I think not," Calvin said.