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Duncan heard a window close, and knew that someone was watching them. "Ahem." Duncan said, releasing his grip from Gwen. Gwen looked concerned.

"Is something wrong?" She asked.

"No." Duncan said, scooting a few inches away from Gwen.

"Duncan?" Gwen said, looking at him with pleading eyes.

Duncan looked toward Gwen, and said, "You see, my whole life I've been trained to-. Never mind. I've got to go." Then he started to get up and leave.

Gwen quickly stood up, watching Duncan walk away from her. "Duncan, wait." Duncan turned around to see Gwen, who almost looked like she was going to tear up, but continued to walk forward. But he was soon stopped by a finger, that was behind a bush, be pressed against his nose.

"And where do you think you're going?" The finger asked.

Duncan looked confused, but answered, "Uh…nowhere."

Duncan watched as a person came out from behind the bushes. It was a black man in a chef's uniform. The man laughed, and said, "That's what you think." Then he disappeared behind the bushes once more.

Duncan went to the bush, and saw the man wasn't there. Duncan turned to Gwen, and asked, "Who was that?"

Gwen walked up to Duncan, and said, "He's a friend of the family." Suddenly, Duncan felt someone tugging on his shirt. He turned around and saw the black man there, pulling on his favorite skull shirt.

"Come on! Follow Chef. He knows the way." The man said, as he ran away from the two teenagers.

"The way to where?" Duncan asked Gwen, while she just shrugged.

Suddenly, they heard an engine start up. Gwen and Duncan turned around to see the black man driving a miniature golf cart. "You follow!" He yelled, as he drove to the sets.

"Come on, Duncan!" Gwen said, as she started to run after the golf cart. Duncan ran after Gwen. The black man kept driving until he stopped inside one of the sets.

Gwen and Duncan ran inside while Duncan asked, "Where's this guy taking us?"

The set had pink things everywhere. There were hearts and cupids with arrows surrounding the room. There was even a ride with a boat inside that said, "The Tunnel of Love". Gwen looked at it, and said, "I don't remember this set."

Suddenly, Gwen and Duncan were pushed inside the boat by the black man. The black man looked at them, and said, "I'm taking you somewhere deep inside your hearts. To a place called, 'Upendi'." Then he took their heads and pushed them together, making them kiss each other on the lips. Gwen smiled, while Duncan looked dreamily in her eyes.

Soon the boat started to move into the tunnel, while the two teenagers heard singing and laughter around them. They, then, saw the black man singing.

There's a place where the crazy moon

Makes the men all sing and the girls all swoon

Suddenly, Gwen and Duncan watched as men started singing, and girls started swooning at the boys.

And the sultry scent of the lotus bloom

The black man gave Gwen a big flower. Gwen smiled, as she smelled it. Then she held it for Duncan to sniff. But as he did, he sneezed, breaking the flower. Gwen laughed.

Will carry you away

Where the squirrels swing from the jungle vines

And the rats all rhumba in a conga line

And the pink poison snakes are intertwined

And the stars come out to play

In Upendi

Where the passion fruit grows sweet

Chef started throwing passion fruits at Duncan and Gwen. One landed in Gwen's mouth, as she then took it out, and started eating it properly, while the others kept hitting Duncan in various places that weren't comfortable.

And it's so divine

That you lose your mind

As it sweeps you off your feet

In Upendi

Without a worry or a care

It just takes two

To make it true

Your heart will lead you there

"Where is it?" Gwen asked Chef. Chef just looked at her.

"No place you don't take with you." Chef said. Gwen smirked, with a confused expression.

You better watch your step cause the path is steep

As Chef sung that, the ride caused the boat to be dropped down a few feet, making Duncan and Gwen to scream in surprise.

Better hold your breath cause the water's deep

It's a long way's down over Lover's Leap

But falling's half the fun

When they finally got to the bottom, they both got splashed by the water, causing them to laugh.

In Upendi

Where the passion fruit go sweet

Suddenly, more passion fruits started pouring down on Duncan and Gwen. Gwen caught two in her hands, while one passion fruit landed in Duncan's throat, causing him to choke.

And it's so divine

You lose your mind

Gwen looked at Duncan and saw him grabbing his throat in pain. Gwen dropped the passion fruits in her hands and leaned over to Duncan. Then Gwen kissed Duncan's cheek, affectionately, making him swallow the passion fruit whole. Then she smiled.

It'll sweep you off your feet

In Upendi

Without a worry or a care

It just takes two

To make it true

Your heart will take you there

You can beat the brush like there's no tomorrow

From Tanganyika to Kilimanjaro

But you'll find Upendi wherever you are

Oh underneath the song

Gwen thought for a moment, and then smiled. "Upendi means 'love'. Doesn't it?"

"Welcome to 'Upendi'!" Chef yelled, spreading his arms wide, like a gospel singer.

In Upendi

Where the passion fruit grow sweet

And it's so divine

That you lose your mind

As it sweeps you off your feet

In Upendi

Without a worry or a care

It just takes two

To make it true

Your heart will take you there

Then the ride was over. Gwen and Duncan got out of the boat, and walked outside. They continued to walk hand-in-hand toward Gwen's big mansion. Duncan closed his eyes, and started singing, quietly, to himself, even though Gwen could clearly hear it. "In Upendi. In Upendi." Duncan repeatedly sang to himself, making Gwen smirk.

Once they arrived, Gwen kissed Duncan's cheek. "Good night." Duncan said, smiling.

Gwen smirked, and replied, "Good night." Then she looked at the part of the lawn that Duncan was going to sleep at. Gwen looked back at him with a worried expression, before finally walking into the house.

Unknown to Gwen, Trent saw their little moment on the porch, and walked outside. Trent watched Duncan walk to the blanket and pillow that Trent had given him. Then he lay down and wrapped himself up in the fuzzy goodness.

Trent sighed, but then looked back at the house. Then he walked toward Duncan with a smirk.

Behind him, Duncan heard footsteps, and looked up, seeing Trent standing over him. Then Trent spoke. "It's a little chilly out tonight. Why don't you come on in? You can sleep on the couch." Saying that, Trent walked inside the mansion. Duncan smiled, grabbed the pillow and blanket, then he followed Trent.

Meanwhile, Eva was watching Duncan and Trent from a nearby bush. Eva smiled with glee, and said, "Get him, Duncan." Duncan didn't do anything. "Come on, Duncan. Now's your chance. Get him." Eva pleaded. Duncan continued to walk, calmly, inside the mansion, and then he closed the door behind him. Eva gasped and ran away.

Heather screamed with anger once Eva told her the news. Heather glared down at the girl, and asked, "Are you sure?"

Eva nodded, and said, "Yes. I saw it with my own eyes."

Heather growled, and said, angrily, "Duncan, will not betray us!"

The next morning, Duncan slowly walked out of the mansion in a nervous pace. "Okay. I have to tell her. But where do I start?" He asked himself. Duncan cleared his throat, and then said, "Gwen, Heather has a plan, and I was part of it. But I don't want to be. Because, because I love you." Duncan sighed, and looked down, sadly. "She'll never believe that. But I'll have to try." Then he turned around and walked inside the front doorway.

Gwen appeared from out of the kitchen, and smiled at him. "Gwen, I need to talk to you." Duncan started. But then, Trent butted into the conversation.

"Gwen, I don't want you to talk to him." Trent said, with a stern look, surprising both Gwen and Duncan. But then his stern look turned into a soft and goofy smile. "I want to talk to him." Gwen smiled, and hugged her father, before returning back into the kitchen.

Trent smiled as his daughter left them. Then he walked out of the mansion, with Duncan following him.

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