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The sun is just starting to rise, in Toronto, Canada, as everyone wakes up from their glorious slumber, and soon travel to the big mansion.

Ingonyama nengw' enamabala


And the spirit of life


Oh, oh, iyo


Oh, oh, iyo

As people near the mansion, they see a wise, black man, on the balcony, who is talking or singing an African melody to the sky, as he prepares for the new arrival.

Ubukhosi bo knokho

We ndodana ye sizwe sonke


There's no mountain to great

Oh, oh, iyo

Hear these words and have faith

Oh, oh, iyo

Have faith

Hela hey mamela

Big crowds start to form around the big mansion, all staring up at the balcony, waiting.

He lives in you

The wise, black man is named Chef Hatchet. He looks up at the sky and clouds, to see Chris's face, smiling down at the wonderful attraction that was going to happen.

He lives in me

Chris sends a wind, combined with dirt and leaves, down to Chef. The wind travels by Chef, then it is passed down to the crowd, and it goes by each person.

He watches over

Everything we see

Into the water

Into the truth

In your reflection

Chef looks to his left to see the intern that has worked for the famous family his entire career, Cody, who smiles at him.

He lives in you

Chef turns around to see the famous couple, Trent and Courtney, walking up to him. Courtney has their baby in her arms. The baby is wrapped up in a teal blanket; it has black eyes, and a tuft of black hair, just like its father.

Trent and Courtney smile, as Courtney hands Chef the baby. Chef holds the baby in his arms and all three look at the intern, who bows his head to honor them.

Chef then raises the baby for everyone to see. The crowds cheer and applaud. In the clouds, Chris smiles down at his grandchild, so full of life, and shines the sun on it. The baby looks down at the people, smiles, and giggles.

Chris's wind, then, travels to Trent. Trent smiles up at the sky, and closes his eyes, feeling that even though he wasn't there, he could feel his father's presence. With his eyes still closed, he turns to his wife, Courtney. Courtney is also looking up at the sky, as she feels Chris's wind come past her. She then closes her eyes, smiles, and takes in a deep breath of the morning's air. Courtney opens her eyes to see her child.

He lives in you

Chris's wind travels around his grandchild. The baby looks at the wind with curiosity, then smiles and tries to grab it, but fails.

He lives in me

Trent smiles at his child for playing. The crowds cheer and applaud once more.

He watches over

Everything we see

Into the water

Into the truth

In your reflection

Suddenly, a flock of birds get scared, and start flying above the baby and its family.

He lives in you

Chef Hatchet lowers the baby down, as he grabs a paintball out of his pocket, and lets it drop onto the baby's forehead, giving it the sign of the director's child.

The baby looks up at Chef, then looks over at its parents. The baby smiles, as it is put into its father's arms and is hugged and loved, with its mother close by.

Watching this heartwarming moment was Owen and Noah, who were standing by the doors of the balcony. They smiled at each other.

"Aw, look at the kid. A chip off the old block." Noah said, gesturing toward the baby.

Owen looked confused. "I don't get it. When we first met Trent, when he was a kid, you didn't want anything to do with him."

Noah glared at Owen, and said, "What? A guy can't have a change in heart? Besides this kid needs to learn all the important stuff. Like how to relax."

Owen raised his hand, and said, "Oh. Oh! And he needs to learn how to burp and fart, too!" Owen said, laughing.

Trent and Courtney raised their eyebrows at Owen and Noah.

"He?" Courtney asked, looking at Owen.

Trent laughed and smiled at his fat friend. "This 'he' is a 'she'. Our baby's a girl." Trent said, looking down at his precious baby.

"Oh. My mistake. 'She.'" Owen said, correcting himself.

Then Owen and Noah realized what they just heard, and shouted, "She?" Then they both fainted on the balcony.

Five years later…

The little girl of Trent and Courtney ran outside, onto the porch. Her skin was pale, white, like a ghost. She had shoulder length black hair, and was wearing a teal t-shirt with black shorts, and black shoes.

"Wow." The five year old girl said, amazed by the view. She jumped down one step at a time, but was caught short by her father, Trent, picking her up, and putting her back on the porch.

"Whoa. Where do you think you're going?" Trent asked, as his daughter struggled to get free.

Still struggling, she managed to let out a giggle, and say, "Daddy. Please let go, I want to explore."

"Now, Gwen, I just want you to be careful." Trent told the child. But he knew she wasn't listening, as she watched a squirrel run down from a tree and run past her and her father.

Gwen started running again, but was caught by the collar of her shirt by her father, again. "Gwen, please listen. I don't want anything to happen. Okay? Do you remember the rules?" Trent asked.

Gwen rolled her eyes and sighed. "Of course, I remember them, you only told me them a million times. 1) Look both ways before crossing the street. 2) No stealing. And 3) If you don't know someone don't talk to them. Come straight home." After she finished the three rules, her father taught her, Gwen looked up at Trent, and said, "Okay. Okay. Can I go now? Please?" Gwen asked, trying to put on a big smile.

Trent looked down at his daughter. "Very funny." Trent started to laugh, when Courtney walked up beside him.

Courtney laughed as well. "Mind your father, Gwen."

"Yes, mom." Gwen said, smiling at her.

Trent kneeled down to Gwen, and said, "And stay away from the graveyards and alleys. You can't turn your back on them."

Gwen looked confused. "Why do you have to turn your back on a graveyard?"

"Never mind." Trent shook his head, and said, "Just go and explore."

"Dad." Gwen said, smiling, and giving a big hug to her father. Then, she jumped down step by step and ran away from the mansion.

Trent stood up, and yelled, "And stay on the path, I told you about!"

Courtney laughed and looked at her husband. "Trent. Now, who does she remind you of? Hmm?"

"What?" Trent looked around, confused, then looked at his wife again. "Who?"

Courtney sighed, and replied, "Gwen's just like you when you were a kid." She said, crossing her arms.

"Exactly." Trent said. "Remember how much danger we were put in?"

Courtney smiled, and knocked her husband off the porch, and softly, onto the grass. She lay on top of him, "You mean the dangers you put us in?" Courtney kissed her husband, affectionately, on the lips.

Trent smiled at his wife. "She'll be fine." Courtney said, while getting off of Trent, and walked into the house.

Trent got up off the ground, and thought. Then looked around, and saw Owen and Noah, standing on the sidewalk. "Owen, Noah, come here." Trent called for his two friends.

"What is it, Trent?" Noah asked, walking toward Trent with Owen.

Trent leaned into Noah and Owen, and whispered, "I need to you to watch Gwen for me. You know she tends to wander off when she's exploring."

"Will do." Noah said. Then he ran toward the direction Gwen went, with Owen following him.

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